Second Day of John With His Older Perfect Mistress
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Zoophilia, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Food, Lactation, BBW, Big Breasts,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Second day of a three day weekend with a new Mistress - John meets some other submissives, there is some Lactation and beastiality and bi sex

The room was mostly dark when I woke, but you could see a little ambient light peaking from the sides of the curtains knowing that the sun was out already. Owwwe my ass ached still; I could see the big cock that had fucked me on the floor on the rug that was on my side of bed. It was still unbelievably big, and I was thinking it was pushing my own cum inside of me! I did need to go to the bathroom, so I slipped out from under my Mistress's arm careful not to wake her, and walked to the main door. I wanted to use the other restroom so that I did not disturber her when I flushed. I closed the door after me as I exited her room and the kitchen was bright in front of me. I thought about making some breakfast for us both, as I past the kitchen and headed for the restroom. I was marveling at the house, how simple and functional it was. It was like it was taken out of history, a classic farmhouse. I thought back on the conversations that my Mistress and I had prior to coming out here for the weekend. She had received a trust fund when she was 23, and had bought this house then. She had a good attorney that helped her invest in some venture capital, which panned out for her. She did not have to work, other than running her baby farm. She raised most of her own vegetables. She sold some too and traded others. I knew that she had some other subs that were part of her life, and I felt lucky that I had captured her eye a bit. She liked how I wrote she said, she said it was sort of an excited rambling, which really put you there. She liked that I tried to have no limits when I wrote, and she really did like my artwork too. She said more than once that the images were very erotic and sensual. She was a sensual person too and respected it in others. She had told me as a Mistress she tried to make her subs FEEL new things, and sense them. Encompassing the word "sensual' to its fullest.

In the bathroom I sat instead of standing to relieve my bladder – and I notice a piece of my artwork framed in the bathroom. Wow! I was humbled again that she enjoyed them so much. I guess that is how this whole weekend stared. She had challenged me to do some artwork of men in submissive positions, saying that she loved what I did with the curves of women, but that men could be sensual too. I told her that I sometimes have a hard time seeing the sensual side of men, but then she said, "Look at yourself." It was a heavy statement for me, because I did think of myself as a sensual man, but in a submissive position? I told her again I did not have the right perspective for that, and she challenged me to do it anyway. Not to be one that ever walks away from a challenge – I did some. The response I got was very favorable; somehow I had captured the spirit, especially with the couple poses that seemed to touch more people the others. My host's conversations with me grew from that time, challenging me, and she would playful say that she would be the one that could get me in touch with that submissive side. I liked her, and her looks were the kind made me nuts. I hated that I did not really have a chance at all yesterday to suckle or handle her breasts, which I knew she knew how much they teased me. I guess she was right, she really was putting me in touch with my submissive side, but honestly too, I had always had a healthy respect for people that have earned it from me. And respect could lead to some behavior that might seem submissive, but it was a show of respect. (Ok I was starting to think to myself that the show of respect is the first trait that good sub must show – they MUST respect their Master or Mistress – this was good – I was learning). After I was done urinating, I fingered my sore ass a bit, just to see if I could feel any tear or anything. It did hurt, but nothing felt out of place, and the pain was dying away, like a bruise it was becoming, and I know sometimes you just have to work past something to get it to a place where it did not hurt any more. I was not looking forward to having my ass fucked today – but having it licked sounded like heaven!

I got out of the bathroom after sort of picking it up a little; straightening it up after the wonderful bath my Mistress had given me last night. I folded the towels and then went out back into the kitchen. I heard something and went to the window – I saw Captain running, and I was then able to see a car come down the long drive way. I was there naked in my Mistress's kitchen and she was having someone come over? I wanted to see who it might be before I ran back into the bedroom to wake up my Mistress or grab something to wear (where were my clothes anyway? I have not worn anything since I peed on my clothes yesterday, and I did not see my bag in her bedroom). I saw her pull up beside my car, and I say her, because I could tell it was a young woman (but a bit older the me) - from the kitchen window I was looking out of. As she got out of the car I could tell that Captain and she were good friends because he was bouncing around her and she was smiling and petting him. She was almost to the door and I was still there naked. Oh what the hell. I waited there and in she walks. She kept Captain outside though I could hear him whining because he wanted to be in, but she was inside and smiling and beaming. She was maybe twenty-one and wearing some jean shorts and a tube top that was stretched over her C + breasts. I was watching them jiggle, unrestrained by anything other than the tube top, as she turned to me and say "Oh, Hello", a cheerful voice, her eyes giving me a once over and still smiling. "You're... ", she hesitated searching for a name. "Mistress calls me "A"" I said, figuring that whoever this girl was, she was cool with what was going on here. ""A", huh, well nice meeting you I'm "Puppy"" she said not stopping, moving with energy that light the house up more than just the sunshine that was streaming in. She did not miss a beat or stop at all; he was on a mission. She was pulling her tube top over her head as she was telling me her name at the same time she was kicking off her tennis shoes. Next came her shorts and her panties all in one quick movement as she bent down and mooned me with her wonderful round ass. Then she got on her hands and keens by Mistress's door, (naked) and pawed at the door and yipped like a small puppy.

From in my Mistress's room I heard her excited voice yell back, 'Puppy! Come in here girl, come to mom-ma!" Puppy was her pet, just like Captain was and she was going to give her some loving, I could tell. Puppy looked back at me and wined a little and then looked at the doorknob and then back at me and I knew that she wanted me to open the door for her. I walked over as I felt my cock start getting hard at the thought of my Mistress and Puppy, she was so cute, and her breasts were sooooo nice, very white with blue veins looking full and so alluring to me. I liked how they swayed under her as she crawled over to my mistress's bed. I stood there watching from the door way as Puppy crawled up to the bed and was happy and licking at my Mistress's nipples as her head was being scratched just like a dog. Mistress maneuvered Puppy so that she could suckle one of those breasts that I was ogling over. Mistress was really going at the one, with her hands kneading the full tit as she suck hard on the nipple, I could tell she was bringing the nipple deep into the back of her mouth. She took the tit out of her mouth for a moment, Puppy's head was thrown back in a swoon of ecstasy from the suckling, and Mistress smiled at me. When she did I saw the milk dribble from her mouth, and there was leakage from the breast that she had in her hand. I know my jaw dropped. OH GOD how that had been my fantasy for so long, and my Mistress was going to give it to me, wasn't she? That single moment that I went though "yes she will" "no she won't" in my head a thousand times, but it was only half a second real time. "Come here "A", drain some of this milk before my little Puppy bursts." What magic words these were to me as my Mistress was getting out of bed. Her hair was a mess but she was glorious to me. She told Puppy to get on her back and I was instructed to lie on the bed and suckle her. I could feel Puppy moving under me, I think she was even cumming as I indulged in my all time biggest fantasy. I have always loved the thought of having my mouth filled with sweet breast milk, but I never thought I would have the luck of tasting some milk – even if it was a squirt or a few drops. But Puppy was in full let down in my mouth, and I was sucking for all I was worth, and apparently it was pleasing puppy as her hands soon found her own pussy and was bringing herself off. I was not looking around, but I knew Mistress was still in the room, most likely in the chair that was in the corner of the room. I was not getting the sweet taste any longer as I sucked on Puppy's life giving breast, and I was just about to switch to the other one when I heard my Mistress say "drain the other one "A", I want Puppy to finish up what Captain has started. I looked over at her as I switched breasts, and I was right she was in the corner chair, she was slumped down a bit in the chair and had her legs parted and there was Captain licking her up. (Up and down I suppose). I realized I was the entertainment and saw immediately how my Mistress was using me again. I did not know the story of Puppy, apparently she was a submissive of my Mistress's as well, but I was not going to try to finish thinking things through, I was just going to DO, so I took Puppy's other nipple in my mouth as I heard her intake of breath as she felt my passionate suckling. God I was hard too. Seeing my Mistress, naked, getting eaten, and having Puppy undulating under my oral ministrations on her breasts, her own fingers disappearing in her womanhood, I thought I was going to explode, I know that there was precum leaking out of my cock and it actually was hurting a little because I was so hard. Puppy was moaning and my Mistress was moaning, I was wondering if Captain was getting as hard as I was with all this sexual energy in this room. I moved one hand down over Puppy's belly and she moved up her hips, I think she was needing and wanting me in her as much as I wanted to give it to her, but I was not going to move my mouth from those wonderful breasts. Mistress got up from her seat, pushing Captain away, and just when my hand got to Puppy's sweet fur covered pussy, my fingers about to explore those watery depths I felt that crop crack down on my ass. It was hard and hurt and jolted me with surprise. "I said drain her breasts, I did not say anything else, get your hands away from her pussy now or do you want more spankings?" I moved my mouth off her breast long enough to tell my Mistress that I did not want a spanking.

Mistress walked out with Captain right behind her and she called out also "Puppy, Come!" Puppy's response was immediate. She Yip again like a small dog, and moved me off and got off the bed and back down on her hands and knees on the floor and crawled out to the kitchen to go seek out Mistress. I rolled onto my side and looked at her cute butt as she moved away from me and through the door. I did not want to move off the bed and risk being hit with the crop again, but I was hard and I was curious to see what was going to be going on, as I saw Puppy's "tail" about to turn out of my sight, I saw Captain poke his nose there. This whole weekend was so erotic and was pushing way beyond my fantasies. I realized I was just along for the ride and I was enjoying the wild ride that it was. I had let go; my hands were up in the air on this roller coaster ride. My butt was hers and now I was just thinking how much I really was HERS – in my thinking even. The word was not only coming to my lips easy, but it was my respectful name for her now, and she had taken away my name as well as my clothes and given me a Letter that she called me and left me just my skin to wear with pride. I was happy that I pleased her last night as she used my body, and rode my cock. I could tell that Mistress kept herself on the edge a lot, kept things sensual and sexual for herself, like the way that Captain had been licking her, I could see her close her eyes with the intense feelings that she had exploding from her well licked cunt, but I don't think it was taking her over the edge, she saved those times for when she could let go herself. I understood the freedom that a submissive or a slave would feel if they gave themselves up to the trust they felt to their Master or Mistress.

I was snapped out of my own self-discoveries by the sound of my Mistress asking me to come into the kitchen. I walked up right, I did not think I was supposed to walk as Puppy did since I had no direction to do so, but again I kept on trying to second think some of these things. I guess when you have served someone for a longer period of time you know better what is expected. All of a sudden I realized a new epiphany for myself – that a Dom and a sub NEED time, that it takes a relationship to get the pieces to fit right, so there was no doubt anymore, but when it was all done, and you knew each other so well that you can anticipate each other and knew just what to do, would there be less excitement as there was now? Again I got a jolt out of my thinking brain into the world of RIGHT NOW as I entered the kitchen. There was Puppy on the floor on her knees kneading her breasts, getting a little more milk to flow into the tin pie plate that was on the floor in front of her. She was facing the sink and the window; she was in the sunspot on the floor. Mistress was petting Captain, he was looking at Puppy and panting and anxious, Mistress was saying soft calming words to him but holding him back. There was another pie tin on the table next to Mistress. Puppy yipped and then was back on her hands and knees, I jumped to the assumption that she was done milking and just letting Mistress know, you could tell that Puppy still had that bouncy personality because her "tail" was wagging. Mistress smiled at me and eyed my body. My cock was still rock hard and there was a drop of precum on the pee slit. Mistress then leaned down gently told Captain "go get her" and Captain bounded forward. As he got up I noticed his red cock unsheathed under him. Puppy dropped her head down and pushed her shoulders to the floor and I saw Captain mount her from behind. I was mesmerized and transfixed there watching as after three quick jabs his cock was in her and she was making animal noises herself. Seeing her crouching there I could see that the first few strokes were not gentle at all - I would imagine they were a bit of a shock, even if this was an everyday thing for her, it was primal. Mistress told me to sit next to her and I did. My eyes never left the site of Captain and Puppy, and I don't think mistress wanted me too; I think this was part of my lesson. I sat there next to her as she put the pie tin from the table on the floor in-between my spread legs. She took my cock in her hand that seemed to have oil on it again and started milking my cock. Mistress was talking very low and soothing in my ear as I watched and she milked my cock in her hands. The site of Captain forcing the wind out of Puppy and Mistress's hand was working well on me, and she told me it was ok to cum, she wanted me to, and then she was going to make me cum again. I wanted to be Captain, I wanted to be the animal that cumming makes me; I wanted to be deep in Puppy like I could tell that Captain was. The thrusts were wild at first but it seemed like they soon settled into a steady rhythm that seemed familiar to both of them. They were not making any intelligible sounds for the next twenty minutes, only Mistress's soft whispers in my ears. The passionate duo were not silent they were both noisy fuckers, but they were seriously into fucking their brains out. For most of the time Puppy had her head on one forearm, but I could see her reach as well with one arm under her playing havoc with her spread and swollen genitals. Whatever she could reach was reached, many times over. Captains balls helped too as they slapped against her with each thrust forward. Her now empty breasts were not as full in shape but they swayed constantly under her brushing on the hardwood floor. I could see how Puppy was going into overload with mini-earthquakes surging through her each time Captains humping forced one of those large taunt nipples raking across the floor. Puppy's thundering climaxes were almost constant at this point and my Mistress had milked my cock twice while watching the show in front of me. Puppy had reached a place I could not reach yet, but I was well on my way about learning about that place.

The aroma in the room was driving me crazy and I thought it most likely was affecting Captain the same way. I was thinking how Mistress took my ass last night, but it was nothing like the fucking that Puppy was getting, she was nothing but thrashing, soaring, screaming, fucking bunch of nerve endings at this point. This was driving me, just watching it in a place of temporary insanity, and I am sure that Puppy was just -- just fucking mad – as her womb was being flooded by Captain and it was all held in by his knot that was sealing her pussy.

Mistress was using those soft words on me as she was stroking me and playing with my balls. She told me that Puppy had been a submissive for the last four years with her. Really the only female submissive she played with anymore. They had met on the Internet like I had done with Mistress, but after they started talking they found out they were actually neighbors. Well as much as you can be a neighbor in the country. Puppy was married and her husband did not understand her kinky side at all. Though Puppy's husband was in the sheriff department he did not lead her in the bedroom like she needed to be lead. She had actually thought that she would end up getting a divorce from him because she said that she just needed to be used and controlled. Puppy needed a lot of self-esteem building and sexual encouragement when she first met my Mistress. Puppy also found she loved being with another woman, and loved to suckle Mistress's large breasts, and Mistress was overjoyed to have a friend and a submissive so close. Puppy got to the point that she was feeling good and comfortable and then Mistress started training her to be a puppy girl. She was never to speak in Mistress's presence, but just be her loving pet. Mistress had been a zooaphile since she was young, keeping a dog as a lover as long as she lived on her own. (She stared with her own family dog when she was 14, letting it lick her every night) Mistress said that she was not going to take Puppy down the road of actually being a bitch to Captain, but Puppy witnessed Captain licking out Mistress's cream after one of their sessions. Puppy e-mailed mistress that night that she might want to try Captain orally as well. (Seems Puppy's husband was not much for oral love making either. Puppy needed to e-mail because that was the only way – other than body language that she could communicate with Mistress). Puppy seemed to just take to it naturally, after that. Mistress said this was good for Captain as well, since he was trained to always be there for Mistress's needs, it was a way that Captain could develop a little of his dominance. Two years ago Puppy got pregnant, and Captain fucking her during the pregnancy was out. Mistress did not want his roughness causing her problems with the baby. It was during the pregnancy that Puppy started to have a bit of milk. She actually started producing some prior to the baby being born, I would imagine from all of Mistress's expert suckling. (Remember she was sucking on my male nipples yesterday when I was tied up.) Puppy loved the intimacy of the suckling so much both with Mistress and bonding with her little guy (and even her husband liked it) that she has continued her nursing to this day with her son. She also pumped at home each day and donated her extra milk to the local hospital, which she was paid for. Mistress told me that Puppy drops her son off each day her husband works, at a Mommy's day out program and then comes here to the farm. Mistress gets the first milking of the day and then they get to spend some time together. After Puppy leaves she normally drops off the milk that she has express and frozen at home, and then goes and picks up her son and leads her normal life. I was amazed at the duality of her life, but then again, maybe it wasn't, maybe it is something that just made her whole. Mistress did tell me that Captain had been fucking puppy again over the last 8 months again, and that they both loved it. Captain did not always get to do this with Puppy, but he was defiantly part of their fun on most days. Mistress said that Puppy really was Captain's bitch – "But I am both of theirs Mistress".

When Captain was done he was awkward getting over so that he was not mounted on Puppy, but standing next to her. He bent his body like only doggies can and licked his cock as it was still tied into puppy, but it came out shortly after that. I was not prepared for what I saw next though. When Captain's cock withdrew from Puppy's pussy, there was a flood of his cum that just spilled out. It was a LOT, I could not believe it. It all went into the pie tin that was there, mixing with the milk that Puppy had expressed earlier. Puppy did not move, not much, after she let go of Captain's seed that spilled out she just sort of moved to the side of where she had been and just sort of collapsed and was trying to regain her breathing. She was actually panting, as she lay on the floor naked in the place that the sunspot had moved to.

I could not believe that I came twice, but damn, this was hot. "Puppy!" Mistress said more loudly, and Puppy scrambled to her hands and knees and looked at Mistress attentively awaiting her orders. "Puppy, give me that dish please" Mistress said as she pointed to the pie tin with the cum milk mix. Puppy moved the tin with her nose across the floor toward her Mistress. Mistress picked up both the tins now, the one with my cum and the other and mixed them together while absent-mindedly stroking Puppy's head. Captain was over by the door licking his cock, and I was thinking what Puppy's cum must taste like, if it was something that Captain really craved.

Mistress gave me the tin with the cum and milk mix. Now it had Captain's Puppy's and my cum as well as some sweet breast milk. She told me to crack ten eggs into it. I looked at her quizzically and I saw that look in her eyes that said do me "are you questioning me?" So quickly I went to the refrigerator and got out some eggs. They were nice sized eggs, the brown ones, and Mistress told me that she got them from another one of their neighbors. I could see living out in the country had its advantages. My new task was to make Brunch since it was about 10 am now. I mixed the egg and cum mix, laughing inside that it was sort of funny if you thought about it. I got out two skillets and lit the stove (it was gas – I just loved cooking on gas) and started to scramble eggs. While I was cooking Mistress let Captain out and she and puppy went back into bathroom and I heard the water running. All the time Mistress was talking in her sweet tones like one would really talk to a dog, and Puppy only gave yips back. I could defiantly see the strong submissive spirit that it would take to almost remove your humanity from yourself. To actually become a pet to your owner. I could hear the sounds in the bathroom and could tell that Mistress was bathing Puppy, and I could see in the bathroom when I had to walk to the fridge to get something. Puppy was on her hands and knees still getting a bath like you would your dog. She was so sexy though, both Mistress and Puppy both. I could myself being somewhat prideful of the fact that I was here and could witness this closeness and unique family. I worked on the scrambled eggs and made a batch of home fries and some bacon too. Puppy came out of the bathroom all clean and her hair still a little damp and she sat on her hunches next to me as I cooked. I found myself petting her head as well, just like I had seen Mistress do and it seemed Puppy was content to sit with me while I finished the home fries and bacon. The shower was going and I all of a sudden thought I should be doing something for Mistress. I was finished with the breakfast, so I walked into the bathroom and stuck my head in "Mistress, breakfast is done, would you like me to wash you?" "No that is ok "A", why not just set the table with the food and I will be out in a second?" "Ok Mistress, your wish is my command."

I took three dishes from the cupboard and started setting the table, but puppy was yipping at me. "What is it girl?" I asked, and I followed her eyes and saw two dog bowls on the counter one that said Captain, in blue, and one that said Puppy in pink. Ahhhhh, OK, I put one plate back. Mistress came out of the bathroom in her white terrycloth robe with her hair all wrapped up in a towel as well. "Give Captain some of those eggs and just a little of the home fries, but no bacon, it gives him gas. Oh, and break up the bacon and just mix everything together for Puppy. Captain eats outside, and Puppy eats here." Mistress was pointing to the floor right next to the table, as she sat down in the chair next to where she was pointing. I served my mistress, and gave Puppy her bowl and she looked up to Mistress for the go ahead to eat. "Go ahead Puppy, you can eat. "A", make sure you tell Captain it is OK for him to eat after you put down his dish.

Captain was sitting waiting for his dinner as I brought it out. I told him it was ok to eat after I put it down, but he hesitated, I guess he was wondering if I had authority to tell him it was ok, but his hunger won that battle and soon he had his snout in the food gobbling it all up. I walked back in, and Mistress was eating pleasantly and I saw Puppy's face in her bowl. I imagined that it was sort of difficult to eat that way, but I did not think about it too much. I sat at my place after I fixed my plate last and looked at my Mistress and waited. I know it was just a moment or two before Mistress gave me the OK to eat, but I think Mistress was waiting just long enough for me to FEEL that I was waiting. The eggs tasted OK – they really did not taste any different to me. Mistress said though that she loved the taste of LOVE in her eggs.

Puppy finished her brunch and sat on her back haunches looking up at Mistress. Mistress lovingly took Puppy's face in her hands and brought a napkin to her face and cleaned her up. "I guess you better go little one." To which Puppy yipped in agreement and she crawled over to where her clothes were on the floor. For the first time Puppy stood up since she had gotten on her hands and knees, and she quickly got dressed and headed out the door. She did not look at Mistress and did not say anything, I guess the yip was her farewell, but I did see that Puppy did give me a glance and winked at me. I heard the car drive off as I finished my meal.

"What am I going to do with you today?" Mistress said, but since it sounded like a rhetorical question, I sat there in my silence and waited. I could tell she was thinking of some things. Mistress goes up and went to her room. I waited. I was amazed at the quietness of the house. There was mind-blowing sex not too long ago right here on the floor of the kitchen, twice my mistress milked my cock and the noises that were coming from the show I was allowed to witness blocked out everything else. Sight and sound – Cock and Pussy – RAW SEX. And all of this was out of my control. Now in the quietness I sat there, I was in control of ME but I did not move. I did not want to move, I wanted to wait for my next command, my mind felt like a blank and then it dawned on me that the quietness was in my head. I did not have the rush of thoughts, what to do next, how someone was taking something; I just sat there.

Mistress came out of her room; she was half dressed, in a pair of shorts and her bra. Her hair was down now and she looked lovely. ""A", why don't you clean up the kitchen for me." "Yes Mistress" I snapped back with enthusiasm. I had a task!!! I washed the dishes and the skillets I had used. Mistress walked out of her room again and past me and told me to clean the floor too, she was going to go out and do some work outside. I asked her back if I should come and get her when I was done and she said "sure" and that I should wear some shoes when I went outside. "Anything else Mistress?" "No, just shoes, and clean the house well!"

I clean and I cleaned. I have to say that my mom always had a clean house and that is one thing I always worked hard on and was proud of - is how well I could clean the house - almost like a military inspection. I got good at my mom's inspections, and I wonder if that wasn't really my first taste of being a submissive, was how mom would be when we were in "cleaning mode". I cleaned the floors, the walls and everything; I dusted and scrubbed. I did not stop with the kitchen, but I started the wash, and cleaned in the bedroom and made the bed. I also had a peak into that toy drawer and boy there were a lot of cocks and things. Straps and vibrating eggs and rings and chains. It was all sort of just in there, I would have even organized it, but I thought I might not have supposed to be in there. The whole house was clean; I had also found my bag, which was in a small study type room I put my clothes in there after I had washed them (they were by the back door I had seen when Puppy had come in - I don't know how they got there from the back - Mistress must have picked them up at some point). the Study was really sort of a catch all room, but the computer was in there and a desk, so I thought I would call it a study. This room seemed the dustiest, since there were a lot of knick knack and stuff all over. I cleaned everything. And it was only 3:30. I was just going to look for my shoes when in came in my Mistress with Captain. Looking around she says "Very nice "A", very nice indeed." Mistress was hot and sweaty from her work outside and I had been a good houseboy. "Come here "A", help me get undressed and pull down this cover from the bed." I just loved the bigness of my Mistress's body, her great big breasts and her curves; it just gave me a sense of sensual power.

Naked now Mistress got up onto the bed on the clean sheets and told me to get up there and lick her pussy. I know that Captain might have felt a pang of jealousy, but I was happy to be between my Mistress's legs. Her aroma was pungent because of the sweat but I loved it. "Give me your fingers too; I want you to make me cum before I take a nap. Use your tongue on my clit, here it is, I've teased it out for you. Use Firm licks, about three or four a second is good. You can stick your tongue in my cunt as well; you'll love the taste of pussy juice!" I eagerly got his first taste of her pussy for the day. She cached me through sucking her clit and cunt, fingering her and rubbing her clit. Women have a big variety of how they like to be touch there, I was glad to have the instructions to tell me exactly what she needed. Mistress finally rewarded me with a wave of her cum as she orgasmed on my tongue.

She invited me to lay up next to her and as she was on her back she said "suckle me till I fall asleep" my mouth was on her breasts, and her nipples how hard they got for me, but even though she was breathing a little hard still from cumming for me just a moment ago, soon with the gentle sucking I was giving her nipples her breathing evened out and actually slowed to a point that I knew she was asleep. With her peaceful like that and the ceiling fan making the air cool against my skin, I cuddled with her and fell asleep myself next to her, but this time she was in my arms, and I wanted to protect her.

The sun had gone down by the time we awoke. I awoke to find my Mistress gently rubbing her hands over my body, teasing my cock to its hardest state. She was doing a good number over my legs and stomach as well as my nipples as well. We started kissing and loving just like two long lost lovers. Like husbands and wives the day after the honeymoon night. Soon I felt myself on top of her with my cock inside her and her legs wrapped around me. They were slow strokes with her pushing up to meet them. They had a lot of power even though they were not the kind that slap and are full of force, but still they were full of power. I came with those slow stokes and I think she was cumming around me as we did. This was not animal sex; this was the passion of a man and woman. There was no rawness about this, but there was passion.

I was content to fall asleep again with her in my arms, this was a lover of great magnitude, I wanted to rest and wake and fuck and sleep and love and nap again. ""A" go get me some water with some ice in it please, and if you need some to, feel free." She got out of the bed and went to her restroom, so I got out and went to the kitchen to get her drink. As I drank mine, I realized how thirsty I really was, and had two glasses back to back that I chugged down. When I gave my Mistress hers, she of course sipped, like the LADY that she was.

She had her terry cloth robe back on and she asked me to follow her outside. I did not put on my shoes, but followed her outside in the night air. We walked back to the Cross's behind the barn and she tied my wrists and my ankles again. Captain, who was with us was sniffing at my cock again, but Mistress told him "No" and he backed down. Mistress told me that I needed to be out here for a bit, and she and Captain walked away. I almost felt like crying, so alone I felt left there now like this. Why was this happening? Did I get to close while we were making love this last time? I heard the crickets chirping and the fireflies were dancing in the tree line that was in the distance. Minute after minute I was there, not knowing and confused.

Later that evening, some time, I had no concept of time out there in the dark, it could have been two hours, or it could have been a half an hour. But later that evening I heard a car come down the way again. Of course it was not where I could see at all, I heard the door close of the car after its engine was turned off. The house door opened and closed, but I heard no voices, I wondered if Puppy was back to give an evening feeding of her tits to our Mistress. I few minutes later I heard the door of the house open and close again and I could hear the footsteps barely, but I knew I was going to have a visitor. My cock started getting hard, just at the thought of anyone walking around that corner. There came Mistress, Captain and there was also a man. This man was about five foot six inches and most likely weighed as much as I did if not more. This made him look a little dumpy and soft. He had a dog collar on his neck and Mistress was leading him by a leash. His cock was bound too in some sort of cock ring and leather harness. "Stevie, get him down" my Mistress told him in a barking command voice, and as he moved he got swatted by her. The crop must of landed on his about five times while he was doing his task. When I was free she took me by the arm so I could escort her and we walked back to the house (leaving Captain outside).

We were in the house and mistress said to me "you have two choices "A", you can dominate Stevie here right now and be my stud and sleep with me tonight in my bed again, or if you fail to do that, you sleep at the foot of my bed with Stevie" Of course I wanted to be the winner of this little game, but I really did not know what it was all about. I had never dominated a man before well not like this. With my buddies I was the leader, but I never was called SIR or anything like that, nor did I give commands - but yes - I was a leader - I could do this. My head was spinning, after all this time not having to take control. I also knew that this was a new push for me, she was taking me out of my comfort zone to push me past a point that I have never gone to before, and I was doing this for her. Mistress handed me Steve's leash and her crop, and went to sit in one of the dining room chairs and was waiting for the show.

I really did not know what to do and I hesitated, but I knew this would not win me over any points with Mistress – so I had to think of something quick. I told Stevie to get on his knees and crawl over to me on just his knees. I had read in my Internet readings that the Roman's used to have their servants and their slaves give them head. It was homage to the master the ruler; it was a way that the underling knew his place. They would have to look up at their Master and hope that they were pleasing him. I don't know why this popped into my head, but I could not think of anything else that would clearly establish my dominion over Stevie. I told Stevie to suck my cock with his mouth only. I knew I was not going to cum, I wanted him to know my size, my hardness, but I was not going to waste my cum on him. His tongue went over the underside of my cock and he swirled it around a little as he tried then to take the entire length of me into his mouth. "Look at me when you are sucking me" I was demanding. I wanted him to know who was in control here. Mistress was smiling at me and rubbing her pussy as she watched. I pulled on Stevie's leash some making his head bob back and forth a little more out of his volition while he was sucking me. "Come on you worthless little maggot, suck me!" I said. I have found that submissive men almost crave the humiliation that goes along some times with this station in life. He was doing a good job, but like I said I was not going to cum in him at this time. I did also take Stevie's hair in my hand some and actually fucked his face for a bit. I was getting into this, and I felt the rush of power and confidence I feel when I am dominating. I then when behind Stevie, and was going to use my cock to fuck him, but then I thought it wasn't enough - I started spanking his balls, and fingering his ass so that it was open to me. It is funny how ass's are - how they close up but when you fuck them for some time, they will stay open a bit - like they are expecting something.

Mistress was very impressed in what I was doing, and was enjoying the show. ""A", come to my bed, Stevie, stay out here in the kitchen, you can get a blanket from the computer room if you want." And with that we went into Mistress's bedroom and we closed the door behind us.

Day Two into the Night

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