The Justice Part 1


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People call me the justice but my real name is John and what I do is deal out justice i am 7 foot 9 inches tall and weigh 300 pounds now for most people being that big would slow them down but for me it didn't I fact I am the fastest person I know

Because of what i do i need funds and hardware So i robed fort Knox and while I was there I decided to liberate some of their hardware and boy was it nice they had a customized bounty hunter toy hauler that runs on a mini nucular power plant with armor plating, firing slits, honey comb tires, state of the art security system, retractable remote controlled weapons, including TOW missile launchers, LW50MG, PKWS II: Laser-Guided Hydra Rockets, XM307 ACSW, M134, and 20mm bushmaster cannons. along with a electric Bush pig XOA with weapon mount, honey comb tires and gun racks. New Nanosphere full body suit armor with built in dragon skin with a MICH TC-2000 Combat Helmet. A exacto sniper rifle with ammo and a XM-25

It was a week later and I was parked 15 miles outside las Vegas, nevada in a state park when I woke up in the middle of the to a terrific thunder storm got up and looked around and could have sworn that it was in a different place than where I parked I figured that I could cheek it out in the morning and went back to sleep

The next morning when I went out side I was certain that I was no longer in the year 2010 especially when the space alien who called himself "bob" appeared out of nowhere and told me that they have taken me back to the year 1877 and that they would like for me to see if I would like to stay for a week and if i dident like it they would take me back to 2010 and all I would Have is the memories

I told them I would stay for five years if he made me immortal healed really fast ten times as strong and fast have any materials that i thought as important materials and after five years I could travel freely in time and take anything I wanted with me and if he quickly agreed and poofed away

And then I need to decide what to do I decided the first thing that I need to do was arm myself so I went inside and put on my combat vest picked up my ammo for my scoped m14 and glock18 put my m14 in the gun rack for the bush pig and put the ghillie suit on top of my woodland MCCUU and started driving around in the bush pig

I found a path to the dessert in nevada and decided that I needed a genetically enhanced horse and while I was at it a couple of mules, trained war dogs, and horses all genetically enhanced with a horse trailer to put them in until i need them until I find a place that I would like to store the toy hauler so I went back to the RV to talk to bob and get all this stuff done I got back to the RV and put all my stuff away and called bob and told him I was ready for my enhancements and the animals that I would need. He told me to go to sleep to night and that when I woke up that everything will be done.

I woke up this morning and decided that I would be a bounty hunter. that I would start in las Vegas and then travel across the states going counter clockwise. when I finally wind back up in Nevada I would then go from there

When I rode into las Vegas on my new horse and my war dogs at my side wearing my working clothes. a Nanosphere full body suit with built in dragon skin, a MICH TC-2000 Combat Helmet. I was also wearing ankle length leather black trench coat. Under the coat i was heavily armed with. glock 18s in shoulder holsters and cross draw holsters. P238s in a rig that shoots out of the inside of my arm into my hands. with one also in each of my boots too. TDI Vectors in thigh holsters. Two tazers in the small of my back. Two tantos on the outside of my forearms. Two katanas on my back. Two sawed off extrema 2 with pistol grip shotguns in calf holsters. I had grenades and ammo specifically glassier safety slugs and Black talons along with suppressers in my coat and combat vest I also had throwing knifes hidden around my body. And my main weapon my TAR-21 with attached m203 grenade launcher on a three point friction sling and ready to rock. I was quite a site.

When I dropped off my horse at the livery stable. I was walking to the court house to get some bounty posters. because I decided that If I was going to kill the bad guys then I might as well make money doing it but while I was walking down main street people turned and became really quiet as I walked by I guess I stuck out but I didn't care. No weapons from this time period could penetrate my armor I hade more fire power then anyone here and could probably wipe this town off the map. so I walked in to the court house bold as brass and asked the clerk for the latest wanted posters

I went into the judges chambers and asked if he could give me all the wanted posters with pictures on them I didn't want the ones without pictures on them he was a little frightened at first but when he figured out that I didn't mean him any harm he gave me the wanted posters.

I thanked him and walked into the nearest saloon again every one got real quiet and some of them even left but I sat down and started going through the posters and saw that most the men in the saloon was on the posters.

So of course I got up tools out a flash bang and a vector and pulled the pen and closed my eyes. I didn't have to plug my ears because I had some fancy ear plugs that dampened any loud noises but at the same time let me hear with out taking them out. Any ways I through the flash bang in one corner took out another one and through it in another corner

I then started disarming everyone i was about half way through disarming them when the sheriff and some of his deputies came barging through I told them to help me disarm them and in a few moments we had everyone disarmed and bound asked for a receipt for them and he told me that if I could get them to the jail I told him ok and asked him to keep an eye on the prisoners

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