Breeding Little Momma
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, Wife Watching, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Swinging, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, First, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Size, Slow, Caution, Violent,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story based in part on finding out my then young Spanish wife was cheating behind my back. And How I with the help of her best friend deviously plotted my revenge.

My story begins: I discovered that my now ex wife had been cheating on me. I deviously set out to once and for all prove that I had no jealousies. I had a deeply inward wantonness to be a part of and contribute to her pleasures outside the normal range of our lovemaking at home.

I incorporated my wife's best friend to help me. She had been lied to about the whole situation herself. She was told by my ex that I would freak out if I even knew about her outside exploits. My wife's best friend is snake lady. We both agreed to once and for all to exploit my ex's pleasures by a devious a plan involving a sexual encounter together with my ex snake lady being bi sexual.

The plan was to get my lovely Spanish wife over to

Snake lady's house and set our plan into motion to pleasure my wife who was a mere tiny woman Snake lady nick named little momma or woman because she stood a mere 5ft. She had and still has the longest most beautiful long black hair that even now cascades down her small framed back to her knees.

Her tiny breasts that were meager 30A in size, even after birthing three children, stood out proudly. They were caped by two marble like nipples which would tell her arousal in an instant. Even her beautiful butt remained as tightly youthful after birth and except for a few stretch marks on her lower abdomen one would swear that at 22 years of age she looked more like youthful 12 or 13.

I and snake lady had set up the whole thing and had already at this point gotten the time place and full layout of our devious plan organized. I had gone shopping in a close by adult shop and bought a few items that would prove both useful and indeed a powerful way to get back at my wife.

So the evening came, I agreed to baby sit our children.

The ladies met at Snake Lady's house for drinks and womanly comradeship so to speak.

After my wife left home, I took the children to a baby sitter. I informed the sitter I was going to a local tavern with some of my buddies and I would return for them in a few hours. Instead, I drove over to Snake

Lady's home. Hurriedly parking the car, I walked to the front door and rang the bell.

Snake Lady opened it, winked and whispered in my ear your little woman is sucking the drinks down and will be primed in a bit for our plan. I must confess I was turned on as never before the idea of this plan going so smoothly so far.

Once inside and sitting down, Snake Lady brought me a beer from the ice box while I and my wife spoke a bit about where the kids were and why I had come there. I told her I just wanted to sit and have a few drinks. I had gone to the joint, as we termed it, and none of my buddies were there so I left and decided to come party a bit with the girls and chat about whatever their evening's events of gossip and such would be.

The talk was lively and soon we were all laughing. I had indeed brought liveliness Snake Lady knew I would manipulate my little woman into having sex with her. To insure this she had spiked little mommy's drink. The plan was working. Momma weakness and horniness from drinking crown and coke alone would set in motion the sexual deviousness planned by Snake Lady and I.

She winked at me and looked at my little mommas drink to tell me she had spiked this one really well with the potion she herself had gotten from some wicked site on the internet and made it. She tried it on herself and was so horny she did things I'll not even speak of as yet.

Soon little momma was primed and ready. As I watched she began squirming and moving unable to sit quietly any longer; revealing to us she was getting horny. And as yet she wasn't drunk just a bit tipsy from the several rounds of crown and coke Snake Lady made a bit stronger than usual to insure the drug working on my wife.

Snake Lady said, "Little momma why don't we do some of that nose candy you and I been snorting and keeping from your honey." You could have heard a pin drop. Yet another discovery I made about her exploits away from home.

"I would like do a line or so, myself" I said. My little momma was suddenly shocked. Now she had to acknowledge my knowing she occasionally snorted with

Snake Lady.

As the mirror was brought out, lines made and offered to us, Little Mama at first didn't do much at all. She took a tiny snort. Snake Lady broke in, "Oh, come on

Little Momma don't play miss innocent. Shit do it like we do it when we're alone. Your old man is cool with it. Why you thought all of this was so damned secretive is beyond me. You know he knows about your boyfriend on the side and how you've been fucking him for now several months."

And with all that out of the way my little woman then snorted her entire line. Snake Lady and I alike tuned our senses with little mommas and soon the atmosphere was openly jovial and we were laughing at this and that and each other.

We were high and effects of the coke began to consume my little woman in it's own way making her ever increasingly more aroused. I could see her nipples harden under her shirt getting marble like. Soon I would be watching and participating. Our dream of tag teaming my little woman and have Snake lady's true deep desire to eat my wife's pussy would be fulfilled.

Snake Lady would indeed find she was like a fruit from an island in both pleasure and taste. I had many times eaten my little momma I was going to watch and help

Snake Lady eat her pussy and make love to her.

Another secret fantasy I had longed to have a reality and now it was going to be just that! I took an opportune moment to get the whole thing started leaning over, soulfully kissing my Little Momma. Snake Lady scooted over, laid her hand on my wife's tiny firm and shapely thigh. Little Momma shivered. I broke our deep tongue kiss leaving my wife aroused as never before.

Snake Lady exposed our plan.

"Little Momma have you ever fantasized about being with another woman?"

Little Momma sat shivering knowing where this was heading as Snake lady's hand roamed up into her shorts.

"I-I have th-thought about it yeeyes," she stammered.

"I don't, I want, I don't know," was all she could say.

She looked at me as if to see my reaction to what was going on.

I said, "Why not explore your desires, if you want to do it then I'm ok with the two of you getting it on."

She shivered all over stammering, "I-I-d-don't know a- about th-this at all."

Snake Lady replied, "Have you ever thought about what it would feel like, little momma, to have your pussy eaten" Your old man says he loves eating your pussy. I have fantasized so much to myself I want to do it as well."

Instantly my wife silenced. I leaned over and whispered into her ear. She shivered with lustful thoughts.

Snake Lady began again " My tongue can do things to a woman's pussy that is seldom if ever again matched.

Only a woman knows a woman's pleasures spots." She went on, I can offer you so much pleasure if you will allow me to do so."

Little Momma squealed. Her little girl voice whimpering, "I-I-I wa-want to do I it bu-but I'm afraid to."

Seizing the moment, I told her it would be a pleasure to watch and help participate and do whatever she needed for her pleasure. I explained to her how I had fantasized about this for so long. She looked into

Snake Lady's eyes lustfully. Little Momma then in complete wantonness said, "I-I wa-want to bu-but wha- what I if I don't li-like it." Snake Lady broke right in, saying, "Little Momma if you do not like it. I will stop and that will be the end of that."

Both of us knew that once her tongue was on Little

Mommas small and juicy cunt there would no return. All of us would find only deep lustful pleasure of the moment and would fully participate to the ultimate end.

While I noticed both women lusting for each other wantonly, shivers of my own passion were building. I watched Little mommy's legs partially open as Snake lady's hand snaked ever more into her shorts and rubbed so gently and caressingly over my wife's thigh. I leaned back to her and again locked into a full passionate kiss with my wife as her legs opened ever more allowing Snake lady's hand to find its way to her neither regions.

Her fingers probed across my wife's beautiful and tiny but so heatedly swollen lips as she shivered all over and moaned. The soulful french kiss and the fingers on her vagina had primed for the taking. All inhibitions and guilt were all laid aside as the pure outright pleasure of Snake Lady's finger lightly rubbed her swollen and wanton lips.

"I think we need to take your little momma to the bedroom and pleasure her don't you think so old man," said Snake Lady as she got up and lifted my wife to her feet with her hand still under her shorts.

I broke the kiss with my wife and said, "Uh huh," and arose and helped little momma to her feet. We went to the bedroom where everything was carefully laid out and awaiting this very moment of pleasure for my Little


Our objective was in full swing. We led my Little Momma into the bedroom. We played with her butt and fondled her on the way in. Once in the room I stood with her and kissed her deeply. Snake Lady pushed her hands under my wife's shirt fondling her breasts and playing with the marbled nipples. I felt my wife shiver. She gave a little moan out as our kiss broke off. Snake

Lady leaned over feverishly tongue probing her mouth and causing my tiny wife to all but fold in pleasure as she was being kissed by another woman.

My own passion was building. I was getting an erection that was no longer possible to conceal. I wanted to throw my wife on the bed, take off our clothes and fuck her hard. I properly reserved the thought knowing I would have mine later after the lesbian session about to unfold between she and snake lady. While Snake Lady was exploring my wife's mouth with her tongue and deeply kissing her, I tugged and pulled off her shirt.

Snake Lady came up for air while my wife was so melted we had to all but hold her up to get her pants off.

When they dropped I heard my wife heavily and lustfully breathing in the heat of the moment. Now only her bra lay between she and Snake Lady. Reaching behind her I released the fasteners and it loosened so that her hard nipples and the rest of her small A cups were open to both Snake Lady and I.

Little Momma was fully exposed now. I saw snake lady looking lustfully taking in the shape and size of my wife's excitedly hardened nipples as she bent down to suck them. "Damn Little Momma you have some breasts that look like they belong on a twelve year old."

This in turn made my wife now half gasp knowing she was now being looked at sexually. No one other than I had ever looked and pleasured such firm tiny globes of flesh. Now it was her panties which I pulled down to expose even more of her pleasure ridden body. Snake

Lady's eyes watched intently waiting leering as a vulture leers at its feast.

She watched as my wife's perfectly half moon shaped upper mound began to be exposed the dark black hair ridden part just now coming into view. While I pulled down her panties, she was shaking with the lust of what was happening. Her cunt was wet and dripping dew. She was pleading to be allowed to lie down. Her knees were wobbly. All these things signaled to us she was wet and ready for the sexual venture ahead. We both gasped at the beautiful pouted lips that were before us.

She now stood perfectly and beautifully naked before her two pleasure seekers. Snake Lady had an evil sadistic look. She said, "Damn Little Momma! You are so damned young looking. I feel like a pedophile about to pleasure some young ass little girl.

If I didn't know your age I would be like, oh shit, this is surely jail bait. I know that is why your husband is attracted to you. Your small frame and youthfulness fulfill his sexual dreams. You are beautiful girl! The only thing that gives your age away is your stretch marks. You are going to be pleasured as never before."

We pushed her back onto the bed. The two of us standing over her trying to take in my wife's full gorgeous bronze body. She was panting with wantonness from the coke.

Her hands were roaming all over she was not able to wait for Snake Lady to get on the bed beside her. She was unable to stop playing with her nipples and her pubic hair.

"I want this hot little Mexican woman child first.

Before I dip into that cute twat I want to add to my pleasure by eating her," said Snake Lady.

"I am going to eat her now. I am going to suck and lick till she can't stand any more."

Snake Lady began to eat. I got on the bed and kissed her and played with her nipples. My wife was in ecstasy. She moaned and began to shake with pleasure.

Her clit was so swollen and it's dark pinkish like color mixed with her dark brown skin color made it show ever greatly and it's protruding little knob was all but throbbing before us as she lay heatedly panting like some bitch dog in heat awaiting a cock or anything to cure and satisfy her animal like desires.

She laid on the bed panting and breathing with heavily laden lustful breaths her tiny titties and chest rising and falling with heated labored breath. I kissed her with fevered intensity, as I heard her give out a deep in the soul, "NNNNGGH!" through our tongue twisting kiss.

I felt and noticed out of the corner of my eyes her legs open ever wider as I now saw snake lady's head buried between her legs and could tell she was indeed now at long last tasting the fruits of my wife's passion. My sadistic eyes looked down to see Snake Lady place her hands on the trembling dark brown thighs of my wife and push them up into the air; while I heard a combined slurping like sound and the mmmmmmm of Snake lady's loving, what I had so many times tasted myself, my wife's absolute tasty juices.

I felt the vibrations of my wife's own cry of moaning pleasure through our kiss. Her whole body trembled as the most powerful orgasm I had ever witnessed or been a part of with consumed her. I broke our heated passionate kiss and heard her gasp out as I looked down to see Snake Lady's mouth over my wife's entire cunt lips latching and sucking her clit while my wife stiffened with her intense orgasm.

I heard Snake Lady's tongue doing its bidding in her pussy, watched my wife's belly ripple and tremble as she squirmed wildly about. Then gasping for air she completely and totally collapsed. Her orgasms were multiple and seemed to go on and on. Her pussy was so wet she dripped down her thighs.

Finally I saw snake lady move her head back her lips and chin covered with the juices of my wife's powerful orgasm. While my wife lay limply heavy heated labored breath from her orgasms, Snake Lady looked up at me from her fully soaked mound and said "Damn old man your woman came like crazy. Your right that pussy is the best I've ever had. It's time for her next pleasure.

She stood up leaving Little Momma open and slightly gapped. The next part of her passion was about to begin...

I will write another chapter of this story if all find this to be an erotic story. Otherwise I may or may not finish this tale. My secret will remain with me unless

I hear from you, dear reader. My wife's passion for not only another woman's pleasure for her; But other things as well came "Alive" that night, and the next day!

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