Brenda's Photographs
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Fiction, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Enema, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brenda lets her boyfriend take pornographic photos of her. And a neighbour finds out and gets hold of them. The neighbour actually lives across the road, but hides that from Brenda. Instead he sets up a strange erotic relationship over the internet, gradually taking charge of Brenda's life.

Gordon spent a lot of his time thinking about the woman who lived in the house opposite. A single woman in her early twenties, she had a boyfriend who visited a couple of times a week. From his front bedroom window he could see her house, and if ever she left her curtains open, he could see into her bedroom. On a couple of occasions he had seen brief glimpses of her moving inside the room in just her panties, and treasured the memories. But mostly she drew the curtains before undressing and only opened them when she was dressed and ready to go downstairs.

He loved watching on the nights her boyfriend was there. He saw the guy arrive, parking in the street outside, saw him waiting at the front door to be let in. Soon after, she would close the curtains in the bedroom and turn the lights on. Sometimes he saw shadows move across the curtains and knew he was watching her with him. What interested him most was that, often, he saw the flashes of, presumably, the boyfriend's camera, and realized he must be taking pics of her, but Gordon didn't know what sort of pics he was taking. As he watched her more and more he realized it was almost a ritual, the boyfriend would arrive and within minutes he would be taking photographs of her. Sometimes the flashes became regular, and he realized they must have set the camera up on a tripod, with fixed intervals between pics, and he assumed that they would be having sex during those times!

Gordon had quickly rearranged his house so he now virtually lived in the bedroom opposite hers, and kept the window open even when it was cold, so he was able to watch and dream, and occasionally he thought he could even hear them when they had sex. Gordon loved listening for those sounds! He fantasized about the photographs, hoping that they were intensely pornographic, but he had no evidence to support that delicious idea. He set about learning all he could about her.

He found out where she worked, in a hospital. To do this, first he followed her from her home in the morning several times, the first time just watching her walk to the train station, but later he had followed her onto the platform and bought a ticket and sat at the back of the carriage until she got off, then followed her to the hospital. She didn't wear a nurse's uniform so presumably she did some administrative job there.

He found out her name by opening her letterbox one dark evening while she was still at work, and looking through her mail. Brenda Powers! 'Ms', and sometimes 'Miss', Brenda Powers! He was tempted to steal a letter and steam it open and read it, but knew it would probably be something unexciting and the danger was just too great.

He bought a small telescope and a tripod, and set it up at the back of his bedroom, so he could watch her bedroom window when she was in there, hoping to see her through a gap in poorly-closed curtains. He watched her as she walked from her home to go to work, and again as she walked down the street in the afternoon on her way back from the station. He knew the time of her train she normally arrived on, and if she was on time he watched her from the moment she came into view, so he had ample time to study her.

Brenda was tall, with shoulder length dark brown hair, a lovely smile, and a nice bum. But she seemed to have only small breasts. A few times as he tracked her through the telescope he caught the shape of a nipple through her top, and assumed that she wasn't wearing a bra. That thought really excited him. But there was no curves indicated significant breasts.

Up until seeing Brenda's flatness, Gordon had, like most men, fantasized about women with big breasts, but after seeing Brenda with her boyfriend he now couldn't stop wondering what she would look like, doggie fashion, with those delicious little tits hanging down. He yearned to see her topless, to see how small they really were.

Then one afternoon he watched her walk toward her front door, only this time she paused there, fumbling through her handbag, obviously looking for her front door key and unable to find it. Unfazed, she walked down the side of the house, and Gordon was able to see her bend down and lift a plant pot by the fence near the side door. Obviously there was a key hidden there, which she picked up and used to open the side door and go into the house. A few minutes later, she came back out, and put the key back under the pot.

Next day after Brenda had set off for work, Gordon sat in his window stroking his cock and looking down at that pot, and wondering if he dared go across the road, get the key, and go inside her house! When he was sure she wasn't going to come back for something, he zipped up his pants, went downstairs, and went out into his front garden. Looking around, he couldn't see anyone watching, so he walked along the road a bit, then crossed the road, and walked back along Brenda's side of the street until he got to her house.

Trying to look casual but feeling ready to be sick, he walked into her front garden. He was glad it was the side door that he would be going in through, it was well protected bya tall bush in her front garden. Also he thought if Brenda did return, he would be able to get back out through the side door and run back to his house while she was still entering through the front. No, he thought, I must first run along the street, so if she does see me she won't know where I live.

Shivering with excitement, and feeling terribly exposed, he moved the pot, picked up the key, and quickly inserted it in the door. He half hoped that an alarm would start ringing, so he would have an excuse for scuttling back to his sheltered life alone in his house. But no, everything was silent, the door swung open easily, and he found himself looking into Brenda's kitchen. He stepped inside and pulled the door partly closed behind him! He half expected a huge dog to leap at him, but no. Total silence, except for the pounding of blood in his ears.

He stood for several minutes trying to relax, looking around at Brenda's kitchen. He imagined her slaving at the sink, and in his mind he pictured him stepping close behind her, lifting her skirt, tugging down her knickers, and fucking her there from behind, with his hands over her tiny tits. He looked at the kitchen table, and wondered if her boyfriend fucked her on that, and if he took pictures of her tied to it.

The door on his left opened into her laundry, and he went in there and found her laundry bag, and lifted the lid. A pair of Brenda's panties were on the top of the pile. He lifted them out and sniffed them. Black, full brief, nylon. Surely, nothing special for her. Would she notice if he kept them? He decided to delay that decision, and stuffed them in his pocket. He could put them back in the bin on his way out.

He moved further into the house. He came to the foot of the stairs, leading up to her bedroom. He knew he had to go up there, had to see the bed where her boyfriend fucked her, where she posed for him to take photographs of her. He was panting as he crept slowly up the stairs, dreading some other occupant coming charging out of another bedroom and asking "who are you?", or the click of the front door as Brenda returned home early. But no, all was incredibly silent. Even the stairs didn't creak. He knew where her bedroom was, and gently pushed open the door.

As usual, the curtains had been left open, so there was lots of light in the room. He felt terribly exposed, knowing how anyone in the houses opposite would be able to see him! But no, it was the middle of the day, and he knew from much experience that the bedroom would just look black from across the road. Even so he was tempted to close the curtains, because he felt so exposed standing there. But he didn't want to disturb anything. Standing motionless, he tried to calm his racing heart, and decided he would look around but just keep well away from the window.

He looked at her bed, imagined her asleep there, he fantasized about fucking her, tried to imagine her posing naked for him to take photographs of her. He saw a wardrobe, the doors closed, and a sideboard with three drawers. Presumably her lingerie would be in the top drawer. He walked slowly toward it, barely able to breath.

He very gently drew the top drawer open, and gazed down at a glorious froth of lace and nylon. Right on top, a delicious pair of bright green French knickers with black lace trim! He was sure that she must be planning to pose in them for her boyfriend! He stood over it, gently stroking, loving the softness, loving the thought that in a few hours times she would be wearing them, but not daring to lift them out or move anything in case she noticed when she came home. He saw a garter belt, and moaned softly. Did she wear those for her boyfriend? He smiled when he realized he couldn't see any bras!

Further under the pile he could see a bright red pair of knickers peeping out, and contemplated tugging them free and keeping them as well as the pair he already had in his pocket. He glanced at his watch, wondered how long he dared to stay in her house, it was nearly midday but he had hours before he needed to worry. He peeked in her wardrobe, and saw some of the clothes he had seen her wearing on her way to work or the shops. He contemplated dressing up in her clothes, but knew that would be madness. He looked for fancy fetish stuff, imagining her modeling in schoolgirl uniform or stuff, but couldn't see anything and didn't dare delve too deeply.

But he did find the camera! Still mounted on its tripod, and looking very expensive. So that was why he never saw the boyfriend arrive with his camera, he obviously left it with her in her bedroom.

He checked his watch, then turned and left her bedroom, in two minds about whether to flee now, while he could, or to risk exploring further. He found two other bedrooms upstairs, nothing interesting, nobody else living there. He went downstairs to look around. He found her study, with a computer. Not really thinking, he tapped the keyboard and the computer came to life! He gasped, and stood watching it as it went through its start up routine, and to his delight there was no password. The email page was there, begging to be opened!

Nervously he sat down, clicked on the email icon, and randomly opened one of her emails! Just something from a friend, boring in itself, but incredibly exciting knowing he was reading Brenda's mail. Gaining confidence, and overwhelmed with curiosity, he started reading through more of them. He found, interspersed with lots of routine emails, there was a succession of emails from "Mike". He opened one of them and read it, and yes, it was immediately obvious that this was her boyfriend. He got his cock out and started masturbating, using Brenda's dirty panties from the laundry basket, as he read through them.

Some were pretty raunchy, with Mike saying how he loved various bits of her body, repeatedly commenting on her small breasts and big nipples and on her thick pubic hair. He kept referring to her posing activities, saying how cute she had looked last night, then saying what he wanted her to be wearing next time he called, and so on.

Before leaving her emails, Gordon copied down Mike's email address onto a piece of paper, and also the email addresses of some of her friends, just for fun and with a vague idea they might be useful in the future somehow or other. He restored her email to the way he had found it, and clicked the "my computer" button.

Up came a list of folders, nothing looking too exciting. He opened one labeled "Letters" and read some boring financial stuff, she had quite a large mortgage and a while ago had missed a couple of payments. He found letters to and from her parents and friends, it was exciting reading them but he found nothing very revealing. He copied her parent's address down on his piece of paper and stuffed it in his pocket.

He explored further, getting more confident. Buried in another ambiguously named folder, he hit the jackpot. He found a folder named "Mikes stuff", and he clicked the button to open it. To his amazement a page full of photos came up, all of them photos of Brenda! Dear god, he thought, Mike downloads the pics from his camera onto her computer before going home!

Clicking through them, he realized there were hundreds of pictures, some of her clothed, but most of her in undies or completely naked. Some of the clothed pics had glimpses up her skirt, the underwear pics included her in corsets and things but none of her wearing a normal bra! Mike was right about her breasts, they were flat but somehow incredibly exciting to look at, with the nipples sticking out in pic after pic. Some of the naked ones were close-ups of her crotch and ass!

Gordan suddenly remembered that he had a memory stick on his key ring! Panting, he plugged it in to Brenda's USB port, erased what was on it, and downloaded as many pics of Brenda as the stick could hold. He just wished he had brought a bigger memory! Then he felt a surge of panic, ejecting the memory stick and realizing that this was serious evidence of what he had been up to! He quickly set about restoring the computer to the state he had found it in. Worried about fingerprints, he wiped everything he could remember touching, then went up to the bedroom to make sure he had shut the lingerie drawer, wiping all the door handles as he retreated to the kitchen.

He worried about the knickers, which now might contain his DNA! Safer to keep them than to put them back in the laundry box, so he stuffed them back in his pocket and slipped out the side door. Putting the key back under the pot, he fled back to his own house. He almost ran across the road, but remembered to be circumspect and forced himself to walk slowly along the street to the corner. He found a café and had a cup of coffee, though he was still feeling too shaken to drink it. He paid for it and walked back towards his house, half expecting to find the police already outside. But no, the street was as quiet as always.

He was too scared to download the memory stick onto his own computer, so he just plugged it in and ran a slideshow of its contents. He was still looking at it when he realized Brenda would be coming home soon, so he ejected the memory stick and took it off his key ring and hid it behind crockery in his kitchen, then went upstairs to watch her return.

Nothing unusual happened. Brenda walked down the street, went into her house, lights came on, she went upstairs and closed the curtains. He waited breathlessly, wondering how long the police would take to arrive if she phoned in a report that she had been burgled. But no, nothing happened. He imagined her undressing, changing into something attractive for Mike, hopefully those green knickers. He could see flickering lights downstairs, indicated she was watching her television, and a couple of hours later Mike drove up and went inside. The television was turned off, and very soon the bedroom light came on.

Gordon sat mesmerized, watching the curtains of her bedroom, wondering what was happening inside. There was a flash, and he realized Mike was taking more pics! Now he knew that she posed naked, and posed in such erotic and exposing poses, it was far more exciting! Using her black panties, he masturbated steadily, taking pains not to cum too quickly.

After some time, he realized the camera flash was going off at regular intervals, obviously the camera was back on its tripod and recording their fuck! What position would she be in, he wondered, doggie? Would those green knickers be on the floor, or around one ankle?

For many weeks Gordon was in heaven, endlessly watching Brenda's closed curtains, imagining what she was doing in there with her boyfriend. Several times he entered her house and downloaded the new pics off her computer, to find out what they really had been doing. But each time he did so, he was sure he would have a heart attack, and the fear of discovery was just too strong. He did steal a couple more of her panties, but that was all. After a couple of months he realized he wanted more, but just didn't dare go back into her house. He knew her email address, and he hatched a plan.

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