The Duty of Princess Katrina
Chapter 1

"Die, Abomination!" screamed Katrina as her blade sliced into the throat of yet another greenskin opponent.

The warrior princess gave a cold smile of savage satisfaction as the doomed goblin clutched as his wound, incapable of comprehending the spurting dark green blood. Down he went and moved no more.

Suddenly finding herself with no enemy in front of her Katrina lowered her sword and brushed back her long blonde hair. All around her she could hear the sounds of battle - sword versus axe, elf versus greenskin monster, good and free versus pure evil. To her left Katrina smiled to see the loyal redhead Hannah, her weapon gleaning as she decapitated yet another foe. To her right blonde Martine was also winning, - winning, killing and laughing.

"These scum are pathetic!" snarled the raven-haired Laura, "We kill them as easily as slaughtering sheep!"

Katrina nodded in agreement. She and the rest of the Virtuous Maiden Regiment of High Kevlava weren't so much as fighting the enemy army as massacring it. It was truly incredible that this worthless rabble had caused such terror amongst the peoples of the Free World. Katrina had heard tales of how the huge army of the Orc King Delrog had countless numbers of massively-powerful orcs and trolls that had wiped out every human force sent against them. How even the dwarves hid in their tunnels for fear of facing the fearsome horde of Delrog.

When the human king had stood before the High Elven King Falenronda at the court of Kevlava to beg for help Katrina had noticed with contempt how the wimp had shook with fear when he described the advance of the orcs.

"An unstoppable horde of monsters!" the coward had whimpered, "Lead by that most rare of things - a clever orc!"

A clever orc!?!

Ridiculous notion!

Orcs were stupid. Strong, yes. But their strength tempered by their foolishness. This clown had led his people to the brink of defeat and was trying to excuse his mistakes by exaggarterating the prowess of his conqueror...

Now as she stood amongst the greenskin dead on this field of battle Katrina modified her opinion. Not only were her opponents stupid, they were smaller than she d been led to believe. Not a worthy foe at all...

"Boobies!" drooled a grinning goblin as he moved towards her arms out-stretched, "Nice boobies!"

"Degenerate scum!" spat Katrina as she readied herself for combat.

Clearly the belief that these monsters were immoral was one notion that was correct.

"Ugh!" gasped the princess as the ugly brute unfastened his belt and let his tunic fall to the ground. It was now obvious that he found his beautiful opponent attractive...

How dare this low-born beast conduct himself in such a vulgar manner in the presence of the only daughter of an Elven king!

"Me sucka boob-GARK!" choked the rude fellow as Katrina stuck her sword into his chest, swiftly withdrew it and then spat at the corpse.

"My lady!" came a small voice from somewhere amidst the noise of warfare.

Katrina turned to see a male elf soldier calling out to her. The man looked tired and scared.

'Typical male!' was the thought that flashed thru Katrina's mind.

Men were little better than orcs!

"We are enveloped!" the man spluttered, "The day is lost!"

"You fool!" Katrina responded with a sneer, "Look around you! My girls and I are killing all who oppose us!"

To emphasis her point Katrina struck an heroic pose with her hand on her hips, long slim legs standing firm and her full bosom thrust forward.

"But look elsewhere!|" whined the man, gesticulating wildly.

Now Katrina looked around.

Beyond her stoutly fighting girls giant trolls could be seen attacking the lines of the rest of the Elf army, their huge clubs rising and falling in bloody business. A volley of arrows slammed into one of the powerful brutes and didn't slow him down a jot.

Further off swarms of wolf riders were racing forward, pausing to rip apart Elven soldiers in their way.

Surely her father would be able to counter this?

He had his bodyguard after all.

Where were they?

"Aroooo-hah!" arose a gutteral cry, causing Katrina to spin round.

The wimpy goblins were now nowhere to be seen, disappearing like wisps of smoke. In their place advanced wave after wave of orcs, three times the size of their smaller brethren.

Katrina felt her heart rate rising. Her mouth suddenly dry.

"It s a trap!" she gasped, looking around to see countless numbers of the enemy almost surrounding them, "We've charged into a trap!"

"B-but father!" entreated a desperate Katrina, "Surely there is another way!?"

Her voice echoed around the empty hall of the Royal Palace. The guards, the few that were left, had been stood down while the King explained the terms of the surrender to his daughter.

The old King turned away and went to slump down on his throne. He had visibly aged in the past few weeks, weeks of relentless bad news. Three of his sons had been left dead on the field of that first battle with the orcs. Two more had fallen in subsequent defeats. Of all his children only the teenage girl in front of him remained.

"I'm sorry!" he cried, "But the Orc King's demands MUST be accepted!"

Katrina felt overwhelmed by the horror of the situation. Elves had never been beaten by Orc-filth. It was impossible! The news that her father had agreed to surrender was shocking enough, but the terms...

"What of the other Elven kingdoms?" she demanded, "Why will they not come to our aid? They must know that they are next!"

"They know," replied the King sadly, "But they need time to find a way to beat this Delrog. Time we must give them. No matter what the cost."

"B-but father... ," she tried again, "The shame of it..."

"I know!" barked the old man, "But as the leader of our people I must put aside my feelings and we all must do our duty."

Gently he caressed the reddening cheek of his daughter. He could see her lower lip trembling and feared that if his shame gave way to tears she would fail in what she had to do.

"Duty." she said quietly.

"Yes, our damned duty," he replied, "The curse of a royal family."

Katrina swallowed hard. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes and prayed she could control herself.

"Go now, sobbed the King, "Go and gather your cousins. The wizardess of the White Tower will speed you on your way."

Few citizens could bring themselves to watch as the group of riders rode out of the city. At the head of the group Katrina noted dully that Delrog had kept the first part of his promise — he'd ordered his army to abandon their siege trenches. That had been after all the gold of Kevlava had been handed over. Katrina and the four other horse riders were the final part of payment. They were to ride east to the White Tower. Once within range of the wizardess' powers their steeds woul dbe magically propelled to Delrog's fortress- the old Dwarven stronghold of Zangubba.

Katrina paused and looked back. Behind her were her cousins Hannah, Martine and Laura. Beautiful Elven maidens all. Their fate should have been marriage to a high-ranking Elven noble and taking their place in the ruling of this land. Not this...

The fourth rider at the back was struggling to keep up, even this early. This was Eliza, a mere servant. She was only here as a replacement for Claudette, daughter of the Baron Redialle. Upon hearing that all the noble girls of the Royal Household were to be handed over to the orcs Claudette had been gripped by terror and leapt from the highest tower in the palace. Such cowardice disgraced her and would disgrace what was left of her family for a generation. Eliza was given Claudette's finest clothes and was to be sent in her place. Katirna regarded her with a sneer, a peasant in the clothes of a noble! How times had changed!

The quintet rode on. The ride was a grim one, carried out mostly in silence. The scenes of death and destruction that had accompanied Delrog's advance were everywhere. Corpses not just of Elven soldiers but civilians and even children. Some had clearly been tortured before the blessed relief of death had overtaken them.

"I wonder what sort of husband an orc will make?"

Katrina spun round in astonishment at Eliza s feckless comment.

Surely this was a jest? But no, the simple girl actually meant it!

"You seriously think we're on our way to Zangubba to be married?" gasped Martine, "By the Lords, you re stupid!"

"Leave it!" ordered Katrina, shooting a glare at Martine to silence her.

If Eliza didn't suspect what was going to be done to her and the others then perhaps that was for the best.

Katrina, though, knew exactly what kind of treatment they would receive.

As she had been fleeing from the field of that first bloody defeat Kaye with the long dark hair had been felled by a rock. Katrina hadn't noticed for a moment and ran on for a good few yards before realizing. When she had turned she saw a pair of orcs racing up to the sprawling Elf maiden. Kaye tried to raise her sword but it was knocked aside like a child's toy. Katrina expected see her friend receive a death-blow, so it was even more shocking what did happen; Working together the orcs first pulled off Kaye's breastplate then slapped her face to send her falling onto her back. Now shoving aside his comrade the bigger of the two leapt on top of the downed elf, pulled her slender legs apart and - despite his victims' jabbering protest - stuck his powerful hand up her skirt and ripped off her knickers.

Thankfully Martine had then pulled Katrina away so she was spared from seeing what happened next, but Kaye's piercing shriek of 'NO!' had haunted her dreams every night since.

Any hope what was done to Kaye was an isolated incident was swiftly dispelled when Katrina rallied the pitiful remnants of her beloved regiment. All survivors told the same tale - when the orcs fought the sword-maidens they were clearly trying to disarm or wound them rather than go for an outright kill. Once defeated the women were raped, brutally and repeatedly. Many survivors had heart-rending stories of gravely-injured friends been literally gang-raped to death as they lay bleeding in the dirt.

Thereafter Katrina and her warriors had made a vow never to be taken alive. Katrina herself kept a vial of poison in a pouch on her belt, to be used just in case.

Now such action was rendered pointless. She was to become a prisoner of the Orc King Delrog and was to serve as he commanded. This was her father's order. To save the kingdom.

"Mornin' Elf Bitches!" grunted the hideous orc that blocked their way, "Is yer looking fer Orc cock?"

"Yeah!" cackled his friend, "Betcha they wants some!"

"Stand aside you vile vermin!" ordered Katrina, imperiously.

"Oooooh, get her!" laughed the first orc, "Wot a stuck up cow!"

"Yeah!" drooled his clearly-moronic mate, "She ain't too friendly, dats fer sure!"

Katrina was furious. If she were armed it would be a simple matter to hop off her mount and slaughter these impudent rogues. Simple and satisfying.

"Move!" she roared, spurring her horse until it almost ran into the green twosome, "We have business with your King!"

"You be having business with our King's cock more like!" responded the orc with a sly grin.

Such blatant crudity shook the blonde princess. The orc observed this and snickered all the more.

"If you know we have business with your King then you will not want to delay us!" she finally said with as much composure as she could muster.

Grudgingly the two orcs moved aside and left the path clear.

"You won't be so proud next time we meet," growled the orc as Katrina rode past, "Once Delrog has had his fun yer'll be thrown to us!"

It was getting dark when the miserable quintet reached the forbidding fortress of Zangubba. A mere two orcs guarded the main gate, framed by burning torches.

The women dismounted and paused.

"Remember, my friends," said Katrina softly, "We are here to save our people. Be brave and our families will remember our sacrifice."

"Make way for the Elf cunt!" grunted one of the guards as the gates were swung open.

Taking a deep breath Katrina led the other four inside.

Flickering, flaming torches lit the way thru the stone corridors. A hot stench of decay assailed the delicate nostrils of the high-born Elf maidens as they walked on. Further corridors, clothed in inky darkness led off to the left and the right. Some things seemed to be scuttling around down there.

The dull thud of the gate closing behind caused Katrina to pause and look back. Even in the poor light she could tell that the others were shaking and pale with trepidation. Martine put a sisterly arm around the shoulder of Eliza.

"C mon," whispered Katrina giving a ghost of a smile.

Up ahead the gloom was now giving way to a large wooden door. As Katrina neared it swung open.

"Enter Princess Katrina!" boomed a low voice, "You and your delightful cousins are most welcome!"

Peering into the gloom Katrina could make out a large figure sitting at the far side of a large room. Gingerly she and the others entered. The stench of hot filth assailed her as she went in. As she did so two flames sprung into life either side of the seated figure, flooding the room with light. Now Katrina could see either side of her were squatting four orc warriors - large ugly, muscular beasts, seemingly naked.

"Behold my warriors!" boomed the large figure, "King Falenronda sends us his most treasured possessions just as I promised!"

The voice belonged to Delrog - King of the orcs.

He was sat in crudely carved throne, smiling at his most reluctant guests. Katrina bravely met his gaze.

'By the Gods!' she thought, 'Even for an orc he is huge!'

Most orcs were a foot taller than most Elves. Delrog was a foot taller then most orcs. Tall and broad, his rippling muscles evident by his naked torso. His hairy skin appeared be of a darker hue than the usual orc. As was usual with orcs his face was repulsive.

The monster regarded them with the fiery dark red eyes of his kind.

"We are here to honor my father's promise," announced Katrina, "To secure peace between our peoples."

This seemed to provoke sniggers from the assembled orcs sitting on the floor.

"Yeah!" guffawed one of them, "Us Orc studs an' you Elfie bitches will be getting very peaceful tonight!"

"Quiet," ordered Delrog smoothly.

It was noticeable that the room was indeed immediately quiet.

"And how does your father's promise affect you?" he continued.

Katrina swallowed hard. Why didn't they just get it over with?

"W-we girls of the royal household are here to serve you as you see fit," she answered.

"But are you royal?" asked Delrog, "Let us see."

Katrina was unnerved by this question and gave Eliza an involuntary glance.

A small door off to the left opened and in burst a small wretched-looking goblin. The foul creature stopped and looked about in a confused manner. Then stopped and started sniffing.

"Gobshite smells somefink," he chattered, "Somefink nice!"

He turned to face the standing Elf maidens, sniffing all the louder.

"Elf flesh!" he announced with a flourish, "Female Elf flesh!"

He shuffled over towards Laura, who shrank back in disgust.

"Cunt!" sniffed Gobshite, pointedly sniffing towards her crotch.

"What manner of Elf-cunt?" asked Delrog.

Gobshite sniffed deeply.

"Royal cunt!" he barked, then shuffled over to Martine.

"Royal cunt!" he repeated after having a sniff towards her.

Now he was in front of Katrina. He gave a little sniff then paused. With a truly-disgusting leer on his face he looked up at the tall blonde girl and licked his cracked lips.

"Super-royal cunt!" he burst out.

Pausing to wink at Katrina he moved to Hannah.

"Royal cunt!" was the cry that soon emerged.

When he moved to Eliza Katrina's heart skipped a beat. Surely he wouldn't be able to... ?

"Peasant cunt!"

"Treachery!" roared Delrog immediately, standing up and glaring down at Katrina, "Are you trying to trick me?"

"No-no ... please ... listen!" gasped Katrina, holding up her delicate hand to deter Delrog's further advance, "I can explain!"

There was a pause.


"Well," started Katrina, "My cousin Claudette was due to be here but her courage failed her. S-She took her own life and Eliza bravely took her place."

Delrog folded his arms and looked at her sternly. Then his face softened - as much as an orc face can - and he chuckled.

"Claudette jumped from the roof of your palace. This creature was merely a serving wench."

Enjoying Katrina's confusion he continued,

"I know many things Princess, do not try to trick me again."

He turned and went back to sit in his chair.

"Feed her to the Trolls!" Delrog suddenly roared, pointing at the hapless Eliza.

Quick as a flash two of the orcs jumped up and seized the servant.

"But ... no... , she gabbled as she was dragged to the little door.

"Come, my pretty," cackled Gobshite, "Trolls need love too!"

The two orcs roughly shoved Eliza thru the door then returned to their seats. Gobshite followed her out, pausing at the door to turn round and give a wink. Then he slammed the door shut behind him and was gone.

Katrina bit her lower lip and stared at the ground. Delrog's cruel laugh made her look up.

"Do not look so sad, Princess," he smiled, "Your fate will be far, far worse!"

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