Meeting With the Board
Chapter 1: Myra and Nancy Meet

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1: Myra and Nancy Meet - I go to meet with the board of a new potential client. When I arrive, the VP of finance, calls me and an amazing adventure begins.

My name is Myra Simmons. I'm a natural blonde (yes, if we meet and you ask, I'll show you) with blue eyes, 38 C breasts, 28-inch waist and 36-inch hips.

I'm a vice-president in the advertising industry and, as you would expect if you have a stereotype image of me, I used sex as a way to advance. Everyone in business uses any tool they can to succeed and my sex is one of the best weapons I have. After all, most male executives aren't interested in my 130 IQ or my organizational skills and ability to design a killer ad. Once I have a position, those come into play but, except for a couple of female executives, it was my sexuality and sexual freedom, which gave me a leg up the corporate ladder.

I've had many adventures over the past twenty-five years in the business and most of them have involved sex at some point. The most memorable, for me, included a lot of sex. You see, I am a cum slut; addicted to the feel of men inserting themselves into me and ejaculating into my unprotected body. Since I prefer, even demand that sex be unprotected, I have to select my partners carefully. Yes, I want, need and crave the gift of their cum, but I don't want any other "presents" along with it. Once they have proven they are free of sexual diseases, they are free to share pleasure with me and put their cum into me wherever they want. And many have put it in all three of my available openings. I did have to draw a line with one gentleman who wanted to cum in my ear. After the first time he did it, I had problems clearing it out after it dried. No one has been allowed a repeat of that performance!

This particular adventure was one I first enjoyed about 5 years ago. I was going to Philadelphia to meet with a client in person. I'd been dealing with them through telephone and videoconference for about six months, since we'd gained the account. I was meeting with the President and his upper management team. It was a large project and, for them, a huge investment, so they wanted me to come out to meet them face to face to establish a good rapport between us during the project, with immediate responses, updates and interactions. My boss's orders were very specific: do anything to make them happy and secure the account and don't screw it up. I intended to be successful, no matter what it took to "not screw it up." Little did I know, as I was leaving to go to the airport, how pleasurable a task that was going to be.

My plane landed at Philadelphia International Airport about 6:00PM on Sunday night. I retrieved my luggage from the terminal and then headed out to catch a cab to my hotel. I was staying at one near the waterfront, not far from the center of the city and near their historic district. When I got to my room, which was on one of the upper levels, I was pleasantly surprised by the view, looking out over the lights of the downtown area.

As soon as I walked into the room, I saw the message indicator on the phone flashing. After tossing my luggage on the stand in the closet and then sitting on the bed, I accessed the message. It was from my client's VP of finance, Nancy Storm. The message welcomed me and asked if I'd be interested in meeting her for dinner after I'd gotten settled in. Since I'd dealt with her during earlier discussions, but not directly on the project, I felt quite comfortable meeting with her prior to starting my work. I was also curious as to her motives, since I'd picked up some vibrations from her during our conversations that hinted at interests outside of our work.

I dialed the number she'd left on her message and she answered on the second ring.

"Hello, Nancy Storm residence."

"Hello, Nancy, this is Myra. I'm returning your call to my room. I just arrived."

"Oh, hello, Myra! I'm glad you got in safely. How was your flight?"

"Uneventful," I responded chuckling.

"I was wondering if you'd be interested in meeting me for dinner tonight," she replied, "I can show you some of the better restaurants in the area, if you're interested. I thought it might help you acclimate to the area and give you a chance to relax without being totally bored."

Listening to her, the words were clear and innocent enough, but there was something in the tone that hinted at more. Was that pent up excitement I was hearing?

"That sounds terrific, Nancy, I'd love to join you. Where would you recommend?"

"Do you have an interest in history?" Nance asked.

"Actually," I responded, "yes, I do. And this is a very historic city."

"Well, then, I'll pick you up and we'll head over to the City Tavern. Its where many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence met during their deliberations."

"Sounds great to me. The place must be steeped in history!" I replied. "Give me about an hour to shower, change and get ready, won't you?"

"Ok, Myra," Nancy responded, "I'll meet you in the lobby at 8:00"

"Great, I'll see you then." I answered.

After hanging up, I opened my suitcase and took out my clothes, hanging my skirts, blouses and slacks up and tucking underwear and bras into the drawers in the bureau in the room. I laid out a cream colored silk blouse on the bed, a beige bra I'd gotten recently from Victoria Secret, matching panties and a navy skirt that fit snugly but not so tight as to be an impediment to movement. Going into the bathroom, I turned on the water for the shower, opened the soap, stripped off my blouse, slacks, bra and panties I'd worn during the flight and stepped into the stream of water.

As I wet the washcloth and soaped it up, I luxuriated in the feel of the hot water cascading down over my naked flesh. I rubbed the soap onto my arms, being more gentle going over the scar on the underside of my upper right arm where I'd been cut years ago by a broken lamp, the result of a little bit too violent a reaction in my sexual responses that night. The tingle of the soapy rag touching it brought pleasure of it's own but also the pleasure of the memories of how I got it.

From there, I moved to my breasts, rubbing the cloth under them and over the lower orbs. Gravity was starting to have its effect on them and they were fuller than they used to be. But, I loved how natural they were and felt and refused to have them altered.

Next I washed between my breasts and over the tops, finally zeroing in on my already erect nipples. With an aroused sigh, I began to soap them, finally laying the cloth over both of them. With my fingers, thorough the cloth, I began to pinch and roll them. I could never take a shower without stimulating my own nipples to the point of an orgasm. This night was no different.

Even though it was something I did during almost every shower, the stimulation was intense. As the orgasm reached its peak, I pinched and pulled both of my nipples hard, my eyes closed, the vision in my head showing Nancy pulling on them hard as she watched me squirm and spasm in pleasure. Gasping, leaning heavily on the grab bar as the waves of pleasure pulsed through my body, shooting out from my hardened nipples, straight to my clit, then back again. I was lost in my orgasmic loop as I leaned there, continually pulling on my turgid nipples.

Finally, I began to move to my next pleasure point. Releasing my right nipple, I began to soap my stomach and navel. Slowly, I let my hand drift downward until I was sudsing my soft, blonde pubic hair, all the while continuing to pull on my left nipple. My clit was hard and protruding by the time I'd reached it, begging for the attention it constantly craves. Not being able to fight that overpowering demand, I slid the soapy cloth over it, cleaning it thoroughly so that it was ready to find its way into a lover's mouth ... I began to stroke the cloth up and down against it and swirl it around it. Soon, the motion and sensations my touch created began to generate shocks of pleasure, which radiated out through my entire body.

Nipples ablaze, clit swollen and filled with blood, my vaginal lips engorged and separated, I was ready to accept a mate. My body rocked and heaved as I continued to minister to my sexual needs. I was gasping, moaning, squirming and rocking. Finally, the tingling deep in my core began to assert itself and the irresistible power it contained began to spread throughout my being. Reasoning fled to the winds, control left before its onslaught, my body belonged to my urgent carnal need. Once it filled my entire being: body, mind, heart and soul, the orgasmic explosion began to erupt in my depths. Like an exploding atomic bomb, an intense orgasmic light mushroomed out of my inner core and consumed me totally! I lost all control, willingly surrendering my complete self to its domination! My breath came in gasps, moans of lust and pleasure escaped my lips, my hips rocked and pulsed out of my control, my vaginal fluids gushed down my thighs. My skin flushed bright red, my face and forehead burned with the fire consuming them from within. My nipples threatened to burst open on my chest from the strain of arousal and fullness they were experiencing. I was turned into a quivering mass of orgasming flesh and spirit!

And then the orgasmic wave passed from me and spread into the world around me. It released me completely and I slid down into the tub, by body having lost its only source of control. My womb continued to flow freely, my bladder clenched and mixed its fluids with those flowing from my womb as the contents sprayed out from me. I was boneless, without muscles, energy totally gone. I was post-orgasmic, post-ejaculate. I lay there in the water cascading down over me and in the fluids still draining from me and let the grayness of exhaustion begin to overtake me.

Breath returned raggedly. Sensations returned. Awareness returned. Control of my body returned. "Thank goodness that I was alone and in the shower," I thought, "with such a powerful orgasm." When I've had them with lovers it tended to be embarrassing. Even if they, both men and women, were happy to see me give myself over so completely to my sensuality and sexual need that I lost control of my body. Weakly, I stood back up, rinsed the cloth and applied fresh soap and then finished washing. After rinsing, I shut off the water and toweled myself dry. My body was dry with the exception of my waist length blonde hair and my pussy. My hair would soon be dry and hanging loosely in shining waves down my back but my pussy would continue to remain wet and ready as a result of my growing anticipation and excitement about the hidden agenda that Nancy's tone hinted existed for us tonight.

After drying and brushing my hair, I left the bathroom and went into the main area of the room. I picked up the panties I'd laid out, giggling at the view anyone entering the room would see as I stood there, my back to the door, bent over the bed. I slipped my right leg into my panties, followed rapidly by my left and slid the silky material up my legs. The feel of it against my groin, ass and pussy was very sensual and added to my sexual feeling. Next, I picked up the bra and slid my arms into the straps and pulled the cups under my breasts, encasing them in the soft, satiny touch of the material. Completing their capture, I reached around my back and fastened the catch. Even as I got the last of the hooks fastened, I could feel my breasts aching to be free of their confinement and in contact with hot flesh. My hope was that they would get their wish before the night was done.

I stood there, in my bra and panties and debated on pantyhose or my stockings and garter. The weather was quite warm, even this late in the evening so I decided to go without either. Quickly, I slipped the satin blouse over my arms and shoulders and fastened the buttons; leaving the top two open so my cleavage was visible. My skirt was just as rapidly slipped into place.

"Now," I thought, "if Nancy wants to play, there is nothing in her way."

I stood in front of the mirror on the chest and put on my pale pink lipstick. I had decided not to accentuate my lips tonight but to keep my appearance more natural. I liked the way my skin tone and coloration matched my hair and clothes, so I seldom wore any other make-up. I shook myself a bit to make sure everything was lying correctly. Liking what I saw, I slipped my feet into my 2-inch heel pumps, grabbed my purse and room key and headed out the door...

When I stepped out of the elevator, it was a few minutes after eight. I spotted Nancy right away, sitting in one of the chairs in the lobby. I quickly walked over to her, watching her stand up as she saw me approaching. One thing I noticed right away was that her nipples were hard, visible through her blouse and bra.

"Nancy, I'm so sorry to have made you wait!" I said as I reached her.

We embraced and hugged gently, even if a tad longer than would be normal.

"Not a problem, Myra, I just got here a couple of minutes ago. Besides," she said, looking me up and down completely, "you are worth waiting for."

I laughed at her comment and her tone. I knew for sure now that she was attracted to me sexually. It began to seem like my hopes of not being alone in my bed tonight would be fulfilled.

"Why Nancy, you sound like one of those guys who wants nothing more than to get into my pants."

Laughingly, she replied, "Maybe I am just like one of them."

I smiled broadly at her. "If you are, your chances are excellent! You are so beautiful, I couldn't resist your seductions."

Laughing openly, Nancy put her hand on her chest, just above and between her breasts. Her nipples were even more obvious. She looked directly into my bright blue eyes and I saw a twinkle of mischief in her hazel ones. Our gazes remained locked as she responded.

"I'm glad you feel that way, Myra, because I've wanted to spend time closely with you since the first time we were introduced in the initial video-conference. By the time we finish dinner, I hope I have seduced you."

It was my turn to laugh, even as I remembered the various chats I'd had with each of the company's executives. Most of them had been strictly business but each of the men, including the company president, had made a pass at me at at least once. My response to each of them was the same. Now, I'd see how serious they each were. Nancy and I had chatted quite a few times and gotten to be friends through our conversations. Even though she hadn't made a pass at me in that time, I could sense the sexual tension in her voice on many occasions. Our conversations had often bordered on flirtatious so I had a sense that she was lesbian or bi-sexual. I was hoping she was bi-sexual so that I could experience sex with her alone and with men. The thought of watching that beautiful body, naked and squirming, while penetrated and being filled got my own nipples hard and my pussy tingling. The thought of diving in to eat her just fucked pussy, burying my face in her soft brown bush and sucking the cum from her had me salivating.

"Myra, where are you, dear?" Nancy asked with a laugh.

"Oh, sorry, I was daydreaming about the past few weeks."

"They must have been good daydreams, the way you were smiling." She responded.

I smiled at her seductively. "Yes they were but not as good as tonight's reality may be."

"Myra, I think we are on the same page," Nancy replied, smiling broadly. Leaning in closely so that her lips were against my ear she continued, "I don't know about you but my panties are sopping already thinking about tonight with you."

Quickly I replied, "Mine too, Nancy, mine too. I can't wait to taste you!"

Nancy laughed. "I know what you mean, Myra. Just smelling your arousal has me ready to pounce you. But, dinner first, then we can share dessert."

"Mmmmmm, sounds heavenly, Nancy. I just hope I can control myself until then."

"You and I both, Myra. I'm having trouble keeping my hands off of you right here in the lobby!" Nancy shot back.

With that we separated a bit, both flush and both with visible nipples. We both reeked of sexual arousal. Anyone passing close to us couldn't miss the scent of our mixed sexuality wafting through the air.

We left the lobby and moved towards her parked car, Nancy leading the way. Her sensuality and arousal showed in the seductive movements of her hips and the rolling or her tight ass cheeks in her skirt. I knew I was doing the same, mimicking her, even as I stared openly at her beautiful bottom. The realization that soon, I was going to see it uncovered and have my face buried between those magnificent thighs caused my pussy to spasm and a large flow of my vaginal fluids to rush out of me, saturating the crotch of my panties. I was glad I'd chosen the navy skirt; it was obvious that there was going to be a wet spot on it by the time dinner was finished.

When we entered the tavern, the air was heavy with history. The dim lighting, the hushed tones, the heavy wood all added to its sense of permanence and longevity. You could feel the weight of history in the building, the sense of the many important events that had happened there. It was easy to believe that the founding fathers had met there and made most of their compromises over good food and drink. When I commented on it to Nancy, you can imagine my surprise when she laughed and told me that the building was a replica of the original and had only been opened in 1976. Still, the sense and feeling of history pervaded the place and I fell in love with it.

We sat at a small table in the tavern area, enjoying the atmosphere and the small crowd. Our waiter came over promptly and took our drink orders. Being two attractive, middle-age women in a tavern, we were garnering a large number of glances. As we chatted, we both kept our eyes roaming discretely, seeing how many we could catch. After the waiter came by, hovering over each of us, taking our order, we went back to comparing notes about our fellow patrons.

This was a girls night out and no business was mentioned. We both laughed as we realized that, in his closeness, the waiter had managed to brush his hard cock against each of us ... We agreed that he was hot enough that we'd enjoy dragging him into an empty storeroom and relieving him of every sperm presently in his balls. Of course we talked about how we'd like to coax him into giving his all to us and how we would share it between us.

When he returned with our food, we were both red faced in embarrassment as we looked up at him as well as from our growing arousal. I hadn't realized that I'd slipped my shoe off and, while we were talking, been sliding my instep up and down the back of Nancy's lower leg. Only after our food arrived and she leaned close, almost putting her head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear that I'd given her a wonderful orgasm doing it did I realize what I'd done. I was quite pleased that I'd given her pleasure and understood why the scent of her pheromones had grown so strong. I felt my body flushing and knew mine were filling the air as well.

We continued to chat as we ate our food. The grilled chicken salad I'd ordered was exquisite and I could see that Nancy was enjoying her chef's salad as well. We'd both decided to order light so we'd be ready for dessert. Looking into Nancy's eyes, I could tell she was as hungry for dessert as I. I couldn't help but watch her eyes slide down to my cleavage and then back up to meet mine. The sensuous way she ran her tongue tip over her lips made me shudder in anticipation of what was to come.

When dinner was finished and we'd received the check, I took it and set it aside with my business credit card for payment. When the waiter returned it to me with the credit card receipt, I filled in the tip amount, the total due and signed the receipt. With the receipt, I included my business card with my hotel room phone number for the waiter on the back. Along with that, I wrote, "If you are interested." When Nancy saw me do that, she included one of her own cards, circled her office number and extension and included, "If you are interested, two-some or three-some." Both of us were flushed at the possibilities as we got up and left the tavern.

Once in Nancy's car, I couldn't help myself. I had to lean over to her, put my arm around her shoulders and, as she leaned towards me, turning her face to me, I pressed my lips against hers. As she continued to lean into me, her lips pressing feverishly against mine, I slid my tongue out and touched it to hers. Her lips parted and I slid my tongue into her mouth, even as she was sucking it in with her own passion. My right hand drifted up her body and cupped her left breast, feeling its wonderful weight and firmness. She moaned into my mouth as I began to squeeze and fondle her through her blouse and bra. Her hand began to move up under my skirt, her nails gently grazing the flesh of my inner right thigh. I shifted my legs, parting them, inviting her to continue her journey up to my wet pussy and its saturated covering.

Our passions rising, I let my tongue roam around Nancy's mouth, dancing joyfully with hers. I slid my hand down to her waist, pulled her blouse out of her skirt and slid my hand up her naked belly and around her side, slipping my fingers along the bottom line of her bra. When I found the clasp, I grasped it in my fingers, pinched it at the joint and forced the catches apart. Her bra fell loose and, as her hand cupped my pussy through my soaked panties, I brought my hand back around her side, pushing her bra up off her breasts. I sighed in happiness as I felt the heat and firmness of her naked breast in my hand at the same time I felt the pressure of her palm and fingers against my panty-covered slit.

Breathing hard, heart pounding, I broke my kiss with Nancy and slid my face against hers, our cheeks sensuously brushing against each other. When my lips reached her ear, I began to kiss and lick the area in front of it, letting my tongue flick out against the nub at the front of her aural canal. At the same time, I stroked up her breast until my fingers were wrapped around her hard, enlarged nipple. Nancy's hand was still firmly pressed against my panties, wriggling her fingers and palm against my lips and slit.

"Go underneath," I panted into her ear, just before I sucked her earlobe between my lips and started flicking it with my tongue tip.

Nancy gasped and pulled me more tightly against her. I pinched her nipple tighter and she slid her hand under my panties and pressed it against my naked pussy. I moaned as her middle fingers slipped down into my slit, spreading my engorged vaginal lips. I continued to roll and pinch her swollen nipple between my finger and thumb while I let my tongue roam around the rim of her ear and down behind it. I heard her soft moan and gasp as I ran my tongue along the line where her ear joined her head. She heard my gasp of pleasure as her two middle fingers slid into my vaginal opening, stopping only when both were fully inside me. She began to wriggle them inside me, making me gasp when she brushed up against my g-spot. When she realized what she'd found, she concentrated her attention on it.

Moaning, I continued my attack on her ear and the side of her neck. My fingers continued to manipulate her nipple. Her fingers continued caressing my g-spot while her palm and other fingers flexed against my outer vaginal lips and my wet slit. My hips began their rhythmic rocking and flexing. I felt hers doing the same. Soon, we were both lost in a world of giving, sharing and receiving pleasure. My arousal grew rapidly, my breathing coming in heaving gasps, my heart trying to pound out of my chest. Nancy's breathing was loud, fast and hard, her nipple hard as iron, rigid and large, her body quaking with her own lust and need. Suddenly, she stiffened, arching her back and lifting her tight ass off the seat, rearing her head back, thrusting her breast against my caressing hand and insistent fingers. Her fingers pressed tightly against my g-spot. As my world exploded in a blaze of white light and I lost control of my body, my last view was of Nancy's body quaking in her orgasm.

My own body quivered in orgasm as the blazing rays of orgasmic pleasure streaked through my body and head. Wave after wave of indescribable pleasure raced through my body. They shot out of my pussy and up my groin, over my breasts, making my nipples painfully rigid, up over my chest and neck, face and head. I knew I was totally red with orgasmic flush as wave after wave radiated over me, drowning me in such exquisite pleasure.

As my orgasm began to subside, I realized that I was still flicking my tongue on Nancy's ear and squeezing her nipple. Gasping, I pulled my lips away from her ear and let my head collapse onto her shoulder. I released my grip on her nipple and let my hand slide down her body, reaching up under her skirt and sliding it under her soaked panties, easily sliding my middle fingers into her still twitching pussy. We sat there together for several minutes, leaning on each other, fingers inside each other, holding still as we allowed our bodies to recuperate from the pleasure extreme we'd just shared.

Looking deeply into her hazel, pleasure filled eyes, I sensually said," Thank you, Nancy, for getting into my pants."

I wriggled my two middle fingers in her vaginal opening just as I finished speaking. With a look of pure happiness in her eyes and on her face, Nancy arched her hips upward to drive my fingers deeper into her body.

"Mmmmm, my pleasure, Myra." she responded as she, again, curled her fingers up against my front vaginal wall... "Thank you for letting me play and stay there."

My response was a gasp of pleasure as she stroked her fingertips over my super-sensitive g-spot. Seeing my response Nancy continued to caress me as our eyes remained locked in mutual pleasure, intimate sharing and lust. I felt my groin muscles starting to spasm, feeling like a hiccupping. Suddenly my muscles grabbed hard and my pussy clamped down on her fingers. I felt the gushing flow of my vaginal fluids shooting out of my pussy around her fingers, soaking my skirt, my ass, my pubic hair, Nancy's hand and wrist. I gasped, my eyes opening wide as I looked at her, losing myself in the vaginal orgasm that was overpowering me. She continued to caress me lightly which made my muscles spasm again and another large flow of fluid rushed out of my womb, soaking us.

I grabbed Nancy's wrist tightly in my hand.

"Please, Nancy, stop, I can't take much more of that. Make me do it again and I'll pass out."

She stopped her caressing but left her fingers pressed against my g-spot. Smiling, she stared into my eyes.

"My car smells like pussy now. I don't think I'll ever want to leave it and I know I'll always be wet and aroused driving it now. I'd love to take you over the edge into total pleasure and fulfillment, Myra."

"Let's get back to my room, Nancy, and we can take each other there. Would you spend the night with me after we play?"

"Of course I will, Myra! But, aren't we going to play all night and only stop to get to the meeting tomorrow morning?"

"Mmmmmm, Nancy, that would be wonderful. I wonder how the guys would react to two totally aroused and pleasured women being in the room with them all day."

She laughed. "Knowing that randy bunch, they'd all be sitting there with hard-ons, fantasizing about scoring with both of us."

"Have any of them scored with you," I asked.

"No, Myra, they haven't," she replied. "The prez doesn't think it's appropriate for board members to be sexually involved with each other. He feels it could lead to liaisons on the staff that would not be best for the company. Now, it's ok for them all to go out to a club and screw the same woman. I know they've done that a couple of times, one of which I witnessed. What they didn't know was that, when they were done, I paid the girl to let me suck her pussy dry of what they put into her."

"Wow," I responded. "They did a gang-bang on a club dancer unprotected?"

"Yep. But they were lucky. I found out after I finished cleaning her out that they were her only sex clients in a couple of weeks and she'd just gotten her blood tests back and they were clean. I have to say, she did taste good after they all fucked her."

"Nancy, I bet she did. I would have loved to suck her clean myself. Maybe we can get them to fuck you so I can suck you dry. I do love sucking cum from an orgasming pussy."

"So do I, Myra," she responded. "Hopefully, before you leave, we can do it to each other together."

"Are you calm enough to drive now?" I asked her.

Shuddering and clenching my fingers with her pussy she responded, 'I think so."

"Good, lets get back to my room so we can really play. I brought some toys for us to share."

"You did? Great! Eggs?"





"A hugh, thick one."

Nancy shuddered, a big smile spreading across her face.

"Then lets get going, I've been aching to play with you since we first talked!"

With that, she spun around in her seat, put the key in the ignition and started the car. As she was getting her seatbelt in place, I leaned over and kissed the side of her neck and ran my tongue from her collarbone to her ear. She shuddered and told me she was going to get even with me for that.

Laughing together, she put the car in gear and pulled out of the lot and into traffic. In minutes, we were parked in the hotel's lot and we were heading towards a back entrance as I fetched out my room key. I opened the door and held it as she entered. We went up the stairway just inside the door, deciding not to go to the more public section of the hotel where the elevators were located ... We were both disheveled and Nancy's braless breasts were easily visible though her blouse. She kept her jacket pulled together as best she could. Climbing behind her, I got to enjoy the sway of her hips and the glistening view of her cum coated inner thighs. I knew mine looked just the same, just wetter.

By the time we had reached my floor, we were both panting from the exertion, even though we were fit for our ages. Some of the panting and flushing, however, was due to our sexual arousal. My nipples were rock hard and poking out from my blouse in excitement as a result of watching Nancy's beautiful ass in front of me all the way up the stairs. When we got to the landing, I opened the door as I looked at Nancy. I could see the flush of exertion and excitement on her face. Her nipples were as hard as mine, and her dark areolas were showing completely through her blouse as she was totally out of her bra. Playfully, I reached out to her breasts and stroked her nipples through her blouse, lightly pinching her nipple.

"MMMMM hurry, Myra, lets get to your room! I need you now!" She pleaded while quickly reaching up under my skirt and sliding a finger into my sopping wet pussy.

I gasped at the sudden, very pleasant intrusion into my body. I yanked the door open hard and peeked out to make sure the hallway was clear. It was so I slipped out, holding the door for Nancy. Giggling like schoolgirls, we rushed down the hall to the third door from the stairway. I slid the room key into the lock and opened the door. As it opened, we practically fell through it.

I closed the door behind us and set the locks. Turning around I beheld Nancy standing there topless, her blouse and bra in a heap on the floor, just inside the door. Even as I watched, she slid her skirt down over her hips, letting it fall to the floor. She kicked it off, along with one of her shoes, onto the pile with her blouse. Soon, her soaked panties and other shoe joined the rest. My response to her striptease was to join in the action. While she was wriggling out of her skirt, I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and, not bothering to unbutton it, pulled it and my bra up over my head. I loved the way my breasts jumped and swayed as I pulled the bra away from them. Soon they, along with my skirt, panties and shoes were heaped up with hers.

Standing there, both of us totally naked we looked at each other. What I saw was a forty year old woman with shoulder length, medium brown hair, firm B to C cup breasts with just a bit of sag from the effects of gravity. Her nipples were rock hard and very dark brown. Her face was long and angular, but very beautiful. She had a taut body, since she worked out, as did I. Her waist was about the same as mine, 28 inches. Her hips, again, matched mine at about 36 inches. Her breasts were slightly smaller than mine but luscious to behold. I couldn't see her ass from where I was standing, but I could tell it was perfect from my earlier views. Her legs were firm, her calves solid. She had a trim figure, her belly with a slight roll, which drew your eyes down to her pelvic bones, where the rounded knobs protruded just slightly through the skin. That forced your view to slide over her soft, curly brown pubic hair, which pointed the way to her little patch of heaven. She was an exquisite sensual creature, fully aroused and ready to play, aching to press every part of her five-foot, six-inch frame against my five-foot seven inch one.

Looking at me, she saw my blond hair, flowing freely down my back and over my shoulders, since I had let it out of its ponytail. I could feel the ends tickling my back, just above my waist. The lightness of my blonde hair was matched by that of my eyebrows and my pubic area. My skin was pale but, in my current state, flushed red. My muscles are taut, like hers, from my daily workouts. My breasts, like hers, stood proudly against the pull of gravity and time, my light brown nipples rock hard from my excitement. My face is round, rather than oval, like Nancy's. My blue eyes are my best feature and many a lover has told me how easy it was to get lost in their depths. My legs are long and firm and, carrying 135 pounds on my frame, I have womanly curves that I am proud of. From the expression on Nancy's face and the lust in her eyes, I knew she liked what she was staring at.

The time we took staring at each other was minimal. Like magnets drawn to each other, we rushed together, arms encasing each other's hot bodies, our lips crashing together in an explosion of passion. Our breasts were mashed together, each feeling the dig of the other's rigid nipples. Our tongues danced together, first in her mouth, then in mine. We were both breathing hard through our noses, our mouths fused together. I pushed and guided our joined bodies towards the bed until Nancy's legs came in contact with it. Pushing a bit more, she went over the edge, falling onto her side on the bed. Still fused to her, our hands exploring the others naked flesh wherever possible, I fell with her, landing beside her on my side but slightly over her. I needed her pussy! I had to taste her, smell her and devour her!

I pulled my face away from hers. She tried to pull me back to her lips as she moaned her unhappiness at my departure. I resisted her efforts and looked deeply into her hazel eyes.

"Pussy, I need your pussy!" I barked at her.

"Yes! Take my pussy! Eat me!" She pleaded in return.

I quickly flipped around as she rotated on the bed, bringing her legs up onto it. I straddled her head with my legs and heard her moan gently as her hands slid up over my hips. Leaning forward, panting heavily in my own arousal and near orgasmic state, I slid my hands over her hips and under her body, curling my fingers up against her inner thighs, lifting her legs and separating them so I could have full access to her sex. Without hesitation, I plunged my face into the gap between them, suctioning my oral lips to her vaginal ones and sliding my tongue full length into her ready pussy. As I probed her pussy with my tongue, delving deeply into her hot flesh, I could feel the sweet softness of her pubic hair on my chin. Soon, I tipped my head slightly to bring my tongue in contact with Nancy's clit.

Her response was instantaneous and powerful! Her back arched, her ass came off the bed, her feet flat on the bed and pushing upwards. Her hips began shaking and rocking, trying to drive my tongue deeper and deeper into her womb. Her fluids began to run out of her and I quickly moved my mouth over her opening and began catching her sweet nectar. As her flow grew and her spasms intensified, I worked my fingers up her thighs and the tips into her crack, opening her lips and slipping one finger into her tight ass. The entire time her spasms racked her body, I continued to run my tongue up into her pussy, slurping out the fluids she was offering to me. With a sigh, Nancy's body relaxed and her ass crashed back onto the bed. I followed her body down, keeping my lips firmly attached to her pussy. Hands trapped under her body, finger still in her ass, I continued to suck the nectar from her now open flower. I was lost in my lust for her scent and taste.

My focus was swiftly changed when Nancy wrapped her arms more firmly around my waist and pulled me down tightly against her face. No sooner did I feel the heat of her cheeks on my thighs and her lips on my pussy, than I felt her tongue slithering up my vaginal canal. I couldn't believe how far up into me she was able to penetrate! I was rocking on her tongue, riding it like a cock. When she held it rigid inside me, it was exactly like having a very hard but pliable cock inside me. The sensations were driving me wild! I began to moan against her pussy, my entire body rocking and swaying. My torso was "S" bending against hers, my breasts rubbing freely against her belly and my belly against her hard nipples. I felt her hands move and suddenly felt one under me and the other sliding over my ass and down my crack. I relaxed as I felt her probing my ass giving her free entry. I gasped as she slid two fingers into my depths. My body heaved in a massive orgasm as soon as she grasped my clit with her other hand and pinched it between her thumb and finger.

My arousal was at such a fevered pitch that my orgasm crashed over me like a tidal wave! I was swept away in a sea of pure pleasure and indulgence. Again, I experienced the tightening of my stomach muscles and the initial spasms. I knew what was coming and I was helpless to prevent it, even if I wanted to. I was about to ejaculate, something I do when highly aroused. I hiccupped into her pussy once, then twice and my stomach and vaginal muscles clamped down tightly and my fluids gushed out of me! Nancy's mouth was suctioned tightly against my vaginal opening and the full force of my flooding filled her mouth.

Through the haze of my orgasms, I heard her gulp and cough and then felt her stronger connection to my pussy ... She was drinking me in, swallowing my sex as fast as it was shooting out of me! I'd never had such a long series of these powerful spasms before and my body was being drained of fluid and I was filling her belly with my sex. Oh what a wonderful feeling, what total connection as we drank deeply from each other's wombs!

As my own spasms finally lessened, I fell against Nancy in exhaustion, My body pressed firmly against hers. I resumed moving my tongue around in the depths of her womb and wriggling my finger in her ass. She also continued to suck on my spent womb, my clit held firmly in one hand and two fingers of her other hand still moving gently inside my ass. I shifted slightly and drove my finger full length into her ass while bringing my other hand around her body and sliding it down her belly, through her sweet pubic hair and into the top of her slit, capturing her clit easily. Soon, we were each pinching and rolling the others clit, fingering the other's ass and tonguing the other's pussy. It was a perfect union of two sensual bodies, perfectly in sync. We had become a single entity, our bodies fusing into one, our movements those of a single organism, built and existing solely for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

We were spent. We lay there, flesh on flesh, sweat coating us, mingling between our bodies, flowing from us onto the bed sheets as one flow. We were both drained. Each of us had filled our bellies with the sexual discharges of the other. We were both sated for the moment. As we lay there panting, finally having removed our lips from each other's pussies, we fought to come down from our shared, mutual and unifying high. Slowly, achingly, unwillingly, I shifted my body and slid off to the side, breaking the contact between my naked flesh and Nancy's. As I moaned at the loss of her body's touch, I heard her anguished moan mirroring my own.

Slowly, I crawled on the bed until I was alongside her, facing the same direction. Looking down at her, seeing her glazed look, the lack of focus in her eyes that matched my own, I smiled and then slid down as my arms and legs gave out from under me. As I collapsed onto the bed, my face landed pressed against her breast, her nipple brushing my cheek. Like a hungry babe, I turned my head and drew her hard nub into my mouth, closing my lips on its base and suckling on it gently. I felt the touch of her fingers running through my hair as she gently caressed her baby, nursing on her turgid nipple.

I continued to suck her, loving the feel of her hardness in my mouth. Gradually, I brought my hand up, laid it on her groin, and began to run my fingers through her pubic hair. Gently, I moved my hand upwards, caressing her belly and fingering her navel. I loved the feeling of her body as I explored it with my touch. I loved the feel of her fingers caressing my head and curling my hair. As I brought my hand up to her other breast and began tracing the line where it joined her body, I felt her other hand touch my shoulder and begin to lovingly caress me. We were two sexually spent and, momentarily, satisfied women, sharing loving touches, caresses and explorations. Even if it was only in the moment, we were deeply and lovingly connected to each other. Lost in that reverie, I gave myself over to her ministrations as I continued mine to her.

We lay like that for an hour, relaxing, connecting and regenerating our mutual lust. We even dozed off a bit, snuggled together like the spent lovers we actually were. Together, we began to explore and play in a more assertive manner. We both knew the other was ready and eager for more.

"Myra, did you really bring toys with you?" Nancy asked.

I lifted myself up, slightly over her.

"Of course, Nancy. I wouldn't kid you about that." I replied smiling down at her.

I couldn't resist the urge that overtook me and I leaned in gently to her and pressed my lips to hers. As she brought her arm up around me, our breasts touched and caressed against each other. The gentle kiss soon grew passionate as our need for each other's touch and pleasure reasserted itself. We were rapidly becoming one, again, in our lust and need and craving for physical joining.

I lifted my lips from hers but stayed close, ready to rejoin her.

"Strap-on. Get your strap-on, Myra. Fuck me with it. I need to be fucked long and hard. I need to be fucked like no man has ever fucked me!"

How could I refuse my tender lover's need? How could I not acquiesce to her overpowering want? Slowly and gently I lifted myself from her and slid out of the bed. I saw her watching me as I walked over to a small suitcase sitting on a table ... I opened it and peered into it. I took out the nipple clips that were on the top first, followed by three vibrating eggs and then the strap-on. It had a leather harness with a nine-inch long, 2-inch thick dildo protruding out from it and another one, six inches long pointing inward. When I put it on, Nancy wasn't the only one who was going to be fucked.

I closed the suitcase, hiding the remaining contents from site. I lifted the two pair of nipple clips to my chest and put one clip from each onto each of my nipples, adjusting them as tight as I could tolerate. I then turned on the vibrating weights attached to each, letting them rest against the lower orbs of my breasts while the other clip on each dangled loosely below their curves.

I turned towards the bed and walked back towards Nancy. She lay there at the edge of the bed staring up at me, wondering what I was going to do. I walked up to her and leaned over her, lowering my lips to hers. As we shared a kiss filled with love, gentleness and passion, I slid my hand up between her legs and easily inserted one of the eggs into the depths of her pussy. As soon as I felt it being sucked up into her womb, I slid the second one up into her ass. Her moan told me how much she liked the feeling and appreciated my attention to her anal area. As our lips remained pressed together, I flipped on the controls to both eggs so that they suddenly began to vibrate inside her at full speed.

Nancy's body arched, her head flew back, breaking our kiss. She screamed out in pure lust and pleasure as an instant orgasm ripped through her body. The eggs were vibrating inside her and against each other through the thin wall of tissue separating them. As she lay there, wriggling in pleasure under their influence, I quickly slipped on the harness of the strap-on, sliding the six-inch dildo up inside my pussy. Oh how I loved the full feeling it gave me as it slid into my dripping pussy! Now I stood over her, a nine-inch hard-on dangling in front of me and her passion filled eyes fixed on it.

In her orgasmic throes and her growing passion, she looked up at me. A look of pleading entered her eyes as she gasped out, "Fuck me, Myra, please, fuck me now!"

I climbed back onto the bed, each move generating pleasure as the cock locked in my pussy shifted. I crawled between her legs, watching as she spread them wider for me, giving me full access to her special place. I looked at her face and saw the pleading, anticipation and expectation there. I grabbed the cock jutting out from my groin in my hand, barely able to encircle it. I shifted my body forward and put the tip against her outer lips and watched as they parted easily. I looked up as Nancy reacted to the touch, saw her face change as her initial gasp escaped her open mouth, her head now thrown back as she arched her back so her body was positioned to welcome me into her womb. Holding myself at that point, teasing her and making her lust more powerful, I reached out and wrapped a hand around each of her thighs, just above her knees. Keeping the cock, my cock, pressed against her opening, I lifted her legs up over my shoulders, resting the back of her knees on either side of my head. I moved forward, lifting her ass and hips so that my knees were under her ass cheeks. I held myself there, at the gateway to heaven and stared down at her quivering body.

"OH God, Myra, do it! Fuck me! Please! Oh God I need it!" Nancy cried out while she drove her pussy up against my cock.

I gave her what she demanded! I shifted slightly so the head was aligned with her sopping wet, wide-open entrance and pushed forward slowly but steadily. Nancy gasped again, her head bent back even further, her body twisted as she arched her hips upward to push her pussy up my length. When I saw a smile start to spread on her beautiful face, I thrust forward and drove the full nine inches into the depths of her womb.

The reaction was immediate and powerful! She screamed out more loudly than before, probably waking up everyone on the floor who may have been sleeping. Her body spasmed and her legs clutched my head in a vise-like grip. Her pussy closed down tightly on my cock, locking me in her depths. Her entire body, from shoulders to ass lifted off the bed and convulsed in the most massive orgasm I've ever witnessed in a woman. I envied her attaining such pleasure, yet I was also filled with great pleasure at knowing I'd given it to her. She was returning it to me by her movements. The way she was shaking on and clutching the cock buried so deeply inside her, she was vibrating the one buried deep in my own pussy. As her orgasmic peak passed and her body relaxed, I had to grind my crotch against hers, driving the cock into her and into me, my hips beginning to rock on it until I, too, came to a screaming orgasm!

As my body shook and quivered, my pussy clutched the cock buried inside it. My spasms rippled up and down its length. I pitched forward, putting my hands out on either side of Nancy's still quivering body so that I didn't crash down onto her. The movement made her legs slip off my shoulders and down my arms until they were splayed out widely on the bed, knees in the air, feet flat on the bed. Our bodies were fused together as our orgasmic spasms clutched at the two ends of the cocks lodged in our wombs. I lay there, over her, breathing heavily.

Looking down at Nancy, I saw her eyes out of focus, her mouth hanging open, her breathing as heavy as mine. As I lowered my head, I could see the heavy rise and fall of her breasts with each powerful breath she took. I was hypnotized by the movement of her firm, magnificent breasts and the dark, rock hard nipples atop each. The jiggling of the lower globes with each movement entranced me but those nipples created a primal need in me. I lunged down and pushed my lips around her right nipple, captured it between my front teeth and began to strum it with my tongue tip. I had to feast on her breast and suckle on her! I was in heaven as I worked on her nipple, my pussy still shuddering from the last of my orgasmic spasms. Our bodies were still linked by the strap-on but my pussy had already soaked the harness to the degree that my fluids were running down my legs having escaped out around its edges, dripping on both of us and the sheet. The feeling of my fluids coating me and her just enhanced my state of arousal.

I lifted my head from her now enlarged and extremely hard nipple. I moved up over her and our eyes locked. As she smiled up at me, reaching up and running her hand through my hair I leaned down as she pulled me towards her and our lips touched in a gentle, caring, post orgasmic kiss. As our lips joined, I felt Nancy roll her hips and drive her groin up against mine, forcing my cock deeply into her. I could feel the rocking and grinding motions of her pelvic area as she continued to pleasure herself on our union and me. I showed her my love of her actions by pressing myself as tightly and forcefully against her as I could.

The feeling of power I felt over Nancy as she gave herself over to my penetration of her body revealed to me what it would be like to be a man. To see a woman open herself totally, make herself vulnerable, allowing another person to insert a part of their body into her and, after ejaculation, leave a living part of themselves in her depths. The feeling of power and control that comes from thrusting into a helpless and willing body, controlling its motions, responses and pleasure is addictive. Seeing the look of anticipation, fulfillment, fear, desire crossing her face as I approached her, entered her and then pounded her hard was a heady experience.

I could understand how a man could get lost in those feelings and forget about the needs and wants of the woman they are fucking, concentrating only on using her pussy for their own pleasure because they can and its accepted and, most often, wanted. I can only imagine what it feels like to feel your sperm rushing up through your cock and exploding out of you and into her womb. I know, oh so well, what it's like to feel that hot flush of pure pleasure rushing into me. The feel of a man's cum squirting out of his swollen cock and filling my womb pushes me into instant orgasm, which results in my walls milking him of every last drop. Nothing on earth is more desirable or more pleasurable than the feeling of your male lover's seed entering you and becoming a part of your physical body.

My feelings of power and control over Nancy subsided a bit, but not much. I looked down, again, at her heaving breasts and her rigid nipples. Over them dangled the open ends of both the nipple clip chains I had attached to my own hard nipples. Lowering myself slightly, I shifted my weight to my left hand and took one of the dangling ends in my right hand. I opened the clip and slipped it over Nancy's left nipple and gently released my hold on it so that it dug into her nipple and fastened to it. I heard her gasp and felt her squirm a bit but she didn't complain or pull away. Instead, she wrapped her hand back around my head and gently, lovingly caressed me. I adjusted the clip tighter until she was whimpering slightly. I then took the other clip and attached it to her right nipple and adjusted it

"Now we are connected in two ways." I said to her as I stared into her wide eyes.

She stared hard back at me. Her arms came up around my head, clamping together behind me, pulling me down towards her. She drew my face close to hers, turning her head so that her lips were next to my left ear.

"Yes, we are connected physically in two ways and I love it! Use your monstrous cock on me, Myra, please fuck me until I can't take it anymore. Oh God I need you to fuck me so hard! You fuck better and more lovingly than any man I've ever allowed into my womb!"

With that, she pulled me tightly against her, wrapped her legs around me and tucked her heels up under the curve of my ass, forcing me upward and my cock deeply into her womb. Her hips were already rocking, moving my cock in and out of her slightly.

I began to shift and move my hips in time with her. Soon, I was drawing out of her and slamming back into her. Each time I was jammed deeply inside her, she spasmed against me, making me gasp with the movement she created on the cock lodged in my own pussy. We set up a steady rhythm, separating and coming together ... Our breasts were mashed against each other, the clips linking us jabbing into the others breasts, pulling on our nipples as we moved, the attached vibrating weights stimulating us both. Whenever Nancy reached an orgasm, she would roll her hips up against me and spasm while she held me still inside her. I was wishing my cock, lodged inside her was real so that I could fill her with hot, sticky, creamy cum.

As we continued to move against each other, we both began to orgasm repeatedly. The fluids were running out of both our pussies. At one point, I reached over the edge of the bed and grabbed the last egg, turned it on and slid it between our bodies and against her hard, swollen clit. Nancy's response was another primal scream of intense orgasm and a jet of fluids gushing out of her pussy around my cock. For a while, she lost control of her body and its motions as she jammed herself repeatedly against me and the vibrator and stream after stream of fluid rushed out of her. In the intensity of her last vaginal ejaculatory orgasm, she pushed me over the limit and mine mimicked hers and my fluids began to squirt out around the harness, soaking us both and mingling with hers on the bed. After that, we collapsed in total exhaustion, a heap of fused, quivering flesh, two bodies so entangled in pleasure they were indistinguishable.

My vision beginning to grey at the sides, I began to let myself slip into oblivion. I reached out across the bed to the controls of the two eggs still vibrating inside Nancy's body and the one wedged between us, against her clit. I flipped them all off just before my body slid down, the strength leaving my arm. As I laid partially on top of Nancy's body, I swept my hand back towards us and wrapped it under her head. I then laid my head next to hers so that our cheeks were nestled together and gave myself over to the blackness rapidly closing in from all sides. Spent, we both slept, lying there like that, our bodies still connected.

Light gradually infiltrated into the blackness, turning it to charcoal grey, then light grey. Consciousness began to assert itself. I fought it, not wanting to leave the blissful oblivion of satisfied sleep. I felt heat and vibration. I realized it was the heat radiating from Nancy's body, still under mine, and the vibration was from the nipple clips still connecting us, breast to breast. I lifted my head and looked at Nancy's face. She was still asleep but her body was responding. I could feel the slight hunching motion of her hips, still trying to drive the dildo into her very core. Her motions were causing the dildo inside my pussy to move and arouse me, even in my exhaustion. Her motions, even in her sleep, were getting more insistent. I responded by shifting my weight and jamming my groin tightly up against hers, forcing the two dildos into both our depths.

A gasp escaped her mouth, her head lolled a bit and her eyes fluttered open. As I held myself tightly against her, I could see her eyes rolled up in their sockets, her mouth open and her breathing becoming hard. Her body arched and hunched against me, forcing her pussy to slide up and down on the shaft buried inside her ... A final arching of her back, a twist of her hips against me, and her pussy began to spasm in orgasm. I watched the flush move up her body from her groin, visible even by the dim light in the room. As the orgasm passed, she went limp under me, her body flopping back down onto the bed, her head lolling to the side, her eyes again closed. Nancy's breathing soon returned to the gentle sounds of sleep.

My ass and thighs were beginning to chafe from the harness and all the fluids that had soaked it during our sexual exertions. I reached up and turned off the dying vibrators hanging from my nipples and then unfastened the clips. I then released them from Nancy's nipples. I pulled my body back from hers, allowing the dildo to begin sliding out of her used, spent and saturated pussy. As the tip left her womb, a moan escaped her lips, sounding like a drawn out, anguished, "NO." Her fluids ran out of her body once the plug of the dildo was removed. I could see her lips parted, her hole gaping open from its sustained and constant use. Her vaginal muscles were still spasming, as if they were trying to recapture the prize that they'd just lost.

I reached down to her groin and removed the egg still lodged at the top of her slit and then removed the one from her pussy and then her ass. I got up off the bed and, exhausted, struggled over to the bathroom where I tossed them, as well as the nipple clips, into the bowl of the sink. I then loosened the strap-on harness and slid it down off my hips, groaning myself as the dildo left my pussy. Too tired to pick it up off the floor, I pushed it over to the sink and then shuffled back to the bed. Nancy had rolled over onto her side so I slid in behind her and spooned my body up against hers. Reaching around her, under her arm, I cradled my arm under her right breast and wrapped my hand around her left one. I snuggled in tightly against her, pressing my naked flesh against hers, and, once again, let blackness overtake me.

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