The Conqueror of the Amazons

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, Slavery, Superhero, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue - A billionaire raises and equips a private army with the goal of conquering Paradise Island and turning Wonder Woman and the Amazons into sexslaves. The exhibitionism is forced.

General Paul Brown looked down on the Amazon jungle below. He was enroute to a training camp he had created out of the heart of the Jungle. A large helicopter field was there that housed his fleet of US military surplus helicopters lined up in rows. He had managed to acquire 10 AH-64A Apache Attack helicopters and 23 Vietnam-era AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopters. That was the attack wing of his air arm. He also had 40 CH 53 cargo helicopters that could transport up to 2200 combat armed troops and that was his ground attack force's strength. He was a General because he had assumed the rank, in real life he was a billionaire who had bought the equipment and financed this private army. The ground assault units, like himself, were all combat veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. All had been in infantry units, either Army or Marine. His chopper pilots were also all combat tested, but with a few Air Force veterans to join the Army and Marine pilots. It had taken him 3 years to assemble his force and their training was coming to an end. Soon they'd be ready to accomplish their mission, the conquest and enslavement of the Amazon women of Paradise Island.

All the intelligence he had gathered from all available resources, including interviews given by their Ambassador to the world, Princess Diana, indicated about 25,000 Amazons. His army would be outnumbered 10 to 1 but the Amazons had no type of anti air defense that he had been able to discern. No military purchases at all. That meant his modern army with current assault rifles and light machine guns would face women armed with swords and spears, carrying shields on their arm for protection. After all his studies of them, it was his belief they had a religious ceremony coming up in 10 days and that their embassy would be closed for that time and all the Amazons there, to include Princess Diana would return home for the celebration to the Goddess Hera. That is what he had planned and trained his army for, to be ready for those ceremonies. Attack gunships would swoop in to take out the watch towers and any armed, on alert, Amazons they found with the 40 assault choppers 5 minutes behind. They would discharge the assault troops who would rush Hera's temple and attempt to take the Amazons prisoner before they could react and put up a defense. He would probably have to kill less than 100 of them if he could capture the unarmed ones in the temple without having to use force. His intelligence told him that the Temple was actually an amphitheater and would fit the entire race. During the celebration their Queen, Hippolyta, and First Princess, Diana, would be on a dais in the center of the amphitheater. His planned attack would seal the Amazons in the building, away from their arms in the armories. His UH 1N would then settle onto the field as his attack helicopters flew overhead, ready to use their miniguns if necessary. He would demand their surrender from the Queen and have her and the First Princess kneel before him and declare their surrender and swear loyalty to him. He would then use them for his sexual gratification before the assembled Amazon. He had found a blacksmith in Texas and paid him for 25,000 collars, linked by chains, in groups of 50. A single key operated every lock in its group. Initials were carved into the first and last collar in a set to identify the key for them. He would bring them down to the dais in groups of 50 and have them collar themselves and then march the groups out of the area and to the adjacent fields where they would lie side by side. After all were secured and on display he would release his men for the largest group fuck/rape in history, approximately 25,000 women being raped by not quite 2500 men, once the crews of the choppers landed and joined in. He had gold collars joined by a gold chain for his 2 personal fuck slaves, the Queen and Princess.

His UH 1N settled onto its assigned pad and he jumped out to be greeted by his staff. He had no S1; he had no personnel files to keep up. His S2 had the record jackets of the force because intelligence on them was what he had needed, to ensure all DD 214's, their record of military service, were valid and showed their service in combat. S3, the logistics of a unit had planned and rehearsed their assault and the equipment needed to make it succeed. His younger brother, Col Mike Brown, was his S3 and had been planning their operation for almost 4 years. Finally, S4, the supply personnel, they had to find all the helicopters for sale around the world to get his air group together. They also had to find the M16A1 rifles and M60 machineguns as well as the ammo for them to arm and equip the ground force.

"All right gentlemen, how are we looking?" he asked his staff as he returned their salutes. His brother had been a First Lieutenant in the Army, both his S2 and S4 had been Captains during their active service. He had made Captain in the Marine Corps just before leaving it.

"Sir, all systems and forces are good to go for D-Day," his brother responded.

Sir, I have radar verification of the location of Paradise Island in the Bermuda Triangle. Its latitude and longitude has been entered into all the choppers GPS systems. Your UH 1 should be getting done now," S2 answered. They all looked into his personal chopper and saw the Staff Sergeant punching in the location.

"Very well gentlemen. My source in Washington says the Amazon embassy closed this morning. It is supposed to reopen in a month. Our job is to ensure it doesn't and that the Amazons become well trained sex slaves. When their training is complete 20,000 of them will be offered for sale to the white slavery rings. The rest will stay on the island as we convert it to a sex resort for the rich and famous. My personal fortune will grow and every man who goes to Paradise Island in one week's time will become millionaires." The group of men headed for the Headquarters building to fully brief General Brown.

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