And Away We Go
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Harem,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - With the typical incompetence that later had the place going broke during boom times, the Steel Mill fucked up my vacation time and was going to cause me to miss the first day of deer season. I quit and now was going to have plenty of time for hunting. Luckily, Along came Argus, the spaceman, and did he have a deal for me

I was minding my own business this fine November 5th and mostly getting ready for the opening of whitetail deer season in the morning. Actually, I was getting ready to head out for camping on my deer lease. I'd spent the last two afternoons sighting in my Marlin 336c in .35 Remington. It wasn't a tack driver by any means, but it was plenty accurate enough for me, especially since I didn't intend to even try for any deer farther than a hundred and fifty yards. I was well familiar with the rifle and ammunition I'd be using and a two inch group with them was not only possible, but probable if I do say so myself.

The Steel Mill in Lone Star Texas had pulled a fast one on me this year and I hadn't been able to get my vacation to allow me to take off in time for the days I'd wanted, the start of the season, so I'd put in my resignation and told them to kiss my ass. I had no financial worries since the company who'd leased the rights to drill over some of my mineral rights had brought in a damned good well just lately and they'd recently paid me forty-six thousand dollars more to put a another well nearby. Hell, I'd just gotten my first months royalty check for the well they brought in and it had been nine thousand dollars. Indications were the next one would be substantially more since they'd only pumped for eight days on this months check.

Hell, I was a rich redneck already and it seemed likely I was going to get much richer as long as the rest of you keep using so much gasoline. Yes sir, pull up to that pump and fill 'er up. I can use the money. This last well had started showing signs of being a big producer when they hit five thousand feet and things had kept looking better until they stopped at twelve thousand.

The money from the well had me wanting to give up my twenty-two dollar and fifty-six cent per hour employment for about a month but fucking up my deer hunting had sealed the deal. I didn't give a shit about time and a half for anything over eight hours a day or the double time and a half for working on holidays. Fuck 'em, they could just make those oil field tubular goods without me. I already had sixteen years in at the place and our last contract made it possible for me to retire early. I wouldn't get shit out of that money until I turned sixty-two, thirty years from now, but what the hell. I had plenty for now.

I was up late packing my Silverado four wheel drive for my camping trip. I hadn't spent the money on a travel trailer yet, but I could almost feel I would before long. With money coming in hand over fist I'd just have to find something to spend it on. Not for any sensible reason you understand, but just because I wanted to. I had one hell of a wanter.

The next morning I was up at five AM and pulling into J & L Grill for breakfast by the time they opened at six AM. After several cups of coffee and plenty of eggs, bacon, and pancakes I headed out for my deer lease. It was about ten miles out of town so I was there quickly and I started setting up my camp.

I pitched my tent, an army surplus two man model and gathered some handy stones to make a fire ring. I built a fire in it even though one wasn't really needed. Even in November it didn't get so cold in North East Texas. I basically farted around doing nothing for the rest of the day, but I did hit the sheets, or sleeping bag, sort of early intending to be up before light the next morning.

I became conscious probably around one AM, but I didn't do it by waking up and getting up. I was called to a conference, at least mentally. I was almost scared shitless at first and then I realized I couldn't even shit my britches because my body hadn't come along for the ride. It was really weird since I was obviously awake and in among others without my body when they obviously had theirs.

All was explained to me shortly. I had been commandeered by what any self-respecting redneck would call space aliens. It was quite a shock. It wasn't that I didn't believe in space aliens. I was a redneck after all. It was just I'd never thought I'd be meeting any.

They looked mostly like humans, except taller and thinner, kind of wispy looking if you asked me.

"Welcome aboard our ship, Jake," the tallest one said to me.

"Thank you. And you would be?" I asked.

"Argus, is what you may call me," he said.

"We have a proposition for you," he said, and my first thought was oh shit but he settled my nerves soon enough.

"We'd like to put you back in time a few years, back to when the United States was very much more simple. We'd like to leave you back then for several years and then we will return you to your own time if you want to come back. I must tell you we think it is likely you will not want to come back and if you don't we will leave you there," he said.

"What for?" I asked.

"We just want to see what you do. We will be doing what you might think of as filming you," he said.

"You mean you can just put me back in time? Won't that cause things that have already happened to change?" I asked.

"No. We will be putting you on a copy of your earth in a different dimension. It has gone along basically in lock step with your current home until the time we release you. You will make changes, but they will only be changes to the planet you are on and they will be changes in what is expected to happen there, not in what has already happened. The planet you are moving to hasn't progressed any further than the time we will place you. You will only be changing things that probably would have happened on your new planet later. It will seem exactly as if you had been put back in time, but it isn't actually the case. You will be highly paid for your participation. Our projected salary for you is ten thousand dollars per week," he said.

"Shit. Sign me up. I'm your man," I said, before I did much thinking about things.

"Good. We will be giving you a medical checkup first and doing any needed repairs. Remember to be careful while you are there. We will be able to help you out if you are hurt or injured while you are there, but if you are killed I'm afraid we won't be able to do anything about it," he said.

The last part was a little sobering, but what the hell, if I got killed in my natural home I'd be dead there too.

My medical work didn't take long and they didn't even tell me about any repairs they might have made. I did notice my eyes seemed to focus better, but blew it off. Next we talked about what I would need while I was there, and of course I told them it depended on what they expected me to do.

I found out then they did have a few plans for what they wanted me to accomplish. They intended to set me down in Tennessee and let me take a little wagon trip. They took me to a larger room on the ship and showed me the wagon and I'll be damned if it wasn't a Conestoga. They had twelve big strong Missouri mules to pull it and it was equipped with a sort of trailer hitch on the back. It wasn't like any trailer hitch I'd ever seen though.

It was just a semi-circular loop made of what looked like 1 inch steel rod. They also had an attachment for putting on another wagon tongue, which was basically a hook to go into the loop. They explained it would make it possible to hook two wagons together to save the bother of a separate driver for the back wagon. They told me the mules for the second wagon would catch onto the drill with little problem. Hell, it all sounded great to me.

The next part of the preparations was almost like Christmas for me. They asked me what I would like for firearms and said they'd furnish them.

I'd always wanted an M1 with a stock like an M16 and a replaceable magazine like on an M16. They said it wouldn't be a problem so I asked for a couple of Colt Diamondback with six inch barrels, a Ruger Superblackhawk in .44 magnum, and I saved the best for last. I wanted a Barrett .50 BMG. Hell they though it was great. Meanwhile, I wondered what I'd be shooting with these firearms.

There were a few other things they suggested, including hatchets, axes, shovels, and yard brooms and I said fine. They even furnished me with a bunch of food they said wouldn't spoil no matter what. It all sounded fine to me, but I did wonder why they wanted me to sleep in the wagon that night. Hell, it had a very comfortable king bed size mattress in the back and I didn't mind a bit.

I'll admit they pulled a fast one on me and I should have expected it. Sunrise woke me the next morning and when I looked out of the wagon I noticed right away I wasn't in the space ship any longer. Apparently my trip had started already.

I got dressed in jeans and a work shirt and pulled on the boots they had provided and got out of the wagon. The mules were all tethered to a picket line strung between two trees. Hell, I built a fire and warmed up some of the indestructible food they'd given me. It seemed one hell of a lot like an MRE going down, but at least they had furnished a coffee pot and plenty of coffee so I made a pot and choked the alien food down.

After I ate I hitched the team and pulled out into the road, or trail was more like it. I hadn't gone a mile before Argus' voice came to me from somewhere.

"Jake. I hadn't intended to contact you further, but we felt we should wan you there are several men attacking a wagon ahead of you. It seems likely you will encounter them shortly. Be prepared to defend yourself.

Well, this was a fine how-do-you-do. Hell, I should be ready for them though. I made sure the Barrett was easy to hand and the Marlin too. I came up on the fracas about two minutes later and I stopped maybe seventy yards from it. I figured it was lucky as hell they'd made arrangements to put me down and let me sight in my weapons right at the last.

I grabbed up the Barrett and found a target. It looked like the leader of the attackers to me, especially since he was on the best horse and looked to be wearing the best clothes. When I touched off the Barrett I became the center of attention since it knocked him off his horse promptly and he didn't even wiggle after he hit the ground. I shot another one before they turned toward me, and then they were all racing headlong my way.

I thought it was a really stupid move on their part and I nailed all four of them who came my way in short order. The Barrett and its hellacious cartridge dealt with them quickly. Every time I hit one he was knocked directly off over the ass end of his mount, ass over teakettle.

Hell, just like that all six of them were dead. I swapped for the Marlin and took off on foot toward the wagon ahead of me.

"Hello, I think I've killed them all. Is everybody all right in there," I asked.

"No. John is hit in the chest, but I'm not hurt," a female voice said. "Can you come in and see if you can help me with him?" she asked.

"I'll be right up," I said, and climbed into the front.

"I couldn't help with John, because he died just as I came up. I wanted to help with Sally though, because she was a fine looking woman. She was teary eyed just a little but she asked me to pull her wagon off into the woods. I wasn't an expert wagon driver myself, but I got it done in only a couple of minutes.

"I guess we'd better bury John" Sally said, as soon as we were stopped.

"I'll do it as soon as I get my wagon off the road and gather up their horses," I said.

I got back out of the wagon and went into the road. I stopped at the first body I came to and searched his pockets. Damn, he had thirty double eagles on him. I put them in my pocket right away and then noticed he had two revolvers in a dual holster gun-belt. I took those too and then realized I'd have more than I could carry before I cleaned them all out so I went to my wagon and led the mules up to the next dead man in line. It was the last one I'd shot and he was still alive somehow, but he was in bad shape. The hole in his chest was pumping blood out alarmingly and it was obvious he couldn't move his legs any longer. I figured the Barrett had taken out his spine as it went through. He had a big Bowie knife in a sheath on his belt so I pulled it out and cut his throat.

He also had thirty double eagles in his pockets and a dual revolver setup. I took his knife, gunbelt, and both revolvers too, and put them in my wagon after tying his horse onto the back. It took about a half hour to strip all the bodies of valuables and collect the horses. At the last minute I decided to take their clothes and boots too. Hell, I even picked up their hats from where they'd fallen. I didn't intend to bury a one of them, even though I'd found fifty double eagles on the leader, another nicer Bowie knife, and two converted Army Colts. They had been modified to fire the .44 rim fires a Henry used. I figured they might come in handy sooner or later.

I pulled my wagon up into the spot where I'd left Sally and her wagon and I was happy to see she had a coffee pot on the small fire she'd built.

While we were drinking coffee Sally and I talked and she was fretting over what she was going to do. John had been her brother and he'd taken her away from home since her Daddy had told her he was going to sell her to a Yankee when they took over.

"Where were you heading?" I asked.

"To Independence Missouri. John said we could catch on to a wagon train going West when we got there." she said.

"See there, you can go along with me. It's exactly where I was heading," I said.

"But what would we tell everyone? They're sure to talk about me going out west with a man I wasn't kin to." she said.

"Well, if you'll have me we can get kin as soon as we find a preacher," I said.

"But I hardly know you," she said.

"We can just head that way and it'll give you time to get to know me. If you don't want to marry me later you can just say so, unless you want to go back to your Daddy," I said.

"He's dead too. He started in cussing John while we were getting ready to leave and they had it out. John killed Daddy and since Mama died last year there was sure no reason to stay after that," she said.

"I'll think about it while we're traveling, but unless you act awful I think I will marry you. A woman alone ain't got much chance now-a-days," she said.

"I'll be good to you, you can count on it. Specially since you make such good coffee," I said, and it finally made her laugh.

I put all our ill-gotten gains in their wagon and then put the hook the spacemen had given me onto the tongue of hers and hitched them together. Then we headed out. We came to a little town about an hour later and stopped to eat in a cafe.

There was a Yankee officer and two noncoms eating in it and I guess he took a shine to Sally right away. He started talking louder and ordering the noncoms around, or at least he was talking awfully bossy to them.

Finally he got up and swaggered over toward our table.

"I think we should arrest this southern boy here. I need to interview the woman with him," the officer said.

I've I'd only been armed with the Ruger, in my gunbelt, it would have been difficult for me, but I had on a jacket and both of my Diamondbacks were in shoulder holsters. I ripped on out and shot the jackass in the belly and then moved the aim up and put one in his pump. I had specified plus p ammunition and the 125 grain Jacketed Hollow Points I hit him with knocked him on his fat ass and started blood pouring out of his belly and chest right away.

After he was down I pulled my left hand Ruger .44 magnum out too and faced the noncoms.

"Any of y'all want in on this?" I asked them and one of them stood up and acted like he was going for his sidearm so I shot him in the chest with the Ruger. Of course it made a hell of a lot more racket and it knocked him quite a bit further back. The others all put their hands up as in surrender.

"Ok then, finish your meals if you want to, I'm keeping my eyes on you and if even one more of you acts like you're going to pull a shooting iron I'll kill all the rest of you for it. So, if one of your buddies gets frisky you'd be better off stopping him yourself," I said.

They kept eating but I noticed all their hands were visible now. Sally and I finished and I paid our way out. I even gave the waitress an extra dollar to pay someone to remove the bodies and I tipped her half a dollar too.

Sally and I left then and got back in our wagon and headed on out of town. We made it about five miles down the road and then pulled off into the woods and parked for the evening. I built a cook fire and put on the coffee pot and then Sally started rattling the pots and pans and scared us up some supper. After we'd eaten and cleaned up we sat on a deadfall and just watched the sun go down. We didn't really have a good romantic vista to watch since we were in the woods but it was nice enough and I did put my arm around Sally and pull her closer for some kissing.

Sally was surprised when I slipped my tongue into her mouth to play and in a second she backed off and just asked me what that was.

"It was a French kiss," I said.

"Funny, I never thought the French were worth a damn for anything, but if they thought that up I guess I'll have to say they were good for something," she said, and then she reeled me back in and this time it was her tongue invading my mouth.

Sally took off to get ready for bed half an hour later and she said she'd call me when she was under the covers. I just sat on the deadfall and waited until she called and then I got into the wagon myself. I was a little surprised to see she had a small lantern lit, but I started shucking my clothes right away. Sally was watching me like a hawk and I expect it was what made Jr stand up to be counted. He did the right thing though since I could hear a sharp intake of breath when I dropped my boxers.

"My God. That's the biggest dick I've ever even heard of," Sally said, when it was revealed.

I didn't say anything. I just crawled in under the covers with her. When I lay down she pressed all her goodies up against me and I naturally wrapped her up in my arms.

"Have you made up your mind yet?" I asked her.

"Yes I have and I had even before you showed me your thing," she said, and then showed me she remembered what I'd taught her about kissing.

"I guess we'd better start checking the towns we go though for a preacher then," I said.

"Yes, we should. We'll need to get married pretty soon because I intend for us to start the honeymoon tonight," she said, and then plastered herself against me and kissed me again.

Hell, I considered that an all systems go and I ran my hands down to cup her naked asscheeks. Sally must have liked the maneuver because she wiggled against me and kissed me harder. I eased her over onto her back and began trailing kissed down over her throat and made my way to her spectacular titties to kiss and suck on her nipples until they were both standing tall. She was sighing and petting around in my hair for a few minutes and then I threw her a curve and kissed my way down over her flat belly and into her crinkly bush.

She tensed up for a little bit, but she almost threw her legs apart wide when my lips reached her pussy and started kissing her there. Her hands were still in my hair and she started trying to steer me with them, but I knew how to find her button on my own and when I gave it the first snaky lick she relaxed her grip and let me have my head. When my lips closed around it and my tongue batted it back and forth a second Sally went off like a Roman candle and her hips started humping up a storm.

For my next trick I moved up and put my bloated dickhead against her slit and eased inward gently. I came up against a hymen in no time and Sally tensed up again. She relaxed when I didn't shove it on through and of course when she did I shoved it on through. She let out a little squeak then and I went back to kissing her mouth and around her lips.

"It didn't hurt so bad as I've been told, but it did sting a little," she said.

"Has it quit yet?" I asked.

"Almost. Go ahead and do it to me now," she said, and so I started.

Once I had it all the way up in her what I bumped against must have been her cervix, but it was at the very end of my travel. I considered us a perfect fit. I started a rhythmic stroking then and Sally was helping with her hips almost at once. She went off a little before me but I kept it up and joined her in seconds. Then of course I sagged down beside her and dropped off to sleep.

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