Wonder Woman - Slavery in Alabama

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Sex Story: Set in the future, Wonder Woman ends up as the slave to some rednecks.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

Wonder Woman is a property of DC Comics and this is a non profit story and for no one below 18.

It is 2060AD and Wonder Woman is one of the last few Superheroines around as she is a goddess, who doesn't age, in this post apocalyptic world. The world is just like the one depicted in the movie 'Mad Max'. But she is still a heroine as she is on the trail of a captured Blonde girl called Melissa. Melissa has been a hostage victim of 3 Redneck boys named Dan, Logan and Bucky. Wonder Woman has tracked them all the way from San Diego, one of the last vestiges of civilization, to Alabama. Now here in Alabama, she had tracked them to some abandoned farming houses. Wonder Woman smiled to herself, no one would be a match for the world's greatest heroine. As she walks towards the farm, she hears a shooting. 'BANG'. Wonder Woman follows the trail and then she sees Melissa, all tied, spread-eagle on the ground, with the ropes tied to some chopped tree stumps while the 3 men, Dan and Logan and Bucky were busy firing at birds in the sky. 'BANG' 'BANG'. Two of the birds fell to the ground.

Wonder Woman rushed as fast as she could towards the men but they see her and they start firing. As they fire, Wonder Woman manages to deflect the bullets with her bracelets. As she's deflecting them, she leaps into the air, and jumps onto Dan and Logan, knocking them down as Bucky manages to run for Melissa. Wonder Woman had rendered the 2 other men unconscious. Wonder Woman runs like the Flash towards Bucky who was headed for the tied up Melissa. But before he can use his gun and aim at Melissa, hoping to blackmail Wonder Woman, she tackles him, pushing him far from Melissa and rendering him unconscious. With the 3 men all knocked out, Wonder Woman quickly unties Melissa and tells her to get out of here, and telling her where the nearest place is where she could seek refuge. Melissa was grateful to Wonder Woman and starts running. As Wonder Woman has super strength, being a goddess, she thought maybe she should tie these men up and try to get them to one the cities, for trial for other crimes they may have committed. Wonder Woman had all 3 men tied up with her magic lasso, and whoever is under the wrapping in her lasso would automatically be the slave of whoever holds the lasso, everyone still remembered that. The men were tied outside, near some pig pens. Wonder Woman went inside their house to see if she could find out who they were. She stepped inside the door to see if the house could give her clue as to what crimes they may have committed, like stolen property that may look familiar.

The house resembled those in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the outside and inside of it. She walked up the steps and checked the bedrooms and after she has finished checking, she decides to check on those 3 men she captured, but as soon as she stepped out, suddenly and unexpectedly, her lasso was thrown over her and she was tied up with it. Wonder Woman is now become the slave of whoever holds the other end of the lasso and it's a fourth redneck, one she has never seen before, Damon. In front of her are Dan, Bucky and Logan, standing and smiling. Earlier, she had them tied up, now she is the one tied up instead.

They all moved into the kitchen and the 4 men were sitting on some wooden chairs while Wonder Woman stands, with the lasso around her body. Damon is still holding the other end of the lasso and the other 3 are busy joking at their catch and drinking their beer from cans. Damon asks Wonder Woman,

"I just want to confirm that if I gave you an order to follow, even if this lasso is no longer around you, you must still obey". Wonder Woman fought against answering but the magic lasso even forced her to tell the truth.

"Yes, if that is commanded while I'm captured with the rope, I must still obey you". Damon has wicked smile on his face as he asks,

"I also heard that you could erase someone's memory with this and give them a new identity and to act as they never have before?" Wonder Woman is again forced to answer, even as she hating to so, she had an idea where this was going.

"Yes, you can make me into whatever you desire and have me do whatever you want me to". Now all 4 men laughed at their luck, the world's premiere heroine is not only their slave but they could also program her mind to be whatever they wanted her to be. Damon is still holding the lasso and begins to make her into what they want.

"Look, as you are under the power of the lasso, remember that you are not a heroine, nor some Goddess. You're our slave, our whore, and you will do whatever we tell you to do and you will have sex with anyone and anything we tell you to have sex with, understood?" Wonder Woman mind slowly starts to change as she becomes a zombie whore.

"Yes, I am no heroine of goddess and I have sex with anyone or thing you command me to." Damon quickly corrects her

"Yes, masters. We are all to be called masters". Wonder Woman responds meekly,

"Yes masters". Damon takes the lasso from her as the men all laugh. Wonder Woman does not laugh, as she knows that now she has to be their loyal whore.


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