The Coin Collection

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: : He was set up.

Try to imagine this. You come home from work, park your car in the garage, and walk through the door that connects the house to the garage as you call out "Honey, I'm home." The door closes behind you before you see two men with guns and next to them you see your frightened wife tied to one of the swivel stools at the breakfast bar that separates the kitchen from the family room. She appears to be unhurt, but she has duct tape across her mouth. One of the men waves his gun at you and says:

"Be quiet, listen, and do what we tell you to do and you will get out of this unhurt."

That was the nightmare that I walked in on, but to understand what was going on you need to know the story that led up to it.

I met Annie when I stopped in at my insurance agency to talk to my agent. I had just acquired a 2009 series ten dollar gold coin which was graded MS 70 and I needed to add it to the insurance policy that I had on my collection. My great-grandfather had begun saving gold and silver coins because he did not trust paper currency and when he died he passed on his horde of gold and silver to my grandfather who added to it. When he died my dad got the collection and then it came to me.

When Franklin Roosevelt ordered the confiscation of gold in 1933 my grandfather had said in effect "Fuck you!" and he had hidden the collection. My father had kept it hidden also, but he had started adding to it only by then it wasn't just coins he collected, it was gold. He added some krugerrands, Canadian gold Maple Leafs and even a British golden Crown that he had found somewhere and he moved the collection to a bank safe deposit box.

Just before cancer took him he gave the collection to me and told me to keep quiet about it or it would come under some kind of tax and would also let the government know where it was. He had inherited my grandfather's fear of government confiscation. His position was that the government had done it once so it would be likely to do it again someday if the economy went to hell like it had during the Great Depression. I didn't suffer from the same paranoia so a year after my father died I had the collection appraised and then I insured it. While I didn't inherit dad's paranoia I did inherit the 'gold bug' and I started collecting gold coins. The collection I had was valued at just over two hundred thousand.

I was leaving my agent's office when I saw Annie sitting at a desk and my heart started racing. She wasn't all that beautiful, but she had an aura about her — an aura that said, "Take me, I'm yours" and I wanted to go over to her, throw her over my shoulder and run for my cave. I decided that I had to take the chance. I'd been shot down before and it hadn't killed me. I walked over to her desk and said:

"Hi. My name is Rob Daltry and I just could not leave here without asking you to have a drink or a cup of coffee with me."

"You are in luck Rob Daltry. I'm Annie and I have a thing for guys who go after what they want. I get off at four. I'll meet you out front."

We hit it off and dated for the next six months and then I asked her to marry me and she said yes.

The next six years were among the happiest of my life. A wife I loved, a job that suited me just fine and then my perfect life came under attack. The company sent me to Salt Lake City for a week of training. The second day I was back I got off work and there was an envelope under the windshield wiper on the driver's side of my car. Inside the envelope were two photos that had obviously been taken by a cell phone camera and a typewritten note. The note said:

"The man's name is Alan Pendergast and she left with him."

The first photo showed Annie kissing the man and she had her arms around his neck and he had his hands on her ass. I recognized the setting. It was the Alhambra Lounge. The second one showed her with her tits out of her dress and the man's mouth on the left one. It was like a blow to my stomach. I staggered and then I threw up all over the side of the car. It took me several minutes to get myself under control. I opened the trunk and found a rag to clean my face and then I got into the car and headed for a gas station with a car wash.

When I walked into the house Annie smiled and ran to me to take me in her arms. I pushed her away and when she asked, "What's wrong Rob" I dropped the note and the pictures on the breakfast bar and then just stood there looking at her. She looked from me to the breakfast bar and then she went over and looked at the pictures. Her hand flew to her mouth and she cried out:

"Oh my God no; please God no" and she started crying and tears ran down her cheeks. "No Rob, no. I didn't Rob; honest to God I didn't. It isn't what it looks; I swear Rob, it isn't what it looks like. Please Rob. You have to believe me. You have to. You just have to."

"How could it not be what I think Annie? That is you in the pictures."

"No it isn't Rob; that isn't really me. That is a woman who was drunk out of her mind and who didn't know what she was doing and what was being done to her. The woman in those pictures was not only drunk; she had been drugged. That is not me Rob; that is not the real me."

I loved Annie and I was sure that she loved me so I gave her a chance to tell me what had happened. Four of her girlfriends who knew that I was out of town asked Annie to meet them after work for drinks. They had dinner and then they hit a lounge where they happened to have live music. Naturally five attractive women drew male attention and men were asking them to dance and were buying them drinks. Annie, Cora and Carol were married and knew that they would be going home alone, but Sally and Martha were single and open to being picked up by the 'right' guy. They settled on two guys and the guys were invited to join the group at the table and then it snowballed as the guy's buddies came over and several tables got shoved together.

Annie was kept on the dance floor and every time she came back to the table there was a fresh drink waiting for her and from the effect they were having on her she later came to believe that they were probably doubles. Somewhere along the way someone must have slipped something into one of her drinks.

"I don't remember kissing that man Rob. I don't remember my breasts being bared. Some how I lost an hour or two. I remember being on the dance floor and then the next thing I remembered was Carol and Cora dragging me away from some guy who had me on the back seat of his car. Cora hit him with something and Carol was hollering that she was going to call the police. Carol wanted to take me to the hospital for a blood test to prove I was drugged so she could send the cops after the guy, bur Cora wouldn't let her."

"Why in the hell not?"

"It was at the same time that the girl up in Connecticut had been drugged and gang raped on the pool table in the bar and even though the guys were guilty their lawyer made the girl look like trash and Cora didn't want that to happen to me."

"Did he fuck you?"

"I don't think so. He had my panties off of me and I think he was just pushing into me when Carol and Cora got there. I can't swear for sure, but I don't think he actually fucked me."

"Were you going to tell me about it?"

She looked away from me and softly said, "No."

"Why not?"

"Because I was ashamed. Because I didn't want you to know how stupid I had been and behaved."

"You behaved stupidly?"

"I was out with my girlfriends to have a drink or two and relax and there was also the fact that I really didn't want to go home and be alone. When the men started moving in on our group I should have gotten up and left. I'm not naïve; I knew what they were hoping for. I knew that they weren't going to get it, but even so I should have gotten up and gone home. Instead I fell into that "Just one more and then I have got to go" mode and it kept on being "just one more." I felt so damned guilty the next morning. It was my own fault that I got into that situation and I didn't want you to ever know."

I loved her; I trusted her and I could see how it happened so we put it behind us. Well, that wasn't strictly true. I have always been a strong believer of "Trust, but verify" and on separate occasions I 'ran across' Carol and Cora and thanked both of them for coming to Annie's aid. Cora said:

"I'm just glad we got there in time to keep that asshole from actually doing Annie."

Carol said, "I'm just sorry that I didn't have a knife with me. I would have cut the bastard's balls off."

Once Annie and I had settled back into our relationship I started pressing her to start a family. Before we had married we had talked about kids and Annie had said that while she did want kids she wasn't in any hurry to tie herself down.

"We need to go places and do things Rob. We need to spend some time enjoying each other before saddling ourselves with the huge responsibilities that children bring."

When I started suggesting that it was time I could see that she was reluctant and she kept giving me reasons why it shouldn't be right away like:

"If I get pregnant now I'll be going into the hot months of June, July and August seven, eight and nine months pregnant and I'd be miserable carrying all that weight in the heat.'

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