Anal Alison Returns
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by Frank Speaks

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alison begged for more and I just can't resist her, her sister or even her mother. They enjoy themselves so much. Of course, I don't mind either. There's not a lot of plot but there is a lot of raunchy, nasty sex. It's also a fantasy. I don't know if some of this is possible! If there is a category checked and you don't find it, it will be there real soon. Enjoy!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Sister   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Sadistic   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Fisting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Water Sports   Enema   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

It's been a few weeks and Alison is still staying at my house all the time. Her sister and mother come over frequently, too. They like to be here when friends come over. Mary is specially happy when Brad comes over because he now always brings Buster with him, and sometimes Ernie, too. The three women are all admittedly my slaves now and perform any act they are told to perform. None of them wear underclothing at any time as I have forbidden them to wear panties or bras. Alison has told me she likes the feeling of her breasts bouncing and the air on her pelvis when wearing a skirt. She usually wears a moderately short mini unless told to wear something different by me. Her mother tried to object to my dressing her daughters only once. It was just over a week after she took Amanda's punishment and became a slave. All three of them were at my house. I always had one of them go to the street and get the mail and paper naked. They were getting used to that and it didn't bother them as much as it did at first.

Alison woke this morning with me and gave me my morning blow job. She swallowed my cum and got up to dress for her classes as I dressed for work. I looked at her and said, "Slave Alison, that skirt is too long. Also, wear a tee shirt with it only."

"Yes, Master. I have those items at my house. I will dress and return for your viewing."

She left and came back a few minutes later with her mother behind her. Mary started in as soon as she came inside. "She can't go to her classes dressed like that. It's indecent!"

"Slut Slave Mom, stop!" I responded angrily. "Strip, both of you!" Alison quickly removed her clothes and kicked off her shoes. Her mother was slower. However, she was soon down to her bra and panties. Alison's eyes widened at her mother wearing forbidden clothing. "You apparently didn't think that my word is for you, did you?"

"I-uh, I had to get dressed for work."

"You stupid bitch, you worthless slave. You substituted your judgment for mine!"

"No, Master, I just thought..." Mary stammered.

"No, you didn't think. I did not tell you to think. You decided that never wear panties or a bra at any time didn't mean exactly what the words meant." She shuddered at the tone of my voice. "Slave Alison, put on your clothes and leave for class." Alison dressed and left. "Now, Slut Slave Mom, what punishment should you receive or should I just kick you out of this house forever?"

"No, Master. I'm sorry. I'll do anything you say. Please don't kick me out. I just didn't think." Mary was panicking now realizing that she was in trouble.

"You have been disobedient to my direct orders and tried to interfere with my instructions to your daughter." I said. "If I keep you, the punishment will be severe. Today is Thursday. You will dress in accord with my instructions today and go to work. As soon as you get home, you will strip and walk, walk, over here and lean over the chair with your cheeks spread. When I am finished, you will go home again walking. Friday, you will dress correctly wearing the shortest skirt that you and your daughters have along with a top. You will come over here before leaving for work for inspection. If it is not the shortest skirt available, you will go to work naked! Do I make myself clear?" I thundered. "You will plan on being here all weekend being punished. Now, get dressed and go!"

Mary looked troubled but she dressed again. This time, she left her panties and bra on the floor. She went out to her car and left for work.

I went to work for the day. When I arrived at my house, my door was unlocked. I walked in and saw three naked asses facing me with their owners draped over chairs. Mary was over the chair that Alison usually used. Alison and Amanda had pulled chairs from the dining room to lay over.

I unfastened my belt and pulled it loose. I doubled it. Without warning of any kind, I swung it hard to Mary's ass with a vertical stroke. She screamed in pain. I unzipped my pants and dropped them to the floor slipping off my shoes. Still, without warning or lube, I shoved my cock deep into Mary's ass. She was still moaning from the swat with the belt and her noise level rose as my cock went all the way into her unprepared ass. I thrust in and out of her ass as hard as I could listening to her grunt each time I thrust balls deep into her ass. As I fucked her ass, I began to spank her ass cheeks with my hands. She yelped with the pain but with a different sound because of the grunting from my thrusts.

"Slave Slut, come here." I commanded. Motioning with my head, she came up to me so I could whisper, "First, lick your sister's ass and get it wet for my cock. Then, come back and get your hands ready to fist Sex Slave Mom without lube." She nodded and went over to Alison. She quickly had Alison moaning happily. After a few moments, she left and returned to my side. I looked at her, "Ready?" She nodded. "Now!" I pulled my cock from her mother's ass and she pushed her left hand into Mary's ass. Mary grunted and groaned with the wider and deeper thrust of the fist into her ass. Then Amanda pushed her other hand into Mary's cunt double fisting her with a hand in each her cunt and ass. Mary's head lifted up and she screamed softly with the pain from the sudden prodding of her holes. Her lust was such that she was swiftly grunting to the twisting and prodding of her daughter's hands.

I moved behind Alison and gently, but firmly, entered her ass. She moaned with pleasure. Her ass was so used to my cock that he didn't seem to hurt her any more. She was truly my ass slut and slave. We fucked with me thrusting into her ass and she bucking back to take my cock as deep into her ass as it would go until we came together in orgasm.

Mary was gradually becoming used to the feel of her daughter's hands in her cunt and ass even without lube. I could tell she was close to an orgasm. "Slave Slut, stop and pull out." Amanda stopped and pulled her hands roughly from her mother's body. Mary moaned with the sudden extraction of her daughter's hands and started to move a hand to her cunt to get herself off. "Slave Slut Mom, put your hands at your sides. Do not touch your body in any way." I commanded. She moaned with frustration but did as she was told.

I lifted up off Alison and came around to Mary's head. I stuck my cock into her mouth and had her suck me clean of her and Alison's anal juices as well as my cum. Alison came over and, when I moved away, pushed her ass into her mother's face so she could use her tongue to suck Alison's ass.

I had a Coke bottle in the fridge. I went in there and popped the top and took a sip. I went back in the living room and pushed the bottle into Mary's ass. She moaned into Alison's ass as it went in just beyond the bulge in the middle. I left it there. When Alison moved off, I told her to put her face to the floor keeping her ass elevated. This caused the liquid to flow out into her ass. She made a gurgling, groaning sound as the carbonation went into her ass. I bet that had a different feeling.

"Slave Slut Mom, don't let any liquid escape. Or that bottle."

"Yes, Master."

I took Alison by the hand and we went into the kitchen. "Do you know what is happening to your mother and why?"

"Master, I do not know why exactly but I assume that, when you discovered this morning that she had disobeyed you by wearing undies, this is her punishment."

"It is part of her punishment. She is to find the shortest skimpiest skirt that any one of the three of you may have and wear it to work tomorrow. If she doesn't wear the shortest one, she goes without. You will be the judge tomorrow morning. You may tell her that. I expect you to be truthful no matter."

"Master, I am yours; heart, soul, and mind. I will always do whatever you may tell me to do. I will always tell you the truth even if I don't want to do that. I will always do what you tell me even if I don't like it or want to do it."

"Okay, get the paddle from my bedroom and use it to spank Slave Slut Mom's ass until her cheeks are bright red and then give her five more on each cheek."

"Yes, Master." She left the kitchen. In a moment, I heard the splat sound of the paddle on an ass. Amanda came in when the second splat sounded and Mary screamed in pain. She looked at me.

"You are really punishing her for wearing undies."

"Yes, Slave Slut, and it will continue tomorrow and through the weekend."

"Oh," was Amanda's only response. After a moment, she said, "Please, Master, correct me before I screw up and make you mad as she did. Please!"

"Just do what you are told or request to leave me. It is really very simple."

"Yes, Master." All during this short conversation, we could hear the splat of the paddle on a bare ass cheek and Mary's sobbing from the pain being inflicted.

"Slave Slut, here is a list of guests to be invited for the weekend. You will telephone each one. When you do, explain your status and Alison's and that of your mother. Also, tell them that she is being punished for disobedience over the weekend. They will be welcome and expected to inflict a reasonable amount of pain and much humiliation upon Slave Slut Mom over the weekend. All her holes will be available to everyone and everything."

"Yes, Master. I will make the calls." I waved her over toward the phone to start.

I returned to the living room to watch Alison working her mother's ass with the paddle. She had slowed the blows to allow the pain from the last recede before giving her another as well as switching cheeks. Mary was lying across the chair sobbing constantly with a fresh cry at each splat of the paddle. Her ass cheeks were reddening nicely though there was more to do to get the right color. Alison was swinging the paddle hard for each blow.

It took almost twenty minutes for Alison to stop paddling her mother's ass cheeks. She counted five more strokes on each cheek though she hurried those strokes. She brought the paddle around to her mother's mouth.

"Kiss the paddle for helping provide you with instruction in proper behavior." Alison said. Her mother kissed it through her sobs.

I said, "That completes your punishment for this evening. You may go to your house or stay here tonight. It's your choice. Remember you will be inspected in the morning. Slave Alison, let's go to bed."

Alison and I left for the master bedroom. With her help, I undressed. She knelt before me and sucked my cock down her throat. "Thank you for trusting me in helping punish my mother, Master." She said, when she came up for breath.

Amanda walked in and knelt on the floor just inside the door. "Master, may I sleep in here. Just on the floor would be fine."

"Yes, Slave Slut." I responded. "Lick your sister's ass again to get her wet for my cock." Alison snuggled against me on the bed facing me. Amanda moved behind her and began to tongue her ass.

"Oh! Slave Slut, that is good. Push your tongue in deeper. Oh! Yes!" Alison moaned out. After a few minutes, she said, "Thank you, Sister Slave." She rolled over with her back to me and I eased my cock into her ass. "Thank you, Master. Your cock feels so good in my ass. Sister, come up and lie with me."

We went to sleep with my cock in Alison's ass and Amanda spooned on her front. I woke up the next morning on my back with a mouth sucking my cock. I had a piss hard-on and allowed squirts of pee to spurt out of my cock into the mouth. I felt the mouth suck even harder and let loose with my morning piss. It was swallowed and my cock was sucked some more. Finally, I pulled away and looked down. Amanda was between my legs with her mouth pointed toward my rising cock. I motioned for her to continue and she began sucking me to get my cum. It took a while but I finally shot a good load down her throat to join the piss she had already swallowed.

"M-m-m-m," I groaned.

Amanda rose up and smiling said, "Thank you, Master, for everything." Then she got up and went to the bathroom.

Alison came in with my coffee wearing nothing at all and said, "Master, I have no classes today and will clean here while you are gone. Slave Slut Mom is waiting for you in the living room. I think she is dressed properly."

"Thank you, Slave Alison. I will go inspect her before she leaves for the day." I went through my morning ritual to wake up, clean up, and dress up. Prepared for work, I went into the living room and there was Mary sitting on the couch. She was wearing a super short skirt that was so short that she actually couldn't sit on the skirt leaving her bare bottom to touch whatever she might be sitting on. When I came in, she got up and knelt down with her legs splayed out and leaning out with her arms holding her body up from behind. Her cunt was clearly on display. I could also see her nipples through her blouse. Her day at her office should be interesting.

"Master, I am ready for your inspection. I have found the shortest skirt in the house. Amanda last wore it two years ago but it became so short that the school would no longer permit her to wear it. My nipples show through my blouse. Please, let this be acceptable to you, Sir." She was pleading. The idea of going to work naked was not pleasant to her.

I looked over her carefully. "Stand up, Slave Slut Mom." I commanded. She stood up. "Turn around slowly." She slowly rotated coming back to face me. "Face the other way." She turned again but only half way this time. When she was facing away, I raised her skirt and noted that her ass cheeks were still red. I rubbed her butt gently and she moaned. "Still hurts, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Master. This slave slut thanks you for your lesson. I hope to learn more tonight."

"You will. You will. Now, go to work. When you come home. Go to your house and strip. Walk over here through the front yards and pickup the paper and the mail. Once inside, lay over the chair."

"Yes, Master."

"Very well, I will see you this evening. Go." Mary left. Amanda came in wearing a skirt, tee shirt, and sandals. She was carrying books for her classes.

"Master, I have classes this morning. When they are finished, I will return and help my sister slave with the cleaning."

"Very well, I will see you this evening. Go." She left for her car.

It was time so I went out and got in my car, also. I went off to work looking forward to this evening's fun.

I had to work a little late, a project of mine went south and had to be fixed. Then, traffic was terrible even for a Friday. It was six thirty before I walked in, a good hour and a half later than usual. I was tired and irritable, a perfect mood to chastise a slave. Fortunately, I had told Amanda to not have our guests arrive until seven or later. I parked my car and went inside. Over the chair was Mary and, to her left, were her daughters lying over two chairs from the dining area. I dropped my pants and the rest of my clothes at the door. Coming up behind Mary, I shoved my cock all the way into her ass without saying a word.

"Thank you, Master. I love for your cock to rape its way into my ass." Mary moaned. I began to fuck her ass hard and she was grunting with each inward thrust. As I fucked her ass, I looked around and saw that my house was cleaner than it ever had been. Alison, with Amanda's help, had accomplished a lot. Those two slaves should be rewarded for their fine work, I thought.

I continued to ram my cock into Mary's ass. "Slave Alison and Slave Slut, please stand and come over here." They rose up and came over to me. "You have done well. The house looks great. I will reward you. What would pleasure you?"

Amanda jumped in. "Tracey is coming over, do you think she would double fist me again. I loved it!"

"We will see but I am sure she will be willing."

Alison said, "Tonight, I want to sleep with you with your cock in my ass. That is always my greatest joy."

"That I will do. I do that often though. Don't you want something special?"

"Oh, Master Tom! For me, having your cock in my ass is special."

"Okay, my dear slave. We will be together tonight and frequently. I enjoy your ass at night and will tonight for sure."

I slammed one last time into Mary's ass and emptied my balls deep in her rectum. I pulled out and moved to her head to be sucked clean which she did taking my softening cock to the root and licking it like a Popsicle.

Amanda had squatted at her mother's ass and licked it getting my cum into her mouth and swallowing.

The door bell rang. The first guests had arrived.

Alison went to open the door. Tracey came in followed by three guys from the old complex, Ted, Frank, and Joe. All four admired Alison's nakedness and hot body. Tracey gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She went up to me and gave me a kiss, also.

"Nicole sends her regrets. She had a family get together out of town and had to go." said Tracey. Tracey was wearing a normal mini skirt and a halter top that did little to hide her breasts which I gave a gentle squeeze. Amanda was on her knees in the open slave position with her mouth open. Mary was still perched over the chair and her ass was still gaping a little from its prior use.

Brad pulled up and got out. Two guys were riding with him in the cab of his truck. He went to the back and hooked up leashes to Buster and Ernie. The five of them came down the drive and in the front door. There were a few more guys who had been invited but we had enough to begin.

Mary was going to be quite worn before the weekend was over.

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