Adding to Our Fun

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My boyfriend has this thing about getting me another guy so he can share me sexually. I told him he was crazy but it finally happened. Now I'm crazy…for it.

Chapter 1

I met Warren at a business meeting when I was right out of college, just beginning my career. He was handsome, pretty sexy, really, smart and funny all rolled into one.

Warren also had a lot more experience that I did, especially in life and its main source of fun: sex.

He quickly got me into bed, something that I never did very spontaneously and he soon had me in all kinds of positions that I'd never even dreamed about. The number of sexual partners I'd had could easily be counted on one hand, Warren's, well, I think he needed a spreadsheet, starting with one of his aunts when he was thirteen.

He was always urging me to try new things and it just took me a while to ever try anything new. Then, he got a new digital camera and kept badgering me for some sexy pics so he could take them on his laptop when he travelled.

I let him take some of me in a few bikinis that I had, especially a thong job that looked spectacular on me and I never had the nerve to wear outside. Yes, see, that's how I am.

The thong suit covered very little but he kept wanting topless shots, so I finally agreed as long as they didn't show my face. The pics did look hot, I am attractive, well, beautiful, if you listen to Warren. Long blond hair, well past my shoulders, five-seven, long, tan legs, narrow waist, light blue eyes, yes, yes, my breasts, well, he loves them, they're very firm, C-cup, just, full and round with small, pink nipples that seem to be hard almost all the time.

So, I did look good topless and, of course, he started wanting bottomless pics after that.

The months went by and I slowly acceded to his wishes until I was finally posing open-legged, pulling my labia apart or with a dildo inside, you know the kind of picture. These photo sessions always resulted in a fantastic round of sex, so good that I began to look forward to the times he got the camera out and especially the times when he put the camera down and fucked me crazy.

That was when he started asking me if he could share them with other guys. I almost fainted. He was also bringing up other guys. I mean other guys to have sex with me. Usually we would be in the middle of sex or cuddled at the end when he'd ask if I ever thought about having him and another guy take care of me together.

The first time he ever mentioned it, the whole idea turned me off. But then, he kept telling me what was possible, the multiple penetrations, my mouth and my pussy at the same time. Or just to get fucked over and over and over, two guys taking turns, keeping me cock-filled and spurting cum into me for hours and hours. He kept telling me all this stuff and, well, it was hot, I couldn't help but be interested after a while. Could I?

He kept bringing it up, asking me if old flames, friends from college, co-workers, any guys I knew might be someone I'd like to get into bed. I really never came up with anyone and finally just told him to find someone on his own, someone I didn't know, someone who didn't live near us, that if he liked him, then that was good enough for me.

So, months later, Warren got home from a two-day business clinic and our first order of business when he got home was a good, spirited fuck. As we lay in each other's arms after, he said, "I think I found a guy for you at the conference."

"Oh, you mean what you've been talking about, a guy for me, like this, in bed?"

"Yeah, his name is Curtis Snow and he's twenty-five, pretty buff guy. Nice, you'll like him. He's single, unattached, really nice looking. We went out to dinner and a few drinks and, well, I showed him your pics on my laptop when we got back to my room."

"Oh, geez, I can imagine the ones you showed him."

"Well, I can tell you he's sure interested. I asked him if he wanted to come here some weekend and party with me and my girlfriend and then I showed him what you look like."

"He sure saw that, for sure."

"Well, you could back out any time you wanted, any time you felt uncomfortable."

"You really want this, don't you?"

"Look, if you're dead set against it, then I'll drop the whole thing."

"When we talk about it, I get excited, then, later and all, well, I wonder what I'm getting into."

"Well, I can have him come have dinner with us, maybe LeBistro, that's one you like and it's kind of romantic and dark. Have dinner, then see. You can back out whenever you want, hon."

"God, what would I do, I mean, if he seemed nice and all, then back here, what exactly am I supposed to do?"

"Well, maybe a little strip tease? You've done it for me, you're really hot when you strip for me."

"I just couldn't."

"Well, how would you want to do it?"

"Uh, well, I'd just have to try to start it alone. Oh, not alone, what I mean is this guy and me, take him back here to our bedroom, you stay in the living room for a bit, give me some time, five minutes, maybe ten. I could leave the door open, just let things get started, I guess, then you could come peek in and see. Join in."

"Yeah, that sounds reasonable."

"Well, maybe he won't want to go through with it, you know. I guess if he and I both want to take it further, then I could wave you in, have you join us."

"Sounds good, yeah."

"Well, if he backs out, or, well, if I do, um, I could give him a blowjob, you know, all the way, so he's not too disappointed. What do you think?"

"I think any guy would love a blowjob from you, hon, you're the best. You'd do it naked?"

"Oh, sure, give him a thrill, right?"

"So, you agree? Go out to dinner with Curtis, see how it goes?"

I agreed and Warren set it up for the next Saturday evening. I was nervous and excited, both. I had, of course, never done anything remotely like this before. I did trust Warren to pick a decent sort of guy but, well, I was supposed to be opening my legs to this guy, letting him enter me.

But, the whole idea was arousing. I mean, look, I'm human, I'm a woman who loves sex, it was hot.

Then, the day came and Warren had me choose an outfit that he thought was suitable for such an occasion. Well, I toned it down some, no stiletto heels, I only owned one pair which I only wore once, oh they were just too trashy. So, a nice ivory blouse and a short black leather skirt and black heels. And, yes, no underwear. Now I was really nervous. But very turned-on as well.

He wanted to get to the restaurant before Curtis arrived so we were seated and I was sipping my white wine as Warren whispered, "There he is. Well?"

Well. This young man was very handsome, dare I say even better-looking that my boyfriend? And a charming smile beaming at me as the maitre'd showed him to our table.

"Warren, and this must be Julie. I'm so pleased to meet you at last," he said as he sat next to me at the table.

Well, dinner was excellent as always and Curtis was turning out to be a very charming man. He was attentive and flirtatious in a nice, subtle way. Bless Warren, he did a good job, I was very attracted to my new potential lover.

Warren paid the bill and we all walked out to the parking lot. On the way, he leaned to me, "Well, what do you think? Did I do okay?"

"You did very well, my love, Curtis seems really nice and there looks to be a nice solid bod underneath what he's wearing. So far, so good."

Curtis followed us to our house where Warren poured us each another glass of wine.

"So, hon, why don't you show Curtis our bedroom, I'll just relax out here for a bit."

Chapter 2

I led Curtis back to our bedroom, then turned to find him right in front of me. He looked down at me, then wrapped his arms around me and kissed me with a kiss that went right to my panties, except I wasn't wearing any.

His hands slid down onto my ass and up under my skirt where he realized I was pantiless. Then his hands began rubbing my butt cheeks as he pulled me close.

"You're really beautiful, even more so than your pictures," he said, reminding me that he'd already seen me naked, even if it was on Warren's laptop.

"May I open this?" he asked as his hands reached up to my blouse. I nodded and he soon had it off and laying neatly over the back of a chair.

"So pretty, Julie, you are so pretty," as he bent down to fondle my breasts as his lips grasped a nipple and began to suck. Oh, he was nice. I reached down and rubbed my palm along the large bulge so eagerly awaiting our lovemaking. Yes, this was looking good.

He raised up and asked me if he could remove my skirt. You know what I said and I was soon just standing there in thigh-high stockings and heels.

"May I join you?" he asked. I nodded and he was out of his clothes in seconds. Oh, yes. I looked at him, handsome, solid, his cock large, more than Warren's, it hung down at an angle pointing toward my thighs which is just where I was wanting it, yes, this was turning out well, quite well.

And, he was shaved. He really was beautiful naked. I knew then that I was going to start shaving my boyfriend, it just looked so nice and clean and youthful. I bent down and kissed the head, licked off the shiny droplet that had accumulated there then opened my lips around the tip and began sucking as my hands rubbed up and down his smooth abdomen.

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