Three Times Fifteen Equals Fun

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I was a boy in a neighborhood full of girls. So, my best friends were two girls. Then it became more than friends when we were fifteen. Much more.

Chapter 1

I didn't realize how lucky I was at the time, but I grew up in a neighborhood full of girls. At least the kids my age were just about all girls.

So, most of my playmates and friends were girls, it really didn't seem particularly strange or different, though there were a few times where we did a little exploring between legs.

Now, don't get too excited, I'm talking about six, seven years old. Otherwise, we rode our bikes around, played the usual variety of games around each other's yards, just the normal stuff.

Like any kid, I had several friends who were closer than the others and they were girls. Even to this day, at age fifteen, several are girls.

As we became teenagers, of course, our conversations changed somewhat and began to include boys and girls and all that. Yes, the 'S-word.' Sex, like with all teenagers, was a topic.

My two best friends, Lauren and Mary Jane, of course, always were talking about various boys, most of them I knew from school. My interest, quite naturally, was girls, and sometimes Lauren and Mary Jane would fill me in on a bit of inside girl-talk. Our talk revolved about who we each liked, who we thought liked each of us, what each of us liked about the opposite sex.

We all turned fifteen the same summer and one Saturday afternoon, Lauren and Mary Jane (I called her, 'MJ, ' most of the time) came by my house as I was out back by the garage shooting hoops.

"Hi, Will, let's play some Horse," yelled Lauren as they came running back down my driveway.

We three played for quite a while, then, hot and sweaty, I asked them if they wanted to come in for something cold to drink and we went inside and I got us all cold drinks and brought them out to the screened porch.

It was warm that day and I was wearing just shorts and sneakers, Lauren was in shorts, a tank top and sneakers, while MJ had on shorts, sneakers and a tube top. The girls filled out their tops pretty well. They had blossomed as I watched them grow up, now each one had pretty nice tits, MJ's were a little bigger, she was blond in pigtails, her family Swedish with blue eyes, Lauren was German and French, she had told me, and she had blue eyes, too, and shiny long wavy, brown hair.

Both had slim waists, kind of curvy hips, firm butts and pretty legs. I also knew that their boobs were nice and firm because they were both wearing tops which didn't have anything under them and they sure didn't sag. Oh, no, not a tad.

Actually, my two friends really started growing and changing about two, almost three, years ago. Me, I really started only about a year ago, getting taller, getting some actual muscles, sprouting some hair under my arms and all around my dick. I was five-nine and one hundred-forty-five pounds standing several inches above my two friends.

We had always been pretty relaxed around each other growing up and even played nude together in our wading pool until we were six or seven. Even after, I had caught glimpses of Lauren and Mary Jane, their butts, even their little nipples as they were just beginning to grow.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if they had gotten peeks at my butt or my little boy dick at times. Well, hardly a big show, I guess.

And, lately, I can't help but see that my two best friends are now hot-looking girls and that I now had a new interest in being with them. Also our talk has gotten a bit more of an edge to it, a little more of a sexual edge.

So, we were there in our screened-in back porch, me laying back on a chaise lounge, the girls on folding chairs.

"You know, we've all been friends now for, um, gee, I guess forever," Lauren offered.

"Yeah, just about our whole lives, I guess since we were one or two, maybe," I said.

"It's been longer than most people, I guess. And, Will, you've sure gotten buff lately, I mean," said Mary Jane as she got up and sat on the chaise next to me.

"Oh, Will's toned, all right, just look," said Lauren.

"Yeah, see," as Mary Jane swept her hand across my bare chest. Then, Lauren came and sat on the other side next to me.

"Make a muscle for us, Will, come on, flex," and they both felt my biceps as I went along.

"Flex your pecs, go ahead," Lauren suggested and they both began feeling my chest, circling around my nipples which were now hard.

"Oh, look at his nipples. They're hard, Lauren, aren't they cute. So small and cute."

"Will's get hard like ours do, look, look," as Mary Jane takes one between her fingers and twists her fingers around it.

"I love your nipples, Will, they're so nice, small and nice," Lauren added as she softly pinched them.

"You like them sucked, Will?" Lauren asked, rather substantially raising the erotic level of our talk.

"I dunno, I only thought girls liked that."

"Let's find out," as Mary Jane bent down and took my left nipple in her mouth and began sucking it. I never thought it would feel good but it did. Nobody was more surprised than me.

"What's it like, Will, nice?" Lauren asked as Mary Jane sucked on, her hand rubbing along my stomach.

"Well, it's weird. It feels pretty nice. Even kinda sexy. I never would have thought that."

"Sexy, oh, he likes his boobs sucked," Lauren tittered as Mary Jane sat back up, her fingers still playing with my nipple.

"They're not boobs. Boys don't have boobs, girls have boobs."

"Gosh, Will, we just never knew that," and they both laughed but they also both kept their hands moving on my bare skin.

"Well, I remember when you didn't have any boobs at all. Now look at you both, you two are really built. Nice ones"

"Oh, he likes our boobs, Lauren. I never thought he noticed."

"Oh, look, lift your arm up, Will. Yeah, look MJ, he's got hair under his arms. Look at it all," and they both felt the hair under my arm, tracing their fingers through it, then down across my chest again to my nipples and circled them several times.

"Your muscles feel so hard, Will, but your skin is so nice and soft and smooth. Mmm, feel, Lauren, nice, huh?"

"Oooh, yeah, really nice. You like this, Will?"

This was definitely sexy. I had a raging hard-on and their soft hands running all over my bare skin was so, so sexy, just incredible.

"Yeah, feels nice."

"Well, we remember when your penis was just a tiny, little thing, just hardly bigger than a pencil stub. I think you were, maybe, eight, maybe, seven. It was so cute."

"Why don't we get a look at it now, big, muscle guy? Bet it's changed. No more pencil stub," Mary Jane giggled.

"Yeah, how about it, Will. We've seen your muscles, let's see your man-muscle," Lauren suggested, looking right down at my crotch.

"Nah, you don't really want to see that. Not much to it," I answered, kidding them back.

"Oh, come on, get it out here. Think we'll faint or something? Come on," Lauren said as she tugged on my shorts.

"I wouldn't want to spoil you girls for all the boys to come later in your lives. They could just never live up to what I've got," I joked.

"Oh, just try us out, come on, get it out here. Maybe it's still a pencil stub, is that it?"

"You two really want to see it?" so I reached down, unsnapped the waistband, dragged the zipper down, then raised my hips as I started to work them down. Mary Jane leaned over, grabbed them and pulled them right down to my ankles, then yanked off my sneakers along with my shorts.

I lay there in my tighty-whitey briefs with the front bulging from something obviously larger than a pencil stub. Without my shorts holding everything down, my cock had risen up some making the bulge all that much more pronounced.

"Oh, I don't think that's a pencil stub, MJ, oh, no. Well, Will?"

"Okay, girls, you asked for it, now you get it," and I started to raise up the waistband so it would clear the tip end of my dick as Mary Jane pulled the waistband down about halfway along my hips exposing the upper half of my cock.

"Oh, wow," said Mary Jane and pulled them down, then off.

They both sat there looking. Just looking.

My cock was standing up some, kind of at an angle aiming over my head, I guess, and it was moving a bit as they watched.

"God, it moves on its own, look, Lauren," Mary Jane giggled, pointing.

"Oh, look under. It's his balls, his testicles. Wow, look, they just moved on their own. So did his, um, his penis. Look."

"Well, what do you think, girls?"

"Will, it's huge. I can't believe how big it is. It used to be such a tiny little thing. I still remember when it would get all stiff and point out. But, wow, this is something else," Lauren admired.

"Yeah, not like I used to be. Not at all."

Then, MJ put her hand on my thigh, just three or four inches below their current object of interest. It was followed by Lauren's hand on my other thigh. They both began to rub my leg up and down, going a bit higher each time until their hands were grazing my pubic hair.

Then, Lauren slid her hand up under my balls and lifted them up getting a sense of their size and weight.

"Mary Jane, feel here, feel these," she said as she gently felt each testicle, then felt over my sack, "They're like little pigeon eggs inside, but kind of soft. And really warm. Feel."

Mary Jane now felt my nuts and lifted my ball sack up, feeling what was inside.

"They really are soft. Cool. I love how they feel."

Lauren now slid her hand right up over my cock and wrapped her fingers lightly around it.

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