Agony or Ecstasy

by niteowluk99

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Zoophilia, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, DomSub, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A Yopung woman fantasises about taking a dog as a lover but her boyfriend misreads the signs and introduces her to his incestuous aunt; when the misunderstanding is cleared up the aunt proves useful in helping the young woman get her wish.

Jemma had a problem; oh not a life threatening problem but still a problem that was causing her heart ache in her everyday life! Every time she saw a dog she instantly became wet between the legs and began fantasising about the dog taking her as its bitch; strange thing was it did not have to be a male dog she saw!

From the age of sixteen she had begun experiencing these feelings and day dreams; and now as a twenty one year old; the urges and day dreams were getting stronger and she was struggling now to control those feelings.

Jemma's new boyfriend of two weeks; jack was expert at wheedling personal details from his string of girlfriends; always he used the information to his own perverted ends; When he began dating Jemma it was because another guy had told him she was weird and how a couple of times while out on a date he saw her staring at a woman walking her dog and she began sweating whilst trembling; the sweats and shivers disappeared after the woman had gone.

Suspecting that Jemma had a thing about older women and was bisexual; So he began pursuing Jemma with a view to getting her fucking an old woman on video tape so he could sell copies on the internet. In the past Jack had earned quite a good living from exactly that; selling homemade porno tapes via the internet and always without any overheads of paying the stars.

It had taken him almost three weeks of approaching and befriending Jemma before he had taken the chance to ask her out; now because Jack was a bit of a hunk; so the ladies said; she had found it hard to understand his interest in her for she was no oil painting. Jemma was four foot eleven inches tall; slightly awkward about her height and weight for she felt she was slightly overweight; which helped disguise her largish tits; 40 DD to be exact. While she was slightly plump she did have a very pretty face; again she hid the fact by poorly administered make-up.

Eventually she agreed to a date hoping that it would be a one off; Jack played his ace card and took her to the park; sitting on a park bench he watched as a woman and a dog walked along the path only three feet from Jemma; once more the sight of the Labrador had her pulse racing; her cunt juicing up and her face flushing. All Jack saw was the old woman in her late fifties and of course the effects on Jemma; he asked her if she was alright and she put him off by saying she was fine; His skills in extracting the information he sought immediately kicked in and he began probing.

She was a fine looking woman he said, Jemma simply responded with Oh was she I did not notice; Jack immediately thought this was a cover up and pushed further; "Well I thought her large bust looked really well defined and very nice!" he added.

"Oh right; lucky lady!" Jemma responded.

Then Jack leaned into Jemma and said, "Wouldn't you like to have a session with that though!" meaning her and the woman but Jemma read it as her and the dog and before she realised she had clearly nodded. Jack laughed and said "I can arrange that easily although it may not be with that particular one!"

Jemma found herself answering "Oh would you!"

Jack jumped at the chance and replied, "It will take a few days to arrange but I will do it on one condition; I can be there to see it!"

Jemma readily agreed and hoped that once she had done it; the fantasy would stop completely and she could get on with the rest of her life.

Three days later Jack told her it was all arranged and she should meet him at 7 pm and he would take her to where it would all happen. As arranged she met him and walked the short distance to a grand old house set in its own yard. Jemma listened intently but could not hear the yapping of a playful dog or anything resembling it; but still she thought maybe the dog is well trained and therefore not noisy.

After knocking on the door; Jack turned to Jemma and said, "You know this must be our secret and must never be discussed with anyone else!"

"Of course; what do you take me for? Do you really think I want it to go around that I did this?" she responded.

Suddenly the door opened and a middle aged lady bade them enter; "Welcome; Nephew" was the first thing the woman said followed by, "Who do we have here then?" It suddenly hit Jemma that the reason he was so scared about people finding out was because this was his own aunt; Half of Jemma felt relieved and half felt scared; she felt relieved because if his aunt was into animals then it could not be seen as being so bad; but she felt scared because what sort of family shares these desires so openly.

Having been led into a large room; the old woman now introduced as Maggie; turned her attention to Jemma; "Well let the dog see the rabbit?" she said and the mere mention of the word Dog made Jemma's pulse race and her skin tingle. Jemma did a twirl for the old woman who licked her lips and said, "Well why don't you make yourself comfortable and remove your clothing?" half expecting Jack to turn and leave the room to fetch the dog Jemma did exactly that and soon stood there in just bra and panties. Self conscious of the fact that there was a clear cunt juice stain on her powder blue panties Jemma tried to hide it.

Still Jack stood watching and the only relieving aspect was that when Jemma turned and looked at the woman she was already down to just her own lacy panties; her large sagging tits hanging with cherry red hard nipples. She showed no signs of embarrassment in front of Jack so this eased Jemma's own concerns. Two minutes later both Jemma and Maggie were stark naked; Maggie patted a space beside her on the sofa and turning to Jack she said; "Come on Jack you are not normally this slow!"

Jemma began to think something was not quite right as instead of turning to fetch the animal like she expected; Jack raced out of his own clothes; Jemma reasoned that maybe this was to show obedience to the alpha dog and watched nervously for Jack to leave the room. However he did not; instead he joined the two women on the sofa; As Jemma now looked around for a possible way of the dog getting into the room the old woman dropped her hand onto Jemma's tit and sought out her hard nipple; Maggie comment on how soft the girls skin felt and how hard the nipple was; and asked if she could taste her nipple.

A shocked Jemma simply nodded and then asked, "Where is the dog, Maggie?"

Maggie suddenly sat straight up and asked, "What dog, sweetheart?"

"The dog that I was brought her to mate with?" Jemma answered.

"But you were brought here to mate with me, Silly Girl!" Maggie informed her.

Then both women looked at Jack and together said, "Jack what has been said?"

Jack shifted in his seat before her replied, "But at the park when the old lady passed you got so sexually excited and I thought that when you said that the woman was a fine looking woman and about her large bust; you agreed you would like a session with something like that; so I spoke to my Aunt and she agreed because my aunt likes women as well as men!"

Maggie then asked, "Jack what else was there with the woman you saw?"

"Nothing she was alone!" he responded.

"She was not alone!" cried Jemma, "She was walking her Black Labrador!"

Maggie put her arm around Jemma and said, "Men, they can be so insensitive at times! So it was the dog that caused the flushed complexion and the rapid breathing; my dear!" Maggie gently enquired.

An almost tearful Jemma simply nodded; "Never mind love, tell you what if you indulge my fantasy now then tomorrow I will borrow a dog and you can indulge yours then?" she asked

"But I have never been with another woman and I don't know if I could!" Jemma answered honestly.

"Just put yourself in my hands; my little lesbian virgin and we will see how it goes!" Maggie suggested "and besides Jack is here if we need a stiff prick!" she added. As if to reinforce that statement she called Jack over and took Jemma's hand placing it on Jack's cock. Automatically Jemma closed her fist around the hard piece of meat and began stroking it; "That's it baby; you play with his cock while I play with you!" Maggie gently said.

The first thing Jemma realised was when she felt the gentle touch of Maggie's fingers against her swollen cunt lips; quickly followed by her mouth on Jemma's nipple; jack was not to be out done as his hand was a blur between his aunt's spread legs and his mouth was pulling hard on her sagging tit.

No matter how much Jemma tried to relax it just did not seem right to her although to be honest when Maggie actually started licking at her cunt she did respond by gushing her juices all over the woman's face. Jack then eased his cock from Jemma's grip and while Maggie was on her back pulling Jemma into a sixty nine position he managed to get behind Jemma and when her attention was distracted by Maggie's mouth on her cunt and hands pulling Jemma's mouth down onto her own cunt; Jack struck; he pressed his cock against Jemma's tight virgin anal ring and just kept pushing until he settled with his balls pressed against Jemma's arse cheeks.

Jemma tried to scream out as the pain ripped through her but Maggie's wet cunt acted as a silencer and all that was heard was muffled grunts; Waiting for Jemma to relax; Jack managed to get a hand in to pinch and pull on his own aunts nipples. The wave of pain began to subside for Jemma and was rapidly being replaced by the intense feeling of lust as Jack began seesawing his cock into her arse; Maggie's expert tongue flicking against her clit notched the intense passion even higher and Jemma even began imitating Maggie's own actions with some varied degree of success.

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