Sarah and Her Sexy Personalities
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Lesbian, BiSexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Bestiality, Lactation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Big Breasts,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about a girl named Sarah and her sexy personalities. What started out as unexplained black outs turns out to be multiple personalities. Maggie is the very adventurous lesbian slut and Trisha is the very submissive sexually play thing. In an effort understand what is happening to her Sarah seeks the help of a therapist who uses hypnotism to help cure her. All seem well until Sarah finds out that her ex has figured out a way to use this cure to turn her into a sex slut.

Further and further down my throat. All the way to back of my mouth. I feel the head of a large cock deeper and deeper. Finally he pulls all the way out. I try to look up but he won't allow me to. I still don't know who is driving this huge cock down my throat.

Just then I realize this is not the only person here with me. Someone is behind me driving another cock into my pussy. Here I am naked on my hands and knees with my tits swinging back and forth while I am penetrated from the rear. This serves to force my mouth down on the cock in front of me.

Over and over again the cock is driven in me from the rear. I feel hands reach down and grab my hips. It's now that I realize this is not a man behind me. Not with hands like that. Clearly this is a woman fucking me from behind, driving her fake cock in my very wet pussy.

Who is here with me who is fucking me? Finally I feel the cock in my mouth begin to twitch and spasm. I know what is about to happen. But just incase there was any question I hear a voice say "slam her hard hun, drive that thing deep I'm about to cum". Know I know whose cock has been driving into my mouth. It's Steve my ex-boyfriend and the woman plowing me from behind must be his new girlfriend.

It's all falling into place now. The last thing I remember was answering the phone and saying "hello". Let me fill you in on a few things. My name is Sarah. I'm a pretty open minded kind of girl. I like sex (usually only with men though, more about that later). A few years ago I realized I was "missing blocks of time". It took me quite a while but with the help of some very close friends (Steve on of them of course) I found out I have multiple personalities.

I saw a therapist and with her help found out that I have at least two other personalities. It was her idea to try using hypnosis to try and gain control of them. The good news is we were able to minimize the personality jumps through hypnosis, or at least I thought.

You see Steve and had been together for almost year when I found out I have multiple personalities. I was very scared at first because I would "come to" in places or situations and have no idea how I got there. You see I would usually know nothing about what my other personalities knew or did but they knew all about me and what I did.

Usually they were content just to pretend to be me, or at least that is how things started out I learned. I guess that is how Steve first met Maggie. That is what my other personality calls herself. I guess one night Maggie "showed up".

Steve and I were out at the movies. He thought I dozed off against his shoulder. Little did he know that Maggie had surfaced? All seemed normal to Steve. The movie ended and "we" made our way to the car. He would later tell me that he was a bit surprised when "I" reached over while he was driving and began playing with his cock. This was just the first of many things "I" did that surprised Steve.

The "cock play" was just the beginning. Steve looked over and "me" at the next traffic light. It was then he realized my blouse unbuttoned to just below "my" bra. Guess Maggie was feeling playful. Once back at my house Steve received what he would later tell me was the best blow job of his life. Turns out as much as I though I liked sex Maggie likes it even more. I guess she is a real sexual dynamo which would later lead to problems between Steve and me.

As I said in the beginning Maggie would just pretend to be me. I guess she was figuring things out. Slowly but surely each time she would "come out to play" she would get more and more sexually adventurous. All the while Steve just assumed our relationship was getting more "exciting". You see the cock stroking in the car and super blow job was just the beginning.

Don't get me wrong Steve and I had sex. We had great sex. I would wear some sexy lingerie for him, give him the occasional blow job and even play some sex games, but I guess all of that was too tame for Maggie. She wanted more.

Turns out one night I fell asleep on the couch. That's when Maggie "came out" to play. She called Steve up pretending to be me. Of course when he got the call to come over and keep "me" company he drove right over.

Poor thing didn't stand a chance. Maggie had the lights off and candles lit. She waited for him on her knees in the living room. When Steve walked in he could hardly believe his eyes. She had raided my lingerie draw and pulled out the "big guns". She dressed in my black stockings with garters, sheer panties and black shelf bra. In he walked to find his "girlfriend" dressed for sex with her tits sitting out on display.

Once the door closed behind him Maggie crawled over to him on her hands and knees going straight for his quickly hardening cock. He started to say something but she immediately told him "don't say another word. We can talk later but I'd rather do something else with my mouth." With that she fished out his now almost rock hard cock and began to run her tongue over the head.

Like I said poor thing was done for. What was he supposed to do? He figured this was heaven. Come on what guy wouldn't love to be greeted by their girlfriend barley dressed wearing only sexy lingerie insisting on giving him a blow job. She looked up at him as asked "Tell me lover can you cum more than once for me tonight". She knew he could. She knew everything I knew and trust me Steve could cum a few times in one night. He of course responded an exuberant "yes I can".

That is all she had to hear. Maggie began to work his thick hard cock with everything she had. With his cock lodged deep in her throat she unclipped the bra. And out sprang my large D cup tits. With the bra off it was easy for his cock to slip between "Maggie's" tits. Steve could hardly contain himself. But what pushed him right to the edge is when Maggie looked up at him and said "I would love for you to paint my face and tits with you cum. Steve had tried a few times to cum on my face but I had always told him no. I kind of felt it is a little degrading but I knew he really wanted to.

It didn't take him long to spay. There was cum every where and Maggie was loving it. She aimed his cock right at her face. I guess it had been a week or so since I last drained his balls because he just kept spraying. Good thing the bra was off because her tits were soaked with cum. She just giggled and licked her lips. Of course cleaning strings of cum off her lips. Maggie reached up to wipe up the cum with her hands. Steve trying to help offered her his shirt to wipe her hands but she would have none of that. She just licked her hands and fingers clean. All the while staring up at his face.

Steve couldn't stand any longer so he got down on the floor. Maggie finished cleaning up then began to crawl over to the couch. Once she got to the edge she rested her elbows on the cushion and turned to look over her shoulder. Steve of course had his eyes glued to her ass and she knew it. She began to wiggle it side to side. In a quite whisper he heard her say "don't you want some of this"?

Like I said Steve could easily cum twice in one night. He made his way over to Maggie's raised ass. She reached back with one hand and moved the sheer thong aside to reveal a very wet pussy. That is all the invitation Steve needed. He could hardly hold back as his cock slowly entered her pussy. She was so wet he slips all the way in, balls deep. Maggie let out a small moan, and pushed back.

Steve and I had fucked doggie style like this before but I guess having just cum on face and watching me devour his cum got him really worked up. Steve kept up this rhythm of plowing balls deep into Maggie for a while. That's the great thing about having already drained one load of cum. The second one always takes longer.

Finally Maggie raised her chest up off the couch, looked over her shoulder and said "on your back lover I want on top. Again this was not a huge surprise to Steve as we often fucked cowgirl position. He loved to reach up and play with my large tits and I rode up and down on his hard cock.

Turns out "cowgirl" wasn't all Maggie had in mind for poor Steve. Once he was on his back Maggie leaned over and deep throated him again leaving him oh so very wet. Slowly she slithered up his until her pussy was rubbing on his cock. The she reached down grabbed his shaft and placed it against her ass. That's when Steve said "not there hun you know you don't want it in there".

You see Steve had mentioned anal sex a few times. I always told him I wasn't ready but might be willing to try it one day. Of course he figured it would never happen so he stopped asking. Turns out Maggie was ready to make "one day" that day. She looked down at him and said "Yes, I do want it there". She told him "I need your cock in ass". He was speechless. Maggie just smiled and slowly lowered herself over his rock hard cock. A little bit in then slowly back out. Then a little more in. It took her a while but finally she had his entire cock all the way in her ass.

Steve was in heaven. He already had received an amazing blowjob tonight and now here he was looking up at his girlfriends face with her tits still slightly covered in his cum all the while with his cock all the way up her ass for the first time.

It was then that Maggie bent down (squeezing his cock with her ass) and whispered to him "I'm not Sarah"

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