A Very Handy Handyman

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, White Couple, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My husband has wanted me to have a little fun with other men. I never did until we needed some repairs around the condo. Lots of things got done, including me, quite a few times, I might add.

Chapter 1

I married Stan for several reasons; he was dependable, he had a job with a good future, he loved me, he was honest, he knew how to make me have great orgasms, well, that's pretty good, right? And, of course, I loved him dearly.

He's wonderful but one thing I now know is that he's no handyman. He kids that he doesn't know which end of the screwdriver to hold. He may be right.

So, when we bought our condo, there were some things that needed repair and replacement, no real big things, the inspection caught those. No, it was more a bunch of little things that you find out about after you've lived in a place for a month or two, loose shelves, sticking drawers, dents in the wall, a tile that comes loose in the shower, things like that.

Now, I've told you that Stan keeps me well-fucked and that's wonderful, more the better. But, he's totally inept around the house, or condo, in our case.

So, I asked around the office where I worked and one of the girls I work with, Denise, gave me the name and number of a guy she had used and was pleased with enough that she and her husband have used him a number of times. She told me I would be very pleased with his work and that she was very happy with what he had done for her.

I called him and made an appointment for him to come over and look at the things we wanted done so he could give us an estimate. He was right on time and Stan and I showed him all the little projects and he gave us an estimate right there on the spot. It seemed reasonable to us so we asked him when he could start and it turned out that he could start the coming Tuesday. I figured I would work from home while he did the work to just make sure everything went as expected.

Now, right after he left, my husband said, "Well, hon, I think you caught his interest."

"What? You don't mean, like, sexually or something."

"Yes, sexually or something. He was checking you out the whole time."

"There was once when, well, he did seem to be looking down my top, but..."

"Hon, he was drooling and you hardly noticed."

Let me stop for a moment and explain a few things. First, I'm not a Playboy Bunny, I'm fifty-three. Having said that, I do look pretty decent for a woman my age, I've gained only a few pounds since I was in college, even my boobs have held up pretty well. Not every woman my age can get away with wearing a blouse braless but I can and they don't really sag particularly at all. Second, I've been married for over thirty years. And, well, I've never strayed from my husband ever.

There was once, well, I was about twenty-eight, a fellow that worked to the same company, he wasn't shy about what he wanted, we even did a little necking in a back room after everyone had left. Had my blouse and bra off and I just made him stop. That was not easy.

Well, this handyman wasn't the first guy who had shown an interest but, truthfully, it did feel pretty good.

"So, are you jealous that he's checking out your little wifey?"

"Here, feel," and he took my hand and led it to the bulge in the front of his pants.

"What got you so excited?"

"Seeing a guy that so obviously wanted you."

"And that makes you hard?"

"Oh, yeah. I know it sounds strange but I think you should go braless the day he's here. He'd love a look at those great boobs of yours. Bet he'd love to suck those hard nipples," he said as he reached out and lightly pinched my nipples which were hardening with the talk of teasing the handyman.

Walt, the handyman, appeared to be in his mid-forties and was in pretty nice shape. He was nice looking and clean-shaven and Denise had told me that he was divorced and also a bit of a flirt. Ah, well.

The next day, I mentioned to Denise that we had hired him and thanked her for the recommendation.

The night before he came to start the repair work, Stan, after supper, almost dragged me into our bedroom and began taking my clothes off.

"What has gotten into you?" I asked as we stood there naked, my husband's cock hard and stiff like a teenager's.

I took hold of it, "Look at you, what a hard-on."

"Well, you've just got to give this guy, Walt, a show tomorrow. Braless, that low-cut peasant blouse, short skirt, no panties. Give him something to live for, hon, you are such a hot woman and you know he wants what you've got. He'd love to do this," and he bends down to begin sucking my nipple as he fondles my other breast.

We were soon in bed, Stan up over me fucking me like he hadn't done in quite a while, this was no love-making, he was fucking me. Now, that's not a complaint, I'm a woman who loves both. And right then, it felt right, oh, so right.

After our sex, we lay there in each other's arms as he asked me, "So will you dress like that tomorrow? See what the thought does for me?" and he leads my hand down to his re-hardened cock.

"What is this all about, Stan, you want me to start something with this guy?"

"Well, hon, just go around without panties or a bra and see what happens. You're a sexy woman, you know he was looking you over."

"And, what if things go a little further? What about that?"

"Just promise me you'll have fun, that's all."

"So, whatever might happen is okay with you?"

"As long as you tell me all about it."

"You're crazy, Stan, but I've got a use for this," I said as I gripped his hard cock and moved up over him and gave him a fucking. Yes, I was turned-on, my pussy wanted action even though I'd had a quite nice screw just a while earlier.

The next morning, Stan watched as I got dressed. No panties, no bra, peasant blouse that tended to dip open whenever I bent forward even the slightest. And a skirt that just came below my pussy and butt cheeks. I may be over fifty but I was looking pretty good.

"God, if I had the time, I'd fuck you myself but I'll leave you to your handyman. Have fun," and he kissed me and left for work.

I went to the kitchen for a final cup of coffee and sat there wondering what the day might bring, my pussy, all tingly.

Denise had told me the guy was a flirt, well, lots of guys flirt, maybe that's all he ever did. Then, maybe Stan was right, this Walt guy really wanted to fuck me. Well, I was probably just becoming a teenager when he was born. Surely he's got younger women to have fun with.

I stood up, rinsed my cup and walked back into the bedroom and stood before the full-length mirror.

Well, for fifty-three, not bad. Nice tits, you can even see my nipples a bit through the fabric and, turning around and bending over, let's see, mmm, well, that leaves nothing to his imagination, mmm, pussy lips and all.

I had freshly shaved knowing that things may go farther than I first thought, after all, looking at myself, and feeling the wetness inside me begin to build, well, I wanted to look my best and be at my sexually most appealing. Then, the doorbell rang.

He came in, gave me a brief hug, took his toolbox and painter's tarp and went to the kitchen where there were several small projects. I went into a spare room we use as an office and began some office work and about an hour later went back out to the kitchen to see if he would like some coffee or something else to drink.

He told me water was fine and showed me two things he'd already done. We sat at the table and it's obvious that he's very interested in the amount of cleavage I'm giving him and when his glass was about empty, I got up to fill it and, at the sink, I pulled down the front of my blouse some more and went back to the table.

There's no question where his prime focus was and I could see the effect it was having on the front of his workpants. When we were finished, I made sure to brush my breasts along his arm as he was getting up and to lean forward offering him an enhanced view for him to think about as he went back to work.

As it neared noon, I went back out and asked him if he'd like a sandwich and I went to make them as he came in to sit at the table. As I was working on our lunch, I pulled my blouse down even further, just keeping my nipples covered, yes, I was turned-on, yes, I was pushing the envelope.

We were just chit-chatting when he moved the subject.

"I must say, Lisa, I'm really enjoying the view, I do appreciate it," he said as he smiled across the table.

"Well, thanks, Walt, that's a nice thing to say," and I leaned forward giving him a better view as I looked directly into his eyes making sure he knew that it was all intentional.

He looked right at me as his hand came across the table and slid into the top of my blouse, right under my breast, as he moved his chair over to me, then pulled my blouse down off my shoulders.

Chapter 2

"Very pretty, Lisa," and he bent over to take one of my hard nipples into his mouth and began to suck. I petted his face as he sucked me. By now, I was so turned-on, so horny, so aroused, that I dropped my hand to his lap and began rubbing it on his very hard bulge.

I pulled my breast away, got down and unzipped his fly, wrestled his hard cock out, sucked it for a minute, then, got up over him in his chair, facing him as I crammed his cock into me and began scissoring up and down as his strong hands helped me raise me up and down.

"Oh, Lisa, you are one hot woman. And tight, really tight. I've been wanting this since I walked into your condo last week."

"I saw you looking at me, you naughty man. Here I am, happily married, and you come along looking me over, making me get hot, getting me juicy."

"Oh, you are juicy, all right. I just went right up inside you, right where I've been wanting."

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