Help From Star City
Prologue: The Meeting in Star City

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Superhero, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Cousins, Niece, Aunt, Light Bond, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Prostitution,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Prologue: The Meeting in Star City - Third story in Ms Americana series. The Star City heroines arrive in Delta City to find and free their sister heroines.

Jessica Armstrong called the meeting in Armstrong Manor to order as she looked around her Dining Room table at the heroines gathered there. At the table sat Chloe Hamilton, the daughter of the Star City Police Chief and her sidekick, Comet Girl. Next to her were Ashlyn Hamilton and her daughter Nanette cousins to Chloe and the heroines Mrs. Confederate and Southern Girl. Beside them was Victoria Chaste, Ashlyn's friend and a lawyer, known as Puritan. Also at the table was Moira Jones, her former partner, TV reporter and Ebony Avenger, Midori Lee, police officer and Green Hornette and Isabelle Casta, waitress and Mystique Maiden.

Mrs. Confederate, Southern Girl and Puritan formed the nucleus of the heroine group Southern Justice while the others, and Jessica as Solar Woman, formed the group Dusk to Dawn.

"I want to bring everyone up to speed on what I think happened in Delta City," Jessica said. But first I'd like to thank Chloe for getting her cousins Ashlyn and Nanette here, with their friend Victoria. I'm sure their help will be valuable to us. About a month ago the District Attorney in Delta City, Angela Greer, contacted me asking for our help. She didn't explain the problem and so when I got her voice mail when I returned her call, I told her to contact Brenda Wade because Brenda could get in touch with me at anytime. When I didn't hear from Brenda I thought the problem had been solved and put it out of my mind. But now the state bill to legalize prostitution in Delta City and have the government run it that was rejected in the Capitol, has been passed by the Delta City Council and County Board of Commissioners. This new law has the prostitution being run in two main bordellos in town. One was once Wade Manor and the other was Morgan Manor. That means something must have happened to Brenda Wade and Axanna Morgan. That also places a shadow on the whereabouts and safety of Summer Morgan and Lydia Wills, Brenda's charge. Moira was to contact Tanya O'Donnel up there but has not been able to do so. On top of this Angela Greer has not been seen in public since the day of the killings of the City Mayor, Chief of Police, Senator Groves and Representative Vale. We all know who these women were, along with Anita Jackson and Yumi Wong, who also seem to have disappeared.

The backers of the new law were the new Mayor, Ramon Prize, and Chief of Police Tony Romano. According to what I remember from talking to Brenda, and what Moira learned from Tonya's news station, Ramon Prize was the drug lord and most powerful mobster in Delta City. Tony Romano was his lieutenant and chief enforcer. Several weeks before all this seems to have started a kid appears to have joined the organization. All that is known of him is his first name, Max. It appears he runs prostitution for Prize with his mother, a woman named Gail, managing Morgan Manor Bordello. Max seems to live at Wade Manor, now called Wade Manor House of Super Sluts, with a young blond woman managing it. I personally think the House of Super Sluts has an ominous ring to it with all these women missing. Moira, what were you able to find out from your news contacts up there?"

"From what I have learned, I agree with Jessica's assumptions," the black reporter told the group. Unlike Delta City, Star City seemed to have 1 black heroine and like the other city, 1 oriental in Midori Lee. "My contacts say that there are 2 dogs at Morgan Mansion that the women there, especially the manager Gail Roberts, put on sex shows with them. I mean they actually perform oral sex on the dogs and swallow their semen. The dogs are also allowed to mount and have intercourse with them. At Wade Manor House of Super Sluts there seems to be seven dogs, four Shetland ponies and two Missouri mules that are accorded the same sexual services from seven of the eight women there. The manager only performs with a dog and seems to be Max Roberts's girlfriend. From her description, I think Lydia Wills is that manager which makes it likely the other seven women are the missing heroines. Apparently Max's father came home about a month ago and found notes his wife and son had left him and he committed suicide. They showed up at The Waterfront, Prizes strip club, where she stripped with another woman, then had sex with her, her dog Sam joined in and had sex with the other woman and then her son had sex with her on stage. She is supposedly pregnant by him. There have been a number of new women working there but my contact claims he doesn't know their names. Whether that's true or he's too scared to say it's the missing women, I can't say. He has also been in Brenda's house and seen the animal shows, but again doesn't name the human participants. He should know Brenda Wade, Axanna and Summer Morgan, and Lydia Wills from the Society pages and Tanya O'Donnell and Anita Jackson from the station. Likewise Angela Greer from her position as the District Attorney, but again, he may be scared of Prize and Romano and not want to say it's them."

"Okay ladies, as leader of the Star City group, I'm taking us to Delta City to investigate this. Midori, I want you to go ahead and make contact with anyone you know and trust on the police force," Jessica announced, making up her mind. She then looked at the three visitors, "Will you come with us?" Ashlyn looked at her daughter and Victoria, who both nodded,

"Of course, it seems our sisters need help and we cannot refuse them," she said.

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