Taken by Force

by niteowluk99

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman is abducted by a serial rapist in a off chance encounter; she survives but is haunted by the experience.

She stood five feet four tall and was eager to get out of the rain; she hurried down West Street and turned the corner into 46th avenue; ducking into the store entrance to avoid the worst of the rain; she never saw him. They collided and for an instant everything went black but she was aware of his hand having made contact with her large 38 DD breast. She instantly apologised for bumping into him and expected him to respond similarly; but instead he did something she was not expecting; he lashed out and hit her hard in the face knocking her out. In a split second he had his arm around her waist supporting her full weight and led her off before dumping her in the boot of his car.

How long she was unconscious; she did not know but when she finally began to come round she found she could not move her arms and then she tried to close her legs only to find that they too were held fast. As her senses became more awake she began to smell the damp mildew smell of the old disused house and the rank smell of the old stained mattress she was laid on. Now as her eyes adjusted to the semi light; she realised her body was naked; but worse she now saw a bright red knob sticking from her cunt; she was confused as she tried to work out what had happened to her; the last thing she could remember was the big clenched fist zooming towards her face and then everything had gone black.

Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw movement; a man moved towards her and in a gruff voice he said, "So you are awake now bitch! Good because I was beginning to get impatient!"

Lisa Tried to speak but it all came out jumbled as she now felt the ball gag preventing her forming her words properly; her eyes widened dramatically as she realised that not only was she naked but so was the man; his large ten inch cock looked immense and extremely hard as it waved around in front of him as he walked towards her; she tried to cry out to please let her go but no one would have understood her words so badly were they distorted.

Now the man's hand touched her ankle and she tried to pull it away but it was held fast; the man laughed as he told her to fight him all she wanted but it would be so much more painful for her if she did; he slid his hand up now on to her knee and she tried to close her knees together when she felt an excruciating pain in her knee area as the man grasped tightly onto her knee joint; immediately she stopped trying to close her legs.

Now the hand was on her thigh pinching and squeezing her thigh muscle as if testing her strength; she froze as she anticipated his hand moving up on to her cunt when suddenly her inner cunt walls began to vibrate as the hand twisted the red knob showing from her cunt. It dawned on her that the vibrator in her cunt which felt massive had just burst into life and was having the desired effect on her cunt walls; the desired effect for him but the opposite effect from what Lisa wanted.

The stranger now smiled as he noticed the moisture begin to appear around her cunt lips; his hand now pressing on her stomach as if trying to feel the hard plastic vibrator through her skin; slowly his hand moved up towards her tit when she shook her head violently; the man now pushed his face close to Lisa's own face and growled; "by the time I am finished with you; you will be either dead or begging me to do with you as I see fit!" and he then added menacingly, "Oh yes; I am prepared to kill you if necessary and in case you are thinking of screaming; be my guest for no one will hear you where we are now!" with that he removed the ball gag from her mouth and teased her; "Go on try your hardest to scream; or are you going to be the slut I know you to be and give me a real blow job!"

Then as if to test her he slipped a finger into her mouth; for an instant Lisa thought about biting down hard on the finger; but reasoned quickly she was still tied to the bed and to anger the man would surely result in her being beaten or killed. She took the instant decision to try to please the man and await her chance to escape.

The stranger began to tease her; telling her, "you were special; normally I plan my abductions very carefully; that is how I have managed to successfully abduct and enjoy five such women over the last year without being caught; but you presented yourself as such a unique chance I just had to do it on the fly so to speak!"

Oh my god thought Lisa he has got away with possibly five murders and I could very easily be number six. Now his finger slid from her mouth down over her chin and she felt the wet finger tracing a path along her upper chest towards her left nipple when suddenly her left breast exploded in the most awful pain; she jerked against the sensation as the man's finger and thumb literally flattened her large thick nipple. She begged him to stop promising she would comply with whatever he wanted if only he would not hurt her any more. The man laughed as he reminded her that he could do whatever he wanted anyway and he enjoyed testing her limits of pain and pleasure; as if to demonstrate this he lowered his head down on to her right nipple and tenderly licked her nipple sending confusing sensations to Lisa's brain, sheer pain from her left nipple and sheer delight from her right.

Just as her mind began to block out the pin from her left side and began responding to the pleasure from her right; it changed as he closed violently his teeth against her right nipple; now her body was doubly assaulted by sheer pain; so much pain she actually passed out. How long she was out she did not know but she was brought back sharply when the icy cold water hit her full in the face; weirdly she too seconds to work out why the icy cold water seemed to be flooding up her nose until she opened her eyes and found herself suspended upside down. Then she heard a whirring sound as her heed was lowered until her shoulders made contact with the cold wet patch of the old mattress.

She twisted her head to her right just in time to see the man still naked and sporting his monster rock hard cock climbing onto the bed beside her. Soon he was stood behind her raised bottom and she first felt the head of his cock pressing against her virgin arse; without thinking she screamed out, "No no, I am still an anal virgin; please don't push that huge thing up there!"

The man smiled and repeated, "An Anal virgin; excellent better than I could have hoped for!" he withdrew the head from against her virgin anal ring and instead he began spanking her arse very hard; her arse cheeks turned from fresh pink to a very angry crimson read s the tears flowed freely from Lisa's sobbing body. The man spoke in a very stern voice, "you will beg me to take your anal cherry by the time I have finished with you; and just to make sure I am going to spank your arse red raw until you do!"

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