Murphy: Book 5 - Taking Wives
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, Incest, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Continuing story of Bob Murphy and his soon-to-be wives and son, as they roam all over TX. and OK. It seems they're always in the right spot to meet some sexy young girl. As they add to the passenger list on the big RV, fun, sex and adventure just comes natural for all of them. They already own Little Beaver Nature Resort in FL and will soon return there to make some really nice additions. Not only in facilities and attractions, but in sexy young women too. (NO underage sex in this story)

When we left the Mexican restaurant, we walked down to the River Walk shopping area until we came to a place where the girls wanted to 'buy some things'.

They pulled Gabriela with them, laughing the whole time, yet protesting that she had no money and that she already had plenty of clothes. I could've told her she'd never win that argument but I'd just let her find out for herself, when she had at least five or six shopping bags full of new clothes.

The breeze was cool and I sat on a bench outside and waited. Bobby had gone in a shop alone and soon came out with a small bag with a jewelry logo on it. I never said a word as he sat beside me.

"Murphy, I really miss Jennifer," he said, as if we had been talking about her.

"She's a really nice girl, it helps that she's beautiful too. I would wonder about you, if you didn't think of her."

"I called her twice yesterday and we talked for an hour each time, she misses me too. When do you think we'll head back that way?"

"I don't know for sure, maybe in a week to ten days. I want to swing up into Oklahoma to pick up something before we head back. If you feel like you need to go back early, we can get you and Maren on a flight back to Florida."

"No, I want to stay here with you, Mom and the others. I bought her something, do you think I should send it to her or wait and give it to her when we get there?"

"Ask your mom about those things. I'd tell you wrong, but she and Kelly can tell you which they would prefer."

"Thanks Murphy."

"You're welcome. Tell me what you think of Gabriela."

"I think she's a very hot, very sexy girl. It must have been hard on her to grow up in that neighborhood back in Houston. I sure am glad we happened along when we did."

"I agree and I'm glad she's with us now. What do you think will happen to her, say in the next five years?"

"She'll probably get married, as soon as some decent boy asks her, she'll end up with a house full of kids and tell herself she's happy."

"You may have just told her future. I kind of get the feeling though that your mom, Kelly and Maren will change her course just a bit, if she stays with us for a while."

"I hope they do Murphy, I'd like to see her go back to Florida with us. We could give her a job on the resort."

"I thought of that too, do you think she likes to go without clothes in public?"

"I heard her talking to Kelly and she was really interested in knowing all about the resort and how it felt to be naked all the time. She told Kelly that she would love to be able to do that and not be chased or raped."

"Kelly told her that we'd take her to a place here in Texas where she could be naked and see how it feels. She grinned at Kelly and asked if she would see you naked. She thinks you are 'IT', Murphy."

"I hardly think an eighteen year old girl would think a 34 year old man was 'IT', as you put it."

"Watch her Murphy, watch her stay close to Mom, asking all about you and her and Kelly."

"I'm sure your mom and Kelly will sit her down and explain that the three of us have something special and that she needs to concentrate on someone younger.

"I want you to be her friend Bobby, make sure she understands about Jennifer and make sure she has anything she wants, as long as she's with us."

"I will Murphy, but she wants you."

"Bobby, you're going to keep on and make me believe you. Here she comes. Just look at her, she's a totally different person. Look how happy she is."

"Yeah, look at all the shopping bags that are so full they have clothes hanging out the tops."

"I knew they'd buy her everything they could find that fit her. They love spoiling people like Gabriela, she deserves to be spoiled too."

"I agree Murphy, she deserves to be happy too," Bobby said.

I looked at him as he watched Gabriela walk toward us. He was really growing up and he was learning to observe women, rather than ogle them.

Gabby came right to where we were and sat between us, her hip touching mine as she put her bags on the floor.

"Gabriela, we want a fashion show when we get back to the hotel room," I told her, joking.

"Ms. Meghan told me the same thing, but they bought me so many new undies and sexy things, I could never wear just those in front of you and Bobby."

"We see our women in those things all the time, even less," I told her as she smiled.

"Gabby, leave your new clothes with Murphy. I want to buy you something, come with me," Bobby told her and grabbed her hand, winking at me.

"But Bobby, I have so many new things now. I have never had so many new clothes at one time in my life," she protested, but she allowed him to pull her up.

"Buy her some sexy bikinis Bobby, we're going to the beach tomorrow," I told him.

"Murphy, I have never worn a bikini and I have never been to a beach. Ms. Kelly told me we would be going to a naked beach too. I would be embarrassed to go there, I think," she said and giggled.

"Don't you like going without clothes?"

"I love to be naked Murphy, but I have only been naked alone in my own room with the doors locked and with Valeria when we were both growing up."

"It's the same thing Gabby, once you get used to it. We all love to be naked out on the beach, you should try it at least once. Talk to Kelly, Meghan and Maren, they'll help you if you're too shy, but really want to."

"Thanks Murphy, I will. I think I would like to try being naked outdoors with all of you. Do you wear clothes in your hotel rooms?"

"Hardly ever, unless we're getting dressed, maybe you should try it in our rooms first."

She grinned as the thought of this.

I watched as Bobby led her into Victoria's Secret. I knew he was about to get her some really sexy outfits.

Meghan, Maren and Kelly came out, laughing and carrying at least four big shopping bags each.

"Did you three buy them out?" I asked as they sat beside me.

"No, but we sure changed inventory for them, they'll have to re-stock now," Kelly laughed.

"Do we get a fashion show in the room?" I asked.

"We'd rather be naked. Kelly wants Gabriela to get used to being naked with us, she suggested she give us all a show. We bought her some of the cutest little bra and panty sets, you'll just love them," Meghan told me.

"I was teasing her about that earlier, she wants to be naked with us, I think. But she's a little shy too."

"She has a crush on you Murphy and don't you dare hurt that girls feeling either," Kelly told me.

"She sure does Murphy, we want you to treat her just like you do us too, she needs to get over being shy about her body. We were all in the dressing room and she was naked. That girl has a HOT body. We want her to be naked on the beach with us too," Meghan said.

"Meghan and I want her to go back to Florida with us, if she will," Kelly said.

"What about her sister?"

"We'll take her too, she lives on the military base, she's alone and raising two little boys. We can hire her on at the resort and she'll at least have a place and money. Her husband can come there too when he gets out," Meghan told me.

"So, you two have already adopted Gabriela and are thinking of adopting her sister, Valeria?"

"Either that, or kidnap them. Gabby told us that Valeria has a body like hers, even after two babies. She works out all the time and Gabby said she has huge titties too," Kelly grinned.

"OK that did it, I'm sold. Now, all we have to do is convince them both to go with us. How long will Valeria be in Waco?"

"A week to ten days, Gabby said. Kelly and I thought we could go up there and get her. Maybe meet her mother in law and ask her to go too, if she isn't committed, then we all could go to the beach and get naked," Meghan told me.

"You two have really been conniving. Have you talked to Gabby about any of this?"

"No, we want you to help us, she thinks you are 'IT'," Kelly said.

"Bobby said the exact same words, I don't see 'IT'."

"You will, we talked to her about maybe letting us trim her pussy hair, she was shocked at first. Why don't you ask her when we get to the room, I bet she'll be naked and spread for Maren to shave that little brown snatch before we know it," Kelly told me.

"OK, then what? How do we handle it after that?"

"We fuck her," Meghan said as she and Kelly stood up and walked into Victoria's Secret, leaving Maren and I.

"Maren?" I looked at her for some help.

"Murphy, you may as well say yes and go along with them, you will eventually anyway," she smiled at me and stood to follow them.

I stood and gathered all the shopping bags and walked into Victoria's Secret with them. Hell, I may as well join them, all this sounds good to me anyway.

I saw Bobby off to the side, near the swimsuit section. He was sitting in a chair near a dressing booth.

"How does Gabriela like trying on bikinis?" I asked as I sat down.

"Murphy, I think she really wants to get naked. Each time I take her another bikini, I try to find one smaller. I just handed her two thongs with the smallest tops ever made, I think. I don't see how they'll even cover her nipples, unless she just has a dot for a nipple," he grinned.

"Your Mom and Kelly already want her to go back with us, they want to get her used to being naked and want to go get Valeria too."

"Let's do it Murphy, if Valeria looks like Gabby, we'll have some of the most beautiful employees ever."

"Pssttt, Bobby?" Gabby whispered as she poked her head through the curtains.

"Yeah, need some more to try on?" he said as he went over to her.

"No, I can't wear these, my hair down there sticks out," I heard her whisper.

"You'll have to get it trimmed, Murphy and I like to see them shaved completely," he said as he looked over his shoulder and smiled at me.

Gabby leaned past him, her head still sticking through the curtains and looked at me. I saw her right breast pop through the split in the curtains and it was a beauty, just as Meghan had said. This girl was HOT.

"Murphy, come here, please?"

I walked over to stand near where she stood, her head and her right boob out of the curtains.

"Murphy, do you like a woman to be shaved down there?" she giggled as she spoke.

"I love to eat pussy Gabriela and I hate hair in my mouth, it's just a simple solution, have you ever had your pussy eaten?" I wanted to try and shock her, to see if she really wants to be a part of this group.

"No, but I know a girl who told me her boyfriend did hers and she loved it," she said.

"Do you think you'd like to see what it feels like?"

"I think I would, I feel good, just talking about it," she said.

"Maren, Kelly and Meghan all three have hairless pussies. When we get to the room, let Maren shave you, you can let it grow back if you decide you don't like it. I think you'll love it though, when we go to the beach and when we're naked in our room."

"I will do it Murphy, I don't have many hairs, but they are long and stick out the side," she laughed.

"Show us Gabriela," Bobby said.


"Yes, open the curtains and pull your thong to the side, Murphy and I want to see your pussy."

I didn't think she would, but she never hesitated. She reached down and pulled the thong completely off as Bobby held the curtains open.

Damn, what a body. She was right too, her pussy barely has any hair, but what is there, is long and sticking almost straight out. Her breasts are two, light brown cones that have the tiniest little dark chocolate nipples on them I've ever seen.

"You look good Gabby," I said.

"You sure do Gabby, you'll make a great Murphy family member. You need to really think about going back to Florida with us. We'll go get Valeria to go too, if you will," Bobby was just like his mom, he wants all the pretty girls to go with us.

Hell I do too.

"If Valeria will go, then I will go too. Will we both be naked all the time?"

"Yes, would you like that?" I asked.

"I would love that Murphy, thank all of you again for being so kind to me."

"You get dressed and go tell Maren you want her to shave your pussy, tell her right in front of Meghan and Kelly too," I said and she smiled.

"I will Murphy, I am excited now. I get to be naked with all of you and I will have a bald headed pussy too," she giggled.

When she closed the curtains to get dressed, Bobby took all the bikinis and thong sets and started to the cashier.

"You were a little hard on her, weren't you?" I asked as I walked with him.

"I could tell she really wanted to be naked and she wanted her pussy shaved too. I just gave her a little shove in the right direction. She sure does have a hot body. She reminds me of Jennifer, without the freckles."

"I thought the same thing, if she had auburn hair and freckles, they would look alike."

When we made our way over to the cashier, Gabriela came running over and grabbed my arm.

"Ms. Maren, Bobby bought me so many tiny bikinis and little bitty thongs to swim in the ocean, but my pussy needs shaving. Will you please shave me when we get back to the hotel? I want my pussy to be like all of you and have fun naked," she said proudly, as she squeezed my hand.

Maren hugged Gabriela, they were whispering back and forth and smiling.

"Gabriela, we're proud of you. We want you to be a part of our group and really think about going back to Florida with us. We want so much for you to be in our family," Meghan said as she grabbed her and hugged her.

"I told Bobby, that if Valeria will go back with you, I will go too. She and I love being naked when we are together, we just hate not being in the sun naked. This way we can be naked and have fun too," she was becoming excited about going without clothes.

Kelly and Maren both hugged her, they were talking about all the things they wanted to show and teach Gabby. Bobby took his debit card and paid for all their purchases, before they even knew it.

The young woman behind the desk looked at Gabriela, "You are one very lucky girl, to have a family like this, I can see they love you a lot."

"We just met and they have made me feel just like I am family. I love them all."

"You are family Gabriela, you go to Florida with us and you will be a Murphy," Meghan told her as we walked out the door and down the walk to the shuttle station.

There was a shuttle already loading and we decided it was too full for all of us and our shopping bags. Another one pulled into the lane behind it and we boarded it.

Gabriela was sitting next to Kelly and they were talking animatedly. Meghan and I sat in the seat behind them and we laughed at what Kelly was telling Gabriela.

"Do you like dressing sexy, so the men will look at you Gabby?" she asked her and turned to smile at Meghan.

"Yes, I like for the men to look, but in Houston, you could not dress that way, the men would talk so bad to you in the neighborhood where we lived."

"You didn't put your bra back on in the dressing room, did you?" Kelly asked and I leaned closer to hear the rest of this.

"No, do you see my little nipples?" she giggled and looked down at her breasts that were encased in her tight shirt.

"I see them, they sure are small. Meghan and I both have small nipples. Murphy and Bobby both love small nipples on big titties," Kelly said and I leaned closer.

Meghan and I both were almost between them as we leaned close from behind.

"I can see yours too Ms. Kelly, do you not wear bras?"

"Hardly ever, I've had breast implants and my titties support themselves. I love to feel them under my shirt with no bra on."

"I do too, I feel so naughty like this."

"Show me your titties Gabriela," Kelly said and smiled.

"Here? Now?"

"Yes, I want you to be naughty, I want you to get used to being naked, we all want to see you naked and happy. Look, I'll show you my titties and leave them uncovered all the way back to the hotel, if you will too," Kelly turned to look at Meghan and winked.

"Show those beautiful brown titties Gabriela, I have mine exposed," Meghan said as she raised her tee shirt and I wanted to grab her right there.

"OK, I want to be just like you and Ms. Meghan," Gabriela said as she took her shirt off and lay it in her lap. Her titties were almost as large as Kelly's and Meghan's. Damn that girl has some fine sweet chocolate on her chest.

We were the only ones on the shuttle, besides the young woman driving. She was trying to concentrate on the traffic, yet glancing in the rearview mirror to see what Gabby was doing next.

When we pulled into the hotel drive, we stopped right in front of the main door. Gabriela was still topless.

"Put your shirt on Gabriela, then when we get in the elevator, pull it off again." Kelly told her.

"Will there be security cameras in the elevator?"

"Yes, will that bother you?"

"No, I want to show them now, I want to be naked with all of you and have fun."

"Then you can walk down to our suites with your titties showing."

"Will all of you be naked in the rooms?"

"Yes, we want you to be naked with us too Gabriela, but we want it to be because YOU want to, not because WE want it."

"I want to be naked, I want to have a naked pussy and swim naked and have fun."

"What if Meghan and I are naked in bed with Murphy?" Kelly asked.

"Will Murphy be naked too?"

"Yes, what do you think about that?"

"I think I want to watch."

"Would you lay naked with us, after Maren shaves your pussy?"

"Oooooooohhh, YES, could I really?"

"You'll have to ask Murphy and Meghan in the elevator, in front of Bobby and Maren."

We were unloading and gathering up our shopping bags. The bellboys came running, but we told them we could carry them. They brought a small baggage cart and we stacked all the plastic bags on the cart and Bobby pushed it to the elevators.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Gabriela removed her tee shirt and looked at Meghan and I. Damn, her breasts are close to perfection. I could tell she worked out, she had abs like a weight lifter. Her nipples were tiny and pointed with small dark aureole no larger than a nickel.

"Ms. Meghan, Murphy, may I lay naked in bed with you and Ms. Kelly when Ms. Maren shaves my pussy?" she asked boldly with a big grin.

"You sure can Honey, anytime you want to be naked in bed with us, you just crawl your sexy ass right in there," Meghan told her and turned to me smiling. I was smiling too.

When we went into the suites, we dumped all our shopping bags on one bed and started taking off clothes. I looked at Gabriela, she was watching me, standing with only her socks and short skirt on. Her long black hair was down her back to her butt and she was smiling.

"Gabriela, are you just going to stare at Murphy, or are you going to join us?" Meghan asked her.

"I'm getting naked too, when can I have my pussy shaved like yours?" she asked.

"Get naked and come with me Gabriela, Maren told her, as she started to the bathroom.

"Maren, I think we'd all like to see Gabriela as she loses her pussy hair. Gabriela, may we watch while Maren shaves your pussy?" Kelly said, stopping the two.

Gabby was smiling as she turned to look around the room at all of us.

"I am excited, I want everyone to see my pussy become bald and smooth like all of you."

"I think we may have awakened a young exhibitionist here, she wants to show off her cute little Mexican pussy now," Kelly laughed as she led Gabriela over to the bed with no packages on it.

"You just lie back there, with your legs spread, Maren will be right back. We want to see your hot little pussy while she shaves it. Then we want you to feel free to be naked anytime you're with us, in our rooms, or in our travel bus, or when we go to the nature resort in Corpus Christi," Meghan told her.

Bobby watched over his Mom's shoulder for a while, then I saw him take my phone and walk over to the other suite. I knew he was going to call Jennifer. That boy has it bad, seeing Gabriela lying naked on the bed with her legs open, laughing and having fun, made him missed Jen even more.

By the time we all showered and were in bed, it was late. Meghan told Gabriela that she could lose her virginity tomorrow night if she wanted to. Gabriela was ecstatic as she danced naked around the room, then came to sit on my knees and hug me.

"Murphy, will you let my sister Valeria be there when we do that with my cherry?"

"If you want her to be there, sure. What will she say?"

"She will say, 'well it's about fucking time'," Gabby laughed.

"You call her early tomorrow morning, we'll go get her, that is if you're sure she'll go with us," I told her.

"She will go, she never gets to go anywhere, she has no vehicle. She and Luís and Rico took the bus to Waco to stay with Ms. Vicky.

"Murphy, can I call her now? I am missing her again."

"Will she be up? Do you have the number at Ms. Vicky's?

"She gave it to Bobby and he put it in the phone."

"Go see if Bobby's off the phone, if he is, you can call if you like."

Gabby leaped from my knees and ran naked to the other suite, she came right back with the phone and handed it to me.

"Is Bobby alright?" I asked.

"He is asleep, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Maren is getting him in bed and they will sleep with him she said."

"Here, this is the number, just press 'send' and maybe Valeria will be awake," I said as she put the phone to her ear.

"Hello Valeria, we were afraid you would be asleep. No I am fine, I just miss you and wanted to talk. Will you come go with us in Murphy's big travel bus and let's go to the naked beach together?"

"No, I am not either joking. Ms. Meghan and Murphy are sitting here now, we are all naked and Ms. Maren shaved my pussy for me."

"No I am not kidding Valeria, I told them how sexy and fucking hot you are and they want us to go to Florida and be with them."

"Will you stop telling me I am kidding, I am telling the truth, they own a naked resort and want us to work there, they will pay us and let us live there free too."

"OK here is Ms. Meghan, you just ask her and she will tell you. We want your hot Mexican ass packed tomorrow, we are coming to get you and the boys, you just ask her now," Gabriela said as she handed Meghan the phone.

Meghan and I were laughing at her conversation and could just imagine what her sister thought.

"Hello, Valeria? This is Meghan Murphy. I was listening to Gabriela talk to you."

"What? No she wasn't kidding, she is naked and we are too. We are naturists and we love being naked. We love it so much, we bought a big nature resort in Florida."

"Yes, we asked her to go and she wants to, but she wants you to go also."

"We will take her with us too, if she will go."

"Will you go Valeria?"

"Yes, you will have a very good paying job, you will be naked all the time and your expenses will be paid, yes Gabriela's and Ms. Vicky's also."

"Yes, there will be men there and yes they will be naked also. Yes, my husband will be naked."

"No you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, no one will ever bother you while you work for us."

"I know what you mean, it's hard for me to see Murphy's dick all the time without taking a recess and get me some of it."

"SAY WHAT? Girl we need to fix that problem for you, no woman needs to go three and a half years without some loving."

"Don't you worry about who, just say you'll go with us and I'll fix you up with something that will more than make up for three and a half years without some loving."

"Valeria, we love kids, now stop making up excuses and get your ass packed or we'll come pack your clothes and Luís and Rico's too and kidnap your sexy ass."

"Gabriela told us you have a sexy ass, was she lying?"

"I thought so, she said you have some huge tata's also."

"Yes I do, I have some 36C's and Kelly has a set of 38C's on her sexy body."

"You do huh? Well let me tell you now, you don't need to pack all your clothes, you won't need them, now here's your sister, you've made me horny. I may want some of your sexy ass too," Meghan was laughing and I could hear Valeria laughing too, as Gabriela took the phone.

"She's going Murphy, she said she got a letter from Stephen, he's divorcing her, seems he's met some soldier girl and they're already pregnant.

"She wants to get away from Texas," Meghan told me as she slid close to talk, as Gabriela continued to talk to her sister.

"She is home already, what was wrong?" We heard Gabriela say and listened.

"He did what? Tell her to pack her undies and one dress and some shorts, she doesn't need anything else, she can be naked too and show off her big titties like we do."

"I know, but Murphy and Ms. Meghan has already told me she can go and work there too, come on Valeria, make her go, we will all be so happy."

"You did? She is? Be ready tomorrow, we are coming to get you and then we are all going to a naked beach."

"I know, but I like saying naked beach better."

Gabriela closed the phone and handed it to me, she was smiling and she looked at Meghan and held her arms out.

Meghan never misses a chance to hug, she pulled the young Mexican girl to her and I watched as both their naked titties mashed together.


"Ms. Vicky said she will go too, her boy friend hit on her and broke her nose and made her eye black, she is out of the hospital and she wants to leave Texas with Valeria."

"He's not there now is he?" Meghan asked.

"No, Valeria said he was in jail."

"He better not touch any of them ever again or he will spend the rest of his life in that jail." Meghan said.

"Le'ts get some sleep, we have to get up early tomorrow if we're going to Waco and back to the beach in one day," I told them.

"Can we do that Murphy?" Meghan smiled, she was ready to get naked on the beach too.

"I just guessed in my head that its about five hundred miles, up to Waco and back to the Gulf."

"We'll have no problem with that, the way you and Kelly drive," she laughed as she kissed me.

"Gabriela, kiss Murphy good night and snuggle your little bald pussy up to his butt, he's going to hold my titties all night. You better get with your sister Valeria as soon as we get there tomorrow. You are going to get the Murphy Special tomorrow night, and Valeria's going to get it the next night."

"What is that Ms. Meghan?"

"Ten inches of Murphy Meat shoved up your tight little snatches."

"I am so ready Ms. Meghan, and Valeria is already smoking, I told her to lose the hair, Murphy likes bald pussies," Gabriela giggled.

"Did you really?"

"Yes, I know he does, all of you have bald pussies."

"Do you have your bald little pussy scooted up against my husband's butt, Gabriela?"


"Good, is it wet?"


"Good, keep it wet, you'll need all the WET you can get if you fuck Murphy."

"Ms. Meghan, can I reach over and put my hand on you too?"

"You sure can Hon, put your hand on my hip, if you really scoot close, you could even reach my belly."

I must have really been tired, I went to sleep with my dick almost in Meghan's pussy and Gabriela's sexy body pressed close to me from behind. This had been a long day, we'd left New Orleans early this morning.

I woke up and Meghan wasn't in bed, I slipped away from Gabriela's sexy belly and went looking.

She and Kelly were in the shower and I joined them.

"It's about time you got up, we were just about to start without you," Kelly laughed.

"Go ahead and start, I can come in when I see an opening," I told her.

"Meghan told me what all happened when Gabby called Valeria last night, I'm so happy they're all going with us. I can't wait to see those two little boys either," she said.

"I told Meghan, with us getting an early start this morning and driving all day, we'll be at the beach before dark today. You two need to find us a place where we can get naked," I told them as we washed and touched and held each other.

Damn, I love my two women.

"We'll do that while you're driving to Waco this morning. We'll have a destination and reservations for some wild naked fun in the sun," Kelly said.

"I didn't see Bobby and Maren, when I looked in the other suite."

"She led him to the other shower over an hour ago, I think she knows he's missing Jennifer and she wants to console him," Kelly told us.

"She mothers him worse than I do, but I love her for caring so much about him," Meghan said.

The shower door opened and Gabriela stood looking at us.

"Get your sexy brown ass in here Gabriela, we're all going to wash your hot body and your hair. Then we're going to get your sister, her boys and her mother in law. When we get to the beach, we're going to fuck your cute little bald, Mexican pussy," Kelly said as she pulled her into the shower with us.

She was in a whole new world today, she was laughing and touching Kelly's and Meghan's breasts and even managed to grab and squeeze my dick too.

"Gabby, tell us what you want Murphy to do to you on the beach," Kelly said.

"I want him to fuck me and fuck my sister too," she laughed.

"Kelly and I may want our pussies taken care of too Gabriela then what?" Meghan laughed.

"Valeria and I both like pussy, could I kiss yours today?" she said and I think Meghan was taken aback by that.

"I was only kidding Gabriela, you'll never have to do anything you don't want to do," she told her.

"But I already want to Ms. Meghan, I love you and Ms. Kelly and I want to make you feel as good as I feel now."

"You both like pussy, huh?" Kelly asked and she and Meghan were still laughing when we stepped out of the shower.

"We both love pussy, we sleep together when I am at her house, she needs to be fucked."

"Then we'll fuck her with Murphy's dick, after we fuck your hot little pussy,"

"My little brown pussy is already wet," she laughed and touched her slick, hairless pussy.

When we came out, Maren and Bobby were already dressed, he was ready to ride.

"Bobby, are you alright Hon?" Meghan asked as she hugged him.

"I'm alright now Mom, I was missing Jen yesterday really bad, I talked to her last night and this morning already and I'm better now. Maren made me feel real good in the shower too, that really helps. I heard you tell Gabriela we were going to Waco to get her sister and mother in law, I'm ready to ride now," he laughed as he patted his Mom on her butt and grabbed Kelly and hugged her naked breasts to his chest.

"Call down for us a bellboy Bobby, we'll have breakfast from the breakfast bar and we'll be on our way," I told him and tossed the keys to the bus to him.

"Start it up and let it be running with the air conditioner on, it's going to be hot today."

"I'll do it Murphy, I'll see you downstairs. Gabriela cover your titties and your sexy ass and come join me," he said as he left the room.

"Maren, Honey, I owe you," Meghan said as she hugged her.

"I owe you way more, you know I love him like a brother, well a little more than that."

We all laughed and dressed and piled our bags near the door. Gabriela was wearing a short skirt and a cropped off tee shirt that came just under her naked breasts, she was wearing a white thong too, because I saw her bend over.

Meghan and Kelly were wearing white tank tops made of some silky, slinky material that only made their huge breasts look even bigger and their nipples look like steel jacket military ammo about to pierce the thin white material. Their shorts were about the same material and looked more like underwear than shorts, they sure looked good though.

When the bellboy came, he loaded our bags on the cart and we told him to just leave them on the cart, we were eating before we left.

We ate a quick breakfast of fruit, Danish and juice. I looked up to see Bobby and Gabriela headed for the door, each with a handful of cinnamon rolls wrapped in napkins. They were giggling as he opened the door for her. When we went out with the luggage cart, he had the bus parked right there, idling.

I looked at the digital clock on the dash as we pulled out into traffic on I-35 north and it was only 8:10. We were all excited about this day and I think it showed too as we raced north, passing everything but those crazy people that were passing us.

"Hundred and seventy miles Murphy, that won't take but maybe two and a half hours will it?" Bobby asked as he sat next to Gabriela.

"If the traffic holds, we'll be there in about that time," I said as I looked back at them. Gabby was as happy as she's been since we picked her up on the side of the road yesterday. I saw Bobby smile as he picked up his laptop and open it.

"Here's a picture of all of us at the resort Gabriela, you can see, we're all naked there."

"I bet she is your girlfriend, isn't she?" she pointed as I glanced back.

"How did you know?"

"Because she is beautiful and she's looking at you and not the camera," I heard her say and they kept talking as I made myself keep my eyes on the road.

"Murphy, look at this," Meghan said as she sat in the buddy seat next to me. I looked down quickly and saw both her huge breasts where her shirt was scooped out and open.

"I like those, I'd love to have a nipple in my mouth and a margarita in my hand as we lay naked on the beach," I told her.

"I was talking about looking at my laptop, but I like your idea better, will you hold my margarita while I put your dick in my pussy?" she was always ready, no matter when or where.


"What have you found, is it as good as our place?"

"Of course not, but its close, we can get a condo and stay on the beach too, want me to get it?"

"Do it Baby, and fix me another margarita, it has to be five O'clock somewhere."

"I'm going to call Alan Jackson's managers and get that set up, I'll fix your hot sexy ass."

"Fix my ass Meghan, it needs fixing bad," I laughed as she entered the numbers on her phone.

I looked back to see a Texas State Trooper coming up hard behind me and my heart did a flip. I never touched the cruise and he went on right by. There was a charter bus load of kids right on his tail and I kicked the old girl in the butt and caught them, hell I could have passed them, the way she was humming as I let off and set the cruise on 92.

I looked back and saw another charter bus behind me, I turned the CB on and flipped over to channel 13. I heard them talking, 'That old boy from Tennessee is eatin' at your butt up there and he's dragging that little Subaru too.'

I cut in on them, "I can pull out and let you up here, charter, I was just hitching a ride with the Trooper," I told him.

"You're alright where you are, boy that thing will run won't it, you must've had it turned up."

"No, bought it this way, used."

"They don't make them like that anymore, if you ever get a new one, take it to the diesel shop and have it turned up, then it'll run like she does."

"Thanks, I'll do that." I told him. I sure didn't want to talk about the two new ones we have ordered. Meghan and I were pulling a good one on the rest of the crew.

"Where y'all headed?" he asked.

"Up to Waco, then back to the Gulf to get some sun."

"Damn, wish I was too. My girlfriend and I stayed at a place there outside Corpus, that had a nude beach, damn we didn't even have any dirty clothes to wash when we got back," he laughed

"Sounds like the place we're looking for," I said and he laughed, I left it at that.

At 10:15, we were hitting the southern outskirts of Waco, we were still five miles from the city limits.

"We're coming into Waco, does anyone know where we're going?" I called back to the others.

Meghan and Gabriela came up and sat down, Meghan was in the buddy seat, Gabriela was on the floor beside her.

I saw Meghan scan the number and hit redial.

"Valeria, good morning you sexy ass Mexican, we're coming into the outskirts of Waco, what do we look for?

"We cross the Brazos, then look for exit 337B, gotcha, then what?

"Oh, OK, it will take us around to New Dallas Highway north. OK, exit on North Loop Drive, then next right on Witt Avenue. Got that.

"OK, you're on the 2000 block of Witt on the right side at the corner of Witt and Park? Got it, we'll be there soon, the way Murphy's driving.

"Have you ever driven a bus Valeria? You have? One of the big school buses and you have a class B CDL? Get your sexy ass ready to do some driving then. We'll call you if we get lost, are you packed? Good see you shortly, Bye."

"OK, I got the directions and it seems easy, she said they packed last night and they're ready to go.

What was the exit we're looking for?"

"337B, she said follow it around and it will take us under I-35 to New Dallas Highway, then take the next ramp to North Loop Drive and then the next right is their street, Witt Avenue."

"Got it, help me look for signs, we can't afford to miss a turn, we'll be all day trying to get back here."

"I got your back, Baby," she laughed.

"I got your front too Baby."

"I just love you two, I'm so happy right now," Gabriela said and lay her head on Meghan's knees.

"We love you too Gabriela, you have nothing to ever be afraid of as long as you're with us," Meghan told her.

"Murphy, they're hollering at you," Gabby said and pointed to the CB.

"See ya' Tennessee, we got to get off here," the charter bus driver said.

"We're coming up on our exit too, 337B, take care of those kids."

"You bet, don't burn the meat," he laughed and they were gone down the ramp to the right as I saw our exit ahead.

Meghan was right, we were already on New Dallas Highway and I saw the sign for North Loop Drive. As soon as I came off the ramp, I saw the sign for Witt Avenue and made my way to the right lane.

"She was it was the 4th block and on the right at the intersection of Park. I see block 2000 sign up there. There it is Murphy, DAMN, Gabriela, is that Valeria?"


"FUCK, She's beautiful, look at that ass and those tits Murphy," Meghan said and laughed as I pulled to the curb right where she was standing, waving her arms.

Gabriela was off the bus so fast she knocked her sister down and they rolled and laughed and cried on the grass, as we stooped to pick them up.

"Valeria, this is Ms. Meghan and Murphy," Gabriela said as Meghan grabbed Valeria like they were old friends.

"God, I just love your sexy ass Valeria, you look just like Gabriela and you have two babies. Where are those little boys? Damn girl, you got tits like mine and I bought mine," Meghan was as happy as Gabby was about being here.

Bobby, Kelly and Maren came out and we all hugged Valeria. She squeezed her huge breasts to my chest when we hugged.

"Murphy, I owe you for taking care of my little sister. Now you've come to get us and offer us a job all the way over in Florida, we will never be able to repay you," she was crying.

"Yes you will Valeria, Murphy loves Mexican pussy, Ms. Meghan said he did," Gabby said and that brought an end to the tears as we all laughed and made our way to the door.

Valeria was just as hot as Gabriela had said she was. She was wearing a pair of faded blue shorts that looked like a second skin on her butt. She was either wearing a thong or nothing under them, there sure wasn't any panty lines on that sexy butt. She had on a crop top that was too tight and her big breasts were about to push the bottom of it back over her head. I could see the bottoms of those brown puppies when she turned sideways. She has the prettiest white teeth I've ever seen, this girl is a fucking wet dream.

When the door opened we were met with two little boys screaming 'Gabby', 'Gabby', as they ran to meet their aunt. I was standing on the ground and Valeria was on the top step when she turned to watch her boys. I was looking straight at the finest camel toe I'd ever seen in my life. I looked up to see her smiling down at me. I turned away and damn if Meghan and Kelly weren't looking at her pussy too, then at me, smiling.

"Valeria, you sure do have a very pretty pussy, we can't wait to see it naked," Meghan told her.

"Thank you Ms. Meghan, I shaved it last night just like Gabriela told me to, I love it like this and I love the way it feels with no panties on too."

I knew it. I had to walk away, I was getting a hard on.

"Murphy you get back here, Valeria won't get mad if you look at her pussy and get an erection. We need to get their things loaded and head to the beach," Meghan said and I had to laugh, when the rest did.

I looked and Bobby was standing there, looking at Valeria's camel toe, just like I was. He looked at me and smiled.

"Murphy, meet my mother in law Victoria Shuman. Vicky, this is Murphy and his son Bobby," Valeria said as we looked up to see another knock out, good looking woman come out the door. She was wearing a tank top and I know there was no bra under there either. She had on a skirt that's about four inches above her knees and was showing some of the longest, golden brown legs I've ever seen.

She bent down from the porch to shake my hand and I looked right up between her huge breasts. Damn, they sure grow 'em big in Texas.

"Hi Victoria, nice to meet you. I hope you like Florida, because Florida is going to love you," I said as she laughed. Her skirt flipped up in the breeze and damned if she didn't have a bald pussy too. Nice, very nice.

I saw Bobby looking her over and stepped back to let him come up closer. She stepped down the three steps and grabbed him in a hug with her huge breasts about to surround him. Bobby reached around her slender body and pulled her close.

I could see the makeup on her face, covering her bruises and I knew she must be in pain, even now.

"Victoria, if you and Maren will corral the boys and get them in the bus, we'll get all yours and Valeria's belongings stowed under the bus and get on the road."

They didn't have much, they had three boxes each taped up with gray tape and two bags packed each. I didn't know what they owned or what they were leaving behind, but it didn't matter, they wouldn't need a lot when we get to Florida.

We had them loaded and ready to head out when I heard a short scream from the other side of the bus. Bobby looked at me and we slammed the storage doors and ran around to see what had happened.

I saw a man standing on the steps, looking inside the bus. He was cussing and making threats to Victoria. Bobby tapped me on the shoulder and I looked around, he had picked up a little league baseball bat that was lying in the yard.

"Hey, you," I said loudly from behind him.

"What the fuck do you want, I'm here to drag my fucking whore off this God Damned bus and you better back off now or I'll kick your fucking ass along with hers and that fucking Mexican whore of a daughter in law of hers," he was close to screaming by the time he stopped.

"Just get off the bus and we'll leave you with all this, we don't want any trouble," I said.

He raised his leg as if to kick at me and Bobby swung the bat. He hit the man on the side of his knee and he rolled from the bus screaming.

Bobby stepped by him into the bus and I did too. I swung wide and went around him as we made the corner, with him running down the street behind us waving his arms. I made the next right and hit East Waco Drive.

"Murphy, go straight and take the next right onto I-35 Frontage Road, you'll see the on ramp to I-35 South." Valeria said as she sat in the buddy seat beside me. I looked down at her, I could see her small nipples about to punch holes in her top.

I glanced back to see Victoria hugging Bobby as they sat on the couch. That boy is going to get fucked, I just know he is.

By the time we hit the on ramp, I was winding her up good and shifted the automatic transmission into sixth gear. We were merging with the traffic and headed south.

Three hours later, were through San Antonio, on I-37 South, headed to Corpus Christi. Just outside San Antonio, I saw a sign for Corpus Christi, it was 150 miles.

I kicked her in the butt again and set the cruise on 80. I looked at the fuel gauge and we had less than a half tank. I decided to stop on the way down and fill up, we'd still get to the beach in time to play some before the sun goes down, we can rub oil on some naked butts tomorrow morning.

The traffic was light and the trucks were fast. I kicked her on up and caught three of them as soon as they passed us.

We were running 85 now and I knew we'd get there in time to see the sunset. I stopped at exit 69 and filled up with diesel as everyone stretched their legs and looked the store over.

"Seventy miles to go, just over an hour and we'll be there," I said as I walked up the steps.

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