The Arcade

by Marc Tremaine

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Mult, Gay, BDSM, DomSub, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A dim, dirty, sleazy arcade, smelling of sex and piss and cum and disinfectant. Finest kind. Jeff: older, big, black tee, tight faded jeans, boots and black leather jacket. Craig: younger, handsome, arrogant, the type who tops and nothing else, and never with old faggots. Craig wants a quick suck in his booth, or a willing ass for his cock. He gets more than he bargained for, more than he ever thought possible.

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I was horny. Not kind of horny—definitely horny. What with a few icy beers with dinner and a slight buzz on, the idea of another jackoff session didn't interest me, so I drove across town to the video arcade to see what the action was like. Kind of dead when I got there. Only a few cars, so I was able to park out front. Well, hopefully there was someone inside who wanted to get his rocks off really good. I was dressed for it. Black tee-shirt tight across my big chest, tucked inside a pair of faded, pale blue jeans with the knees ripped out and the start of a rip at my crotch. The jeans were held up by a studded black leather belt. My feet were encased in shiny black boots. I was wearing my worn black leather jacket, with a couple of useful items (just in case) tucked away in the pockets.

Like I said, I was horny, so I was showing a nice hefty bulge that snaked down my left thigh.

I got some dollar bills for the arcade and began to walk the maze of dimly-lit aisles. Only one or two men were there, but they didn't do anything for me, not even a dick-twitch. Then I spotted the booth with the slightly open door. Saying fuck-it to the video cameras the store owners had everywhere, I peered into the crack.

I couldn't believe my fucking eyes! Goddamned stud heaven. Medium length dark hair, clean-shaven face shining in the glow of the video, mid to late 30's, a jeans jacket draped over the back of the chair, this guy had his jeans around his ankles, fisting a large piece of meat. He pretended not to, but he was watching the door. He didn't reach over to shut me out, so I quickly stepped inside.

His face was right at my crotch level and I was almost completely hard now, my cock stretching the worn jeans. He gulped and looked up at me nervously.

"I ... I've never..."

I smiled at him. "Don't worry, I have."

His huge dick was still hard, and as he played with himself I could see it was leaking precum. There was a gay fuck film playing on the video. I put another couple of dollars in it. I pulled a rubber out of my jacket, ripped the package open, and leaned over to put it on him. His mouth kind of dropped open, but he didn't argue with me.

A virgin stud. And he really had my asshole twitching. Wasn't what I'd come here for originally, but on the other hand ... or other hole...

He watched nervously as I unbuttoned my jeans and peeled them down over my thighs and to the tops of my boots. My own thick 9-inch rod stood out hard and proud from a really thick bush of crotch hair. He just stared at my meat, kind of licking his lips nervously, like he wanted to lick something else, but was afraid to. I dropped some spit on my fingers and shoved my fingertips up my asshole, and then did it a couple of times more until my hole was loosened just a little and wet enough. I moved in front of him, spread his knees, stood between his legs with my ass in his face for a moment, and then squatted and slowly began to lower myself onto his fuckrod.

Jesus! I kind of gasped when that fat dickhead got past my assring. But right now I needed a really good fucking and this virgin was going to give it to me. He gasped even louder than me, and began to moan as I very, very slowly slid all the way down his pole until my ass was on his lap and every fucking inch of his thick meat was crammed up my tight, talented hole. He moaned even louder and then realized where he was and cut it off.

I started fucking myself on his meat, raising and lowering my ass and he began to help, grabbing me around the waist, guiding my movements, thrusting his hips up. The sensation of squatting over this cock was really hot and he was spreading my asshole pretty damned wide. Goddamn but it felt good, only I knew it wasn't going to last very long. His breathing was already getting heavier and heavier and he was clamping down real hard on my waist and hips and slamming my body down against his harder and harder and harder until he pulled me to him and thrust up from the chair in one enormous stroke and through his shuddering I could feel ropes of cum shooting up the length of his cock and collecting in the tip of the rubber.

Christ! There is nothing like a good fuck to start off your night.

When I was sure he was spent, and could feel his dick beginning to wilt a little, I slid off him, stood up and began pulling up my jeans. I used a tissue from my hip pocket to wipe the moisture off my ass, and then finished pulling the jeans over my hips, and started stuffing my still nearly-hard dick down inside.

"Uh, look man, if you want me to..."

Nice man. A virgin ... not faking it, I can tell ... and gentleman enough not to want to just "fuck and run." I shut him up with a kiss, which was clearly something else he'd never done with a man before. But he sure got into it real quick and our tongues were lashing back and forth. It got me hard all over again. But I finished the kiss and finished putting my act back together.

"Thanks, guy. But you gave me what I needed. Any time you want to plow some ass, and I'm here ... you just let me know." I grinned at him and he grinned back.

With that I stepped out into the dimly lit halls, feeling a glow of strong sexual energy streaming out from me. It was like I was a battery that had suddenly been brought up to full charge. And I needed an outlet.

That's when I saw him. A young guy. Late 20's probably. For some reason he looked familiar, although I was certain I hadn't seen him in here before. But there was something about him, even in the dim light ... his face, his build ... and my mind \connected this vague feeling with green. I looked more closely.

Good looking stud ... the kind that usually goes just for guys his own age or younger. And from the way he was strutting through here, the kind who is out to get his prick sucked or fuck some ass ... the "I'm always on top" kind. He glanced my way and I hid the laughter in my mind behind a slightly cold, slightly arrogant, lust-filled stare, as he did almost a double take, and then his eyes slid all over me like fucking hands stroking my body. I could feel the electricity building up. He lingered on my crotch, and I could feel my dick surging to full length down my leg, the kind of aching hardon that just begged for quick release. Then he turned away.


Oh well, he was acting just like the conceited young prick I thought he was.

Only. He stopped and looked back at me with a small smile as he opened the door to a booth and stepped inside.


I couldn't believe what I'd just done. Still, giggling silently and feeling a bit giddy, I made sure that the door was open a crack, and sat in the uncomfortable chair the management so thoughtfully provided. The booth was tiny, and smelled of sweat, old cum and new ... and something just a bit raw, like raw oysters. Crinkled tissues littered the floor, and the slick wooden floorboards were sticky in places. I loved it, and inhaled deeply. My cock twitched, and I rubbed it briskly. Where the hell was he? Did he need a fucking invitation? I peeked out the crack and saw him standing there, his crotch at my eye level. Talk about timing! I scootched back quickly, my cock throbbing almost audibly as I looked over this fine stud's body. Sure, he was older, but this guy was built! His basket was outlined nicely, a smooth chest and flat abdomen ... my breathing quickened just looking at him.

"Well, you gonna let me in, or drool over my cock all night?" he asked softly, thrusting his hips forward slightly. His hands were on his narrow hips, and I pushed the door open for him to enter. He stepped quickly inside, and latched the door shut behind him. I swallowed loudly as I smelled him, felt his presence.

I looked up at him standing there, kind of towering over me. He was huge in this small cubicle, and while I'm not exactly a tiny guy he made me feel ... small ... and ... this was what was really fucking weird ... helpless. Shit. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. These old guys were supposed to hop all over a stud like me, begging me to drop my pants so they could swallow my meat, or get it good and wet so I could shove it up the guy's asshole. But this stud ... in spite of myself, I started imagining me taking his cock in my hand, sniffing it, licking and sucking it.

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