Burt & Maria's Amazing Journey
Chapter 1

Burt Hendrix, here. Faithful husband, father of two wonderful kids, father in all but decree of a third, owner of our family ranch. We raise cattle, sheep, chickens, a few pigs and my wife Maria has a garden she's built up over the years from a small patch to enough to keep both our family and the caretaker and his family in produce year round, as well as bringing in a pretty penny from the coop market in town.

During the past nine months, my life has radically changed three times.

The first was when I talked my son, Val, into taking a wilderness survival course. He went to a class a couple of Saturdays, saw some films and listened to some lectures. I think there were about a dozen kids there, all in their late teens. Then they paired up and took off for a three or four day trek through the wilderness. They had a map, a compass and whatever they could carry with them in the dead of winter in western Montana. It was closely supervised, each team having different start and end points, each person wearing a transponder in case he got in trouble.

His partner was picked up a few days after they were supposed to be home. He had some story about Val doing things he never would have done that changed every time he told it. The bottom line is that Val had disappeared, washed away in a river, his transponder lost and hadn't been heard of since.

Three and a half months later we got a phone call from Val. All of us had given him up for dead. I'd been living with the idea that I'd sent him to his death, holding it in, not telling anyone my feelings. Which may have had something to do with the second way my life changed.

I got cancer. Me. The guy who didn't smoke, hardly every cussed or took a drink, watched my cholesterol, carbs and all the stuff you're supposed to watch. I lived with it and my denial a while, then went to a doctor who told me it was bad. Real bad.

Now, a few things happened to Val while he was gone. First, he got frostbite in one foot and should have lost it, if not his life, the way he tells it. He also got speared by a tree branch while being dragged down the river unconscious. That was infected and oozing pus when he lay down to die in a cave he came across after stumbling around in the mud and the rain for hours. The last thing he did was wash off both injuries with water from a pond that was inside the cave.

He woke up about three months later. The wounds were healed as if they'd never existed. He was also more developed than before. He was in pretty good shape when he started from living and helping out on the ranch for 18 years. When he awoke, he found he'd bulked up. He added 20 mph or so to his fastball and was able to take a mountain sheep out with a rock, finishing it off by lifting the 600 plus pound animal off the ground by its horns, then twisting it to break its neck as if it was a chicken.

As Ron Popeil would say, "But wait. There's more!" After the initial shock, we all accepted his extraordinary strength because he didn't flaunt it and he also had something more extraordinary. He discovered he could wish for things and that they would happen. After playing around with it, learning some from his mistakes, he took it seriously.

Val tried to wish the cancer away. Unfortunately, the first thing he tried was to make it stop spreading from my stomach to other parts of my body. He stopped the spreading but all the cancer that was moving into my digestive tract was now concentrated in my stomach. The doctors gave me three to six weeks to live. Or they could start cutting pieces out of me, starting with my stomach.

I told Val to take me to his cave. I wrote up my will and a couple of days later I said goodbye to my wife and my daughter. Val, my adopted daughter Bev, who was his girlfriend (and for all intents and purposes, his wife) and I took off for the cave.

We took our time because of my condition. If it had been another mile further, I don't know if I would have been able to make it.

The cave was prepared for us. There was a new sleeping area big enough for Val and Bev to spread out their sleeping bags.

Bev got me situated in the place Val had slept for all those months, then gave me some water from the pond to drink. The last thing I remember is putting my head on her lap as she brushed some hair out of my face. Then I woke up to the most wonderful smell of meat cooking.

As I sat up, I felt different. First off, the constant pain in my gut was gone. There was no doubt in my mind that I was cancer free and would remain so. I felt more alive than I had when I was a teenager and felt the world was just waiting for me to conquer it. I felt my arms and chest and my muscles were developed more than ever before. I was slimmer. I had abs that would make the guys from Jersey Shore cry. I also had an erection that would have scared Bev's mare.

Val and Bev were squatted near an open fire, their backs to me, talking about finishing up the meat. I said something about being glad to help and she jumped up, squealed and ran back to me, jumping into my arms so the only thing I could do was catch her and hold on. She's lucky I didn't spear her with Mr. Happy; instead, he found a comfortable place to rest between her delightfully naked buns. I'd awoken with an erection like when I was a teen, only I'd grown a couple of inches, in both directions.

I commented on her nudity, figuring it was the polite thing to do. What do you do in a situation like this, where a beautiful naked woman is pressing her chest into you and you're nestled in her rear? Pretend not to notice? Women's lib or not, that would be rude. Her answer was that it was liberating to be naked in the outdoors.

Bev had obviously partaken of the waters, too. She had been a cute kid who grew up to be a beautiful woman but now she was perfect. All three of us were. Not like Charles Atlas or a female weightlifter on steroids. We were sleek, muscular, fast, human animals. And now that Val had others to play with, his improved physique was once more evident. But the beauty was just part of the package. The three of us were in perfect health. I had an idea we would remain so. If not, the cave was right here for a booster.

Three big changes. Lose and get back son, get cancer and its resultant death sentence, get cured and be given a new life.

Bev was due to go back home the next day so she could start her senior year in high school with Vicky, my natural daughter. Vicky and Maria were going to wait for her where they dropped us off, three and a half weeks ago. Strange how I woke up just in time to spend one day with them, getting used to my new body, then the rest of my family would be a few miles away the next day.

Perfect bodies weren't the only thing Bev and I got. She was now able to communicate with the animal kingdom, verbally or telepathically. She could even hear what they were thinking. The mountain lion we finished up eating that night was a result of that ability when she sensed a family in danger. Val took him out with one shot, too late for a wolf that had been protecting her young. Bev adopted three wolf pups, a male and two females. They had all drunk of the pond and had been out for a limited time, getting healthy and having their growth program modified so that they would be perfect specimens. The kids had already noticed their accelerated growth rate.

I didn't discover my new ability until the opportunity to use it came up. I had the ability to look at things from a unique perspective. As corporate America would say, I could see things from outside the box. I could come up with unusual solutions. So far it hadn't done a whole lot. Bev was able to make outfits for the two of us without wasting a couple of square feet of lion pelt she was all set to before I stopped her.

Which explains how the three of us showed up with three wolf pups at the gate at the end of the path to the forest we were in. Bev was in a mountain lion skin dress a-la Wilma Flintstone, I had a lion skin towel around my waist. Val's clothes fit him because he'd had plenty of time to shop since his makeover.

All of our supplies were still in the cave. I'd come back to take my wife back, instructing Val to take the girls home. On the way in from the cave, Bev had told me to take the wolf lowest on the pecking order, named Subi, which stood for submissive. He sister Betty, and brother Alfie (Alpha and Beta) would return to the ranch with them.

Maria acted the typical female, not able to come with me right then because she didn't have a thing to wear, someone needed to make school lunches for the girls, the squash was coming in, you name it, she came up with it. I threatened to spank her and steal Bev away from Val if she wouldn't obey me and she finally conceded. We'd only gone fifteen feet or so and she was giggling with my hand on her ass. She was pleasantly surprised when she put her hand on me a few steps later, actually stopping to inspect the merchandise. Two inches doesn't sound like a lot but increase the length and the circumference by that much and it makes a big difference.

I told her what had happened to me and the kids at the cave and she told me of home. Vicky had split up with Kyle, the kid on the next ranch. He's only a year younger than she is but that year at their age makes a lot of difference. Vicky was actually pretty damned responsible while Kyle was constantly pushing the boundaries, trying to see what he could get away with. Part of that was sex and Vicky wasn't interested. She'd had a bad experience, almost getting raped. Kyle had been great therapy, bringing her out of her "Everybody will think I'm a slut" phase. Instead of being grateful and giving him her body, she decided to be selective and only offer it to someone special to her. It felt good to know that my daughter had that much respect for herself.

There was a new family living on Kyle's mother's ranch. Grace had bought it a few months ago, complete with a couple of hundred head of cattle, not knowing a thing about ranching or cattle. One ranch hand came with the place. We had a family on our property that lived in a shed out back. Man and wife, 8 year old girl, 12 year old boy. The ranch hand at Grace's was a "cousin." Now, another "cousin", his wife and two boys, 13 and 14 were staying in the ranch house on Grace's place. They were helping out where they were needed on both of our ranches. All nine of them were working for food and shelter and a little extra money under the table.

With Val back there to look after things, I had no concerns about our place.

I imagine we looked like three gods as we walked out of the forest with the wolves. I could hear the sudden breaths being taken by both of them when they saw us. Vicky wanted whatever it was we had and she wanted it now. When she realized I was taking her mother back with me and leaving her behind, she had a fit. I told her she could behave and go during Christmas vacation when she had time or she could act like a bitch and never go. She got quieter but I knew she wasn't cured, by any means.

By the time we got to the river, we were pretty much caught up on the three and a half weeks I'd been gone. It was a warm day and we'd walked five and a half miles so it didn't take a lot of persuasion to get Maria out of her clothes and into the little bathing alcove we'd discovered. We washed each other off, splashed around and played grab ass, then we went up the bank and made love on a bed of pine needles, covered with my lion skin. We stopped counting the number of times Maria climaxed. I came twice, able to continue without a break after the first time.

Maria went unconscious after the second time I came so I carried her down to the water and spooned hands full of cool water on her forehead until she woke up.

I told her we should make love some more and she told me I was crazy. We gathered our clothes and walked the half mile or so back to the cave. It had rearranged itself again. The space near the pond was the same but Val and Bev's was smaller, as was the one where the three dogs had slept. There was another addition. Starting five feet inside the cave, halfway between both walls were rocks. They were rounded, maybe an inch and a half above the ground at their highest point, sort of like a slice of a volleyball. They ran to the back, one every five feet and they glowed. They were like night lights, bright enough to see in the dark but not so bright they disturbed sleep or kept people up.

Maria kissed me like she used to when we first met, then told me she wasn't hungry. She was anxious to get started on her new body. We went back near the pond and she drank half a mug of water before smiling, handing it to me and laying down in the sand. I started to panic when she stopped breathing, then I remembered that it was exactly what the kids said happened to me and to Bev.

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