Tom's Daughters
Chapter 1: Jenny Loves

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Pedophilia, Incest, Father, Daughter,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Jenny Loves - For years, The Purvv had an unfinished story on his computer. It was decided that there was enough heat written that it shouldn't go to waste. Thus, four short stories were created, intended to be stroke pieces that could stand alone, but could be enhanced if read with the other three parts. Part 1 is Tom's first introduction to incest, but there appears to be hints of more to come.

She was sitting on the front seat of the passenger side with her knees on an angle, almost touching the floor stick shift of the car. As he drove, his eyes were distracted by her legs, as the streetlights flashed on them. She wore a short skirt and her legs were uncovered about ten inches above the knee.

He shifted into fourth gear and allowed his hand to remain on the shift as he drove. A downward glance told him his hand was practically touching her knee. His daughter continued talking of the day's events, but he couldn't concentrate on what she was saying. Those awful unnatural feelings he felt in the past, again started flowing through him. He kept stealing glances at her very exposed upper thighs and his heart was again pounding as it had so many times in the past.

Although he had his hand on the shift, it was only touching it loosely. He kept maneuvering it around until suddenly the back of his knuckles made contact with her knees. That slightest contact was enough for his cock to start to expand in his pants. Jenny didn't make the slightest effort to swing her legs away.

Once more Tom was feeling that terrible sinking feeling that overtook him so many times over the years. It was the result of a terrible fear, coupled with a tremendous lecherous desire that cursed through his brain, at the thought of his daughter as a sexual being.

Jenny was 22 years old now and fully matured, but Tom had these feelings for her since puberty, possibly even earlier. There were a few times in those early years when she complained to his wife that Daddy was always staring at her. His wife told their daughter that he only looked because of how proud he was of her. His wife truly believed that, but Tom sensed that Jenny didn't. She knew the truth. He wanted her more than any girl or woman that he had ever seen. He didn't know why and couldn't explain it, but even while in her early years Tom would see his daughter in a short skirt and would try to sneak a look beneath it. Or he would look at her young legs and he would fantasize touching and even imagine licking them. He would also try to look through the tops of her open blouses or shirts that she was wearing.

As the years rolled by, Jenny seemed not only to accept his horny looks, but also Tom had a strong sense that as she grew older she was feeling and fighting the same incestuous urges that he was. She loved him very much and delighted in showing her affections for him by hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. However, it seemed to Tom that she always made sure that there was another person (usually his wife) around when she cuddled up to him.

She would rarely do something like that when they were in the house alone though. He couldn't tell if she was afraid of him, or herself, but he felt that there was a definite sense of trepidation about her in those moments. During those rare times when it was only his daughter and himself, if she was hugging him, he often would hold her hand and after a short period apply slight pressure by either pushing their joined hands toward her young body or pulling them toward his cock. She would always tighten up and break the spell by separating their hands. Still he had a strong sense that she wanted him to force the issue.

As they drove he occasionally had to change gears. Tom would take his hand away from her knees, but it always returned, and on this night her knees would always be in the same place. Finally, the car reached an area where there was going to be a long stretch without shifting.

Jenny had just told him something about someone hollering at her that day in work and Tom remarked, "Ah that's terrible." At the same time he took his hand from the shift and placed it on her left leg, just above the knee, as if in a show of sympathy. She immediately reacted to that by placing her hand over his and clamping it on top.

The feel of his daughter's young flesh brought his cock now to a full erection. After her initial reaction Tom was sure that she would pull her legs away, but she didn't. In fact, after about 10 seconds of silence she continued her story. Tom glanced at her and saw what he felt was a pleased smile ever so slightly at the corners of her mouth. In addition, he was almost sure that she was looking at the crotch of his pants. She immediately looked at his face when he had turned to her but the thought of what she had been looking at and where his hand now lay had his cock actually jumping in his pants.

After turning to check the road he again glanced at his daughter. This time, her eyes locked on him. At the same time he felt her hand loosen her grip on him and now only rested on his. He also felt that her legs, which had been tightly together, parted slightly.

His whole body then seemed to be twitching inside with fear. He didn't think that it was detectable but he was sure that inwardly he was shaking. His hand, which was just in a resting position above Jenny's knee, then opened fully and grasped her leg. His daughter then surprised him as he felt her legs part some more. There was no longer the slightest pressure generated by her hand above his. Tom's thoughts were now running in a hodgepodge, he couldn't concentrate on anything at all but her. He took a few deep breaths trying to calm himself, but his brain wasn't responding.

He again set his eyes back to the road.

The little bit of her inner leg that he felt under his fingertips was as baby-soft as he remembered that she felt as a little girl. He was hoping that his hand wouldn't start trembling wildly. He slowly loosened his grip and ever so slowly and gently began to push his hand under hers toward her pussy. Actually he wasn't even pushing. He was just applying pressure to indicate which direction he wanted his hand to go.

He again looked at her face and saw a look of fright; yet she gave no other indication that she was afraid. Again her eyes met his. Then, with his eyes on her; to his surprise her eyes switched from his to his crotch for a good 5 seconds before returning to look straight into his again. A frightened smile came to her lips. Then, with her eyes still on his, she licked her tongue slowly over her lips while at the same time her hand loosened completely and fell away from his, falling to her side.

Tom was confused and frightened himself. All these years he'd wanted to touch his daughter and now it seemed that he might finally be getting the chance. Trembling, his hand now began advancing toward her body, micro-inch by micro-inch. He knew that Jenny could feel the advancement even though it was excruciatingly slow.

He had slowed the car down almost to a crawl fearing that he couldn't control it. As his hand was slowly moving toward his desired destination he saw a parking spot up ahead and steered the car to the curb. He stopped the car and his foot locked the emergency brakes. He now took his other hand from the wheel while the first hand edged toward the hem of her skirt. Their eyes were now locked on each other. His mouth was completely dry and he was licking his lips out of nervousness.

This was his own daughter that he was feeling. His hand then advanced under her skirt and he felt the baby flesh of her thigh under his palm, which was now sweating, as was he. Too nervous and afraid to advance his hand further, he stopped. His eyes pleaded with her for some guidance. Jenny was just as frightened and nervous because of where she feared they were heading. Yet, sensing that he was about to get cold feet, she mustered up the courage to whisper past her dry throat, "This is what you've been wanting Dad ... hah?"

Looking at her almost ashamedly he answered, "Yes baby ... Yeah I have ... a long time. I ... I ... I'm sorry sweetie ... I, I just can't help..."

Her chest visibly inflated from a deep breath, "Touch me Daddy. Okay ... it's okay!"

For a long moment he stared at her. Then, summoning up the courage, his hand advanced all the way to her crotch, her legs separating to allow him freer access.

"Mmmmm," came from her mouth as soon as his hand started its course along her soft thigh.

And when it reached her silk panties, Tom himself let out an unintelligible moan, "Nnnmmmggngnnnnnooo-ohhh!" He felt his cock jumping, and against his will it began wetting his shorts.

The palm of his hand then cupped outside of her pantied cunt. His finger began rubbing her panties around the clit area and she squirmed, "Dad ... it's ... It's okay," Jenny's voice trembled as she spoke.

Her thighs closed on his wrist. His hand remained and they looked passionately yet guiltily at each other. She closed her eyes. His finger rubbed slightly. Then she opened her eyes again and they stared hard.

It was Tom that finally spoke, "What ... now ... what do we ... do you want... ???" Then after a moment he added, "Jenny ... what ... honey?"

She was building up her courage. His hand and finger had aroused her, but it was a lot more than that. All those years that she had seen his hungry look had left their mark. After a few years of his leering, by the time she was 13 she knew that her father wanted her in the worst way. And the more that she became aware, little by little she began to fantasize and began to wonder if would happen. As time passed her thinking changed to where she was actually hoping that it would happen. She even thought of him sometimes when she masturbated. Of course, she thought, she couldn't seem willing to be part of it ... he would have to 'force' her. But that never happened.

She was hot now.

"You've wanted to fuck me for a long time now, haven't you?" she inquired.

"Y-y-yeah, honey, I have. But..."

She had to say it. She looked hard in his eyes for a long time, and then whispered, "Then let's fuck, Dad..." Then, almost resignedly, she quietly added, "Let's go fuck."

He started to explain but she cut him off with a whispered, "It's okay, Dad ... It's okay."

Tom was trembling as he quickly pulled his hand from under her skirt and started the car. His mind was no longer functioning coherently, racing from thoughts of anguish to fear of what they were about to embark on, while at the same time thinking of the beauty of what was in the car here with him. He was almost in a frenzied panic.

It wasn't until he was pulling into the motel area that he realized that he must have been driving for five minutes or more, yet had no idea where they were. His mind finally came down to earth enough for him to concentrate on getting a room while she stayed in the car. Once assigned a room, he escorted her from the car. His legs were shaking and the look on Jenny's pretty face indicated to him that she wasn't far from his mental state.

He locked the door behind them as soon as they entered and then turned back to her. They stood facing each other, although she was much smaller. Fear and desire was driving them both. Yet they stood, not touching, front to front, for as much as a minute. Tom was still afraid to make the first move, just as he had been all those years. Their hands were by their sides and she was looking up into his face almost pleading with him.

Finally, both of her hands reached out and grabbed his right hand. While looking directly into his eyes, she brought his hand up to her chest and placed it on her breast.

"Oh, God, baby!" he said as his hand wrapped around her breast and his forefinger and thumb squeezed lightly on her nipple, "Oh my God!"

His free hand slipped around his daughter's waist while she reached up and held his face in her hands. "How long?" she asked, "How long have you wanted this Daddy?"

His hand was gently squeezing her breast. Her nipple was hard and he felt it push through her flimsy bra and blouse and into the palm of his hand. "Since ... since you were a little girl, baby. I've wanted you for a long, long time. Probably back before you even had your first period. It seems I always wanted you. I couldn't help myself. I had these terrible urges..."

Jenny looked into his eyes, which were moving quickly about. She was as nervous as he was but she was determined to let him finally have his way. She summoned up the courage to say, "You've always wanted to fuck your baby Dad?" And when he nodded his agreement she slowly pulled his face toward hers, her eyes searching his mouth as she spoke, "And your baby always wanted you to fuck her, Daddy; since that time when I saw you and ma in bed doing it. What was I then ... eight? I loved you so much and I saw how much that made you happy and from then on I thought about having you put ... your cock ... in me. Your little girl always wanted to be fucked by you Dad."

As soon as she said that her throat swallowed hard as she got up the courage to pull his face to hers. Tom looked at her moist trembling lips and felt her hard nipple under his fingers; he was wild with passion. His free hand moved up to hold her other breast. Jenny gasped and pulled his face down hard to hers opening her mouth so that their lips crushed together and their tongues began dueling madly with each other. Silent moans escaped from both of them.

"Oh Dad, Dad ... I love you Dad!" she spoke into his mouth as she sucked at his tongue.

"Baby ... baby ... ummmmmmoooooo," he whispered.

Their hips were now grinding passionately against each other. His cock was more inflamed than it had ever been in all of his life. They were now, for all intents and purposes, fucking each other while standing in their clothes. Lips crushing, tongues entwining, hips grinding, hands and arms clutching, they both felt a wetness in their own crotches.

Frantically Jenny pulled his face away from hers as she spoke rapidly, with quick, heavy breathing, "Wait ... wait..." He started to comprehend what she was saying and she continued, "Go ... go to bed ... I'll be right there..."

He nodded and she reached up and gave him a quick, soft kiss on the lips before disengaging and quickly walking to the bathroom.

Tom quickly turned off the light plunging the room into total darkness. He walked to the bed, quickly removed his clothes and got under the sheet. He was starting to think of his guilt when the bathroom door opened. In the background light he caught a glimpse of his daughter's naked body before she doused the bathroom light and made her way to the bed.

As he heard her approaching, his cock was throbbing. When she reached the side of the bed he thought it would burst. His daughter Jenny lifted the sheet and slowly crawled next to him. Both of their hands were trembling at the thought of the illicit sex that was to enfold.

"Daddy wants to fuck his baby, doesn't he?" she whispered as her hand reached out to his stomach and began the search for his cock. His stomach twitched and chills passed through him as her fingers traveled downward.

"Yes ... baby, yes" he responded.

"Tell baby," she whispered, her hand almost upon the object of her desire, "Tell baby what daddy wants."

He was out of his head with passion now, "Daddy wants to fuck you baby. Daddy wants to fuck ... his baby."

Suddenly she sounded a little frightened, and she turned it into a childish innocence. "But ... but ... I'm too young daddy. Don't you think... ?"

Her hand now reached his cock and encircled it, "OHHHHH" he cried and then muttered "No ... no, no baby, you're ... you're n-n-not too young."

"But I'm only 13 years old ... Does daddy want to fuck a 13 year old???"

"Oh yes baby ... daddy wants to fuck his little girl" he cried as her fingers tightened their grip on him and she began slightly pulling his penis up and down. "Oh ... yes baby!"

Tom turned on his side and his hand reached down and found her pussy. He was shocked to find that it was completely shaved. His fingers went to the slit and parted the bare lips. "Mmmmmmm," she murmured. "Does daddy like baby's cunt?"

Jenny's mouth and tongue were now working at his ear.

"Yes baby, yes ... daddy likes it. Daddy likes baby's cunt!"

Then their mouths were again sucking on each other and they were both speaking feverishly into each other's mouth. "Please ... daddy..." she spoke hesitatingly as they both explored each other. "Please tell baby's cunt. Baby's cunt is afraid ... I'm only 13 remember? Tell baby's cunt that daddy likes it ... please ... tell my cunt!"

Suddenly he felt her hands forcing his head away from her face and guiding him downward. He was more than eager to please her, "Oh ... please ... dddaddy," she softly pleaded as his lips and tongue began to hurriedly make their way down her vibrant body, his head guided by her hands.

His fingers separated the lips of her hairless slit and his finger gently began to penetrate her pussy. Jenny was moaning with excitement. Her cunt juices were building from the pleasure, and her body was twisting from side to side as her father's tongue ran over her belly, pausing often to kiss the tender flesh. His finger began to move in and out and she thought that she would burst. Her hips rose a bit and pushed at his expert fingers and, as his tongue approached her mound, he felt her hips gyrating slowly into his mouth.

"Tell baby's ... cunnnnttt ... tell it... !" she urged.

His mouth was now outside the clit. At the same time that his finger was fucking his daughter, his lips pursed and kissed her outer flesh. His tongue flicked out in lashes and she was moaning, "Ooooommmmm ... Tell it ... daddy ... tell it!"

The aroma of his own daughter's cunt in his nostrils was driving him wild. His body was instinctively fucking the bed alongside her. Jenny's outstretched hands were clutching at the sheet. The smell of his baby's cunt was inflaming. HIS BABY'S CUNT!

"Tell it dad, tell it ... please..." She was twisting under his manipulation.

His mouth was wildly licking at the spot that he wanted all his life...

"Baby ... I love your cunt ... I love ... cunt... ! I LOVE ... BABY'S CUNT!" He was now passionately out of control. "I love you, baby's cunt..." he was murmuring. "I love Baby's cunt ... I want baby's cunt!"

Jenny's hips were pushing up and down, her cunt was aflame.

"Alllllwayys ... Dad ... You always loved baby's cunnnnntt ... dddididn't you?"

She heard him cry "YES!" as he continued at her cunt. His free hand slipped under her and grasped and squeezed one of her buttocks. The fingers of the other hand was rapidly pushing in and out of her cunt while his tongue and lips worked on her hard clit. Then his fingers pulled out and both of his hands held on to her bucking ass. His tongue replaced the fucking finger and it worked deeply into her liquid box.

"Dad! Dad! ... UGHHHHHHH!"

Spasms began within her body as she felt herself cumming. He was blowing, sucking and licking at the wonderful smell and taste from her young hot pussy. She was pumping his mouth frantically. "I'm cummminnnngngngngngng."

When she felt these spasms begin to stop, she again spoke, but with greater urgency. "Dad ... dad ... please, stop ... Hurry ... come up here ... please ... I want ... I, I ... Please dad ... Come fuck me!"

The aroma in his nostrils from his daughter's cunt, coupled with the fantastic taste and her uncontrolled movements had Tom worked up to a fever pitch. His cock was pulsating with anticipation. His mouth was almost reluctant to disengage but his passion had him desperate for the final fulfillment of his years of forbidden desire. His tongue traced its way back over her belly and stomach. Then he was cupping and kissing her tits and he was almost out of control with lust. Then he was quickly up and on top of her. Her legs spread apart as he was climbing toward her. Their faces were so close. In the dark he could make out those beautiful lips that earlier he had tasted. They quivered as her arms went around him.

"Baby wants daddy too ... okay?"

He was starting to lower his hips yet somehow he felt that her legs closed somewhat and that there was some resistance.

"Yes, sweetie. Baby can have daddy ... baby's going to get daddy."

"Daddy likes 13 year olds, doesn't he?" she whispered. He was trying to loosen up her legs with his body.

"Yes baby, yes." His body was on fire and he was about to force himself down if she didn't loosen up. He couldn't control himself.

"Daddy's gonna fuck ... his 13 year old ... later. Tonight daddy's gonna fuck me ... but next week ... daddy's gonna fuck ... Laura, right?"

He didn't know what to say. His throbbing prick could think of nothing but sex now, but he didn't know what Jenny was talking about. Laura was her younger sister. "Daddy wants to fuck Laura, right? ... She told me that you look at her like you used to look at me ... she wants you to fuck her ... daddy loves baby cunt, right???? Tell me ... and tell me that I can watch..."

He was so wild now he would have promised anything. The thought of his 22 year old daughter under him, awaiting him and the vision of his 13 year old baby girl under him made him speak incoherently, "Yyy-yy-eesss, I want Laura's baby cunt ... I want her cunt. Oh, baby let's fuck."

His cock finally reached the lips of her pussy as she loosened her legs and wrapped them around him. She was reaching up and taking his tongue into her waiting mouth. They were kissing passionately. Suddenly his cock plunged deep into his daughter's pussy.

"Ohhhhmmmmmm," she said, but held him back and said, "I can watch you fuck Laura right... ?"

"YESSSSSS!!! Okay ... yes!" And as she completely accepted him he began pounding in and out of Jenny.

As her father plunged deep in her pussy, Jenny opened herself wholly to his expert fucking. She gave herself in reckless abandon to the tremendous passions that were flashing in her cunt. She was wildly thrashing beneath him and their mouths were sucking wildly on each other.

Tom's cock was fucking in the hot wet pussy that had moistened itself with her juices. Father and daughter were fucking, kissing and passionately thrashing at each other. Jenny was holding on tight and moaning with uncontrolled pleasure and excitement as he was pounding away, pushing his cock as deep as he could. He had partially spent at least three times since the night began, but now it was building to the point where he couldn't stop himself. He was going to cum ... but he couldn't ... not in his daughter.

"Oh Baby, I'm ... I'mmm ... I have to st ... stop ... or..." Tom was in a panic. His hips couldn't stop.

Jenny didn't care about anything but her father fucking her. She had wanted this for so long. Her fingers dug into his back as her hips wildly moved under him. She knew he was at the peak of his climax, but she didn't care. Indeed, she wanted it! She was cumming too!

"Cum daddy ... it's ... it's ... OOOHH! Come on dad ... cum with me ... I'm cummmmming t-t-ooo. Oh fuck, daddy ... cum in me!"

"I'm cumming baby ... oooooooooOH, oh ... CMMMMM!" His load started spurting into his daughter in wave after wave as she clutched and rocked him tightly.

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