Moonlight Serenade
Chapter 1

Mike Kinkaid sat in the high school Commons, watching his dream girl, Michelle Jones, talking to her friends. Michelle was most high school boys' fantasy girl. She was the head cheerleader, tall and with a figure that made her look like a walking wet dream. Furthermore, it didn't hurt that her parents were the richest people in town. Her father was the town banker and her mother was the head of the social set.

Mike let out a sigh. He knew he didn't have a chance with her. He was one of the invisible people; not really belonging to any of the social sets of the high school. He wasn't one of the A-crowd; the athletes, the nerds, the brains, or one of the stoners. He was just your average Joe. He was a B student. Not really excelling anywhere, he was just common. His parents were middle-class. He didn't drive a fancy car, and he had to work for any spending money he needed. One thing that he did excel at was that he was very mechanically inclined. He was the one that if something was broken or your car needed to be fixed, he was the one everyone came to.

Mike was just sitting there daydreaming when he felt someone lay his hand on his shoulder. Turning, he discovered it was Chuck Johnson, his best friend. Chuck had been his best friend since the second grade and was also his next-door neighbor.

"I see you're sitting here gazing at Michelle again. Man, if Brad Davis sees you doing that, he's going to pound you into a greasy wet spot."

Mike looked at his friend. Chuck was everything that Mike was not. He was tall and stocky in comparison to Mike's average looks. He was also a straight A student, and was a defensive tackle on the school football team as well as the pitcher on the baseball team. His parents were equally important middle-class like Mike's but that didn't seem to make much difference. He could go out with any girl he wanted, but he never seemed to want just one of the girls more than two weeks at a time. Since he also had to work for any spending money, Mike had helped get him a job down at Jupiter Auto Wrecking pulling parts and stripping cars.

Most people couldn't see what they had in common and couldn't figure out why they hung out together so long. Was it just because they were neighbors? However, it seemed as if they'd been best friends forever. If someone was ever picking on Mike, you found Chuck there backing him up.

Just about then Brad Davis came strolling over and draped his arm around Michelle's shoulders in a sign of possession, letting everyone know that she was his girl, and they'd better keep away.

Michelle shrugged his arm off of her shoulder and said. "Get your damn hands off me. I get sick and tired of you always pawing me! Sure you take me out to parties and movies, but it seems that once we get there you just want to hang out with your friends! I feel like you're just taking me for granted! You never show me any type of romance! I'm just arm candy to you!"

"Baby, don't be that way! You know I love you, and I want to be with you." Brad said.

"If you don't start paying more attention to me and less hanging out with your buddies, then we are through! I want a little more romance and less of this macho bullshit of yours!" Michelle exclaimed.

Hearing all this that Mike is thinking maybe he had a chance. He could be romantic if given the chance. He would just have to wait and see. He knew that Brad would screw up and then Michelle would dump him

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