Meant to Be

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Romantic Sex Story: My mom took in Blake after his parents were killed in a car crash when we were both small children. He had no relatives that could be found and we have grown up together much as brother and sister. Lately, however, now in our teens, we have been feeling differently about each other. That has now changed everything.

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This is rather a long story, not so much in words, rather in time. It all started about twenty years ago.

I grew up with Blake, it seems like forever, now. He came to live with my Mom and me when he was just five. Blake's parents were killed in a car accident and he had no other relatives that anyone could find. His mom and my mom had been best friends since they were small and she agreed to take him in and raise him as her own.

At the time, my mom and I lived by ourselves, my father never married my mom and he just more or less disappeared right before I was born. So, there's just the two of us, Mom and me, and, when I was four, Blake made it three.

So, I basically gained a big brother. As the years went by, Blake was my big brother and I was his little sister. He kept his last name but my friends at school, except for the few that knew the circumstances, all thought that maybe we just had different fathers.

Blake and I always thought that was funny and just let them believe it and even led a few along just a bit.

Mom, too, was great. She always treated us just the same, never favoring me, always being as fair as she could be. I loved her for that, actually, and wasn't sure that every mom would be as fair.

Around the ages of ten and eleven, Mom taught us about the birds and the bees, well, she was a bit more matter-of-fact than that, thankfully, but her words more or less just got filed away by both of us, I think.

But, when I was almost twelve, my body began changing in ways that all girl's bodies change and so I talked with my mom about it.

Now, my mom and I get along really well. She's pretty open with me, more than some of the moms of friends of mine, and so I feel comfortable talking with her about just about everything. Even about what was beginning to cause me feelings of confusion and unease; I was beginning to be attracted to my brother, well, to Blake.

She carefully explained that those feelings were fine, they were natural and that we weren't really related, not by blood. She also told me that Blake had talked to her about the same thing, that he was beginning to have boy-girl feelings around me that confused him and my mom told him the same thing, there's nothing wrong with it. She even told him that she hoped that one day the two of us would marry and join our families together.

When I turned thirteen, my hormones were in full swing, I had discovered masturbation, my knowledge aided by a lot of girl-talk at school, and I was doing myself two or three times a day, just thinking of sex all the time.

Mom, wisely, got me to her doctor and I went on the pill just to be on the safe side, as she called it. She knew full well what the consequences were, she had me when she was sixteen. It was, no doubt, a good thing as my brother, as I still thought of him, was also changing. All my girlfriends just drooled when he would walk through the room and would make all kinds of remarks about his body including a microscopic examination of his front for a 'bulge.'

Well, it was something that I had noticed a few times, actually, more than a few, and I knew from my mom that while I was scoping him out, he was doing likewise.

Then, in March, Mom told us she would be away next weekend for a job seminar.

So, when Friday evening rolled around, she called us together, sat us down and said, "As you know, I'll be going away for a seminar for my job and you two will be staying home by yourselves for the weekend. Mrs. Thurston, next door, will be available if there's an emergency.

"Now, you'll be here alone together and it will be a good opportunity for you to explore each other without any fear or embarrassment or having me around. You can both do anything you want as long as you are sure you love each other. So, I'll see you on Sunday about seven," and she left and drove away.

Mom had left our dinner, macaroni and cheese, in the oven on warm and we both sat there silently eating our dinner, each nervous and unsure of what the weekend might hold or how each of us might respond to the other. Neither wanted to make a move.

So, we did the usual, watched TV, making a few inane comments at times about the programs and after the late comedy show, we both went off quietly to our rooms for the night.

Not surprisingly, I couldn't sleep as I lay there fingering myself thinking about just what possibilities the night could bring for us, after all, Mom had left it wide open, really wide open. I was thirteen and Blake, fourteen. And, she made it pretty clear that if we wanted sex with each other, we were there together and could do it all weekend. I was even too preoccupied and up-tight to give myself an orgasm.

After a while, I decided to see how Blake was faring and walked down the hall to his room. As I rounded the corner and entered his room, he quickly pulled the sheet up over himself but I could see the tent he was making with his erection. I walked over to the side of his bed, pulled off my pajamas and slid under the sheet with him.

We turned to each other and our arms went around each other's naked body as we kissed gently. Then, the kiss changed as our tongues began exploring each other's mouth as our hands began roaming over each other. The first touch of his hands to my breasts sent shivers all over me as I gripped his penis to claim it for my own.

We hugged and kissed and humped against each other, until Blake said, "I don't want to wait any longer, Amy," and rolled me on my back pulling himself over me as I spread my legs and he shoved his hardness right up against me and pushed.

My hymen was long since gone, I made sure of that at my friend Betsy's house with her mom's rubber penis thing, we both did it. So, he didn't have too much problem getting inside me and I had no discomfort at all, just the wonder of having that void filled for the first time with something alive other than my own fingers.

I think Blake had stored up a lot of sexual tension between us which was coming out in the way he was thrusting into me. He wasn't making love to me, I was getting fucked. It may have been my first time but I knew the difference.

Under him, I watched his face over me, so happy, so determined, so masculine. He had seemed like a boy until now as I watched this muscled young man up over me driving his hard penis into me over and over.

"Oh, Amy, oh, I've wanted this for a long time. I hope you have too. It just feels so wonderful."

"A long time, yes, I've wanted this, too. Oh, you feel so good inside me, oh, when you push really deep, it just feels so good. Oh, Blake, I want us to do this all weekend. Just forever."

I was so happy, oh, so happy, that I started to cry.

"Amy, Amy, are you all right? Does it hurt? Are you okay? You're crying."

"Oh, no, no, I'm just so happy. Just so happy."

"Oh, good, it worried me. You are on the pill, right. Mom told me you were."

"Yes, yes, just cum in me when you want to. I want your cum, Blake, it's part of you and I want it so deep inside me."

"I think you'll have it pretty soon, this feels so good, you are so tight around me, like a glove and it feels ... UUH, UUH, ooh, oooh, oh, Amy, oh, I love you so much, you are everything to me, I want you forever."

I wrapped my legs up around him and pulled him tight into me as I shook my hips back and forth which was all I needed.

"Oh, Blake, OH, OH, Oh, I love you, Blake, I love you, I love you. Oh, you make me so happy, I want us to be together like this forever and ever," and he dropped down over me and we kissed and held each other tight for a long time. I could still feel him inside me and hoped he would stay there forever. Our lives would never be the same, we both knew. We were no longer virgins and were now connected on a new and exciting level. Physically and emotionally connected.

We were soon asleep in each other's arms. I woke somewhere between two and three in the morning and just wanted to play with my newfound toy lolling there quietly between his legs.

"Mmh, Amy, are you playing with my dick?"

"Is it long and getting hard and does it feel this when I squeeze?" I asked as I gripped it tighter.

"Yeah, that's it, all right. Now that you waked it up, what are you going to do to get it all calmed back down."

"Well, I was thinking about sucking on it. That something you'd like?"

"Only if I could do you. It just seems that we still have a lot to enjoy about each other."

"Well, Mom said we should explore each other," so I got up over him upside down, pulled a leg over him and lowered myself down until I could feel his wet tongue meet my eager wetness. Then, I took him in my mouth and did what I thought he'd like.

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