Lynn Becomes Obedient Bitch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Rape, Hypnosis, Light Bond, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Voyeurism,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Daran gets his revenge on ex-girlfrind, Lynn

Starbucks was full of female college students. Every table had at least two or three female occupants, dressed from mini skirts to hot jeans to top up bras and it was also nearly dusk. The sun was going down. He didn't life far from his college and in his area, there weren't many male students or that many guys his age.

Daran was sat down all by himself as his male colleague had just left him there by himself. He was sat down by a table outside Starbucks and since this Starbucks was up the hill, with some other shops, he had a good view of the traffic and people coming out of the nearest shopping mall. He had a good eye view.

Daran was sipping his macchiato and then forking his piece of chocolate cake when he saw his ex-girlfriend Lynn coming towards him.

After two years since breaking up with her she was still a beautiful woman. She stood a very petite 5 foot flat. Somehow her very small features 34B 22 32 sized frame seemed to fit her well. Mid back length light brown hair and those dark almost black/brown eyes that seemed to peer though your soul. She was also a stuck up bitch who often got things her way. Anyone who crossed her regretted it later.

"Hey Daran what's up?" Lynn inviting herself to his table, taking a seat.

She knew that he was always too weak to resist her. She was the one who broke up with him since two years ago he was short on cash and couldn't take her out going clubbing anymore. She used people and even when Daran and her were no longer partners, they still often saw each other and she used him for sex. It was also sex her way. Never his.

"Nothing much. Just chilling alone," Daran said.

"Loser. Eating all by yourself," Lynn making a chuckle which was supposed to be friendly but deep down one Daran knew to be her form of insulting someone.

"I guess I am not as popular as you," Daran making conversation.

Lynn laughed. He knew that the only reason why she came at that exact moment was so that he could not make conversation with any other female student and so therefore take away his own time for himself and make him have time for her.

Selfish bitch, Daran thought but didn't show it in his features.

"Hey look what I got", Lynn taking out a gold pocket watch from her jacket and then showed it to his face. He noticed that there were some inscriptions written on it. And that it also had two small winged dragons figures attached on its top, facing each other.

"That looks nice Lynn," Daran admiring it.

"Say it's kinda boring here. How about we get back to your place," Lynn suggested.

So later we can have sex when you feel like it, Daran thought. He always had to be the one to make the effort and she never put much effort in whenever they had sex, since she did told him once that he was not as important to her as some of her other male friends (none were her boyfriends even).

He was just a bit weak at times and he knew it. But there were moments when he would be angry with himself for letting her get away with this and that he could make her pay for all those times the way she treated him. Like dirt.

"Ok. Let me just finish my drink," Daran trying to finish his drink.

"Now," Lynn bitching, as she was obviously in a hurry to be somewhere else too later.

They walked towards where Lynn parked her car and got in. she drove them all the way to his house, which was actually a student accommodation. It was only one storey and he lived there by himself, as most of his other housemates could not pay their rent so therefore got kicked out by their landlord.

Once inside Daran's house, they went into his bedroom.

"Hey do you have any drinks or something?" Lynn asking him, as she sat herself down on his bed and admiring her gold pocket watch.

"Ok. I'll get us drinks," Daran headed to the kitchen and came back with their cola drinks. He handed her her drink.

Daran sat himself down on his own desk chair, which faced his lap top.

"I really can't stand all those other bitches back there at Starbucks," Lynn sounding selfish. Obviously she made him get out of there as she couldn't stand them and Lynn wasn't popular with many other female students, since some reminded her of what a bitch she was.

"Hey could I see that?" Daran asked.

Lynn sipped her glass and then continued looking at it.

"So why'd you buy it? I mean you have a cell phone and you have a timer there," Daran was attempting to make a conversation.

"Because it looks good," Lynn admiring her own pocket watch.

"You know maybe the shop keeper who sold it to you had no idea of what he sold you," Daran just speaking out of his mouth.

Lynn turned back to glare at him, confused and also annoyed.

"What're you talking about?" Lynn asked.

Daran put his glass down by his desk and walked over to where Lynn was.

"Hey pass it here. I just want to make sure if that watch is what I think it is," Daran trying to take it from her.

"Just be careful with it," Lynn sounding concerned for it.

If it was a matter of life and death I think she would choose this watch over me, Daran thought.

Daran sat himself down on his desk chair, analysing the pocket watch and its dragon carved figurines.

This thing is worthless but I have seen these type of watches before being used to put other people under hypnosis, Daran thought.

Then a thought occurred to him.

"Hey wanna make a bet," Daran smiling.

"What are you talking about?" Lynn asked, confused but not annoyed.

"Ten dollars says I can hypnotise you," Daran said.

"Get outta here. But I'll tell you what. If you lose you have to give me fifty dollars at least" Lynn trying to get things her way.

"What??" Daran was surprised.

He could tell that Lynn was confident that he couldn't hypnotise her and that she just wanted his money, so that she can buy herself some other things she fancied.

"Fifty dollars. Take it or leave it," Lynn being bossy.

"Alright," Daran giving in into her demands.

Lynn smiled, as she was thinking that she was going to take $50 off him.

They both plaved their $10 and $50 bills on his desk.

Lynn sat back in his desk chair as Daran slowly began to swing the pocket watch back and forth in front of her eyes, "Watch the watch."

He started, "You are getting sleepy. Very very sleepy."

As she continued to follow the watch with her eyes Lynn thought, "Ha, I'm not sleepy must not be working."

Daran continued the induction, "All your stresses and worries are going away as you relax and grow sleepier." Lynn yawned and thought, Oh no! It's starting to take affect. Gotta resist it if I'm gonna win this bet.

The pocket watch continued to swing back and forth in front of Lynn's eyes as Daran said, "Felling sleepier with each swing of the watch. Letting everything fade away but me, the watch, and the sound of my voice."

Lynn began to panic as the sounds of street traffic going by outside Daran's house drowned out and everything but Daran and the watch faded away to black. Must resist. Can't let myself be hypnotized, she thought.

"You are so very tired now. Your eyelids grow heavier as you continue to watch the watch. You are so very sleepy. Your eyelids are very very heavy. Like lead weights. So heavy you can no longer hold them open. You are falling into a deep deep sleep."

Lynn's eyes closed as he fell into a deep hypnotized sleep. Daran walked over to the desk table and picked up the $10 Lynn had bet and said, "Well it looks like I won the bet."

Lynn slept while Daran thought what to do. Well I might as well test the depth of his trance and see how much control I have over her, he thought.

"Lynn while you are hypnotized you will do what ever I command and answer any question I ask no matter what. Do you understand?" Daran testing if she was under his control.

"Yes," Lynn said in a low monotone.

"From now on you would do as I say and be totally obedient and devoted to me. You will always refer to as Master. Is that understood," Daran barked.

"Yes ... master," Lynn said in a low monotone.

"Now when I snap my fingers you will wake up you will not remember that I hypnotized you but remember who you are and that from now on you are my totally obedient devoted slave who only lives to please me for the rest of your life. Do you understand?" Daran speaking.

"I understand ... Master," Lynn said in a low monotone.

"Good," Daran had a wicked smile. He then "snapped" his fingers. Lynn woke up.

"Lynn, can you hear me?" asked Daran.

Lynn then came to life after hearing Peter's voice.

"I hear and obey Master," replied his bitchy-ex.

Daran then realized that this was going to be better than he thought! It worked.

"So you would do anything I say Lynn?" Daran asked.

"Yes Master!" Lynn's heart jumped. "I will do anything you want me to!"

"Ok. Stand up. Remove your top and bra Lynn!" her new master commanded it.

Lynn slowly removed her coat, then her white blouse and bra. He placed his hands on her breasts! Lynn slowly began to moan from her master's touch!

"Do you like it when I touch your boobs Lynn?" asked Daran... "Yes Master. I like you touching meme!" replied his "bitch".

"Good, now please remove the rest of your clothes! I want to see the rest of your sexy body!" Daran commanded.

"Yes, Master! cried Lynn.

Lynn removed the rest of her garments, and she stood before her master in the nude. Lynn was completely naked. Daran drank in every inch of her curvaceous body with his eyes. Lynn lived now to please him.

"Lynn I want you to climb over to my bed and lie down," Daran commanded.

"Yes Master," Lynn walked towards his bed and climbed on top of it. She lied down.

Daran then followed her on top of his bed.

Daran then sat himself on the edge of the bed, while Lynn knelt at his feet.

"Lynn," Daran spoke.

"Yes, Master?" Lynn responded.

"I want you to make love to me," Daran commanded, since now it was her turn to make him feel "wanted" and to "sexually satisfy" him.

Lynn then undress Daran, while fondling his nice hard cock, and they both crawled into bed. Lynn cuddled close to Daran, and he in turn held her close to him. Daran played with Lynn's breasts for awhile, then Lynn began to kiss her young master's body all over.

Lynn kissed & stroked her master's cock. Daran couldn't help but enjoy the sensations. Lynn was still worshipping his cock!

"Would you like me to blow you now Master?" asked a devoted loving Lynn.

Daran nodded, this was going to be the first blowjob that Lynn ever offered him. Lynn began licking her master's cock, she then wrapped her loving lips around it, then up and down she sucked! Daran kept thinking of other things Lynn could do to please him.

"Lynn I want to enter you now!" Daran demanded.

"Yes Master," Lynn complied.

Finally, the young college student ordered his bitch to lie on her back, and to receive his cock into her wet pussy.

Daran started out slow, enjoying his first master-fuck. Then he sped up. Lynn's whole body began to shake. He finally had cum inside her pussy after he finished fucking her on his bed, they both laid down together.

Daran enjoyed having this type of sex where it was she who had to please him and boy-oh-boy she did such a good job.

Daran got up and took his cell phone out of his jacket. It was 9PM. Time moved very quick.

He looked at his new slave. She was resting comfortably on top of his bed. He liked the fact that she made love to him. What he didn't like was that she had made him feel like shit and that even now that she was his slave, she still looked happy and comfortable.

He woke her up and made her "cook" them dinner. After dinner, they went back to his bed (naked obviously) where he tied her up in a spread-eagled formation. She looked delicious. Daran had some nasty ideas up his head.

As he climbed on top of her, he started massaging both her breasts. She seemed to have loved it until he squeezed them really hard. He saw her body winced but that she seemed to have enjoyed it too.

"Lynn I am allowing you to express whenever you are supposed to feel pain and you can express yourself as how you would normally express yourself if you feel such pain except for cursing back at me, telling on me, trying to hurt me or. Do you understand?" Daran cruelly twisted both her soft nipples.

"Yes ... Master," Lynn no longer sounding just compliant and obedient but also expressing fear in her voice and that of ... pain. He could tell that she no longer liked it when he abused her nipples like that.

"Good," Daran becoming like a wolf in control.

With one shove from his cock up her pussy, she cried really loud. He started fucking her pussy really hard, while sucking very hard on her left nipple and squeezing her right one. Lynn felt as much pain as pleasure. But mostly pain.

"AAahh. Ahh. Please Master. Don't be hard on me. It hurts," Lynn no longer able to fight back is now begging him.

He stopped moving his cock up her cunt and then slapped her really hard on the face.


"Shut up and listen bitch. You will tell anyone you are my slave or tell anyone what I make you do or what I do to you. You can cry but never tell me to stop. If I give you pain you can only say how it hurts but never ever tell me to stop. Understand bitch," Daran grabbing hold of her hair and roughly yanking it.

"Yes ... Master," Lynn started crying with tears.

"And when I fuck you you are not allowed to cry but just express sadness on your face. Got that bitch," Daran still yanking on her hair. He then let go of her hair...

"Yes Master," Lynn slowly stopped crying with tears but just still having that sad face-in-agony.

He then continued pumping more of his sperm inside her pussy while sometimes biting her neck, sucking, licking, squeezing and slapping both her breasts, which gave her more "pain".

After he finished pulverizing her cunt, he removed his cock out of her ass and then made her turn around.

"I want you to face down the bed bitch," Daran commanded.

"Yes Master," Lynn whimpered.

Lynn moved her body so that she faced the bed while her ass faced the ceiling. Daran then roughly shove his cock up her ass.

"Ahhhh," Lynn screamed in pain.

"Yeah you like that don't you bitch," Daran continued shooting sperm into her sensitive asshole.

"It hurts," Lynn whimpered in pain.

She really didn't like the what he was having sex with her. He really started enjoying having his dick up her ass, moving around and inside it. He enjoyed having power over her. He enjoyed inflicting physical and mental abuse against her.

As he fucked her ass while lying on top of her, he would use one hand to yank at her hair while another hand went underneath her body and started squeezing on one of her boobs.

"Ahhh. Ahhh," Lynn screamed in pain.

He lowered his mouth towards her nape and bit roughly.

"Aahhh. Aahhh," Lynn cried in agony.

An hour later after they finished having violent painful sex, they had shower together. Lynn was washing Daran's body with soap. She did as lovingly as she could.

"That feels nice," Daran complimenting her skills in taking care of is body, cleaning him with soap.

Daran was happy having her as his personal slave. As she continued cleaning his body he was thinking of different ways how he could have fun with her.


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