Venezuelan College Student With Two Blonde Danish Slaves

by sonyaesperanto

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, Hypnosis, Humiliation, Interracial, White Female, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jose gets revenge on his girlfriend and her mother, who has insulted all Latinos


"Can you stop touching my breast? It is getting annoying now" Tina told her boyfriend Jose off.

Jose automatically let his hand go off her right breast, as his hand was around her shoulder.

"Don't be like that. You're supposed to be my girlfriend!" Jose protested to Tina.

The couple were walking around university campus. They were both foreign students studying in a Bristol College, in West of England.

"We're in a public place!" Tina reminded him.

Jose looked annoyed. Coming from a macho environment Jose believed that a man should have power over his woman. He sometimes hated his girlfriend's fierce independent nature.

Jose was a handsome Venezuelan guy; 5'9, slim, black-haired, dark-eyed, South-American-type tanned complexion (which attracted Tina to him in the first place), 17 years old and majored in Maths and Science (since most local British students didn't major in such courses it would be easier for a foreigner to get in any British college or university if he or she chose to do such course as today in England all the Chemistry courses had been closed down since 99.99% of all British students major only in 2 things: Art & English Literature).

Tina, in contrast, was an attractive Danish girl; 5'7, slim, long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, crystal blue eyes, also tanned (thanks to the Tanning Salons), 18 years old, large round breasts and majored in the Arts (like most European females and British males).

As for how they met they became housemates only about a year ago and already started going out. As the old saying goes "opposite attracts". She was a Blonde attracted to dark men, especially Africans, Hispanics, Middle Easterners and Southern Europeans. Jose was a black-haired dark tanned dark Hispanic attracted to Blonde haired blue eyed girls, even dreaming of marrying a Blonde one day.

It was also convenient for either of them that they had no other housemates in their student accommodation, even if they both stayed in 2 separate bedroom flats as each student paid for his flat room but had the rest of the house to serve other interests ie kitchen, bathroom etc. They often had lots of sex but Tina didn't do anal and when she didn't want sex, no means no. He had to play with her terms since she was his Blonde princess, and trophy.

They also had part time jobs too so that they could still financially support their lifestyle ie clubbing, discoing etc.

"Hey I am in the mood for a cinema film. How about we go watch a film at the Odeon?" suggested Tina.

"Ok," Jose nodded.

He was thinking that once inside the cinema he could make out with her, and play with her big Scandinavian breasts.

It was 4PM when they reached the Odeon cinema in Bristol City Centre. The cinema was only three storeys high. It only had 3 theatres too.

"Hey can we catch this!" said Jose, pointing to the poster of Prince of Persia (a movie based on a video game and Jose was into video games and comic books).

"Oh no. It is nothing but mindless violence. You know what these American Hollywood movies are like. It promotes violence. I think we should catch this one. It is much better!" Tina pointed to the poster of Twilight 3: Eclipse (the movie is based on a popular romantic vampire novel series which has a high female fan base).

Tina smiled. Jose knew that if he did not give in he would not be getting any Blonde pussy tonight. They caught Twilight 3 instead. Once inside the cinema Jose once more put his hand over his girlfriend's shoulder, slowly moving it below her neck, towards her right breast. Jose then did the unthinkable. He put his hand on her breast and then tried to kiss her on the lips. Tina pushed him away.

"Not now Jose. I'm trying to watch this movie!" Tina complained to him.

When the movie was over they went over to a club, drinking and partying. They came back home somewhere after 2AM in the morning, on a cab. They were both tipsy and a bit drunk (the norm among British people). Once back home they had sex in Jose's bedroom flat.

As Jose was on top of her he was sucking on her right breast's nipple and started playing with her left breast. After 10 minutes, Tina tried pushing him away.

"Jose you're too rough with me tonight. Take it slowly," Tina complained.

"Give me a break Look I don't know what your problem is??" Jose asked.

"I just want to sleep. I'm tired," Tina yawned, falling asleep.

Jose slept next to her on the bed, pissed off with her behaviour today and remembering the times when she behaved like this. He fell asleep but didn't sleep too well.


Tina and Jose had an argument. When she woke up in his bedroom flat she said that his bedroom was untidy and even dared tell him that this what was wrong with Latin America today — laziness to clean up anything.

It was true. His bedroom flat was like the typical British house. His things were piled up on the floor. He had things hanging on his radiator. He had food pieces on his desk top.

"Oh come on. I bet your room is not clean either!" Jose protested.

"Come to my room Jose and see this for yourself. I am not untidy. I am very tidy. Come here!" Tina bossed him.

When Jose followed Tina to her bedroom flat he saw how clean and tidy her room was.

"You should really clean up Jose. Now let us go to the living room!" Tina suggested.

Their student accommodation was on the second floor of a rental building block that faced a street. They had a bathroom and a main hallway which adjoined the front door, the living room and the kitchen. There were 5 bedrooms but only two were occupied an their landlord did not like 2 students sharing a bedroom flat together since their monthly rent was already cheaper than most student accommodations.

When they went to the living room Tina pointed out to all his things piling up and lying all over the living room floor, including his PS3 and video game collection and comic books and even ruffled up tissue papers which Jose used to blow his nose on. The wooden table between the sofa and the television was also piled up with empty cups that looked as if someone had drank from them but not cleaned up afterwards. There were also plates on the table, full of unfinished spaghetti or pasta.

"Now the kitchen!" Tina suggested.

Jose followed Tina into the kitchen. The kitchen sink was full of cups, plates, and many other things.

"I am fed up of cleaning up after you Jose. You are becoming dirty and living like a pig you know that, like all these lazy British people. I decided I am not cleaning up after you. I think you should clean up. What do you think I am? Your maid?" stated Tina in an angry tone.

"Oh please don't be like that. Look you're my girlfriend. You are not supposed to complain!" Jose said in a defensive tone.

"Jose this is the 21st Century. Don't give me that South American macho shit. Women are equal to men. Are you telling me that a woman's place is in the kitchen? Well I got news for you amigo. Times have changed even if they haven't in Venezuela. If this happened in Denmark and we had lived together with Danish students you would get bollocking from the rest of them and I won't be able to protect you then!!!" shouted Tina.

"But this is a woman's job!" Jose said in a macho way.

"You know something Jose. You can be a jerk at times. I cook for you and you still make me clean up after you. I want a man who respects me!" Tina shouted at him.

As Tina was about to walk away from him, he grabbed her by the arm.

"Ok. Ok. I will clean up. I'll do it in ten minutes!" Jose said.

"Start now. Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today!" Tina told him.

That whole day Tina made Jose clean the sink, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and even his own bedroom. It took him one whole day. He wasn't used to doing such work. In fact he never knew anyone from South America who did. When he came to England he was surprised that British people were as laid back as people from Spanish-speaking countries. This was why British people in general can relate more to Southern Europeans and Latin Americans than they can to other Europeans and even Americans from the United States of America.

Jose finished "cleaning up" by 7PM. His Danish girlfriend could be loving and affectionate at times (expresses it best when they had sex together) and then there were times when she would have a go at him for all sorts of things that a British girl wouldn't dare do to her Latino boyfriend. Danish girls were known to be outspoken and Britain's outspokenness which they passed to the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand all were of Norman influence, Danish invaders to Britain and France, and also Anglo Saxons, a Germanic people who were said to have invaded Southern England from Northern Germany but they invaded Germany in turn from Denmark.

"I'm finally done!" Jose sighed in exhaustion.

He hated this sort of thing ie long work.

"The place looks much better now. How about we get something to eat?" suggested Tina.

They went out to eat at an Indian restaurant. After dinner they met their other friends from college in some night club. They came back home drunk after 2AM and even when they went back home Tina refused Jose any sex for that night/early morning.

She is such a bitch at times. God I hate this arrogant Danish attitude among Danish girls. She only lets me have sex with her when she wants it. Fuck this new age of feminism and women's rights. What happened to the good old days when Spain ruled the world, Jose thought.


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