Strictly Business

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I know some guys pay money for sex but my sister made me a deal I couldn't refuse. No, it's not what you think.

"Tell me about that really cute girl you had over this afternoon, Sis? I really liked meeting her."

"Oh, Michelle. I guess you haven't seen her before, huh?"

"Oh, is she a hottie."

"Well, actually, she is a pretty hot girl. She's not a virgin, she tells me. She's new, been at our school about a month now."

"Man, what I wouldn't do to have a little of her."

"Don't you wish."

"Man, I'd give anything. She is so hot."

"I could try to set you up, big brother."

Well, look, sure, I like my sister and all, I'm older, fifteen, she's thirteen, I'm horny all the time and this new friend of Jennifer's has got me hard. Really hard.

"Would you? Oh, it's worth a lot to me after seeing her here today, in those little cutoff shorts of hers."

"Worth a lot? If I set you up, how much would it be worth to you?"

"Huh? You mean pay you to do it?" I asked her.

"Sure, why not? Maybe you don't want to fuck her after all," and she started to turn away and go up to her room.

"Wait, wait. Hang on. Um, you really think you could do it?"

"Well, if I don't then it costs you nothing."

"Geez, how much would it be? Or are you hanging me out here?"

"No, I mean it. Well, she's got B-cup boobs and I've seen them, you'll go bananas when you see them. What do you think it's worth to you? Make me an offer, big brother. You saw her, she's just as hot as she looks."

She knew I had a paper route and did yard work during the summers, so I do have some money floating around. And what better investment could a horny guy make with his money? Right?

"Twenty-five bucks."

"Oh, she's worth thirty and you know it."

"Okay, deal."

Well, well, so now all she had to do is deliver the goods, so to speak. I was just hoping she was serious.

The next day, I found out when she got home.

"Well, Michelle will be here in about a half hour. She went home to change and she'll bike over. I really set you up, big brother, told her you really liked her, thought she was super-hot, all about what a stud you are. She told me how much she missed her old boyfriend in California and guess what? She said he looks a lot like you. I think I'm gonna get thirty bucks. Oh, and she's on the pill. Lucky you."

I don't often give my little sister a hug but this one she deserved even if it was going to cost me thirty bucks.

And, yes, in about thirty minutes, I see Michelle riding up to our front door. I open it even before she's off her bike.

"Hi, Michelle, thanks for coming over, Jenn said you were, this is great, come on in," and I took her up to my room.

"I guess you know I've just moved here from California not long ago, It's nice to meet new people, so you're in high school, right?"

"Yeah, a sophomore, you're in Jenn's class, right?"

"Yeah, I like it pretty well, but the boys are dorks. I was going with a sophomore back in California, middle school guys are boring, just little boys."

"Well, I'm pretty lucky, then, I'm kind of looking around for just the right girl myself and I told Jenn I thought you were really hot."

"Hot, huh? Just what kind of hot were you looking for, Aaron?"

"Oh, the hottest girl I can find. Maybe even one from California," as I gave her my best smile.

"Well, I might be interested, can I audition for the job," she said with a cute grin and she leaned forward and planted a kiss right on my lips as I felt them part and her tongue slid in between my lips and explored briefly.

"I'd say, you're definitely in the running. Let's try that again," and this time, we moved closer together and kissed for quite a while, sliding down on my bed, me up over her, our tongues getting to know each other.

Her hands were never still, she was constantly rubbing my back as I decided to see just what might happen if my hand 'accidentally' rested on her breast. So, I made the accident happen and we just kissed on. Well, well.

Now, encouraged, I started trying to work my hand up under her shirt. She moved her head away and said, "Um, let me up, okay?" and I thought that maybe our fun was over when she sat up and quickly took off her shirt and bra, then lay back down, smiling up at me.

"Now, that's better, right?" and she pulled me down and we began kissing again.

Omigod, the first girl's boobs I'd ever seen. Or felt. Oh, man, this was heaven, for sure. They were so soft and nice. She whispered, "Why don't you kiss my boobs, Aaron, I'd like that," well I needed no further encouragement than that as I slid down and took her hard nipple in my mouth and began to suck as I rubbed the other.

I really was thinking how great this was, marveling in how far I had gotten with Michelle, when I felt pressure on my dick. She had her hand on my cock and was gripping it through my pants as I sucked her boob.

"Mmm, what's this, Aaron, there's something all nice and hard in your pants. What could it possibly be? Can I look?"

What a girl. Oh, it looks like I'm out thirty bucks but who cares.

I raised up and she started pulling my belt open and pulling down my fly, she seems to know guy's clothing pretty well. Then she gets up and pulls my pants right off, reaches up and drags my briefs to the floor.

"Just what I thought," she said as her fingers wrapped around my dick. "Mmm, this is going to be fun," she said as she pulled off the rest of her clothes and stood there beautifully naked before me.

And, she was beautiful. Her breasts were so pretty, firm, round, with little pink nipples and she was bare. She had no hair on her pussy, just a beautiful groove between two plump halves. I am in heaven.

"I hope you like oral sex, Aaron. I just love it. We can do sixty-nine, if you want."

If I want? I'm a fifteen-year old guy. Of course I want.

She got back up on my bed and spread her legs wide apart like it was just the most ordinary thing she could do. Me? My heart was pounding, my breathing like I had run the four-minute mile, twice. Oh, she was beautiful.

I immediately got on the bed, got up over her and began my exploration of her lovely pussy. She was wide apart as I dragged my tongue up and down her slit. Then I felt her hand take hold of my dick and a warm, wet sensation flowed over the tip end and she began sucking lightly. Nothing, nothing had ever felt that good before.

We gave each other oral sex for a few more minutes, then, she pulled up off my dick, turned her head and said, "Aaron, I am so horny, if you don't fuck me right now, I'll go crazy," and she flopped on the bed beside me, legs spread wide as I eagerly followed her wish.

As I waddled up to press my cock against her, I asked, "Are you on the pill, MIchelle," just to make sure. My sister had already told me she was but I'm sure not ready to become a father.

"Yes. For two years now, hurry up, I want you inside me," and she pulled me by the hips. I wiggled and pushed and saw my cock disappearing for the first time into where I had dreamed it would someday go. This was that someday. I'm no longer a virgin, I'm fucking a girl, a very beautiful girl. For the very first time.

"Oh, this feels so good. I've missed my boyfriend back home where I moved from. But now I know you, Aaron, now you can fuck me, okay?"

"Oh, yeah, fine, okay, as much as you want."

"Good, I'm one horny girl and I just love to fuck. I kept my old boyfriend limp most of the time. I'd just fuck him dry."

"Well, you can sure try doing it to me, I'd love it."

As I went in and out of Michelle, I wondered if I should perhaps give my sister forty dollars rather than thirty. Something to think about. And, sure worth it, oh, yeah.

"Just put it in me nice and deep and hold still, okay, Aaron?" and I arched forward, pressing into her as she lifted her hips off the bed and began rotating her hips round and round. Oh, the feeling.

"Mmm, oh, Michelle, oooh, that is really good, really good."

"Yeah, feels good to me, too. Really good. This'll make you cum good."

Oh, I think she's right about that. It just feels so good. I'm holding my cock steady as she swivels her pussy round and round. I try fucking her slowly in and out as she swirls around and the feeling when my dick is just barely inside her and she's twirling her pussy around and around on the tip end of my dick, oh, it's fantastic.

"Oh, Michelle, oh, that is the best. Mmm. Feels so good. Oh, you really know how to make me feel good."

"Well, fucking is all about making people feel good, right?"

"This sure does feel good."

"Mmm, I'm close to cumming, it's been so long since I had a nice dick inside me. A vibrator just doesn't do it for me. I really need a guy's hard cock. Mmm, yes, that's so good."

"Me, too. I mean about cumming, not a hard cock in me," as we both laughed a bit.

"Oh, yeah, oh, here it comes, OH, OOOH, OOOH, mmm, oh, oh, mmm, oh, I've really missed that, oh, so much. Oh, Aaron, you're gonna get a lot of my pussy. Have I passed your audition? Do I make the grade? Am I a good fuck?"

"UHH, UHH, OH, OH, oh, wow, mmm, that feels so good. Oh, yes, you are a great fuck, Michelle, just the greatest," and I fell over her in a happy, panting heap. It was great.

"Mmm, do you have a girlfriend, Aaron?"

"Not really, no."

"Well, I want you to be my boyfriend," she said as she wrapped her legs around my back, pulling me into her tight.

"Just so you know, Aaron, I give my boyfriend all the pussy and all the blowjobs he ever wants. Interested, maybe?"

"Lots more than interested. I want to be your boyfriend. For sure."

"You like fucking me, huh?"

"Do I ever."

"Maybe we can do this every afternoon after school. My parents both work, so we can do it at my house," Michelle offered.

"My parents work, too, and I'm sure Jennifer won't bother us."

"Oh, I think your sister already knows what we're doing. She told me you really wanted to fuck me that first day when I came over. I would have, Aaron, if I'd only known."

I really didn't care, no, the thirty bucks, well, maybe forty, was still well worth it. Even if I could have fucked her completely on my own.

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