Caroline Our Cleaner

by Nettles7069

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Caroline our cleaner gets an unusual surprise for a mature uptight woman

Caroline our cleaner comes to do the house at 95 in the morning once a week. She is in her late 50's but still somewhat attractive. I can recognise how she would have been a beauty in earlier years. However she had led a hard life with five children all of whom had left the nest. She's been cleaning our place for more years than I can remember and had almost become part of the furniture.

Usually looking rather worn, she dressed for cleaning, usually in a baggy sweater and skirt with flat heels and stockings, (catching a glimpse of when she was vacuuming the stairs). All in all she didn't exactly rouse the horn in me. She was always pleasant and sometimes intimated that times were hard and her husband was a bit of a bastard who paid his dues toward the upkeep but little else. She had put all her efforts into her grandchildren.

I am in my early 40's, living with my partner whom I was passionately in love with after an unsatisfactory marriage to Jane with whom I had divorced. Ingrid and I had never agreed to be monogamous but we were open about our play elsewhere. She was toying with her lesbianism but had still remained bi. I had a mistress (what a coy word that seems now) who knew about Ingrid and both were very reasonable about it. So I was hardly without meeting my needs. Ingrid and I both work independently and today she was on the first of a three day programme she was running.

I'm at home and feeling horny in bed without the sheet covers wanking to a porny video and loving it. The bedroom door is closed. I had completely forgotten it was Caroline's day. Not realising that I am there Caroline opens the door to see me playing with myself as well as watching the video. She watches long enough to take in what is happening and is clearly embarrassed. She shuts the door and goes downstairs to the kitchen. Pondering what I will do, I switch off the TV, get up and put on light blue cotton dressing gown and go to the kitchen where I hear her moving about. The kettle is on and Caroline is standing by it waiting impatiently for it to boil with a coffee ready. She is still clearly embarrassed and is just going to say something when I ask her if she will do one for me as well and ask if she would like something stronger and get a definite," Yes I need it."

I pour out two whiskies in the living room on the table, even though it's only ten in the morning, and sit on the armchair. There is a sofa opposite the sofa about six feet away.

She pours the coffee. Caroline sits on the end of the sofa and gulps the whiskey quickly. I ask if she was embarrassed. An obvious point but yes she says

"Of course."

"I apologise for surprising you like that."

"Ian, it's not your fault I shouldn't have barged in like that and should have knocked but I thought you were all out."

"I didn't hear you in the flat. I usually hear the vacuuming and there was none this morning."

"I usually leave that to the last thing. I am very embarrassed Ian, can you understand?"

"I do of course Caroline. I don't want you to feel embarrassed. I don't."

She looked slightly taken aback at that remark and replied,

"Well that's a first. Every man I know has always been very embarrassed about being caught doing that."

I stand and pour another fill of whisky for her. She doesn't demur. The table she put the tray on his near the sofa. She is giving off a slight sweaty smell that may have emanated from her work or her discomfiture. I found it strangely appealing. Let's put it this way, it wasn't a turn off. I noted that, at least, she hadn't stormed out of the flat, which helped my next question.

"How come if you were so embarrassed, you didn't just leave Caroline?"

"And come next week as if nothing had happened? What atmosphere would that create with Ingrid around?"

"Well I'm pleased you didn't go Caroline."

"And what's that supposed to mean Ian?"

"It feels like it's the first time we've got to know each other a bit Caroline."

She obviously wasn't used to my being so pointed as she looked at me quizzically.

"Look Caroline, you found me on my own wanking myself. You seem shocked at my reaction. I looked at you as you looked at me before you shut the door, and I think it wasn't just embarrassment you felt. So, if I'm right, what else did you feel?"

She recrossed her legs, inadvertently giving me a view of her upper thigh above her stockings and a suspender. I felt a stirring as I crossed my legs to hide it. She did note my crossing my legs. She was more aware than I realised. Slightly disconcerted she replied eventually,

"Ian, ok, I was affected. And that's why I'm so affected by what happened." Even her words were coming over revealing her continuing discomfiture.

I was loving it but couldn't desist. I was even more excited.

"So how are you affected Caroline?" I noted my change in tense. She squirmed at my more focused and pointed questioning.

"Please stop it Ian. I can't go there. I always avoid things like this for my own sanity."

"I'm sorry Caroline, what makes you do that?"

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