Madison's New Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Oral Sex, Bestiality, Lactation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After losing her baby and being rejected by her husband Madison turns to her pet for what was missing in her life.

Madison was on pins and needles and becoming more nervous each day. She wanted to talk to someone about it, but there was no one she could turn too, no one who would understand her problem.

A few months ago she had learned that she was pregnant. She and her husband were over joy with excitement about having their first baby. He had wanted a son for so long.

He talked her into quitting her job to become a full time mother and housewife. He went to every doctor's appointment and made sure she did everything the doctor told her to do, making sure she had everything she needed, to making sure she took her vitamins.

Even though the doctor told them sex would be okay for the first few months, he had decided, while she was pregnant there would be no fooling around. This surprised her because from the first day they had gotten married he hadn't been able to keep his hands off her but he was afraid it could harm the baby.

Something had gone very wrong weeks before she was due and she lost the baby. The doctor told her she hadn't done anything wrong but it didn't help how she felt. Her husband fell into a deep depression, drinking heavily and became very bitter towards her. He would come home late and paid no attention to her. She knew he was hurting but directed his anger towards her. She used to be the center of his attention but now he just made her feel unwanted and unattractive.

Madison looked like your typical middleclass house wife you see in any neighborhood. Twenty nine, 5'6", with blue eyes, and blonde hair past her shoulders that she like wearing in a pony tail most of the time. She had been a cheerleader in college and stayed in good shape. Like most pregnant women she had gain some weight but kept all her curves.

Her breasts had also gotten much larger, going from a perky B cup to a D cup with large dark pink areolas puffing out the size of large plums. She felt like such a cow with her tits swelling up, getting sore and dripping milk from her nipples. The doctor had told her she would stop lactating in a few days but because she was using a breast pump to relief the pressure, her body was still producing milk.

One morning everything changed, she had breakfast ready on the table with the newspaper for her husband but he walk straight out the kitchen door with not even a glance or a goodbye. Slamming the screen door, she didn't dare follow him. She was in tears, trying to convince herself that he was running late or something.

She cleared the dishes and left them in the sink, deciding to take a long hot bath before starting another Friday ritual alone at home.

Entering the bathroom she took off her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. She had lost the tummy but hated the stretch marks she was left with. Her tits looked huge and felt full, making her nipples ache. She needed her breast pump but it was in the kitchen. Wrapping herself with a towel, she went back to get it.

Walking into the kitchen, standing at the screen door was their dog Blue begging to be fed. Blue was a gray mix breed dog they had adopted from the shelter to guard the house and protection, which turn into a 60lbs. eating machine. His food was outside but only wrapped in a towel she didn't dare go out to feed him. Remembering the breakfast she had made, she let him in and placed the plate of food on the floor.

He quickly attacked the plate and she sat down to use the breast pump. She had just gotten it going on her breast when Blue laid his head on her lap and looked up at her with his big doggy eyes.

When she pulled off the pump to let him out, he was so fast she didn't have time to react; he took a long lick at her swollen nipple.

"Aaah!" Her head snapped back, making her gasp. His tongue was so hot. Lick after lick he was getting the milk off her breast. She began to tingle all over; He was driving her out of her mind. Her cunt began bubbling, wet and twitching with a strong desire.

Her mind told her to push him away but something made her grab her tits in her hands and squeezed them hard, squirting milk everywhere as he kept licking her. Her mind was in a fog of lust not understanding what was happening or what she was doing. She just didn't want him to stop and dropped the towel onto the floor.

"Ooh ... That feels so good", Madison squeeze hard and pulled on the large areolas, shooting milk out of her nipples onto his licking tonge until she had no more to squeeze out.

Blue kept licking her breasts then went after the milk that had run down her stomach and legs. Not knowing what would happen; she moved her hips to the edge of the chair and spread her legs open.

She poured the milk that was gathered in the pump on her pussy and showed him where to lick. Blue pushed his head between her legs, finding her wet opening.

"Aaah!" His wet nose hit her clit while his tongue spread her cunt open.

"Oooohhh, my God", she moaned, humping his mouth. The cold nose against her hot pussy was electrifying. She closed her eyes, wallowing in the joy of his hot tongue driving her crazy. Her body was squirming against it.

"Ohhhh, Blue", she moaned, half out of her mind with lust. "I can't stand it." She rubbed her own clit, squeezing it hard between her fingers. She felt the dogs wet tongue slop over her moving fingers. The dog's tongue was driving her insane.

She looked at the dog, his head buried between her open legs. It was unbelievable. He was licking her pussy, driving her up the wall and she was actually letting him.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she gasped, her body swept toward her climax. Madison humped wildly on his snout like it was a cock and not the dog's tongue that was driving her crazy, trying to get herself off.

"Aaah!" Her toes curled as her pussy suddenly exploded. She had no control over her own body. She shook tremendously. Her hips were gyrating and her ass jerking. She fell to the floor with Blue still between her legs.

"Ugh!" His teeth nipped almost painfully on her hard clit. She rolled over trying to get away from Blue. As she rolled, he licked Madison's ass cheeks and nudged her to move so he could get between the cheeks of her ass to her juicy cunt.

She pushed at him with her hands and was able to get on her hands and knees. She reached out for a chair to stand, she felt Blue jump on her back and pulled her tight with his front paws.

"Ooh ... God no!" Madison realized Blue had mounted her and was humping wildly in short frantic lunges, whelping and whining. Something hot was striking the back of her thigh.

"Aah..." Blue slammed his cock deep inside her, again and again, deeper and deeper. Tightening his grip around her hips and madly fucking her.

"Oh fuck, Aah ... Fuck me, Fuck..." She grunted. She had never felt anything like it before. His cock was so hot and thick. It hit spots inside her that she had never felt. She pushed her ass back to meet each thrust

"Oooh ... Good boy, Fuck me, aaah ... Fuck me, aaah..." He was driving her insane with pleasure. "Ooh ... Yes, Yes ... Make me your Bitch!"

"Aah! ... Aah! ... Aah!..." She screamed. Something big was stretching her cunt and he kept getting bigger inside her until he couldn't pull out any more with his deep fucking jabs. Later she would learn it was his knot.

"Oh fuck, Aah... ! Fuck me, Fuck your bitch." she kept grunting. Suddenly he stopped moving. "Ooh ... My God!" She felt him Cumming streams of hot dog cum were filling her. "Oh God!, yesss! ... Aah!" Again she lost control with an explosive climax. "Aah ... it's so good", her body trembled.

When Blue was done filling her with his puppy juice, he jumped off her back but his knot was to swollen to pull out. They were ass to ass for several minutes until his knot had shrunk enough for him to pull out with a loud pop, "Aah!" Dog cum poured out of her well fucked cunt.

Blue stood with his huge red cock hanging down, still swollen with the large knot and squirting cum. She couldn't believe it had been inside her. He looked at her and made his way towards the door, wanting to be let out.

Madison checked herself, saw how wide open her pussy was and how full of dog cum he had left her.

She stood up on rubbery legs, and hurriedly let him out. Feeling dog cum running down her legs, she reached down and scooped some with her fingers, bringing it up to her nose. Smelling them, she moved them up to her lips, licking her fingers.

Glancing back to the floor, she couldn't explain what made her get back down and lick Blue's cum off the floor before going back into the bathroom.

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