The Harvestors

by Icemaiden

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, Slavery, Fiction, Science Fiction, Robot, Horror, Zoophilia, Space, Paranormal, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Harem, Masturbation, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Needles, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Aliens are harvesting human females to produce a new weapon for themselves and earth's governments. Scifi in nature with elements of abduction,impregnation,facehuggers, milking, slavery and breeding. The story of one woman's adventures and struggles in an alien breeding hive.

Most have seen the movie "Alien" and the scary face huggers. Like in most of nature there are more than one species of an animal. The huggers in this story are cousins to the ones shown in the movie and work a little different. They are even more terrifying as their reproductive cycle doesn't kill the host, which allows the terror to go on and on. It is said, "movies reflect reality" there is a chance that the following story may reflect a alternate reality, we can only hope not, especially for those of us that are female.

Captured -1

I was a college sophomore at an eastern state college. I had just finished studying when I head a commotion down the hall. Looking out my dorm door and down the hall I saw several of my friends running from what for a better description one might call some kind of large insects. The insects were the size of a large man and walked up right. I shot like a bullet down the hall and to several others and mine dismay we found that there was some kind of force field surrounding our dorm floor. It had sealed us in, cutting off all communications. The doors wouldn't open and the windows would open or break and light no longer passed through them. There was a lot of screaming as the insects went from room to room capturing the terrified coeds. One of the monsters cornered me in a room I tried to hide in. As I looked, at him in terror I turned to run he flicked his wrist and a quill like dart shot from his wrist. The thing hit me in my left butt cheek. It felt like extreme cold spreading out from the impact point. Reaching back I pulled it out, looking at it I found it's tip was dripping a purple liquid. I started finding it harder to run as the drug was fucking me up. The insect seemed in no hurry to catch me as I guess he was waiting for the drug to take its toll. As I was stumbling he scooped me up throwing me over his shoulder and calmly walked down the hall. I was trying to fight back, but the drug in the dart had ma me so very weak. There were about two dozen of us on the dorm floor and about four of them. There was one behind me that had captured Connie.At the end of the hall the wall looked like a pool of water. The insect with me just walked through it and suddenly we were in a white room.

Processed -2

In this room there was a silver grid along the ceiling that was some kind of track. From this track were what looked like twin black metal loops that were open on the top side. The monster took each of my wrists and put them through the openings at the top, they were curved funny where they fit tightly around my wrist at the bottom. he swung a metal piece across the opening. He suddenly let me o and I found my self painfully hanging by wrist, my feet a good twenty inches from the floor. I was very weak but tried to free myself, but my own weight held me captive. The device was quite simple that held me and could easily be opened if I had a free hand. But no matter how I twisted I couldn't get a hand free. Connie was to my left, also hanging by her wrist. The Insect had gone through the portable to capture more of us. Soon another Insect brought Susan had hung her to my right. There were many women already hanging to Connie's left. Soon all 24 of us hung captive, some crying some still screaming. I just hung there to weak from the drug to move much. My wrist and shoulders hurt as I tried to ease the paint. The insects went down the line and shot a quill into each of us. The second one paralyzed us, but didn't render us unconscious. They let the drug seep in good before they jerked the quills out. The track started to move with us hanging from it totally unable to move or make the slightest sound. As we entered the next area mechanical arms cut out cloths off of us. Our cloths fell to the floor and the shredded remains were sucked into a hole in the floor below our feet. To my terror I was now hanging naked still moving to the next area. In this area jets from many different angles sprayed my body with a cold green spray. The liquid quickly turned hot as in ate every hair from my body perfectly removing all my hair. My body being rinsed with water followed this. The green liquid was washed away along with my hair. I was still paralyzed and couldn't move even a little. As I moved along a yellow light scanned my body and I could see a monitor that showed my sexual tract. In the next area rods with silver hypodermic needles injected my breast and my belly just below my naval with something, it hurt but I couldn't even scream. This caused my breast to feel very strange, tight and sensitive. For a shot time transport line stopped and metal disk clamped on each side of my bald head, as well as my lower belly and the small of my back. There was a popping sound as ink was shot into my skin tattooing me. There was now a evil looking crest marking my lower belly and tramp stamping my lower back. It was made up of an interwoven image pattern of spider like creatures. On the sides of my head was a alien script which was a number and a image of a spider like creature ... The script looked something oriental and was about three inches high ... Of course it would be later before I knew what had been done. I was in total shock and my arms and wrist were aching as we left the processing area and traveled down a long corridor still hanging from the track. We were about five feet apart. We passed several cross-corridors before we turned right. The corridor was dark but on each side there were small brightly lit rooms that had what looked like glass walls facing the corridor. The corridor went on far as far as I could see in both directions.

Cells -3

The moving tract stopped with all twenty-four of us hanging by our wrist like sides of beef stopped. Then one at a time we were lifted off of the traps that our wrists were in. by one of the grasshopper creatures. The glass wall slid up so he could walk into the room with me over his shoulder. He laid me on a white metal bed He snapped silver bands on my wrist and ankles. Then he took a silver choker and placed it around my neck. Then he left the cell, the glass wall sliding back down trapping me in the cell ... Very slowly the drug wore off and I was able to regain my muscle control. Exploring the cell I found it to be about 10 feet wide and 14 feet long. The walls, floor and ceiling were a bright white metal. There was no light but the walls seemed to give off a bright glow. There appeared to be a camera in a red glass bubble in the middle of the ceiling. There were hundreds of small holes in the ceiling and a drain in the middle of the floor. There was the square metal bed to the left. At the foot of the bed was a solid round table that was maybe three foot across and high. The table as well as the bed seemed to be attached to the floor. To the right there was a curious looking chair like thing. In the back there was what appeared to be a small toilet. One whole wall was made of clear glass several inches thick. It was counter sunk into the sides, top and floor. There was no visible control for opening it. Looking out the glass I could see the cells across the corridor, each held a captive like me. Naked and tattooed with the same tramp stamp, but the alien number on the side of their heads was different than mine. We were all in shock and didn't know what to do next.

A female voice came on a speaker in the ceiling of the room. Welcome Breed 91952. You have been recruited by the Empire to serve as vessels to produce physical bio weapons. You are the property of the empire. There is no escape from here, when directions are given you will follow them quickly and to the point. The collar around your neck is a tool to facilitate your compliance. Should you fail in these duties you will be encouraged by your collar to comply. There are 12 compliance levels to insure your corporation. The voice told me "this is Level 5. Without warning my collar buzzed and a bolt of electricity was shot through my neck to the other side of the choker. It felt like a metal rod had been driven through my neck. I screamed and fell to the floor pulling at the collar.

Life as a Captive -4

Life in the cell was very boring for the most part. The strange chair to one side I was instructed by the female voice to sit astride of and to lean forward and take the black rubber looking prod in my mouth to eat. I did and the silver bands on my wrist and ankles were suddenly pulled magnetically to the sides of the chair. A metal hook went behind my neck and closed holding me to the feeder. A metal breast plate swung up that had for a better description appeared to be a metal bra like thing. It went right over my breast. There was a suctioning feeling on my nipples. It dawned on me that I was being milked. After getting the shot in my breast in possessing, my breast had felt heavy and my nipples had been sore. The fucking aliens had caused me to start to lactate like some kind of human cow. Through the rubber prod in my mouth a gooey substance was pumped into my mouth. It had little taste but was clearly food. So while I ate I was held and milked. After about a half an hour I was released from the chair. My nipples were red and tender and slightly wet. About every four hours I was fed and milked. If I did not comply with instructions to mount the machine, I would start to receive shocks from my collar. Light at first and then they would increase in the level of pain till I complied. It was so demeaning to be milked like a cow. I had no idea how much time passed, time dragged on as all I had to do was wait to be fed and milked.

Breeding Terror -5

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