Self Discovery... An Erotic Story

by Woman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, True Story, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes the newest experience is the most forbidden... a story about a woman's experiences and her own sexual identity while at university

They say that university is the place you go to discover who you are. To experiment with life to see what you like, what you don't, your tastes, your desires, what you have a flair for or just an inclination for. Well, let me tell you. Experimenting? I thought I'd been there, tried that; got the proverbial t-shirt. I did the drug thing and discovered it just wasn't my thing. I even did the fun stuff in the bedroom. The bondage. The costumes. The rough. The wild. The teasing. The kinky and the so called naughty. The toys and the boys. But it was always men. Mmmm ... men. Morning wood. Stubble. Hands. Power. Mmmm ... men.

My personality back then had always been one of pushing the limits, testing the waters so to speak. Even at a young age; for I am older now and when I look back on all the fun and shiny events of my youth; maybe I am just glorifying my memories and all, making them seem more one sided. Ahhh ... what can I say. I was young and I was stupid and I experimented a lot. But I had to actually know from experience before I could actually say, "I don't like such and such" or "I really love it when this happens". But then again, that is how I discovered I enjoyed anal play, Tequila. Hard and rough sex. Knitting. Needle point. Travelling. Nipple clamps. Baking ... You know what I mean. But I did discover that I am a really good cook. And one of the fastest ways to a man's cock, is through his sense of taste and smell.

So it was a few years ago (ok; who the fuck am I kidding? Many, many years ago... ) and I was dating this one yahoo of a guy ... And to be honest I'd not call it really dating but more my boy toy play time. Let's just call all the men in my life during my university days "John Doe". Keep their identities a secret, and fitting. I just wanted sex with no string attached.

Let me tell you about the John Doe's of my uni days.

The John Doe's of my youth were ... ahhh ... bores to be honest (and thank goodness as I aged, my tastes in men got better I'll have you know. They became more interesting, more adventurous, more wanting to please me not just themselves). And yes. At that point in my life, it was all about sexual discovery. I wanted sex. I wanted to discover the fun of sex. I wanted to fight then have make-up sex. I wanted to be tied up and be used. I wanted to get on my knees and have his hands in my hair pulling me harder onto his cock. I wanted him to come upon me in the kitchen, just growl in my ear and tear my pants from me push me over the table and take me. AND this was just some of what I wanted him to do to me. And then? And then what I wanted to do to the man occupying my bed was a whole different story. But very rarely did I had a John Doe occupy my bed who gave me what I wanted.

STOP!!! Ok. I need to stop that train of thought before I lack the will power to share this tale with you, I am quite ... er ... well ... wet at the moment thinking back to this point in my life and wanting to take matters into my own hands with that new vibrator I bought last night ... But no!!! This story shall be told first. Then I will take matters into my own hands while I make that new man in my life watch.

Back then, what I did not want was a relationship. And I always made sure I made that perfectly clear. I've grown up some since then, and am in a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. In and out of the bedroom mind you.

Now this is not a straight story, and it is not even a proper lesbian story. It is more a story of a woman looking back and trying to explain how I once made choices wanting to know more of who I was. A self discovery story? A tempt of fate maybe? Who really knows. I just like talking about me; like any woman does. It is just another chapter from my life like every other time I've put pen to paper to put my memories on paper. Only this time, it is not a tale of travelling like most of my other journals, this is one of lust and temptation. Of experimenting.

But the biggest difference is, I don't want my potential children or family to ever see these chapters.

So enough with the back story clap trap, or do you need some more explaining? Perhaps not. You are smarter than you know and can probably put yourself in my canoes of shoes anyways. For after all; everyone at some point in their lives has a tale that they must share. Mine just happens to be of a sexual nature!!!

So it all took place during my second year of university, and I was sitting in on an intro to aerodynamics' class with a Professor Quinn. She looked to be about middle ageish and your typical physics looking teacher. Mousey hair piled in a bun on her head, thick glasses that made her eyes look buggy when she looked at you, and she always wore business suits- the skirt kind mind you. Some flowing, some tight and every single time we did wind tunnel experiments in the lab- a lab coat.

I remember I didn't think much of her the first time I sat down in her class. She looked boring and while she was talking to her TA, she just sounded dead. She was one of those teachers you just knew her class was going to be harder than ever just to stay awake.

Taking a seat at the back of the hall, Professor Quinn took her place at the front of the class behind the wooden podium thingie and cleared her throat.

"Many new faces in the Aviation Program I see. If you don't know my name by now, you are going to fail this course as you have yet the ability to read. I am not your friend and I don't like students." Not once had she looked up at the shocked faces of the hall. "It is my job to fail you and it is your job to not fail." Like clock work her TA's started passing out the course syllabus. A thick package.

"Read this. Know this. Do it. Let's get started."

Turning and reaching for the bottom of the chalkboard to pull it up to display the board beneath it was the first time I caught a view of her ass.

And what an ass it was. It was the kind of buttocks that haunts you.

It was perfect. Her poly blend knee high tight skirt hugged the shape of her ass just

perfectly. It was the most amazing ass I had ever seen. The way the material formed to her thighs as she stepped from one side of the board to the other. When she reached up during the lecture to write on the board, the material stretching over her perfect heart shaped bottom ... I just couldn't close my mouth. I was starring at a thing of beauty.

And this was the first time I had ever looked at a woman with these kinds of thoughts. I mean the kind of thoughts that make your mouth fall to the floor, your tongue hangs out like a drool hound, and just that thought of spanking that delectable ass, watching the flesh redden beneath my fingers then kissing it. Bending her over and then letting my teeth sink in. Oh god have mercy.

My first lesson with Professor Quinn ended, and I lusted after her for the rest of term. For the next ... oh I don't know how many months, in every lesson I had with Professor Quinn, all I could think of was what colour knickers was she wearing under those skirts? She invaded my thoughts, she took over my dreams and no matter how many times I had climaxed with the boy toy flavour of the day/week/month ... I would just cum again so hard- where my body felt like it had just exploded and then come back together ... When by chance my thoughts went to Professor Quinn, if it is possible; I got hornier than I was the moment before.

I had no idea what it was about this teacher. She wasn't anything to look at really. Her personality was dry and icy cold. And anyone else who I asked said she just had a nice ass not a perfect one. Yet in my mind, I just couldn't stop thinking about her. And I remember the day when my imagination went from just simple fantasy to a desire to master her.

It was a month or so into the second term, and all the students who had passed her Intro class were in the lab that day and I was running late. I had to literally sprint down the hall and made it to the door just as she was closing it. And it was the first time ever that I could recall by that point, that she looked directly at me or had even spoken to me in real life. 'Cause in my fantasies? She had spoken to me often of all the things I so really wanted to hear her to say.

After rebuking me for being late, her face softened and she gave me a glimpse of a smile that at first, I had thought I just imagined. And maybe even to this day it might have just been imaginary.

Stumbling over to my wind tunnel on a cloud of euphoria, I had calibrated the computer for the variables from the text book then I sat down after putting on my lab coat and waited for the machine to warm up.

It was surprising this Thursday afternoon. Rather than sitting down and just working on her lap top and ignoring the class while her TA's circled us like hawks, their prying fingers sliding over a girls hands or over our backs as they moved past us or brushing 'innocently' against us pressing their cocks- well into my ass as I was taller than most of them but into the small of the girls backs. Professor Quinn circulated around the room.

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