The Gypsies and Their Gadje Masters

by sonyaesperanto

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Reluctant, .

Desc: : With a curse from their gods on their heads, a band of Gypsies must accept non Gypsy masters for a night and then the spell will be lifted.

The Beginning

It was a Gypsy Community, somewhere in Canada. The Canadian Government took in many gypsies from Europe, back in the late 1990s. Many of these gypsies were living in Vancouver's outskirts. But like they had lived in Europe, they lived the same way in Canada: caravans and tents. The Gypsies still scared a lot of people, especially since Canadians are well read in news and media reports about them. From time to time, some skinheads would attack them and harass them, but the Canadian authorities always cracked down on them really hard. When this all went to court, the three skinheads were sentenced to jail and after the judge hit his table with his Hammer of Justice, the last skinhead said loudly for everyone to hear,

"You are sentencing fellow Canadians. Soon, these gypsies will own all your property."After many days passed, the gypsies were dancing and singing around their fires at night. Not far from where they were, was the actual suburbs and many people who have passed by the Gypsy Area, wished that it was those bloody skinheads who won the court case trial. That was until many Gypsy women fell sick as many Gypsy men had also fallen sick. No one was really worried until a child of four died. The mother went ballistic and the entire Gypsy Community cried for them. It was so terrible that the Gypsy Elder, Gipser sought wisdom from an older Gypsy, she was older than even he. When he entered her tent, she was sitting by her crystal ball and said,

"I have seen what this is all about. Because we moved here to Canada and were welcomed by the Gadje, the non gypsy, rulers of this land and have not shown thanks, Indra and the Gods have cursed us." Gipser was frantic and quickly asked,

"What should I do, wise one???" The old lady looked up at him and said,

"You must go into the city where the gadjes live. There, you must seek a Gadje and you must ask him if he will rule over us". Gipser's dark gypsy eyes shot open,

"What? You can't be serious!" The old woman then hissed at him,

"Do not mock the Gods, unless you want this epidemic to continue" she said and then broke into evil laughter.

The Suburbs

It was a corner shop, ran by an Indian man and his wife. Derek always went there to buy his Slurpies. The Indian man would speak in his accent,

"Please come again". Derek took the drink from the man after paying him and replied,

"I shall come again". He looked at the man's wife for an instant, before walking off. Once outside the corner shop, he met his two friends, Sam and John. Sam mimicked the Indian guy from the shop, pretending to have that accent,

"Please come again". John then said in an Indian accent,

"But I want to cum in his wife". They were all in high school and were upset about how foreigners were taking over Canada, from the white Canadians.

Derek drank his Slurpie and John joked with him,

"This is why our fellow Canadians are losing jobs, because you buy from those Ragheads". Derek finished his drink,

"I suppose so. But hey man, what do I care? I still got a job and you guys are working too, right?" Sam nodded but John said,

"I got fired last week and they gave my job to some Chinese Gook girl". These boys often used such language, though they didn't mean it in the extreme sense as skinheads used it. While the three boys were standing there by the car park and joking around, Gipser approached them. At first, all three boys were shocked that he did approach them, as Gypsies always kept to themselves although they did know that Gypsies were camping not far away from where they lived. Gipser was speaking to them in a rough way,

"I say you don't go. You hear me out". Sam then went defensive, as he had to put with always being labeled as "the racist one", although he was not as bad as the others. Sam said to him,

"Hey now you listen here". Gipser was intimidated by Sam fighting back. Gipser put his hands out, ready to defend himself. John looked at Gipser and said in an angry way,

"What do you want old man? You want our money, is that it, huh?" Derek finished his Slurpie and threw it in the ground, saying,

"Thank God we're all Americans now". Gipser knew some broken English,

"I no enemy, I need help." John then softly said,

"You want our help?" Gipser was trying to move his hand in an assuring way,

"Follow me. I take you. Come come. I no harm you. Gypsy word. No harm". The three boys were reluctant at first but then decided what the hell. If they tried to screw them over, they could take on these gypsies and confirm their bad experiences to other Canadians, who would then vote the politicians out of office in the next election and vote in the anti Gypsy candidates and there'd be no more Gypsies in Canada. But if they helped this geezer out, they might get rewarded, like getting some nice gypsy pussy to play with or maybe even the old man's daughter to fuck. They were thinking of someone pretty but then thought, maybe all their women look like shit. Derek then looked at Gipser,

"Ok gypsy, we follow you". Gipser nodded his head,

"Thank you Gadje, thank you".

Gypsy Camp

The three boys were on their bicycles and chained them up to a tree, not sure if they could trust Gipser. They could see caravans, wagons and tents everywhere. It was like the Mongol Horde camping here in Vancouver, Canada. As Gipser couldn't speak good English, he had his oldest grandson, about the same age as the three boys dads talk to them. The grandson was a man in his later 30s and his name was Vlek. He had curly black hair and black eyes and fit the stereotype of the romantic gypsy that many women have fantasies of. Derek talked to his two friends,

"If he asks for a sexual orgy, I say we're out of here". Vlek came up and smiled at the three of them,

"Hi. Can I offer you boy's drinks?" John, Derek and Sam were looking at each other and John then aggressively asked,

"What kind of drinks." Vlek laughed, knowing what these boys were thinking,

"I am offering you guy's hot tea. Good for you, Gypsy tea." The three boys were inside Vlek's wagon home sitting at his table. They hated the tea and Sam said,

"I can't take this stuff". Sam put the drink down, as did the other two. Vlek, his wife and his two daughters, Gipser's great granddaughters, started laughing and they were saying something in their Romani language. Vlek laughed at the three boys,

"You guys aren't that tough. You talk tough but you are nothing. I bet you still live with your mommas". Derek got up and as did his two friends,

"Let's get out of here. Our host invited us here to be their joke". Vlek and his family then looked worried and Vlek said to them,

"Please don't go. I didn't mean you any harm". Sam shouted back, in a very American style emotional voice,

"Well you hurt our Canadian feelings, after having stolen our jobs, so screw you, you Gypsy asshole". Vlek was about to get defensive but realized that, this was his fault. Boys will be boys and no one in Gadje society likes being laughed at. Vlek said,

"Please don't go. I will tell you why we need you". Vlek explained about the Curse of the Vedic Gods. Sam, John and Derek were interested. They liked what they were hearing. Vlek then said,

"We have to follow you and do what you wish, for at least tonight and maybe longer."

Later that day

All the Gypsy families were turned out in a community gathering. The young children were given to the old woman to take care of and tell them a story, so they wouldn't be aware or curious of what was about to happen. The Gypsy men, fathers and uncles and brothers and sons, stood in one group while their women, the ugly ones and pretty ones, mothers and aunties and nieces and daughters were standing in their own group. The women wore skirts and large earrings and many had black curly hair. Their dark eyes looked at the three white boys, their new Gadje Masters. Vlek was standing away from the rest, near the boys, as he was their translator. Even Gipser, with all his Gypsy pride, was made to stand with the other men. Derek then looked at the men and Vlek was prepared to translate, and this is what happened. Derek announced to the men,

"You are to take off your clothes. After you do that, I want you to beat each other's legs with sticks and hit each other as hard as you can. Got that?" Vlek heard what Derek said and he wanted to plead about this but John told him,

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