Their Slave
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Reluctant, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple move to a new town. The wife meets some new friends and they get invited to a party. The husband is in for a shock. This changes their lives as he becomes their slave

I am a thirty two year old married man whose life has changed dramatically in the last three months. I am five feet and four inches tall and weigh one hundred and thirty pounds so I am fairly small by any ones standards. My wife Susan is twenty-nine, five feet one inch tall, has a 34b-22-34 figure which she keeps trim by going to the gym and weighs in at about one hundred pounds. She has long dark hair and an attractive face. We have been married for eight years.

About fifteen months ago I had the chance of a good promotion at work. The biggest problem was that it meant a move to a town over two hundred miles from where we lived. Susan and I talked it over but quickly came to the conclusion that we had to move. At the time Susan was in a dead end job with poor pay and little chance of promotion.

Within three weeks of us moving to our new home Susan managed to get a job in the offices of a fairly large company. This job seemed to do Susan good, she became more confident, more fun (both in and out of bed) and be began to take more interest and pride in herself. She also made several new friends at her place of work. Every thing seemed to be going well in our lives.

Three months ago Elaine, one of the women Susan worked with, invited us to a party. When we arrived we were introduced to the five couples that made up the gathering. I didn't know any of them but Susan knew all of the women, as she worked with them, and seemed to know some of their husbands. The first couple of hours past like most such parties with people making small talk, drinking and eating the bits put out by the hostess. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary of different from any of the other parties we had been to in our old hometown. Then Elaine announced that it was time to play 'find the slave'.

Elaine gave us all a card with six items of cloths on. She explained that the slave was the one whose card matched the one she had. We had to go around and find out what colour clothing each person had on their card and, every five minutes, Elaine would tell us the colour of one of the items of clothing worn by the slave. The person who identified the slave would be the master, or mistress for the rest of the night. I didn't know what would happen but joined in circulating with the others trying to identify what each person had on their card. After fifteen minutes Elaine had given us three of the six items. Carol, a small rounded red haired thirty-something -year-old woman, announced that she knew who the slave was. I couldn't see how she could be so sure as I knew that at least three of the women and one of the man matched the description, and so did I. Carol pointed to Angela and said she was the slave. Elaine asked the two women to stand before us. Elaine explained the strip of paper that was stuck to the top of the cards would tell who was the slave and that if Angela's revealed the word 'slave' Carol was right otherwise Carol would have to submit to a forfeit set by Angela's husband. Slowly Elaine unstuck the paper. Every one waited with bated breath would Angela, a tall dark haired women aged about twenty five be tonight's slave?

Elaine held up the card for all to see. There, under the paper, was the word 'free man'. Carol was wrong it wasn't Angela. Simon, Angela's husband came forward to set his forfeit. He told Carol to hand him her knickers. I was now beginning to see what sort of a party this was going to be! Carol went a bit red, put her hands under her dress and pulled down a pair of black lacy French knickers. They were greeted with a cheer as she tossed them to Simon.

Five minutes later Elaine announced the colour of another item of the slaves clothing. This time no one made a guess; I knew that at least one woman and one man matched the description along with me. Five minutes later and the man was knocked out. Karen, the woman who still matched, decided that she had nothing to loose by declaring that I was the slave.

Karen is thirty-four, has short light brown hair, she is five feet ten tall and has a full figure. Elaine called Karen and me up before the others. She took my card and removed the piece of paper. There for all to see was the word 'slave'. This was greeted with loud cheers from both the men and it was me! I was to be the slave, Karen would be my mistress. I had no idea what this meant but I was soon to find out.

Karen looked around at the others in the room. She asked them if they were ready for the fun to begin. The response was unanimous, I'm sure I could hear my wife, Susan, loud above the others as they answered Karen in the affirmative. Karen stood close to me, she towered over me, looked down at me and told me to strip. I just stood not knowing what to do, I'd never been in this sort of position before, I'd never even dreamt of stripping in front of a group of people. Susan put a stop to my hesitation by shouting at me to do as I had been told and made a grab for my trouser belt. As Susan undid my belt I felt Karen pulling my tee shirt up. I was powerless to do anything as the others helped them to remove my clothing. I had never been in this sort of position before. As my underpants came off there was a roar of laughter. I had a full erection. One of the women told Susan that they could now see what she had been complaining about, she said it was the smallest prick she had ever seen. One of the others added that she had seen plenty but none that small. I went red with embarrassment.

Karen let the women ridicule me for some time before announcing that as I hadn't obeyed her first instruction and had to be helped to undress I would receive four swats of the paddle from each of the women. I was bent over a table Elaine produced a broad leather paddle and each of the six women, including Susan, gave me four whacks with it. I had never been hit by anything since my childhood and gasped more and more as the heat built up on my backside.

Karen turned me back round to face the others. Carol asked Susan if I was any good with my tongue. Susan replied that I was. Carol seemed please at this and asked Karen if she could find out first as she was already knickerless. Karen agreed, but to what I didn't yet know. I was told to lie on the floor then Carol lifted up her skirt and brought her fanny down towards my face. Before Carol made contact Karen told me that I had two minutes to prove my worth and make Carol come. Carol brought her lightly haired cunt down to my mouth. I like to think I am good at oral sex and began to lick and kiss Carol's cunt and clitty. Carol was already aroused before I started and soon I could hear her sighs as my tongue flicked her clit. I kissed and sucked her until she came and collapsed over me.

When Carol got up Karen announced that it had taken me three minutes twenty seconds, not very good considering how turned on Carol had been before I started. She announced that Carol could give me five more swats with the paddle. I was made to bend over and Carol whacked the leather paddle down on my already sore arse five more times.

When I was allowed to stand up and turn round one of the women said that she had read that male porno stars shave their pubic hair to make their cocks look bigger and wondered if that would make mine look less small. The others picked up the comment and decided to give it a try. I was laid on my back on the table. Elaine produced a small pair of scissors; I was warned to keep still as one of the women trimmed my hair as close as she could. Once she was satisfied I heard a gentle buzzing as a small electric razor was used to shave away the short hair that was left. One of the men suggested that they should do a proper job and shave by arse hole as well. My legs were lifted over my head and spread to allow the razor access to the hair around my anus. No one had inspected my arse hole this close before. I had always felt it was a very private place. Now here were a group of strangers not only seeing it but also shaving the hair from around it.

I was now completely bold around my anal and pubic area my little prick still stood up hard. The women considered my new state and discussed as to whether they had made me look any bigger. They felt that as they were working from such a poor start anything would be an improvement.

Over the next half an hour or so I was made to tongue three of the other women, not Susan or Karen, to orgasm as they knelt over me. Each time I was set a time limit to achieve my goal and each time I failed and received a paddling for my shortcomings. Then Karen said that it was her tern. She removed her skirt and panties to reveal that she had a shaven cunt. She sat in a chair and ordered me to get on my knees before her. She told Susan to pick up a cane that had appeared in the room and to start canning my backside once every ten seconds once I had had two minutes to make her come. I put my head between Karen's thighs and began to lick and kiss her. It's impossible to even attempt to keep time in such a situation so I had no idea who long I had been at my task until I felt a sharp pain shoot across my upturned backside. I felt the cane bite six more times before I sensed Karen come.

I was made to serve more drinks and some bits of food to every one the Karen announced that it was Susan's turn to come. I was told to lie on a long coffee table, which was about two feet six wide. My arms were grabbed and tied down to the table, as were my legs. Susan stood on the table above me and the others gathered round. Then my little, shy wife of eight years who wouldn't sun bathe topless, began to remove her cloths. As each item was slowly removed it was greeted with cheers. Once nude she lowered her self down so that she was kneeling over my face. I could see her fanny open and glistening with her wetness, as could any one else stood above my head. I was waiting for her to lower her self down so that I could lick her like I had the other five women.

Susan wiggled her bottom and asked who would be first, then Simon came into view minus his clothes. His hard erect prick was nearly twice as long as mine and thicker. Simon took hold of Susan's thighs and guided his prick up my wife's wet eager pussy. All I could do was watch. Here was a man I had never met screwing my wife right above my face. I nearly cried. No one apart from me had done this since we had been together. As Simon slid his prick in and out of Susan's fanny I could hear her making noises I had never heard. It didn't take long before Susan gave a loud gasp and came. Simon wasn't far behind and pumped his seed into my wife's eager cunt.

Once Simon pulled out, spilling some of his come onto my face, I saw an even thicker prick waiting to take his place. Len the owner of this thick cock slipped into Susan's very wet hole. He screwed her hard and deep brining Susan even more pleasure. She was no longer gasping but shouting with pleasure. She said Len was reaching places she had never felt before. Len didn't take long and pulled his prick out as he came. His first shot landed on Susan's arse, his second hit her open fanny and slipped down onto me. His third lot landed right on my mouth. There were people all around me shouting at me to lick it up, I meekly put out my tongue and obeyed tasting another man's spunk for the first time.

Len moved away and his place was taken by Mark. Mark's prick was much slimmer than Len's. Mark said that he wouldn't be able to feel the sides of Susan's cunt after Len had been there so he would put it somewhere else. He told me to lick his prick and get it nice and wet. I hesitated but someone caught hold of my balls and squeezed them. I opened my mouth and Mark slipped his prick just inside. I couldn't see what was happening to Susan but could hear her moaning. Mark withdrew his now wet prick from my mouth. I could now see that someone had put some grease around Susan's anus, surely Mark wasn't going to fuck here there. As far as I knew she had never had a prick up her arse. Mark soon stopped my doubting as he placed his prick on her anus and pushed. At first Susan relaxed then she pushed back and I saw Mark's prick disappear into my wife. Once in Mark let Susan get used to this new feeling before sliding his prick in and out. He started slowly but soon built up his rhythm. It didn't take Mark long to come and pump his spunk into Susan's bowels. As Mark pulled out Susan moved forwards. As his prick slid out of Susan's arse I could see that it remained open and his spunk seeped out.

There was a bit of a break in proceedings whilst Susan got her breath back. Susan sat back on her heals with her dripping pussy inches above my face. Three different men's love juices were now mingling together and falling onto my face. Alan was the next guy to undress. His prick wasn't as large as any of the others Susan had had that night. He decided he wanted Susan to turn round and give him a blowjob right over my face. Susan quickly obliged Alan and I was soon watching another man fucking Susan's mouth. It seemed as though Alan wanted to take his time. Eventually Alan came in Susan's mouth, something she had never let me do. Susan let Alan slip out then bent her head towards mine and kissed me full on the mouth. She forced her tongue into my mouth and let Alan's spunk slip from her mouth into mine.

Susan had now serviced four men whilst I could only watch. She looked very flushed and satisfied; I had never seen her look like this in eight years of marriage. There was only Ian left to come and I wondered how Susan would deal with him. It seemed like an age before I saw Ian approaching the table. He said that the others had used four different holes for their pleasure but that he had had his eye on somewhere different ever since I had been shaved. He than asked two of the women to untie my legs and lift them up towards my chest. I screamed out an objection as I felt him apply some grease to my arse hole but it was to no avail Ian pushed his prick into my virgin arse hole. Alan's act was greeted with great whoops of glee from all the others, even Susan seemed happy at my distress. At first I felt pain then I began to feel a pleasant sensation as his prick rubbed against my prostate gland. Susan lent forward and I could see Ian kissing her tits. I now felt totally humiliated and used as well as disgusted with myself for still having an erection. Alan soon got into his rhythm and fucked my arse hard until he came and collapsed on top of me. Susan looked down on me and laughed.

Alan withdrew his cock from my arse and the two women who were holding my legs lifted them higher over my head, my own cock was now only inches above my face. Karen untied my arms and told me to start wanking myself off. She picked up the cane and whacked it down across my upturned backside. The others were shouting at me to come on my own face. The cane whipped down again and Karen told me she would keep hitting me until I came. Frantically I stroked my cock until at last I came and spurted my own spunk onto my face. Susan put her hand out and wiped my come towards my mouth. She forced my mouth open and I had no choice but to eat my own come.

At last they let my legs down and I lay helpless on the table. The others replaced their discarded cloths but I had to remain naked for the rest of the evening. When we left I was given back my trousers and shirt, but no underpants. As we left each of the men kissed Susan and had a grope of her. When we got home I collapsed on the bed and was soon asleep.

The next morning I woke up feeling randy. I reached for Susan and started to stroke her body. As soon as she woke up she asked me what I thought I was doing. She told me that now knew what she was missing every time I fucked her with my small cock and that I would not be allowed to do so again. From now she would get her cock from one of the others, I could lick her from time to time and she would let me toss my self off IF I was good. I didn't know what to say. Susan had made it sound so final I couldn't argue with her. I now have to accept any of the men coming and having sex with Susan whenever they want it. Often the man will bring his wife with him. I usually have to perform oral sex of the woman whist the husband is fucking Susan. Once fucked Susan likes oral sex and I end up liking another man's come from my wife's fanny.

Every four weeks a party is held where I am the slave for the evening. I have to serve drinks, food and any sexual favours demanded of me. I am whipped, caned and usually buggered at these parties whilst Susan is publicly fucked. At some point in the evening I have to bring myself off over my face. I don't enjoy this new way of life but I feel helpless to change it.

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