The Observers: The Telescope


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Desc: Erotica Story: A man discovers his voyeuristic side when he takes a peek through his telescope and watches an attractive redhead exhibitionist get off.

It was a present that had been for my birthday slash graduation, something that I had treasured for since I knew that my parents had pooled their money for a while to get this for me. I had to say that it was pretty damn durable to have survived four years of college and two years of a Masters program, with me dragging it out to open fields outside the city during cloudless night to gaze up at the stars. The telescope, my window into the heavens and more...

My life was the standard deal for a third child of a middle- to lower-class family. My parents both worked hard at their lower-tier jobs, putting in time, blood, sweat, and tears to bring home enough money to provide a good life for their kids. Dad worked as an office flunky and Mom spent her hours working a big retail bookstore. My two brothers and I, we leaned what it was to live with little and we learned what it was like to stretch a dollar.

Now, at twenty-three, I was (still sadly) single, living along in downtown Chicago, almost up to my eyeballs in debt from credit card payments and student loans. My little apartment was up on the tenth floor in a building whose elevator barely functioned. It was a two-bedroom-one-bathroom deal, though the second room could hardly be called a bedroom. I used it as my study, filling it with my books left over from school, with leisure books that I never had time to touch, and with my desk that was littered with work. There was a small living room and dining room space furnished with the standard furniture, and the kitchen was small and the only place that was really very tidy since cooking was my guilty pleasure, food being the only thing that would allow myself to splurge on. It was hard being a poor foodie.

I came home one day on Friday after a long day. I had hauled ass up four flights of stairs because the elevator had decided that it no longer wanted to work for me. Being mid-July, the weather had brought out every bead of sweat in me and my shirt was soaked through down the back, front, and pits. It didn't feel too much better inside the apartment but after dropping my bags down by the door, I stripped off my sweat-soaked clothing and threw open the windows. There was a little breeze going on so I hauled out my largest standing fan, rigged it up by the window, and turned it on.

I took a cold shower, hoping that it'd help. The relief was temporarily but it didn't take long until I was sweating my balls off. I opted for no clothing as I drank a cold beer and wandered over to my telescope. I had a slight voyeuristic habit of using the telescope to watch people in the building across from mine. It had started a few months ago when I had spotted a couple going at it on their balcony. The show had pepped up my limp libido and I'd enjoyed a very good cum. What followed next was a series of peeks at the sleek golden sunbathers on the sixth floor in the first apartment from the left, the aerobics girl on the fourth floor third apartment in, the "masseuse" on the fifth floor, and the horny couple on that had started it all.

Adjusting the focuser, I put my eye to the finder scope and began to peruse the world the world about me. I found something after about five minutes of looking. The object of interest was in an apartment building across the street and a building down, eighth floor, corner apartment. It was her brilliant red hair that had caught my eye, long and thick with full curls that bounced around her creamy shoulders.

I was peering into her bedroom where she was walking about dressed only in a white silk robe that was loosely belted. It was slipping from her shoulders, the front loose and open so I caught glimpses of the lush curves of her breasts and the darker color of her nipples. She had two outfits laid out on the bed, one a little black number and the other a skimpy lilac sundress. She would look great in either of them. When she stretched her arms above her head, inhaling deeply, I realized that her breasts were a lot larger than I had thought, not mere B-cups, but most likely somewhere between a C and a D. I wondered if they were real, what they would feel like filling my hands...

Something caught her attention and she tucked her hair behind her ear as she leaned out of view for a moment. When she straightened, she had a cellphone in her hand and was talking, a smile on her face. She sat down on the foot of her bed, crossing her legs, and I was rewarded by the sight of a long, perfect, and pale leg when her robe slipped open even farther. I gazed hungrily at that leg, all smooth and milky skin, firm without a hint of cellulite. Exhaling softly, I reached down with my other hand and wrapped my fingers around my hard cock. It throbbed in my hand and I sucked in a breath through clenched teeth as I stroked myself. By now, the woman had started to stroke her thigh with her fingers, and I was gazing hungrily at that leg, at that hand, at those fingers tickling her skin...

"Just a little higher," I whispered hotly, stroking my dripping cock. "Come on, come on..."

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