Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Zoophilia, Masturbation, Bestiality, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kate is an average college student, content with life as a Lit/Art geek. An odd set of circumstances exposes her to a very kinky alternate lifestyle. This glance through the looking glass changes her life. How does she deal with something so far out of her normal comfort zone? Codes listed are for erotic/explicit action. They are used as per their literal definitions. Edited by Jack--so far. Others are still working on it.

"So ... what did you think of it?"

Kate tried to tune out the whispered voice. Rolling her eyes in frustration at clueless people, she wished at some point people would realize that a whispered conversation carried further than soft-spoken words. Then again, this was the university library. Clueless students were not in short supply.

"Probably the scariest movie I've ever seen. My hands were shaking so bad I couldn't hold my wine glass."

Kate fought the urge to snort in derision. The two girls looked like sorority pledges. Expertly applied make-up, designer tops, and perfect hair marked the pair as privileged with a huge case of spoiled. Being seen shopping at Wal-Mart probably constituted as the ultimate nightmare for these two.

"That's so not the reaction I expected. Why?"

"My brother would rat me out just like Dougie did. My father would kill me."

Drama queen alert, Kate thought to herself. She really tried to ignore the conversation and concentrate on the poem she had to interpret for Lit class.

"I'm glad I don't have a brother. You think your dad would go off on you?"

"I'm serious! He'd kill me. There's a reason I sleep with a light on and hate small spaces. Jeanie knows; that's why I didn't have to do that stupid closet game for points."

"Oh. Your dad's that messed up?"

Kate felt a wave of guilt at her previous thoughts. Nobody deserved to be abused, especially as a child. Her parents weren't perfect, but she'd never gotten anything more than a single swat on the butt when she was six years old. One that she now knew she'd deserved at the time.

"I pretend to be the perfect Christian daughter and he pays for my education."

"I'm sorry. I had no idea. My mom knows. She probably told daddy and he pretends to not know anything. She was more pissed about the tattoo than anything else."

Kate saw the girl shudder at her friend's statement. She suspected that the petite brunette was gay. Damn it, she needed to concentrate and stop being so nosey.

"She knows? How? She didn't catch you—"

"Oh gawd! No, I got careless and she figured it out. She thinks it's a phase I'm going through. That's why she's so worked up over the tattoo. I showed mom the movie, too. She thinks that the movie proves I shouldn't be doing such things. I pointed out that John's reaction to Amy's secret is why I don't date guys."

Kate remembered mother catching her and Cody Wilcox behind the garage in the eighth grade. Yeah, that had been the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to her. She couldn't imagine how bad it would have been if it had been Brenda or Kristy. There were some things that weren't worth thinking about too much.

"Speaking of careless ... aren't you afraid people are going to figure it out?"

"Yeah, right. It's not a rainbow triangle or a pentagram like those Wiccans show off. With all the tramp stamps, Emo-Goths, and wannabe-Suicide Girls running around, nobody will think twice about it."

The resulting giggle fit brought the conversation to an end. One of the student workers came over and told the girls to quiet down or leave. Kate breathed a sigh of satisfaction as she returned to the poem and her work. She ran into trouble right away. The conversation still rattled around in her head. Normally she couldn't be bothered to care about princess types and their drama, however, the undertones from those two struck her as odd.

At this point Kate became irritated at herself for listening so closely. Her gift for recalling anything she heard became a curse. During lectures, it saved her from trying to keep up with written notes. She had excelled at Speech and Debate in high school, which is how she received a full-ride scholarship. It also kept her from having a long term relationship. She remembered dubious excuses and inconsistent lies as easily as other people remembered their own phone number. Guys really hated being caught shoveling bullshit to their girlfriends and she hated being lied to by narcissistic pricks.

Feeling sorry for herself wasn't going to get her Lit work done. She needed to reset her mind to get rid of the auditory loop driving her to distraction at the moment. Packing everything into her backpack, she headed for the student union cafeteria. She hoped the crowd buzz would overwhelm her ears and allow her to get something done before class tomorrow.

Kate returned the wave and smile as Steve matched her pace. She liked Steve, his flamboyant personality made him fun to be around. He had a tendency to be a bit of a drama queen, but that went along with the rest of his personality and lifestyle. She found it quite amusing that he sat next to her in Life Drawing class. He definitely had talent, but more often than not, he commented on shopping for his next conquest with the guys who modeled for the class. His first words to her as he walked with her to class confirmed this.

"Did you see the notice that the next model is female?"

Her smirk and nod didn't faze him at all. "Yes. How disappointed you must be."

"Not really. I've exhausted my repertoire trying to get a date with Mark."

Kate laughed at his exaggerated pout. Truth be told, she wasn't going to miss Mark up on the pedestal either. The distraction of the other girls in class simpering over the weight lifters' physique annoyed her. She enjoyed looking just as much as the next girl, but the barely hidden smugness on his face as he posed for class turned her admiration into distaste.

"You never had a chance, Steve. All those fawning little sluts had you beat."

"Hey, now, I can do fawning slut just as good, if not better, than those air-headed poser girls."

"True, but face it, you don't have the boobs to pull it off."

His long-suffering sigh and dramatic expression made her laugh even harder. They continued to discuss their mutual dislike of several classmates that didn't take their art serious. Miss Wright, their instructor, tried to weed out the obvious voyeurs in the class. The university did the same by making the Life Drawing class a second-year course, requiring at least two prerequisite art courses to qualify. Even so, there seemed to be at least one or two people that took the class just to see a naked guy or girl pose in front of them.

Kate set up her sketchpad on the easel as the rest of the class filtered in. Miss Wright took control of the class as soon as the last student closed the door. She explained that their next model had several tattoos and piercings. She expected everyone to practice their detail work using perspective scales. Kate looked forward to the challenge.

Miss Wright called to the model that had been waiting behind the partition at the front of the classroom. Kate had expected to see a Goth-type to step out after the description from Miss Wright. That wasn't who confidently strode out dressed only in a simple white terrycloth robe. The model had a classic, girl-next-door face with shoulder-length sandy brown hair. If she were wearing make-up, Kate couldn't tell. The only signs of cosmetic enhancement that caught Kate's eye happened to be the dark, blood-red shade of nail polish on her fingers and toes. This struck Kate as an odd choice since the color didn't fit with the model's skin tone or hair color. Maybe it matched the clothing she wore before undressing for the class.

Miss Wright motioned for the model to disrobe and step up onto the pedestal. There were some gasps as the class got a look at the artwork hidden by the robe. Kate didn't know how to react to the tattoos and piercings. She'd seen plenty of tattoos before, but the level of artistry displayed on this girl's body rivaled that of photos seen in professional trade magazines. Kate knew enough about tattoo art to recognize tens of thousands of dollars worth of ink when she saw it. She also heard herself groan along with most of the class as she realized there was little hope of sketching those tattoos with any matching level of the talent that it took to create them.

Miss Wright had a tiny smile as she addressed the class as the model took her place up on the pedestal.

"I know what you all are feeling. I don't expect you to be as detailed as the one who did the originals. Do try, though."

Kate waited her turn to walk up and circle the model up close. She examined the model's expression as everyone made quiet comments on particular tattoos or piercings. There was a serene pride the exuded from the woman, which surprised Kate. There was no trace of smugness that had soured the time spent drawing the weight lifter. She took a closer look at the various piercings. Even the piercings were works of art. The nipple rings had small dangling charms set with faceted gemstones. The bellybutton charm looked to be a stylized Greek Zeta symbol with inset garnets or rubies. Kate noted that the color of nail polish matched the stones set in the Zeta charm.

When it was her turn to walk around the pedestal, she found it difficult to take in all the detail. Kate noted that every tattoo had an animalistic theme woven into them. Stylized paw prints with wolf or canine faces shaded into the pads were placed on the woman's shoulder blades, above her hipbones, and the cheeks of her butt. All pubic hair had been removed and in its place above her mons, a highly detailed rope knot resembling a horizontal Mobius strip had been set. The more Kate thought about that particular tattoo, the more it reminded her of something else. There were too many loops inside the basic shape to be a true Mobius strip. It suddenly popped into her head; it was a Gordian knot. There were other details interwoven into the rope that had a very organic look, almost like blood vessels from a medical illustration.

As she paused to examine the detail of the knot tattoo, she saw the small charm dangling from the clitoral hood piercing. The vertical post had a paw-shaped keeper instead of a ball and the charm hanging from the base looked like a miniature dog tag. She could see that there were initials inscribed on the polished surface. Expecting more piercings, Kate found the lack of such on the woman's inner lips a mild surprise. Kate glanced up at the woman's face just as she turned to go back to her seat. She found the woman staring at her with an odd, enigmatic small grin that reminded Kate of the famous Mona Lisa.

Kate's stomach fluttered as her breath caught in her throat. The intense piercing gaze stopped her in her tracks for a single heartbeat, and then the moment passed. She hurried back to her seat trying to make sense of the strange feeling that the woman's gaze had left with her. Kate didn't feel any attraction to the woman, she was sure. However, there was a current of something that had passed between them. Almost like a signal of recognition between two people whose souls see the truth beyond the physical realm. Kate spent the remainder of the class sketching basic proportions of the model; skipping any attempt at the detailed tattoos.

After class, Steve walked with her towards the library. He waited until they were far enough away from the other students before making a comment about the incident in class.

"So, Miss-straight-as-an-arrow, what happened back there?"

Kate shot him a look that would have scorched paint.

"That was not what you think it was."

"Really? Could have fooled me. That sure looked like a deep, meaningful 'I-want-to get-it-on' look if I ever saw one. If it had lasted longer I'm positive the cheesy bow-chica-bow-wow sound track would have kicked in."

"You are such a drama queen. I'm not into women and you know it, so stop with the innuendo crap."

Steve gave her a hurt puppy look before shrugging and grinning. "Alright, I'll quit. So what really happened then? Something went on between you and Miss Animal Planet."

Kate couldn't help herself and laughed out loud at his characterization of the model. Once she regained control of herself, she shook her head at him. "That wasn't very nice. Funny, but not nice." She paused for a moment to think before answering his question. "I honestly don't know what happened. It's not attraction I can tell you that much."

"Okay, I'll accept that ... for now. You do have to admit it looked odd. I don't think anyone else noticed. Between despair and shock, nobody was paying you any special attention. I only noticed because you were the only member of the class she deigned to look upon."

"Hmmm, I'm not sure how to feel about that. Weird."

"Oh, she is that. I strongly suspect there's more than one meaning behind all those tattoos and piercings."

The conversation paused while they made a quick detour through the snack bar at the student union to get their customary after-class soda. Since the day was so mild, they chose to sit at one of the picnic tables outside. Once they set their art supplies aside, the conversation picked up again.

"What did you mean about the meaning of her tattoos and piercings?"

Steve paused as he stared into her eyes for a moment. He seemed to come to some sort of conclusion at an inner conversation before answering. "How much do you know about alternative lifestyles? I'm not talking about your garden variety gay-lesbian thing either."

The sudden change in Steve's demeanor into something much more serious than she expected caused her to take the question at a deeper level of meaning. She thought about how he'd worded the question and took it to mean something even further than just mainstream alternative lifestyle. Being an English Lit major, she had read several books that were deemed erotic, or more, for their time. The Story of O came to mind almost immediately due to the piercings. She said as much as soon as it came to mind.

"You're talking about Story of O type stuff, right?"

"Yep, exactly like that."

Kate shrugged casually. "Okay. Big deal. Everyone gets into a little bit of kink nowadays. I've even got that goofy Warcraft music video about the Internet is for porn somewhere on my computer."

Steve grinned and nodded. "Right. Ever come across stuff about people and animals?"

Kate sat back in shock. Several thoughts occurred simultaneously in her head. First, and foremost, the story of Catherine the Great and her horse came to mind. The story of the Minotaur and several other classic Roman and Greek myths popped up. Hindu and even some Japanese artwork flooded her mind's eye with images and sculptures of humans and animals intertwined in sexual positions.

"Whoa. Okay, that's just ... bizarre. You're saying our new model is into that sort of thing?"

"I wouldn't even think of saying this to anyone else, but ... yeah."

Kate nodded in agreement. Kate had been friends with Steve since last semester. He knew she didn't gossip and would never say anything beyond just the two of them if the subject matter delved into personal issues. He didn't even have to ask, she would never discuss something like this with anyone without him telling her it was okay first. Just as that thought completed itself, another came out of the depths of the recent past. Steve was also a movie buff and knew details about all sorts of Indie films only a theater nut would know.

"Have you ever seen a movie that had a cast of characters with the names Amy, John, and Dougie?"

Steve's face went through several expressions, starting with confusion at the non sequitur. The grin that formed when his mind caught up let her know he had the answer.

"Yep, good one. I forgot about that flick."

Kate waited for an explanation until she realized that he didn't understand that she wasn't aware of the details. With an exasperated sigh, she asked, "No, what's it about? I overheard a conversation and for some odd reason it popped into my head that it might be relevant."

"Oh. Yeah, it is. It's about a girl who had oral sex with her dog, she tells her boyfriend about it, and he freaks out. Total asshole hypocrite. The skeevy pothead brother overhears the confession and blurts it out at the dinner table with the parents sitting there. There's some heavy social and relationship commentary in that movie. Where did you hear this conversation?"

"In the library; two sorority princess types were discussing it."

"Hunh, that's the last thing I'd expect girls like that to be talking about. Usually it's some sappy romantic comedy that reinforces their view on life that if you're pretty enough everything will be handed to you on a silver platter."

Nodding forcefully with a sardonic smirk, Kate replied, "Which is why the conversation stuck in my head. Putting two and two together, I'm guessing one of them is active in what you're talking about. At first, she said some things that made me think she was gay and had come out to her mother. Now, I'm thinking that she wasn't talking about sex with another girl but a dog."

"Wow. They were discussing this in the library?"

"Yeah, they were whispering, so it carried half way across the room. The one said something about getting a tattoo with some sort of symbol. She said nobody else would understand what it meant."

"Did she say what the symbol was? A Greek letter, maybe? That's why I said the double meaning thing about our model. That Greek letter hanging from her bellybutton is the Zeta. It's used by some in the zoophile underground."

"How do you know about this stuff?"

"I'm a porn junkie. I'll watch anything once, if it's really out there, twice."

"Uhg, I've seen some really twisted things by accident. You go looking for it?"

"Sure, why not? It's just porn. Besides, it's not like I have a line of studs waiting outside my dorm room door."

"That's bordering on TMI, thank you very much."

"Hey, you asked."

"Yeah, okay, point. I need a break from this bizarre stuff. I'm headed for the library to work on my Lit paper, you coming?"

"Nah, I think I'm going to head back to my room. Catch you later."

Kate steadfastly refused to contemplate what Steve was going to do in his dorm room. Instead, she thought about the implications of the conversation she'd overheard and the model's tattoos. To her own surprise, she didn't feel any revulsion like she expected. Granted, it didn't excite her either. No, what she did feel was more than just a little curiosity about the fact that these women had sex with an animal and flaunted it in a way that others might recognize.

Saturday afternoon found Kate strolling through the nature park looking for inspiration on a poem she needed to write for class. The weather had been holding closer to the end of summer rather than early fall on the calendar. She stayed on the designated footpaths to avoid being hit by the enthusiastic bikers that seemed to ride hell-bent for an accident on the other trails. Her lackadaisical speed allowed her to focus on the wild flowers trying to get in one last effort before winter arrived.

She came across an opening in the underbrush that looked more like an animal path than the manufactured path set down by the park service. Since inspiration had yet to strike, she decided to try the spur for something interesting. She quickly wondered if it had been a wise choice since the narrow path left little room to see anything other than the brush growing up to the edge. She chose to continue for a little further unless the underbrush completely choked off the trail. The breeze shifted slightly and brought the soft murmuring of a woman's voice to her ears. It sounded like someone cooing to a lover. Thinking that a romantic tryst hidden in the woods would make for a good poem, Kate made sure she didn't make any more noise than possible as she continued down the trail.

Kate froze as she came to the edge of a small clearing. She backed up a little to make sure the woman lying on the blanket just a dozen paces away couldn't see her. The reason for the cooing and gasps she'd heard stood between the woman's legs with its head under her skirt. A large brindle coated dog was making slurping noises that had an obvious effect on the woman. The aroused woman had her bare feet up on the dog's back, occasionally rubbing the soles along his ribs. The dog seemed to be just as happy because his bobbed tail was going back and forth in a blur.

Kate's hands trembled as she hugged herself in shock. Her mouth felt dry and her chest tight as she tried to breathe without a sound. She watched one foot slide beneath the dogs belly and the woman stroked its large sheath and sac with her toes. The pink tip of the dogs' shaft slid out and Kate could see glistening moisture coat the top of the woman's foot as she drew it back and forth. The woman's breathing became ragged and her words slurred as her peak approached. Kate bit her upper lip as the woman suddenly grunted and hunched her hips erratically against the incessant lapping tongue at her slit. The woman had her feet crossed across the dogs' back as she forced herself into the lapping tongue, her toes curled in ecstasy.

Kate listened to the woman praise the dog, calling it Alex. After a few calming breaths, the woman pulled her skirt up and rolled over onto her stomach. Kate tried to get a look at the woman's face but the disheveled long hair obscured her features. The boxer danced around behind the woman as she raised herself up onto her knees. It licked the shiny and swollen lips between the upturned cheeks presented by the aroused woman. Kate heard the woman call Alex to mount her. That's when Kate got a look at the extended shaft hanging from beneath the huge dog. The size surprised Kate, not ever contemplating just how big a dog penis could be. Licking her lips with a dry tongue, she watched the boxer jump up onto the woman's back.

The woman called excitedly for Alex to mount her good as she reached up between her legs and guided the pink shaft into her. The boxer immediately began to hump into the woman as she cried out when its shaft buried into her completely. Kate received another shock as she witnessed the speed of the dog's hips as it mated with the woman. She was no virgin but no guy had ever moved that fast or that hard into her. An inkling of why a woman would do such a thing as allowing a dog to mate with her came to Kate as she listened to the woman grunt and cry out. While very energetic, the dog's stamina seemed to match human males as it slowed down to stay inside the woman. Kate recognized the sounds of the woman having a powerful orgasm as the boxer stopped humping.

Muffled words continued to stream from the woman as another orgasm shook her body. Kate heard guttural moans mingled in with the praise for Alex mounting her so well. Just as Kate thought about backing away, the boxer slid off and pulled out of the woman with a loud pop. Kate stood absolutely still as the copious amount of milky fluid seemed to pour out of the satisfied woman in a never-ending sloppy spurt. The woman caught some of the fluid in her hand and pulled it to her mouth, licking it off her fingers humming contentedly. When the woman called to Alex to let her do that, Kate saw the swollen size of the dog's penis as it licked at the bobbing shaft.

Awe would be a good description to use for what Kate felt at seeing the sheer size of the swollen shaft. The huge bulge at the base explained the weird popping sound when it pulled out of the woman. It had to have been like a cork exploding from a champagne bottle. Seeing the woman pull the boxer around and lift the shaft in her hand to her mouth gave Kate another jolt. Performing oral sex on a guy was not one of her favorite things to do and it truly surprised her that the woman would do that for the dog. Hearing the woman hum and slurp added to the surreal experience she was having.

Again, the thought of backing away before being caught occurred to her. Yet watching and listening to the woman having sex with her dog held her in place. After a few minutes of sucking on the dog, the woman happily cooed that he was ready again. The boxer danced around behind the upturned rump and hopped up again. The swollen size of the bulge at the base had gone down but the shaft itself had remained quite thick. The oddly pointed tip slid between the woman's' engorged lips without guidance this time. The boxer began humping with nearly the same rapid enthusiasm as the first time. The muffled grunts and whimpers told the story about how good the woman felt at what was happening. The length of time the boxer spent humping his mate lasted much longer the second go around. Curiously, Kate counted five strong orgasms and two powerful full body shakers before the boxer came to a stop.

By now, the combined effect of what was happening and Kate's thoughts resulted in her own arousal. She could almost feel the sympathetic fullness of what she was witnessing. When the boxer finally slid off and popped free, another spurting flood poured out from between the red and swollen lips. Kate felt her own pussy clench in sympathy when it happened. She could see the huge wet spot spreading out on the blanket from all the fluid draining out of the woman. A different wet spot had formed in Kate's panties and she could suddenly feel the slickness of her lips as she shifted her feet. Her face felt hot and her breasts tight and full. The thought of being seen in this state watching the woman suck on her dog's penis caught up to Kate's awareness. The last thing she noticed was a paw tattoo with a Zeta symbol inside the center pad on the woman's right butt cheek. She carefully backed away and left on wobbly legs.

Kate woke up feeling very much like a dead person should feel on day three. Her head throbbed well into the excruciating level of pain. Sour wine mixed with acidic bile coated her tongue. Her right hand ached and her pussy burned with a sharp sting. The smell of stale sex and vomit filled her nostrils. Groaning with effort and shame, she slowly untangled herself from the sticky sheets. Opening her eyes against the painful glare coming through the window, she gazed upon the remnants of the previous nights excesses. Five empty wine cooler bottles sat in various positions of disarray on the nightstand; the sixth was still lying in the bed. Seeing the encrusted bottle on the bed sheets let her know what she'd been doing with that last container. She remembered picking out the wine coolers not so much for the contents but the shape of the bottle.

Groaning again in misery, she pulled out a towel and stepped into the bathroom. Her stomach lurched in revolt at the mess around the toilet. She didn't remember getting sick, but the evidence was splattered all over the white porcelain bowl and the floor around it. Grabbing a dirty towel out of the hamper, she wet it in the sink and cleaned up the stinking mess. Dry heaves made her stomach hurt even worse as she did the best she could to get the foul mess cleaned up. Her mind was still mostly on autopilot as she worked. The previous day's events and her activities afterwards didn't bear thinking on too much right this moment.

The hot shower managed to make her feel a little better. She stood under the spray with her mouth open trying to get rid of the awful aftertaste. She said a small prayer of thanks that she didn't have a roommate this year. Trying to hide what she'd done last night or dealing with the aftereffects this morning with someone else was not a pleasant thought. As her mind came out of the alcohol-muddled fugue, she began to assess her feelings. Despite her upbringing in a relatively conservative home, she wasn't overly religious. If she were going to be honest with herself, her belief structure would be rather close to being agnostic. Seeing what organized religion and its zealous fundamentalist followers were doing to society as a whole made her question its validity. If there really was some higher power somewhere, individual integrity would mean more to it than a bunch of ritualized dogma; or at least it should.

That left societal influence as the main focus for her guilt. There was tremendous pressure by society to conform to what others deemed acceptable. Again, thoughts of what happened to those who didn't conform came to mind. Gay and lesbian teens had been tortured and killed just because they were different. What had been done to civil rights activists in the past flashed in her mind's eye. Even recent attempts at banning books came up. Did she really want to let the same people who thought it okay to ban the dictionary from public schools because it contained the definition of oral sex in it to dictate what she did in the privacy of her bedroom? Not only was the answer no, it was emphatically fuck no!

Feeling much better physically and mentally, she dressed for maximum comfort. Her inner lips still hurt so she picked out a pair of old cotton panties that had been washed so many times the fabric felt as soft as silk. She chose a pair of baggie jeans and an oversized t-shirt next. Slipping her feet into an ancient pair of running shoes, she headed for the cafeteria. She needed to put something in her empty stomach, at the very least a large glass of orange juice sounded like a fine idea.

She'd managed to get to the cafeteria before the breakfast line shut down. She got a bowl of oatmeal and a large glass of orange juice. With the seating area nearly empty, she got a seat in front of the large windows overlooking the quad. She ate slowly as she stared out at the gently fluttering leaves of the giant trees and let her thoughts flow randomly. There were still twinges of guilt and shame; one did not change core beliefs in a single day no matter what logic was applied. Her sexual history had never included anything overly kinky. Growing up in the age of the internet allowed her to access anything she cared to examine. She was a voracious reader and several books included erotica.

Her thoughts were still jumbled as she retrieved a cup of coffee and sat back down to stare out the window. She hadn't paid any real attention to anyone around her table as she continued to wrestle with her thoughts and emotions. Holding the cup in both hands, she rested her elbows on the table and gazed out the window with her eyes unfocused. A loud female voice nearby calling out to someone barely registered in her mind.

"Hey you! Don't you just look all relaxed and content with the world?"

"I should. I spent the entire day with Alex worshiping my body."

Kate choked on the coffee in her mouth. Her sudden reaction had caused her to snort coffee out her nose. Tears blurred her vision as she coughed and sputtered. The coffee cup dropped from her shaking hands and skittered across the table. Blood drained from her face as she recognized the voice.

"Hey! What's your damage?"

Kate stared into a face she recognized. It belonged to the brunette that had been whispering in the library. Her mouth opened as if she were going to say something but sheer panic flooded her body. Kate bolted for the exit on rubbery legs. She needed to get away before something terrible happened. She slammed into the doors and kept going in a blind sprint. She managed to clear the steps without falling on her face as she ran towards the quad. Shouts from those she shoved out of her way were ignored. All she could think of was getting as far away as fast as possible.

She made it to the opposite side of the quad before her lungs screamed for relief. Wheezing like an out of shape runner, she wobbled to a stop at the base of a large shade tree. Dropping to the ground, she put her back to the trunk and closed her eyes. Rubbing her face to get rid of the irritating sweat rivulets, she tried to catch her breath. Her side hurt something fierce and her legs burned from the abuse. Before she could get a handle on her confused thoughts, someone kicked the bottom of her foot. Her eyes popped open to see the friend glaring at her.

"Listen up you little cunt! You breathe a word of what you think is going on and I'll make your life a living hell, you got me bitch?"

Kate had never been so scared in her life. Already in a state of panic, this new threat sent her over the edge. She sobbed and blubbered that she wouldn't say anything.

"Better not bitch."

Kate whimpered as the girl kicked her foot again before striding off. She had never been bullied before and the experience shook her up beyond her ability to deal with. She curled up on her side and sobbed.

"Miss? Miss? Are you okay?"

The strange male voice lacked any real emotion. To her ears, it sounded as if the person speaking were doing so out of reluctant obligation and not any true concern for her wellbeing. With her emotions still out of kilter, she could not seem to gather up the energy to respond. She heard to male voice muttering to someone else but was unable to understand the words. She wasn't aware of how much time had passed when a female voice asked if she was okay. A touch on her shoulder made her flinch away violently. In her confusion she thought the vicious girl had come back to dish out a beating to reinforce the threats. She sobbed even harder and begged not to be beaten.

"Jesus Christ! What the hell? Hal, call the Troopers. This girl sounds like she's been tortured. This is way beyond anything we're paid to handle."

"Damn. Yeah, okay, you're right. I already called the paramedics; they should be here in just a few."

Kate felt cold and began to shiver. The emotional turmoil and the abuse she had subjected herself to the night before caught up to her. She just needed to sleep and get away from everything. She felt someone touch her again. She just couldn't handle it anymore. Awareness faded away.

Murmuring voices greeted her as she woke up. The bizarre nightmare she remembered turned out to be reality. The medical jargon that filtered through her awareness disturbed her. Terms like sexual assault and deep vaginal bruising stood out. Her mind felt fuzzy like she hadn't completely sobered up, yet her memory of eating breakfast meant that she had sobered up. She was in a hospital. The smells and sounds registered finally. She opened her eyes and blinked away the crusty residue left by the tears. Rubbing her eyes must have signaled to someone that she was awake. She blinked several times as a nurse stepped over to her side.

"How are you feeling, miss?"

Kate decided that simple truth at this point would serve better than a facetious comment.

"Like crap and half drunk. What did they give me?"

"Valium. Just enough to keep you calm. The Troopers reported that you were emotionally distraught and reacted violently to being touched. They have some questions to ask once your head clears. We also have a crisis counselor waiting to speak with you if you feel like talking."

Kate processed everything said first before delving into the implications. Crisis counselor? Oh, no. They think I've been raped! Damn. Damn. Damn. Now what do I do? I sure as hell don't want to talk about what really happened. Deny everything! Playing stupid wouldn't work; she knew damn well she couldn't lie worth crap.

"I don't need a crisis counselor, at least not for what you are thinking. I heard someone talking just before waking up. I'm guessing they think I was raped, right?"

The nurse gave her a funny look before nodding and answering. "Yes, that's right. Your initial exam showed vaginal bruising. Matching that with the report, it was naturally assumed that's what happened."

"It isn't what happened. How I got that way is nobody's business. As for my reactions in the quad; all I'm willing to say is that I had a bad run in with a bully."

The nurse looked skeptical but persisted.

"Denial is one of the—"

"Please, no psychobabble, Nurse—"

Kate glanced at the nametag and blinked. She blinked again. She looked up into the nurse's eyes with a shocked expression.

"Is that a joke?"

This time the nurse's face had a large smirk and she was shaking her head.

"Aren't you a little young to know that reference? No, it's not a joke, that's really my last name."

Kate giggled, feeling quite a bit better now that genuine humor had been injected into the situation.

"Alright, Nurse Diesel. I know it because a good friend of mine is a movie buff and he made me sit through what he called one of the greatest comedy movies of all time. Of course, he made me sit through all the Alfred Hitchcock movies first so I'd understand the jokes. I disagree with him about it being the greatest. Blazing Saddles was funnier. Moreover, I loved the reference to Randolph Scott. He was a hunk, much better looking than John Wayne, but don't tell my dad that."

Nurse Diesel was shaking her head again but at least she was smiling.

"Okay, you aren't acting like you are in denial. I'll accept your word that you weren't sexually assaulted. The Troopers are still going to talk to you, though. You sound coherent. I take it that the valium has worn off?"

Kate thought about it for a moment and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm not as fuddled as I was when I first woke up. I guess I'll get it over with."

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