A Trio + 1


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Rough, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A basic stroke story of three men and a woman. No metaphors, no work up.

The room was a simple motel room, a dingy bed, a crappy couch, and rundown wallpaper and carpet. The door was double locked, curtains drawn, and a pile of clothes was in the corner of the room.

By the couch there were four people, three men, equal in age, build, and cock-size. They were all naked save for the woman. She was bent over in a red fishnet suit that had holes for her pussy and her big tits which hung out, their brown nipples hard. With her mouth stretched around a thick cock and her hand wrapped around another, the third man smacked her ass hard a few times, leaving red livid hand-prints on her flesh before using both his hands to spread her pussy lips wide. He displayed her pink insides that glistened with her own juices. Her cunt was juicy wet, her clit swollen like a little dick between the freshly de-haired pussy-lips.

The three men voiced their encouragements as she slobbered over the cock in her mouth and fumbled with the cock in her hand, and when the man behind her slicked four fingers and pushed them deep into her cunt, she moaned.

"Show me that tongue," said the man who's cock she was sucking. She opened her mouth wider and the tip of her tongue emerged below his cock. He took that moment to push his cock in deeper and she gagged about his meat.

The man with his fingers in her wiggled them about in her soaked hole, letting her feel each one as they pressed against her slick walls. The woman had trouble, caught between moaning and gagging.

When she was sufficiently stretched he aimed his cock and shoved himself into her. She gave a squeal, her mouth coming up off the cock. The man behind her grinned at his friends and fucked her cunt with deep hard stroked, twisting his hips this way and that so she could feel every it of him. The man at her head smiled and grabbed her hair and shoved his dick into her mouth until his balls bumped her chin. Her throat bulged with his meat and slobber dripped down her chin.

"That's it, choke on it," he said, "Use your tongue. No hands."

She obeyed and they fucked her like this for a while, the three of them alternating, one reaming her pussy, one being jacked by her hand, and one brutally throat fucking her. The room echoed with their groans, her moans, the sound of her choking on cock, and the slap of flesh on flesh. The woman squirmed between the three of them, juices slick on her thighs and the skin on her ass and breasts red from being slapped.

It wasn't long before the men thought up another idea. Two of them held her up on either side of her, each one holding an arm and a leg so that her thighs were spread wide. The third man moved between them and shoved his fat cock into her pussy and they moved in tandem, the two men swinging her forward and the third thrusting his hips forward to meet them. Between them, the woman howled her pleasure as the cock in her sloshy cunt plunged the depths of her belly, bumping and pushing hard against her cervix.

"Yes!" she screamed, "Fuck me, oh fuck me!" They obliged, the man fucking her tilting his hips so that his long thick cock could go farther into her body.

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