Puppy Love

by DG Hear

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, School, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: I was misunderstood as a child. I was sent away but now I'm back to let her know I have always loved her.

I was writing this story and thinking about a title for it. The more I wrote, the more I thought of the song 'Puppy Love' sung by Paul Anka and others. There isn't a lot of sex in this story if that's what you are looking for. For all other readers, I hope you enjoy my Summer Love story. A special 'Thank You' to WanderingScot for his editing of this story.

To tell my story I have to go back to my childhood. I was the youngest of six kids born to my parents. My sister Marie was my closest sibling in age and is eight years older than me.

My best friend in my early years from as far back as I could remember up to around age ten was Jordan. She and her family lived next door. Since my siblings were so much older than me I spent my time with Jordan. We played games at her house or mine.

We played in the park, rode our bikes and often just sat and talked. We walked to school together and after school we did homework and colored in our books and sometimes we watched TV.

We tried playing basketball, catch and running, things like that but Jordan always beat me. She was so athletic and I wasn't good at sports at all. She always smiled but never threw it in my face.

Our parents never minded us being together because we stayed out of their hair and were always easy to find. I can honestly look back over my life and say that she was the only girl I ever loved.

I did good in school and never had a problem until the fourth grade. The following summer my life took a drastic change. Jordan's parents bought a house about two miles away. They moved and took my best friend with them.

"And they called it puppy love, Oh, I guess they'll never know.

How a young heart really feels, And why I love her so."

I cried the day they moved. My parents tried to console me but I knew I had lost my playmate and best friend. I saw her when school started back up in the fall but it wasn't the same. I talked to her whenever I got a chance but we didn't even have the same classes together.

I began to change. I started causing trouble at school. My parents took me to a doctor who said I had ADD (attention deficit disorder). It's hard to believe that I was in the fifth grade before they found out the reason I had this problem was because I was totally bored with school.

I used to do pranks all the time. I would write on the desks or hide the teachers study books. One day I took the teachers test answers when she walked out of the room. I put it in my desk and after the test we had recess. When we returned the teacher had her test answers back. Someone squealed on me. I was taken to the Principal's office and my parents were called.

I was expelled for a week. I tried to explain that it was just a prank but no one believed me. I aced the test but ended up with an F. My parents talked to the Principal and explained about my ADD. I guess he felt sorry for me and did allow me back in class.

After Jordan's parents found out she was told to stay away from me because I was trouble. She told me she felt sorry for me and still liked me but couldn't go against her parents.

It was about a month later when I was so mad that I did something really foolish. After I saw Jordan talking and smiling with Brent, another kid in class, I pulled the fire alarm.

I was immediately expelled and I was taken to a juvenile detention center. My parents were called and I was released in their custody. I didn't know why I did it. I guess I was mad at the world. I never felt quite the same since my parents started making me take that medication. I had trouble thinking straight.

The following week Mrs. Matthews came by our house to see me. She was the assistant Principal at the elementary school. She must have talked to me for a good hour asking me all kinds of questions. I answered them as honesty as I could.

She asked my parents a number of questions also. I know they were very worried about me and what about my schooling? Where could I go? Who would accept me?

Mrs. Matthews asked my parents to do her a favor and she might be able to help me out. She asked them to stop giving me the ADD medication for three days. She wanted me to take a test on Friday and said that I needed a clear head.

Mom and Dad asked all kinds of questions. Mrs. Matthews answered them as best she could. She had some books for me to look through and to study as much as I could till Friday. She told my parents and me that she needed to know where I would fit in according to my intelligence.

Mom got mad at her and told her that I wasn't retarded in any way. Mrs. Matthews calmed my mom down and told her that she thought I was just the opposite and that I was a gifted child.

I will admit that I was scared. I couldn't go back to my school and I knew my parents tried their best with me. They raised five other kids without a problem. I told Mrs. Matthews that I would try my best.

My parents both worked so I went to one of my brother's house while my parents were at work. I could read pretty fast and studied the books that were left for me. They were all general studies, Math, English, History and Science.

My brother's wife asked me if I was able to read these books since I was just in the fifth grade. I told her that I never had any trouble reading. I always did my homework without any help. I don't know if she believed me but I went ahead and read the books.

I continued to read them when I got home. My parents were surprised that I could understand what I was reading. I guess since they were always so busy raising a large family that they didn't know how smart I really was. I was never a problem and was always an all A student till this year.

On Friday Mrs. Matthews took me back to the school and had me sit in a classroom and handed me a test. "Jeffrey, just answer all the questions that you can. No one expects you to finish the test. You'll have four hours to answer as many questions as you can."

I liked Mrs. Matthews. She seemed like a very special lady. She walked out of the room and said she would check on me about every half hour. If I got tired I could take a short break.

I really wanted to try and do well. I knew I hurt my family and they didn't deserve it. I felt more clear-headed also since I was taken off the medication for a few days. I actually finished the test within the allotted time. Mrs. Matthews didn't seem all that surprised. She told me she knew I could do it.

It was Wednesday of the following week that Mrs. Matthews had me and my parents come to the school to talk with her and a man from another school.

Mrs. Matthews spoke first. "Mr. and Mrs. Miller this is John Yang, an administrator at the school for the gifted in Washington D.C. He's here to talk to you about Jeffrey."

"Is there something wrong with Jeffrey? You said he was normal, his grades have always been good." My Mom was in panic mode, I just sat and listened.

"There is nothing wrong with Jeffrey. It fact it is quite the opposite. He is a very gifted student," said Mr. Yang.

"You don't mean he's autistic do you?" asked my Dad.

"No, quite the contrary. He has the intelligence of a genius. His diagnosis of ADD was incorrect. After looking over his records I could see that he is bored; he doesn't enjoy school because it is too easy for him."

"How do you know this?" asked Mom.

"The test I gave him which he completed was the test we give adults who want to get their GED's. It's equal to a high school diploma. Jeffrey passed the exam with flying colors. Granted he missed some questions but it was only because he had never taken some of the courses," explained Mrs. Matthews.

"So what do we do now?" asked my mother.

Mr. Yang spoke. "I would like for Jeffrey to come to our school for the gifted in Washington D.C. We work with each student and give them mental challenges to use their gifts. We do our best to help them learn what their gifts are and let them choose their own futures."

"What about school and he would have to be away from home if he lived in D.C." Mom had tears in her eyes.

"Mrs. Miller, Jeffrey is special and I mean that in a good way. He has the intelligence of a genius but needs to be challenged. It won't happen in a regular school," replied Mrs. Matthews.

Mr. Yang went on to explain the school. It was only gifted kids that attended. Approximately sixty in all at any given time. They would first finish any required classes needed for graduating only it would be done in a minimum amount of time. Then they would be tested in different areas of interest to them to which they could apply themselves for a future vocation.

Dad asked about the costs. He was told that the school is paid for by mentors and alumni. Major corporations gave the school whatever they needed hoping that the gifted students would be choosing their particular companies in the future.

The bad part was I would be away from home for the first two months trial period getting acquainted with the program. I would be able to talk to and e-mail my parents but no visitations until the trial period was over. After that I could go home and visit or my parents could come see me a weekend each month. I could also go home for all holidays.

Mom had asked Mrs. Matthews what she thought since she was instrumental in starting this alternative approach.

"Mrs. Miller, I noticed when I read Jeffrey's folder that he has always been an outstanding student. Basically, after losing his friend Jordan he became bored and inattentive. I know this program is wonderful. You see, I'm a graduate of the school for the gifted."

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