Blockade Runner - Chameleons & Plasma Rifles - Book 1
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Space, Interracial, Military,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - James is a blockade runner. His highly customized and intelligent spaceship, the Didgeridoo, is uniquely equipped to evade detection. He has to deliver medicine to combat a military virus unleashed on a planet by a rogue General. His contact on the planet is female, gorgeous and has a very unusual genetic trait that she inherited from her ex-Special Forces great grandparents. His simple delivery quickly escalates and he is drawn into a battle that pits good vs. evil.

The air screamed over the leading edge of the front airfoil. The friction caused it to begin glowing orange red and then quickly white-hot in the darkness. James had let just enough atmosphere through the shields to heat the airfoil and provide an ionization trail. "Approach nominal." The droning cadence called out every minute by the helmsman was reassuring.

It amused James to compare it back to the ancient days of the riverboats where at night a deckhand constantly probed the river depth from the front of the ship, "mark one, mark twain, twain and a half, mark three." James was moving considerably faster than any old riverboat and if something went wrong on this approach it would go to hell exponentially faster.

I've got to find a safer occupation, James thought for the thousandth time. But it was all just so much hot air. He could never give up the adrenaline rush he got from blockade running. He considered himself a blockade runner; others called him and his kind smugglers. A bit disingenuous of them he believed. One man's smuggler is another's Hero. Regardless, he only had himself to answer to and he slept like a baby each and every night. Well, at least those nights he slept alone. Too many of those nights, he thought.

"Landing - five minutes. Approach laser locked on. Trajectory nominal." The voice sounded completely human. James had paid a pretty penny at the last retrofit of the guidance system to get the latest upgrades. The Magellan Helmsman 99005® came complete with "true tonal diphthongs."

"I never met a diphthong that wasn't better if could be true tonal, " James muttered. When the salesman was spouting off on all the features, he actually didn't think he'd give a damn how the stinking thing sounded, but had found that he actually enjoyed talking to the navigator during the long voyages.

"Inertial dampers on full?" He inquired of the main computer.

"Inertial dampers at max, quit joggin' my elbow," was the snotty reply. He made another note to dial-down the personality settings of the interface modules. You can't spank a computer, even if it deserved it.

Up ahead, the coast was fast approaching. James' ship was coming in fast with what looked like a meteoric trajectory. That was intentional. James wanted to look like a meteor. It was a lot healthier if the interdiction platforms believed he was just one of the hundreds of falling chunks of space debris that impacted this planet every year. He was coming in so fast and hot that no reasonable computer would believe he was a ship, let alone a manned ship. The Didgeridoo was equipped with three heavy duty inertial dampers complete with independent power sumps to suck up the energy created when the ship went from unbelievable velocity to zero in a split second.

This better be worth it, he thought. He knew it was. The colonists really needed the medicine he carried. That crazy General on the moon had unleashed some bio-weapons he had under his control following a coup that left him in charge of the moon base. A base that was now looming over the planet below. Attempting to blackmail the planet's government proved to be more difficult than the General had thought and he had released the bio-weapons to force movement on his demands. Over 90% of the population had been wiped out in the ensuing months. James and his ship, the Didgeridoo, held the cure that should stop the military virus in its tracks.

The remaining colonists had contracted with a top Federation lab to formulate and manufacture the cure and now it was his job to get it through the General's blockade. It was his job because he was the best. He was at the top of his game - the most careful, the most ingenious and he had the best equipment. The best equipment of course cost, and cost a lot. His business rates were very high for that same reason. But, since he'd already been paid, this run should be quick. In, drop and run.

The ship followed the approach laser set up by his contact. The likelihood of any interdiction forces detecting the laser was pretty slim. There was little to no light scatter off of the laser path or radiation from the laser source if the colonists had followed his directions. Initial readings showed that they had. Piece of cake.

"Landing zone in sight, downrange, 5 klicks, stand by." James braced himself for the stop. Why he always tensed up was a mystery to him. If the dampers failed or a power sump overloaded he'd either be squashed like a bug on the windshield or blow up so fast he would never know it.

"Down in 3... 2... 1. Dead stop. Inverting inertial dampers." A thud could be heard as the inertial dampers reversed and some of the energy from the abrupt stop was sucked from the power sump and dumped into an energy wave forward. The powerful ship's engines held the ship steady from the inertial blast that was directed down towards the sea. Fountains of ocean water erupted as the wave impacted the water and hit the ocean floor below. Seismic shockwaves rolled through what would have been the impact point of the meteor, had there been one. The ship turned and headed quickly to the nearby shore and their rendezvous site.

"Probe Dropped. Ship down. Securing systems." James let out a breath he had been holding. Not even a bump. He got up and went to the airlock.

The lock cycled open with a whuff of air as the pressure equalized. At the same time he felt a little lighter as the gravity of the ship synched up with the slightly less gravitational pull of the planet. This planet stank. They all did. Something the travel & tourist industry never talked about. Each planet had its own unique smell, never pleasant, and newly arriving visitors anywhere had to get used to the new smells. James ignored it. He knew it would fade into the background in a pretty short time as his nose adjusted. It was hot out too, and humid despite it being night.

He looked into the gloom for his contact. They should be close by as the approach laser was sitting only 10 meters away on its tripod. That and the fact they the ship had already reported the presence of a single IR heat source that was the size and shape of a human. But since he couldn't see in infrared without his combat goggles, he wasn't sure exactly where they were.

"Hello," James called out.

"Over here." A voice from the darkness snapped into life as a hand light stabbed out and caught James standing in the airlock door.

"Take that blasted light out of my eyes!" James threw an arm out shading his eyes from the assault.

"Sorry." The light slid down and illuminated the ground in front of him.

"Come on into the ship and you can help carry the medicine crates," James said. James took a few steps back into the ship and waited for his contact to step in.

James took in the lovely form that stepped gracefully into the ship. She appeared to be just slightly shorter than he was. A beautiful face underneath a black cap with smaller, almost elfin features except for the eyes which should have been almost too large, but seemed just right on her. A very impressive bust narrowed down at the waist and then flared out in hips that left no doubt as to the sex of the person standing there. Her derrière was sculpted perfection, no flab, just rounded enough to be interesting. Trim legs, fit and strong, complimented the rest perfectly. It was easy to see it all as she was wearing a simple black bikini. However, the most striking and unexpected feature was her skin. Stunningly it was as black as the night - unnaturally so. James had never seen skin so dark. He stared at her, taking it all in.

"Ahem," she cleared her throat, bringing James's eyes up to her own. "A little less staring and a little more unloading? I'm Tarra, do you always drill holes into your customers with your eyes?"

"Ah ... No, but you are one of the most striking women I've ever seen and your coloration is ... is..." James' reply faltered out.

"Oh! I suppose if you aren't used to seeing it, it might be a little different." Her skin suddenly lightened until it was a rich, light brown. "Better?"

"Whoa, what the... ?" James merely gaped at her.

"Chromatophores. My skin contains chromatophores. They contain pigments and some are light reflecting as well. Allows me to blend into the background if needed. It's an old deprecated military enhancement some of us have. Build right into our genes. My great grandparents first had it done when they were with the Special Forces in Primaleraas. It's obsolete now, battle cloaking shields made the adaptation unnecessary. But, it breeds true, so some of us here have it as many Special Force members retired here way back when.

"It's probably also, the reason I'm still alive and not spitting blood into my lungs from that fucking virus that madman released. Those of us with chromatophores are more likely to be immune to the virus. I'm sorry if my appearance bothered you." Tarra regarded him coolly; she had had some people react very negatively when they found out she had genetic enhancements.

"Didn't bother me at all. I found it, and you, quite attractive. I take it you can do other colors as well?" James asked.

"Sure, and patterns as well. It's completely under my control. I can even sense color and patterns that are lying next to my skin; it's how I can match the background. Watch." Tarra stepped back against the off-white wall of the corridor. Suddenly her skin tone changed to match and even the red outline of a maintenance panel ran down one leg. The black cap and bikini didn't change with her and looked almost like they were floating in the air. She held the coloration for another few seconds then shifted back to her light brown skin tone.

"Wow, that was really incredible. I don't see how that would work for a Special Forces soldier. Your clothes didn't change too."

"It was something some of the most advanced SF scouts used. They shaved their heads and went naked. Some had cavities surgically created in their bodies to carry small weapons if they needed them. Pretty hardcore. My mother said that her Granny and Grandpa were two scary people and could sneak up on anyone without making any more sound than the wind - even when they were in their 90's."

"Bogey inbound - 5 minutes ETA - active scan?" The computer's voice snapped James' head around.

"Negative! Cloaking is active?"

"Yes, cloaking field is active and functional. Passive scanner dropped at 300 meters is showing no sign of our ship on sensors."

"Maintain full stealth stance. No active scans unless I ask for them."

"Aye Aye, maintaining full stealth, no active scans."

"What is happening?" Tarra asked.

"Probably just an interdiction patrol from our friend the General coming to check out the meteor they tracked. That meteor was us. Even with full cloak on this ship, we can show up on sensors when we are moving. We just show up a lot smaller than we really are. So I come in fast on a meteor re-entry path that looks like it will impact just inside the ocean. That way if they do come looking to check out the impact, they just assume an ocean hit with no crater."

"Your cloak is strong enough now? We won't be detected?"

"We are fine. I've got the best stealth equipment known. Real bleeding-edge type stuff. Even the military doesn't have items this good - too new and too expensive for them. I've got a friend who works in the R&D lab of the best manufacturer out there. Believe me we are safe."

"How can you be sure?" Tarra sounded worried.

"I always make sure. The ship dropped a passive scanner out at 300 meters from here and those scanners can't detect us. If that probe can't see us, neither can the General."

"Well, we can't unload with them patrolling can we?"

"No, the crates aren't that large, but we'd show up on their scans if we get more than 20 meters from the ship. We'll have to wait for them to go away. They should be gone soon; there's nothing to see here but us trees."


"The cloaking systems just mimics what we are next to. Just like your chromatophores. So we look like the trees I landed next to." James stopped in thought. He'd really like spend more time with this striking woman. "Dawn is just 30 minutes away; they will probably leave once they can do a visual look-see. You hungry?"

The change in subject took Tarra by surprise, but she smiled. "I could eat. My brother teases me all the time about how I much eat."

"Great. The Didgeridoo serves the best breakfast in this branch of the galaxy. Let's go back to the galley." James bowed slightly and indicated the way to the Galley. He followed behind Tarra, the sway of her hips captivating his attention.

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