Old College Ave
Part 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Body Modification, Big Breasts,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Part 1 - Jennifer and Gwen thought that when the bimbos upstairs were kicked out their lives would be perfect. Little did they know it started them on their path to replace them.

Jennifer glared at the ceiling. Did that slut ever stop? It wasn't just the sounds of the shaking bed, Jennifer could clearly make out the moans and the "fuck me"s that leaked through the thin floorboards. How was she supposed to get any studying done with all of that going on?

Leaving her glasses on her desk, the redhead co-ed headed out into the living room. Her brunette roommate was on the sofa, watching a stream of a biology lecture on her laptop. She looked up at Jennifer. "The ditz at it again?"

"Yeah. I'm so sick of it. It's like living in a porno."

Gwen laughed. "It could be worse, they could actually be listening to the cheesy music."

"With that euro-beat garbage that they listen to, they might as well."

Jennifer walked into the kitchen and came back with the broom. "Going to try the broom method first?" Gwen asked her.

"Yeah, then I'll try calling." Jennifer went back into her room and hit the ceiling with the end of the broomstick. BANG-BANG! Thud-Thud came the response of the bed as the bimbo and whatever guy she had up there fucked to the rhythm of Jennifer's pounding. BANG-BANG! Thud-thud BANG-BANG! Thud-thud BANG-BANG! Thud-thud They're mocking me!

Jennifer threw the broom down and picked up the phone. She dialed the number for the

girls upstairs. It rang a couple of times and then someone picked it up.

"Hey, this is Sheri!"

"Sheri, it's Jennifer from downstairs."

"Hey, Jenny! You wanna come up and play?" Jennifer had long ago given up on trying to get the girls upstairs to call her by her name.

"No," Jennifer responded. "I was wondering if you could get Cheri to screw a little bit


"Tee-hee. Stop, I'm like on the phone. No. Oh yes! Oh god! That feels so good." The phone clunked and clattered as it fell to the floor. Jennifer could hear the beginnings of Cheri's and whoever she was with resume their humping.

Sighing, she hung up and dialed the super. He picked it up after a couple of rings. "Mr. Avery, this is Jennifer in room 101. Those bimbos in 201 are at it again. This has to stop. It's unreasonable."

"I'm sorry, Jennifer. It's only 8 o'clock. It doesn't become a nuisance until 11 and I've

told you, legally, I can't do anything until then."

"It's a nuisance now! I don't care what time it is. You need to do something about it or Gwen and I are moving out. So, who's it going to be, us, the studious girls that never cause any problems, or them, the retards that can't even pay their rent on time?"

"I'll be over at the place tomorrow and I'll talk to Sheri and Cheri then. I promise you this is the last time you'll have to make this call."

The line went dead and Jennifer put the phone down. She couldn't believe it. She'd never have to study through the sound of fucking ever again. Jennifer headed into the living room. her face was beaming.

"What's up?" Gwen asked through the moans coming down from upstairs. Either Sheri had moved into her living room, or Cheri had started there.

"Mr. Avery's going to kick those bimbos out!"

"Did he really say that?"

"Well, he didn't say those words exactly, but I told him that we had decided it's either us

or them and he said he'd talk to them in the morning. I can only assume..."

Gwen closed her laptop and punched the air with a fist. "Yes! That's the best news I've

heard since we moved in here. Grab your stuff. Let's head down to the coffee shop and

celebrate. We might actually get some studying done there."

The following week was the most peaceful Jennifer had had in her college career. It was everything she'd thought life would be like when she moved out of the dorms and into the furnished apartment. There were no late night parties to keep her up or disturb her when some of her friends came over. She only had to share a shower with Gwen. The place was only a short distance from the park, which was perfect for her morning runs and going outside to read or study when the weather was nice.

The park. That was actually where she'd met her upstairs neighbors for the first time. They'd come out to sunbathe in outifts that were several sizes too small and sent their breasts overflowing everywhere. If the bottoms hadn't been T-backs, ass flesh would have squeezed out the sides as well, but as it was, they were pretty much just out in the open.

Still, Sheri and Cheri had seemed nice enough, if on the slow side. They'd made casual conversation with Jennifer and she had been surprised to find out that Sheri had been a chemistry major at the University. She'd transferred out of the chem department and was, at the time, failing out of mass communications. Cheri had dropped out long before. But things had gone rapidly downhill after that first conversation.

She was watching The Cove when Gwen came home. Tears were rolling down Jennifer's cheek, even though it was her fifth time to watch the film.

"Why do you keep watching that? It's just so sad. Whenever I see it, I can never tell if

I'm getting sad or pissed," Gwen told her.

Jennifer hugged her legs to her chest and continued watching. "It inspires me to want to

change the world. It gives me drive."

"I think you'll change the world no matter what," Gwen said and went into her room.

Jennifer watched the flickering images of dolphins being killed on the TV screen. I'm so empty. Jennifer paused the DVD and looked around. Gwen was in her room with the door closed and no one else was around. Jennifer shrugged and pushed the play button.

So alone!

Jennifer paused it again. "You say something?" she called out to Gwen.

Gwen came out of her room holding a bath towel and change of clothes. "Nope."

She was either hearing things, or picking up dialogue from the movie she'd never noticed before. Jennifer put it out of her mind and started the movie again. Gwen headed into the bathroom.

The sound of the shower came through the bathroom door and it was followed by a high pitched scream from Gwen. Jennifer jumped off the couch and ran into the bathroom. The shower was still running and a damp, shivering Gwen was hugging her arms to her modest chest.

"What happened?"

"There's no hot water," Gwen explained through chattering teeth.

Jennifer reached her hand into the shower and sure enough, the water was ice cold. She turned the water off. As the water coming out from the shower head stopped, the sink exploded behind her.

Water sprayed out from around the knobs, cold water. Both of the girls screamed and went running out of the bathroom. They could hear the sound of water coming out of the kitchen. Peaking her head around the corner, Jennifer could see the kitchen sink was worse off than the bathroom. Water gushed out like a fountain, soaking everything.

"Oh my god! We've got to call Mr Avery." Gwen ran into her room to get dressed and Jennifer ran to get the phone. She dialed Mr. Avery and told him what was happening.

Fifteen minutes later, Mr Avery was banging on the door and Jennifer let him in. He took a quick look in the kitchen then ran back out and down into the basement. "Gotta turn the water off!" he cried. Jennifer watched the fountain slowly slow to a drip then stop.

Mr Avery came back up and inspected the damage. "This is bad," he said. "What

happened?" He was panting slightly. Mr Avery wasn't what anyone would call fat, but he wasn't the most athletic looking person in the world. Maybe when he was younger he might have been, but now that he was somewhere in his 40's, he had to use a chin-strap beard to help define his jaw-line.

Gwen was now dressed and had come out to look at the soaked kitchen with Jennifer and Mr Avery. "I don't know," she answered. "I got in to take a shower and turned on the hot water and just freezing cold water came out."

"I went in to see what the matter was and turned off the shower, then everything just

erupted," Jennifer finished.

Mr Avery nodded. "When I was down in the basement, I found that a pipe leading from your hot water heater was busted, which explains the lack of hot water, but I have no idea what would cause this," he said and gestured to the drenched kitchen.

"Can you fix it?" Gwen asked.

Mr Avery scratched his head. "Yeah, but it's going to take several weeks to get everything fixed and to get all the damage here all cleaned up."

Jennifer's stomach dropped. "What does that mean? That we won't have hot water or be able to use our kitchen for weeks?"

"Oh, no. 201 ... the place above you ... is empty. I can just put you up there."

"Will we have hot water?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah, each place here has its own water heater, so you're fine."

Jennifer frowned. She wasn't excited about moving, or inhabiting that apartment after those bimbos. "There's no way around it?"

"Not unless you want me trooping through here with the plumbers and don't mind cold showers."

Gwen shivered. "No, thank you. I don't mind moving. You cleaned the place, right?"

"Um, yeah. Well, not personally. I hired out and haven't actually seen the place since Cheri and Sheri moved out. There might be a few things of theirs left around up there. You can just throw out anything you don't need, as long as it's not the furniture or pots and pans and stuff like that."

Jennifer stewed. "Come on, Jennifer. We can't survive in this place. It's not like we can catch any diseases from just living in the same place as them."

"It's not that, it's just ... I've finally gotten comfortable here and now I've got to move? This sucks."

Mr Avery gave her shoulder a fatherly pat. "Just be happy there is another place for you to go."

"I guess. Come on Gwen. Let's go get our things packed up."

The girls left the super to fiddle in the kitchen and went into their separate rooms. One nice thing about the place being furnished was that Jennifer didn't have to pack up that much. She had all of her clothes in a suitcase and her books in various bags, all packed up and ready to go in under an hour.

Gwen took a bit longer and Jennifer was halfway through removing posters and packing their stuff from the living room by the time Gwen finished her bedroom. They decided that Gwen would pack up the bathroom and that Jennifer would gather the food supplies from the kitchen.

Mr Avery was under the sink messing with something or other when Jennifer came in. He popped his head out and smiled at Jennifer. "You girls almost ready to go up?"

"Yeah, Gwen's doing the bathroom and as soon as I finish in here, we'll be ready to go on up."

Mr Avery disappeared under the sink again and Jennifer started to take things out of the cabinets. She stuffed them in old grocery bags that they had laying around. Since all the dishes and pots and pans came with the apartment, she didn't have to pack them, she only had to bother with the food and cleaning supplies.

Gwen came in and surveyed the room. "You done, Jennifer?"

"Yeah, this is the last one."

Mr Avery popped out from under the counter. "Let me help you girls."

"That's awfully nice of you."

The three of them spent the next twenty minutes hauling the grocery bags and suitcases up the stairs. At last when they finished, they handed their old key over to Mr Avery and got the new one.

"If there's anything you don't want or need, just gather it up and give me a call. I'll be over quite often trying to fix the damage downstairs so I can haul it away for you." Mr Avery said. The girls wished him goodbye and closed the door.

Gwen set to unpacking all the food and utensils that they'd brought with them. Jennifer was pulling all the dishes out of the cupboards and loading them in the dishwasher. Even if they had been cleaned after the bimbos had moved out, she wanted to see them cleaned for herself.

She'd finished with the dishes and was starting on the pots. "Mr Avery really is a sweet guy. Not only did he chose us over Sheri and Cheri, but was so helpful tonight."

Gwen laughed. "Yeah, maybe he'll help us paint the walls, too."

Gwen was referring to the bight pastel colors that their new place was done up in. All during the moving process, Gwen had complained about them and several times had asked Mr Avery to come by and paint them. He'd declined because he was going to be so busy with their old place, but told them they could do it themselves.

Initially, Jennifer had agreed with Gwen and was ready to go buy some white paint after classes the next day, but as she rinsed off the last of the pans, she decided she liked the warm yellow of the kitchen. Maybe the pale green of the living room could also stay.

Finished in the kitchen, the girls headed into the living room where all of their stuff collectively sat. Jennifer looked pleadingly at Gwen. "Come on, let me have the light blue room. I could stand that as even the permanent color."

"I called dibs first. There's no way I can stay in the hot pink monstrosity. You can suck it up for one night. We'll paint it first tomorrow."

Sighing, Jennifer picked up a box of books and headed into her room. She set the box down and stared at the queen sized bed. How many times had she heard people fucking on that? Would the springs still have any bounce left to them?

Going back into the living room, she picked up her other box of school supplies, set it on top of the first box, then went back for her suit case. She pulled it into her room and opened the walk in closet for the first time. She turned on the light and was stunned by what she saw. All of Sheri or Cheri's clothes were still hanging from the rack.

Jennifer pulled down a dress and looked at it. It was a shiny silver material that had large looping front and back. The back would have been open all the way to the top of her rear and the front pretty much would have left her chest exposed. Who would wear something like that?

She carried the dress out of the closet and threw it in the garbage can. When she went back to the closet, the door was closed. She hadn't closed it ... had she? Jennifer tried to open it. It wouldn't move. She pulled and yanked on the door but it wouldn't budge.

Letting out a whimper, Jennifer sat on the edge of her bed. What was she going to do? All of her clothes were in her suitcase, which was stuck in the closet. She put her elbows on her knees and rested her chin in her palms. Well, Mr Avery would be back in the morning and she could get him to open it and take all the crap out with him.

Jennifer took a deep breath. What was that smell? She sniffed again. It was something she'd smelt before, but where? It was kind of musky. She inhaled deeply again. She was getting horny. Jennifer hadn't touched herself in awhile, so she wasn't entirely surprised when she reached down into her panties and found herself soaking.

Well, not much else to do. No harm in a little "me" time. Jennifer threw her shirt off and dropped her bra down with it, her pants and underwear soon followed. She laid back on the bed and rubbed her clit. That's when she realized what the smell was, it was the smell of sex.

The smell of countless couplings and triplings and quadruplings had become a permanent fixture in the room. Jennifer got hotter. She was fucking herself at the place where all that pleasure occurred. What would it have been like to be Sheri or Cheri and have been relentlessly fucked on this bed?

What a nasty thought.

She needed to stop thinking like this.

She needed to get her clothes and get out of here.

She needed to stick her fingers in her cunt.

Jennifer couldn't remember the last time she'd done more than play with her clit, but the desire to feel something inside her tore at her. She stuck two fingers in her slit and started sliding them in and out. She felt so hot, she was adding her own scent to the room.

As pleasing as her fingers were, Jennifer needed more. Something was filling her with desire. She was craving for something inside the bed stand. She didn't know how she knew, but she knew what it was. Opening the drawer, there was a large pink dildo. It was one of the rubber types with a flat base.

She pulled it out of the drawer and looked at it. Who had this been inside of? Was it clean? Her aching pussy was demanding attention though, and she had found a new toy. She couldn't. She wouldn't. A moan escaped her lips as she slid the dildo inside of her. She was so dirty.

She used both hands to pump the dildo in and out of her. For the first time ever, she was vocal during her masturbation. She moaned and sighed as intense pleasure coursed through her body. Why hadn't she done this before?

Her arms were getting tired, but she wasn't finished yet. She looked over at the waste basket with the dress in it. She hopped off the bed, grabbed the basket, and turned it upside-down, scattering the contents on the floor. She put it on the bed and placed the flat base of the dildo on top of it. She stood on the bed and lowered herself down on her makeshift man. Holding the dildo in place with one hand, she bounced herself up and down on the plastic cock.

"Oh god! This feels so fucking good!" She could feel it, she could feel the orgasm coming. She let out a series of high pitched squeaks and then came. Her legs shook as it finally hit her. She came around the dildo and her juices flowed down onto the basket. She fell back onto the bed and passed out.

Jennifer woke up, yawned and stretched. Morning already. She hadn't slept that well in ages. She hopped out of bed and looked at the mess her bedroom was in. The dildo and the trash can were on the floor, along with her discarded clothes and the sexy ... no trashy dress she'd pulled out of the closet.

She wanted to throw it away. She needed to want to throw it away. She didn't want to feel it slip down her torso, but her hands were moving on their own. Instead of dressing in her clothes, she put the hot dress on. The worst part was she was fairly certain that she looked good in it.

Looking in the full body mirror on the closet door, Jennifer drank herself in. She didn't really have the breasts to pull it off. While on the small size, they seemed to fill out the dress out more than she thought they would. If they were just bigger, they would have created tantalizing cleavage that would have any club boy turning into putty. Maybe after finals, she and Gwen would go out to a club or something and she could wear it then. What was she thinking? She should be thinking about taking it off and getting ready for class.

One nice thing about the new place was that there were dressing mirrors in the bedrooms. On the first floor, Jennifer and Gwen took turns in the small bathroom. Now Jennifer could get ready in the privacy of her own room.

Like the closet, though, which ever of the bimbos that had lived in this room had left all of her makeup. It was like she hadn't actually moved out, but just vanished one day. Jennifer picked up the trash can and held it up below the counter. She reached out to sweep all of the makeup and perfumes into the garbage.

She felt a desire welling up inside of her, not the desire to dump all the garbage, rather the need to put it on. The dress is one thing, I'm not putting this trash on. Jennifer puckered her lips and admired the pink gloss. It looked good. I guess there's no harm in playing a little dress up.

After finishing putting on considerably more makeup than she ever had, Jennifer went to the closet and yanked open the door. Pushing her suitcase aside, she found a pair of black pumps with 2 inch heels, the smallest heeled shoes in the closet.

Jennifer slipped them on and was surprised to find that they were the right size. She walked around her room in them, trying to get use to the elevated heels. These go quite well with the dress.

Glancing over at the clock, Jennifer's heart stopped. Was that really the time? Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! She'd slept through her 9:30, 12:15, and 2:30. The only class she was going to have a chance of making was her 4:00. Even then she had to leave immediately. Not having any time to change, Jennifer grabbed her keys and ran out the door dressed as she was.

Class that day was the worst class that she'd ever had. Everyone had stared at her as she walked in, most of the guys continued to stare throughout the class. It must have been the constant attention that she was getting, but she couldn't concentrate. Nothing the teacher said made sense. Half way through class, Jennifer gave up and just started doodling in her notebook.

To say she was relieved to be back home was an understatement. She could finally get out of these stupid clothes and maybe she could try to figure out what the teacher had been talking about. Jennifer walked into her place and saw Gwen slouched on the couch with her computer on her lap and a hand down her pants. There was moaning coming from the computer.

Seeing Jennifer come through the door, Gwen pulled her hand out of her pants and hurriedly shut the lid to her laptop.

"Whatcha doin', Gwen?" Jennifer asked with a knowing smile.

"Nothing ... What do you mean what am I doing? What club did you just get back from?"

Jennifer grinned at her roommate. "You can't give me shit for the way I'm dressed, it was an accident. Shoving your hand down your pants and masturbating isn't. Whatcha watching?"

"I ... I wasn't masturbating. I was ... I was watching a biology lecture about um, mating habits of chimps and I just had an itch."

Jennifer plopped down on the couch next to Gwen. "Oh cool, so you wouldn't mind if I

watch, too. Would you?" She opened Gwen's laptop. On the screen was a big breasted blond with fake tits. She had her legs up and some muscular guy was pounding into her. The video had stopped when Gwen closed the top, so they were frozen mid-stroke.

"Wow, I've never seen chimps that hot." Jennifer pushed the play button and the thrusting recommenced.

"It's not like I'm fucking myself with a dildo," Gwen protested. "Riding it like some wild beast."

Jennifer's cheeks flushed red. "You saw?"

"Yeah. I heard you scream and I went to check on you..."

Jennifer was mortified. Her roommate, her best friend, had watched her rut herself like a slut possessed. Jennifer fled to her room. She jumped onto her bed and hid her head under her pillow. She wanted to cry. She wanted to disappear. She wanted to fuck herself again.

She watched you.

Jennifer pulled her head out from her pillow. "Who's there?" she asked. No one responded.

She'll watch you again.

Jennifer wanted to grab the dildo and put on a repeat performance of last night. No, she

needed to. The dress was made for easy access and Jennifer slipped her hand under

and started massaging her tits.

Just as quickly as the night before, Jennifer was soon naked and playing with herself. The difference was, this time she knew she had an audience and was putting on a show. She quickly set up her dildo and trash can and mounted it, facing the door.

She could see Gwen looking in at her and Jennifer made eye contact as she bounced up

and down. Jennifer could see Gwen playing with herself as she watched. Jennifer bored her eyes into Gwen's.

"Oh god, this fake dick feels so good in my cunt. Mmm," Jennifer licked her lips. Gwen was staring back at Jennifer. "Open the door, you can get a better view."

Gwen pushed the door open. She wasn't naked like Jennifer. She had her fly open and her hand stuck down her pants. Jennifer moaned her approval.

"Take your pants off." Gwen hesitated, then slipped her pants off and sat on the floor, her love hole in full view. "Do you like watching me fuck myself?"

"Yeah," Gwen sighed.

"Don't you wish you had a big fat cock pounding in and out of you like this?"

Gwen's hand sped up. "Yes."

Jennifer could feel her climax building up. "Come with me, Gwen."

"Oh god, Jennifer. This is so dirty. I can't hold back any more!"

The two girls moaned together and cried out at the same time. Gwen was laying in a sweaty heap on the floor. Jennifer collapsed on her bed, the fake dick still buried inside of her.

Gwen's face twisted in horror. "What are we doing?" she said. Picking up her clothes,

she ran to her room.

What are we doing? What was she doing? She'd lived in the bimbos' apartment for less than two days and she was already acting like them. She was dressing like them, and she was fucking like them. Jennifer had to get out of there.

Tears welling up in her eyes, Jennifer picked up her phone and dialed Mr Avery. "I'm sorry to disturb you so late, Mr Avery."

"It's no problem, Jennifer. What is it now?"


"Are you crying? Is everything OK?"

"I hate this place! It's doing something to me. You've got to let us move back downstairs."

Mr Avery's voice on the other end caught. "I'm sorry. I've already rented the place out."

"What! How ... how..."

"Well, you girls moved upstairs and the damage wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it was."

"Can't we move back down?" Jennifer asked.

"They move in tomorrow."

"Can't you put them up here and Gwen and I move back down?"

He sighed. "Jennifer, you're overreacting. Just stay put and you'll get use to it. It's just a room."


"It's late. Don't you have class tomorrow? Go to sleep and get yourself together."

The line went dead. Jennifer threw her phone and cried herself to sleep.

After Mr Avery hung up, he looked at the phone in his hand. It was happening again. Sheryl had gone on about weird feelings about the place, too. Then she and her roommate had gone and changed themselves and stopped complaining about it. That's when Jennifer had started her nagging calls about Sheryl and Cerise. He'd never been good with women. He just didn't understand them.

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