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Desc: Sex Story: I finally caught on.

I was staring at Dale with as much hatred as I could muster at that early an hour. He was young, dumb and full of cum and I was forced to sit and listen to his telling and retelling of every last little thing that had to do with his sex life. He wasn't really a bad kid, but when my sex life was in the toilet I didn't need to be hearing all about his. My sex life had gone to hell and it wasn't a gradual thing either. One week I was getting laid six and seven times a week and the next week it went to two times a week, usually on a Saturday or a Sunday, and only if she wasn't too tired. And the worst part of it was that it could be a year or even two before I got back to what I considered normal.

Heidi worked nine to five as a legal secretary and she decided that she wanted to become a paralegal. She signed up for classes at the community college and was taking those classes five nights a week. By the time she gets home from school I'm in bed sleeping. I'm up and gone by six-thirty in the morning so in effect we do not see each other until the weekend. The upside is that we are so happy to see each other that we almost never argue about anything and even though I wasn't happy about it I was adjusting to a sex on the weekend only routine. The only fly in the ointment was having to sit in the office and listen to Dale and the other guys talk about their sex lives.

Dale, being single, was out looking for pussy every night and he didn't appear to be all that selective about where he got it. He picked up girls in bars and prostitutes off the street. He dated girls from his church group and chased after married women. If it had a hole and he though he could get into it he went for it. His latest thing was massage parlors. He had been raving about the fantastic blow jobs he was getting from the girls at some of the parlors and this pissed me off no end. Heidi gave fantastic head and I missed getting it nightly. One day Dale came to work and told us that his days of bouncing from massage parlor to massage parlor were over.

"Last night I found the mouth of my dreams at the Apollo Massage parlor. This girl could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose. And good looking? God only knows what a fox like her is doing giving out blow jobs in a massage parlor. I can only afford to see her three times a week, but from now on she is the only one I am going to see."

For the next two weeks the girl, Mitzi, was the only thing he could talk about. He finally convinced one of the other guys to go with him and see just how special this Mitzi was. Then I had to listen to Dale and Jim talk about her. Steve was the next one to get curious and then after him Bob and Ray went and now the whole office is a Mitzi fan club. The only holdouts were Charley and me. I enjoy a good blow job as much as the next man, but I was a happily married man and a faithful one at that. Besides, I sincerely doubted that anyone could give me better head than I got from Heidi. Finally Charlie succumbed to the sirens call of Mitzi's magic mouth leaving me as the only hold out.

Almost overnight the guys in the office stopped talking about Mitzi. About the same time, although I didn't notice it right away, several of the guys in the office began to seem uncomfortable around me. It took a while to register on me, but conversations would stop when I approached. People who were talking would stop and walk away and I began to hear snatches of conversations, " ... think he knows?" and " ... gets away with it." I also heard " ... names not Mitzi" and " ... to keep Rob from..." That one really got my attention because I'm Rob. To keep Rob from what? I got a partial answer one day when I was in the supply room. I was on the floor behind the copy machine trying to find out why it wasn't getting any power when I heard:

"Think we can get her to fuck us to keep it quiet?"

"I don't know if we should push our luck. I'd hate to lose the free blow jobs."

"Yeah, but if she really wants to keep Ro..." and I heard a door close. I can't swear that the man was going to say Rob, but with everything else I'd heard I surely suspected it. If it was Rob then the only "she" they could be talking about was Heidi. What would Heidi be hiding from me that would be worth free blow jobs? No, it couldn't possibly be Heidi that they were talking about and "Ro..." must have been Ronald or something like that. Still, my curiosity had been aroused and curiosity can be a very insidious thing and it can work its way into your mind and root around until you are forced to satisfy it.

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