The Greek Girl's Fun
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mind Control, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Water Sports, Scatology, Slow,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman in Athens gets revenge on her ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend and her mother. No sex in first chapter.

Anita Christadolou was an attractive woman from Athens. She had a nice olive complexion with dark brown hair and jade green eyes, not to mention a sexy body, and stood 6 foot 4, which is not common for mainland Greeks, but common for Greeks from Crete or Macedonia. She worked in the tourism industry and although only twenty six, her years of having been a student at the University of Bristol had paid off, as having mastered perfect English and International Business, she now had one of the few highly paid jobs in Greece. Greece had no real industry and relied on its archaeological past to get its economy through. As summer was over, and having done some tourism jobs, because of her position she still had other tourism-related jobs. She was a writer of Greek history and archaeology, a skill she fell back to during the winter months. But one fine day, while she was sitting and sipping tea in her favorite café, a woman came and sat at the table opposite hers.

The woman was a tourist, and did not speak with a Greek accent. The woman was 6 foot tall and had typically Scandinavian features. She looked the same age as Anita, and Anita recognized her straight away. The woman opposite her had been a university student at the University of Bristol. Her name was Karen McDonald, a Scottish student, who Anita's boyfriend, Greek like her, had left her for. It was true what they said: Greek men love Blondes. The day her boyfriend called her up, to tell her about the break-up, was the day she nearly committed suicide. But many months had passed since the break up and it had served her ex-boyfriend right, when his new Blonde girlfriend left him for another man, because he was richer.

Anita watched Karen as she ordered her drink and later, another woman joined Karen. She looked a lot like Karen, but older. It was Karen's mom and they both had a snooty attitude about them. The mom must have been in her early forties, but still looked young and attractive. She and Karen both had nice sexy bodies, and it boiled Anita's blood, seeing her own countrymen looking at and eyeing the two Blonde women. But then Anita had an idea. Working for the tourist industry, she could easily start a conversation with them and as for how to get her revenge, she already an idea. Anita walked over to Karen's table and smiled.

"Hello there, I'm Anita Christadolou and I work for the tourism industry here". Karen and her mom gave her a cold look, but then they started smiling.

"May I sit down? I won't take much of your time". Anita offered to buy drinks and Greek food and Karen and her mom greedily accepted. It was obvious that they were pretty well off, but willing to save their money if someone else would buy for them. They both had beautiful faces, but looked snobby and proud. Anita started asking them if they were in a tour with others and Karen and her mom said they weren't, but were interested in visiting more of the Greek isles. The mother even joked about finding a nice handsome Greek man to marry or maybe a rich one, like Onassis. Karen and her mom joked about that forgetting that Anita, who had kindly paid for the drinks, was there as they talked about how no Greek women could compare to two attractive blonde British women. Anita changed the subject and started talking to them about beauty treatments and looks, keeping the body fit most of the time and about staying young and looking healthy. Although Karen and Mrs. McDonald look perfectly attractive, they seemed greedy enough to want to get more of it. Anita smiled.

"Why don't you ladies come over to my place tonight? I can give you some very good treatments as a courtesy for you ladies visiting my country". Karen smiled,

"Isn't that nice?" Karen's smile looked faked but Anita was already aware that Karen wouldn't remember some Greek girl like her, since she was the type that broke many women's hearts and then dumped their boyfriends, after having used them. But tonight, she was going to get hers.

Anita picked Karen and Mrs. McDonald up at their hotel, took them for dinner at a posh Greek restaurant and then took them to her flat, which was nice by Greek standards.

"You have a nice place", complimented Mrs. McDonald. Anita's living room was full of nice statues and vases and looked neat.

"Why don't you two have a seat?" Anita said pointing towards the sofa, which the two Blonde ladies helped themselves to.

"Would you like a drink?" offered Anita. Both women asked for wine and Anita went into the kitchen and poured them each a glass. While the women were drinking, Anita was telling them other techniques, on keeping one's body fit and young and other methods of seducing men. Every time she tells them something, they seem to be happily accepting it. Anita had met such women in Britain before: all take and no give. But Anita still had to stop her emotions from getting to her. Just by looking at Karen's face, she still felt hurt deep down. This was the Blonde slut who stole her boyfriend and Anita wanted to see Karen suffer and die. But no, she had to control all of that. After all, there was a famous Greek saying: "Beware Greeks bearing gifts," started from the Trojan horse. Anita then said that before she gets them prepared for massages and putting Greek oil on their bodies and faces, she has to hypnotize them. The two women looked puzzled but then nodded, agreeing. Anita smiled at them.

"Good." Unknown to the two women, she had spiked their drinks, making them more receptive to suggestions. This was the first step, weakening of the mind. Anita told them that she was going to hypnotize them, to make them feel less pain, which the two women smiled at. This was much better than getting facial treatments from specialists and then still having to bear pain, just to stay attractive, the "No Pain No Gain" motto. She took out a pendulum and then started moving it around and around.

"Now you two will follow my instructions," intoned Anita. Karen and her attractive mom just nodded their heads and watched the spinning pendulum. "You eyes are getting sleepier and sleepier. At the count of ten, you will close your eyes and your subconscious mind will open to my suggestions", chanted Anita. Karen and Mrs. McDonald looked sleepier. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten", counted Anita. Karen and her mom closed their eyes. They did look and sound as if they were just simply asleep and not in a trance.

"You both are now inside a Greek arena, by yourselves and you look up above", continued Anita. Their bodies looked still, but inside their minds, Karen and her mom stood side by side and were alone inside a Greek Arena, resembling one of those old tourist areas, in some desolate spot.

"You see the full moon above you and it is night", said Anita. It was night all of a sudden and Karen and her mom could see the full moon, shining bright and strong.

"Your minds are completely blank and your memories are just like the data on the computers you use", said Anita. The full moon inside their heads was looking like a source of light, as Anita programmed a part of their mind's cells, within their brain.

"The full moon is the Goddess Diana and she looks very angry at you. You are scared as you both now know that the Greek Gods are real, and not legends", said the Anita quietly snickering. In Karen's and Mrs. McDonald's head, they see the moon having the face of an angry Greek woman but somehow, it looks like Anita

"I am very angry with you two", barked the evil, sinister sounding Greek goddess. Karen and her mom were paralyzed with fear and couldn't even talk. They are helpless and don't know what to do. Anita watches the fear in the faces of the women as they look as if they are having nightmares. Anita then tells them,

"Diana tells you that when you wake up, you will obey the first person you see. You will obey her with all your soul and now, live only to obey her commands, for she is your new mistress. If you disobey her, you shall burn in hell". Inside their heads, Diana's angry face tells them the same thing Anita is telling their subconscious minds. Diana's face turns blood red and looks really frightening as fire was suddenly all around them. Karen and Mrs. McDonald wake up sweating and both screamed at the same time, "Nooooo".

"How was it?" asked Anita, trying to look innocent. Karen and Mrs. McDonald were scared and knew that they didn't want to face the wrath of a goddess, who they now believed to exist. Karen spoke for her and her mom,

"We saw the Moon Goddess and now know that our lives are not our own." Anita then asked,

"Why is that?" This time Karen's mom spoke for the two of them,

"I have to speak for myself and my daughter. We haven't really been good people and now we are being punished and must make atonement for it." The bitch's bitch mother confesses the truth, Anita thought.

"Anita, my daughter and I must follow you. We live only to serve you now. Our past interests no longer matter nor are they allowed", the mother said as she bowed her head to Anita. Karen also bowed her head in subservience to Anita. Anita smiled wickedly as she thinks, "Excellent".

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