Geoff and Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Swinging, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Geoff Cavanaugh, now 29 and moving into a newly-acquired home, meets neighbors Ted and Kathleen Quinn. You may have met them in previous stories "Geoff and Sarah", "Family Threesome" and "The Quinns".

Geoff Cavanaugh turned into the driveway of his newly-acquired home; a four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath house with full basement and an attached three-car garage. The house sat on five acres which coincidentally had a two-story, two-stall barn in the backyard. Having the three remote control devices for the garage doors, he opened all three and pulled into the bay furthest from the mudroom door. He expected the movers in less than 30 minutes and they could use both the mudroom and front doors for moving the furniture. Geoff's mother, Sarah, arrived, pulling into the driveway directly behind Geoff's car. She would oversee the move, instructing the movers as to what goes where. Geoff smiled inwardly, imagining his mother thinking what a disaster it would be if a guy had to do that. As Sarah exited her car, Geoff approached her and they exchanged hugs. Geoff said, "Thanks for doing this, Mom. I'd screw this move up totally if I had to do this myself!"

Sarah said, "You're a guy, aren't you?" She smiled and went into the house through the mudroom.

He'd lucked into the property during lunch one day with his boss, the Vice President of Operations; the Chairman, President, and CEO (same person) and the Senior VP of HR. He'd casually mentioned that he was considering buying a home in the suburbs; that at age 29 he figured he was at the low end of the appropriate marrying age for a guy, and he was thinking it was time for him to get serious and end his bachelor days. He did not miss the glances made between his boss, the CEO and the VP of HR. Late that afternoon, his boss, Jack Taylor, stopped by his office and asked Geoff to follow him to the CEO's office. When they arrived, Geoff was surprised to see not only the CEO, but the VP of HR, as well. The CEO handed Geoff a card which had the name of a woman who worked for a Real-Estate company with which his employer frequently did business. The CEO said, "Geoff, if you're really interested in buying a home, we might have one for you. You remember Bill Kellogg, I presume?"

Geoff said "Sure! He was transferred to Denver two years ago, right?"

Ken, the CEO said, "Right! As you probably know, we bought his property when we transferred him. Well, we're having trouble selling the place and we might be able to offer you a good deal on it. If you recall, Bill's wife was an equestrian and the property's got a barn and some fenced-in pastures. There doesn't seem to be much demand for horse properties these days, so give Angie, the woman whose card I gave you a call and check out the place. If you're interested, we can let you have it for the remaining balance of the mortgage."

Len, the VP of HR, offered, "The balance of the mortgage was $225,000 and change when we paid it off, Geoff. Assuming you like the place, that should be easily affordable for you given your current salary."

Geoff said, "I've been there before. I was invited to a cocktail party Bill and Elaine held after their daughter's graduation from university. As I recall, I liked their home a lot! I'll give Angie a call this afternoon and maybe she can show me the place this weekend, and the price does seem reasonable."

Geoff was hired out of grad school on obtaining his MBA. His credentials were perfect for the job he'd been offered: Senior Operations Analyst for a 16 billion dollar conglomerate. The company was in an acquisition mode, seeking out companies in distress with the potential of being turned around into profitable concerns. He'd graduated cum laude with a double major: Industrial Engineering and Computer Science. Initially, his job was one of performing due diligence on acquisition candidates, preparing reports on his investigations and making a recommendation to his boss to either acquire this asset or write it off as a lost cause.

He'd proven himself to be extremely astute in his job performance and was quickly promoted to ops manager and, two years previously, to Director of Operations. He presented himself very well; he was an imposing figure at a very fit 6' 8", 245 lbs, and very handsome with blond hair and blue eyes. These qualities were augmented by an easy-going, laid-back personality and a terrific, somewhat dry and frequently self-deprecating sense of humor. As Director, with his charm and good looks, he was called upon to make presentations to the board of directors, closing with his recommendations. With three women on the board, his recommendations were quickly accepted. Of course, he'd first gained the approval of his boss and the CEO before going before the board.

With acceptance of his buy recommendations, he was charged with the additional responsibility of overseeing the implementation of the changes he'd decided necessary to make the acquisition once again profitable. As manager, he'd hired a young woman fresh out of grad school with her MBA on top of an undergraduate degree in Finance. She was more than equal to the task and as Director, Geoff promoted her to the recently vacated manager's position. She then quickly hired two analysts to assist them in the increasing number of potential acquisitions they were pursuing.

Exactly on schedule, the moving van arrived and backed into the driveway. Geoff stayed in the background, letting the movers do their thing under the expert supervision of Sarah. With Geoff having rented a two-bedroom condo in the city, the movers were finished in 90 minutes. Just as they were leaving, a Lowe's delivery van arrived with Geoff's new refrigerator/freezer and a riding mower.

As Geoff instructed them to connect the ice-maker to the freezer and where to put the lawn tractor, they set about their tasks. Geoff noticed a young couple crossing the street, walking toward him, with a little girl holding her mom's hand. They started up the driveway and Geoff smiled and walked toward them.

"Hi!" said his neighbor. "I'm Ted Quinn and this is my wife Kathleen, and our daughter Emma. We want to welcome you to the neighborhood and invite you to dinner tonight. With the move, I'm sure you don't feel like cooking tonight! We're not having anything special; we thought we'd just throw some burgers on the grill."

Geoff stuck out his hand and they shook. He smiled and said "Geoff Cavanaugh. Nice to meet you and I'd be honored to dine with you tonight. I'm very grateful for your coming to welcome me."

Ted and Kathleen noticed Geoff focusing his attention up the street, away from them. Geoff nodded in that direction and asked "Do you know that guy?"

They turned in that direction and replied "No." What they saw was a man guiding a little girl to the passenger side of his car and buckling the seatbelt. Then Kathleen said, "My God! That's Sally!"

Geoff was off immediately at a full sprint followed closely by Ted. As he approached the car, the driver was reaching for the handle on the driver's side door to close it. Geoff grabbed the guy's forearm and yanked him forcefully from the car. As he did so, he could hear Sally saying to Ted, " ... his little puppy." as Ted was unbuckling her from the seat.

Geoff, knowing immediately what the guy's ruse was, said "You fucking cretin." Still holding him by his forearm, he delivered a powerful right cross to the jaw. The ensuing "crack!" and a crunching sound indicated that his jaw was clearly broken. He bounced off the side of his car and fell to the street, unconscious.

Ted was explaining to Sally that the man didn't own a puppy; that he was a very bad man who was going to take her away.

Kathleen arrived, closing her cell phone. She said, "The cops are on their way. According to the dispatcher, it'll be just a few minutes." She looked at the guy lying on the street and said "My God, Geoff! You broke the guy's jaw!"

Then a woman, obviously Sally's mom, came out of her house and cried, "What happened? Are you OK, Sally?"

Kathleen introduced Geoff to Nancy Harris and explained what had happened. Ted filled her in on the lost puppy lure and what Geoff had done.

Geoff interrupted "You were involved too, Ted. Don't sell yourself short. I'm sure if had you noticed it first, you'd have taken him out, not me."

Nancy came up to Geoff, hugged him and said, "You saved my baby! I could never thank you enough! We're really lucky you moved into the neighborhood."

Sally, tugging at his pant leg, got Geoff's attention and asked, "Are you a giant?"

Geoff squatted, smiled and said "If you think I'm a giant, then you can call me a gentle giant, OK? A gentle giant who loves kids." She smiled and nodded.

The cops arrived, parked behind the would-be abductor's car and exited their squad car. Making an assumption based solely on Geoff's size, they asked him in a non-accusatory tone, "Did you do this?" referring to the unconscious man on the street. They knew roughly what had happened based on Kathleen's 911 call.

Geoff replied, "Yes, I did, officer. He was about to abduct that little girl and this other gentleman and I prevented it from happening. I pulled that guy out of his car and hit him while my friend unbuckled the seat belt and removed the girl. You might want to call for an ambulance because I'm sure I broke his jaw."

The officers recorded Geoff's statement, spoke briefly to Sally and waited for the ambulance to take the guy to a hospital and prepared to leave. The senior officer approached Geoff, Nancy, Ted, and Kathleen, and said, "You may be a bigger hero than you thought, Sir. There are seven unsolved murder/rape cases of little girls similar to what was going down here. We have DNA from the victims, and if there's a match, you will have brought closure to seven grieving families and prevented more from happening."

Geoff suggested, "I'm not sure of the value of closure, Sir. The victims' families will never stop grieving."

The policemen drove off and the four adults were joined by Sarah. Geoff made the introductions all around, explaining that his mother had assisted with his move.

Sarah said, "I've put your bedding, towels, and other stuff in the linen closet, Hon, and put your kitchen utensils and place settings in the cabinets, and your silverware in a drawer, as well as some, but not all, of your pots and pans in another cabinet. You're on your own for the rest of the unpacking. I've also made your bed. Tomorrow we have to shop for furniture for the other two bedrooms, the family room, and dining room, as well as some nice wall hangings for the place."

Geoff commented "Thanks, Mom. You're the best. See you around ten tomorrow morning? I'll spring for a nice lunch!"

"Ten it is, Hon. Lunch sounds good! I'm off now, Joanna's coming for dinner. It's been nice to have met all of you. Your little girls are both beauties."

Ted, Kathleen, and Nancy all echoed Sarah's comment about having met and thanked her for her compliment about their daughters.

Geoff informed the others, "I've got to do some serious grocery shopping now, guys. I gave most of the stuff I had in my condo to a homeless shelter downtown and I've got a new 25 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer to fill. Nice meeting you, Nancy. See you about six tonight, Kathleen and Ted?"

"Six it is, Geoff! See you then!"

Geoff added, "'Bye, Sally! 'Bye Emma!"

The toddlers smiled and waved.

What neither the Quinn adults, nor Geoff, knew was the one thing they had in common: incest.

Geoff had begun an incestuous relationship with his mother when he was 14 and which continued until he'd completed university. He had, for obvious reasons, decided to commute to university rather than live in a dorm. After completing his MBA, however, for reasons of appearances, he moved into the condo he rented until buying this house. Despite a drastic reduction in frequency, he continued his incestuous relationship, usually spending about one weekend a month at his mother's house. He loved living in the city, however, and never lacked for female companionship. Not one to do the bar scene, he discovered that the best place to meet women was in bookstores. The larger chains, such as Books a Million and Barnes and Noble, provided areas where one could sit and read. Unlike the library, where conversations were frowned on, speaking was quite OK in these areas. Geoff also discovered that the women he met in these places tended to have a somewhat higher level of intelligence than some of the bimbos who frequented bars.

Kathleen Quinn (nee Bradley) had had incestuous affairs with both her mother and father while she was dating Ted. When Ted nervously told Kathleen he'd had sex with his sister, Emma, she owned up to her own incestuous adventures. As Emma and Ted had discussed, they both wanted to include their parents in these activities and were delighted to find the parents equally excited with the thought. Those activities began the day after their mom, Susan, had caught them in their first incestuous coupling.

Although the two families never got together, the four women happily engaged in bisexual engagements, with the full knowledge and understanding of the men.

Geoff got home from shopping mid-afternoon, with his car laden with boxes and bags of groceries. He was delighted when Kathleen showed up and offered to help him put things away. So while Geoff stocked the refrigerator and freezer compartment, Kathleen stocked his pantry. With that chore out of the way, he thanked her profusely and she left, reminding him about dinner that evening.

Promptly at six, Geoff showed up at the Quinns' house, gift bottle of wine in hand. After Kathleen told him it was not necessary, Geoff offered, "Not to insult your intelligence, Kathleen, but I know the protocol with this. I'm sure you've selected a wine to serve with dinner, but this is just a gift for the two of you to enjoy at your leisure."

She thanked him and they were soon enjoying their meal while getting to know each other. Geoff told them about his work and he discovered that Ted was a dentist. Although Kathleen had a degree in elementary education, they'd decided that she would be a stay-at-home mom until their kids (they wanted two) were old enough to be on their own after school.

Geoff asked, "When do you plan on having your second, if I may be so bold?"

Kathleen replied, "We're working on it now, Geoff. Emma will soon be four, and we feel that four years between them is good. That way, we won't have two in college at the same time. In fact," she remarked, "I'm pretty sure I'm preggers as we speak."

Geoff added, "Congratulations then!"

Later, after dinner was finished and Kathleen got Emma ready for bed, Geoff said, "Well guys, it's been a long day, so I guess I'll say goodnight. Thanks very much for the delicious dinner, and I look forward to having you over to my place soon. I sincerely hope we can become good friends."

Ted added, "We feel the same way, Geoff. Again, we're happy to have you as a neighbor!"

Sunday morning, promptly at ten, Sarah pulled into Geoff's driveway in a beautiful 1959 Jaguar XK 150-S. It was such a gorgeous day that she'd put the top down. Geoff came out to greet her just as Ted and Kathleen crossed the street. Ted exclaimed, "What a beautiful car! Is that yours too, Sarah?"

Sarah smiled and said, "Thank you, Ted. It was my late husband's, and I never bothered to sell it. Geoff, Honey," she continued, "As soon as you sign this paperwork and take it to the nearest DMV office, it's yours. I don't drive it nearly enough and I'm sure you will enjoy it more than I do. And I'm sure your dad would want you to have it. It'll cost you a drive home later, though."

Geoff said, "Geez, Mom, thanks!" as he hugged her, holding it long enough to cause a somewhat questioning look between Kathleen and Ted.

"Get the garage door opener for the third bay, Honey, and we'll go buy your furniture."

Geoff did so, hooked it on the visor and they were off.

Arriving at the furniture store, they soon had all empty rooms at Geoff's home furnished, complete with window dressings, having taken a break for a nice brunch at an upscale restaurant. Delivery was scheduled for the following Wednesday, with Sarah offering to be there for the placement of the various pieces. After stopping at an art gallery, they'd acquired enough framed artwork to make the home look more lived-in. Those would also be delivered on Wednesday.

With that out of the way, they drove back to Sarah's home. They both exited the car and entered the house.

"Not going home yet, Honey?" asked Sarah.

Geoff turned her around, wrapped his arms around her, and slid his hands up her front, cupping a breast in each hand and gently fondling. "It's been a long time, Mom. I want you."

Sarah pressed her son's hands more firmly against her breasts and said, "You can have me anytime you wish, Honey. You know that, even after a very enjoyable night with Joanna!" She smiled.

Joanna Schneider had been Sarah's long-time bisexual lover, and the mother of Emily, Geoff's girlfriend through high school and her mother's incestuous lover. Emily, being a year ahead of Geoff in school and two years older, had met a lesbian in her freshman year at college and decided she favored women more than men, so she broke off the relationship with Geoff. They both knew they were too young to get more seriously involved anyway, and they parted as friends.

They went to Sarah's master bedroom suite and watched each other strip. Even at 53 years of age, she was an extremely beautiful and desirable woman. Her body provided ample evidence of many hours in her mini-gym. Her abs were absolutely flat, her breasts maintained their fullness with very little sag, and her legs were those of one who spent much time on both treadmill and stair-stepper. Naked, Geoff's cock in fully-erect state, mother and son got on her queen-size bed and immediately began kissing passionately, tongues engaged, almost angrily pushing into and out of each other's mouth. Geoff impatiently began sucking his mother's breast while moving his hand to her pussy, where he inserted two fingers and began finger-fucking the pussy which had given him birth 29 years previously. He was pleased; given her wetness, to discover his mother was as anxious as he. He stopped sucking his mother's breast to announce, "Now, Mother, I'm going to eat the most beautiful pussy on the planet."

"Mmmm, Honey. You know how I love that, and to borrow a line from an old Carly Simon song, 'Nobody does it better'."

Geoff quickly got between Sarah's legs and immediately covered her pussy with his mouth, directing his tongue to her clit, where he started sliding the flat, rough surface of his tongue over it, varying his motions from licking like an ice-cream cone, to moving it from side-to-side, to licking circles around it, all the while applying pressure to it. In no time, he felt his mother lift her hips up, pressing her pussy firmly against his mouth and she stiffened, her orgasm washing over her like a tidal wave. Geoff kept it up until Sarah dropped her hips again, pushing his head away.

Sarah suggested, "Enough, Baby. I need you inside me now. Last night with Joanna was wonderful, but I need a real, live cock inside me."

Geoff, now on his knees between his mother's legs, leaned forward so Sarah could wrap her hand around his cock and guide it to her entrance. When he felt the moist pussy lips on the head of his cock, Geoff pushed forward until he was buried to the hilt in his mother's still-tight, welcoming pussy. He began his slow, lengthy strokes in Sarah's pussy. His cock had grown in proportion to his 6' 8" body, and now was a respectable (and respected!) 9" in length and as thick as Sarah's wrist. His cock had become a sentimental favorite of many women, most of whom jumped at the chance of another date with this hunk. As he moved back and forth within Sarah's pussy, he sucked gently on her neck, knowing how this exponentially increased Sarah's height of arousal. He was careful, however, not to leave any hickeys, which would be difficult to explain to others who knew Geoff had spent the better part of the afternoon with her. He stopped worshipping his mother's neck and kissed her again, tongues busily engaged. He soon felt Sarah pushing her hips up against him, signaling the onset of another orgasm. As soon as Geoff felt her body stiffen beneath his, he came, flooding her depths with stream after stream of incestuous semen.

The lovers exchanged brief, loving kisses intermingled with words of praise and endearment.

"Mother," declared Geoff, "You are definitely the best. I'm sure it's the added excitement of incest, and possibly the danger, but you are far and away the best I've ever had!"

"It is for me too, Lover," agreed Sarah, "And it is most definitely the incest thing. It was for Joanna and Emily too."

After a mutually enjoyable shower in Sarah's shower stall, fitted with two heads, Geoff dressed and returned home in his newly-acquired classic 1959 Jaguar XK 150-S.

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