He Taught Me Well

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: At fourteen, I wanted to develop my new, budding sexuality, I wanted to become a slut and I picked just the right guy to teach me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Being fourteen is a very bad age to be. Well, if you're a girl, and I am. My sister is in college, that's a great age. She tells me all (well, maybe not quite all) her adventures with guys, and when she wants to meet a guy, she just makes it happen.

She's even walked up to one guy at a party and asked if he would take her back to his apartment. Wow.

Me, I'm fourteen, I could never do that. I just couldn't. But I sure want to, I want to be able to just tell a guy, "Let's fuck." I bet it sure works. But I just can't be that forward. I hate being fourteen.

Then, lit all changed when I let it slip to my brother, Paul, who's sixteen, that I really have a crush on a friend of his, Mike. Now, Mike has lots of girlfriends, he's really cute and in bike shorts, his butt looks so good, almost as good as the nice bulge in the front. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I was pleading to Paul to not ever mention this to Mike. Please, please, please.

Well, you already know just what happened, right?

The next time Mike was over at our house, he poked his head in my room and said, "I hear through the grapevine that you have a big crush on me, Anna. If you were older, I might just do something about that. But, I'm not a cradle-robber."

I blushed and then, out of my mouth came, "I'm a virgin, Mike, would you teach me how to be a slut?"

Yes. I did say that, I did, it seems pretty bold, well, pretty slutty, I guess, but it all caught me off-guard and it just popped out.

"Shit, really? Anna? You kidding?"

He was standing by my desk and I simply reached over and pressed my hand up against his shorts, right where I knew he would be most interested in my hand pressing.

"Geez, Anna, I think this may just be too good to turn down. Um, look, Sunday, my folks will be away all day, if you come over, um, we'd have all day to work on this interesting project. Now, I've got to be honest, I'm not looking for a girlfriend, I already have one, so I'm not interested in a relationship, okay?"

"Fine with me. What time on Sunday?"

"They're leaving early, how about nine?"

So, it was set. I would start my new life as a slut at nine o'clock next Sunday.

I was reaching for the doorbell when Mike's front door opened.

"Come in, Anna, ready for 'Slut 101?' Classes are starting soon," and he leads me right up to his bathroom.

"Let's start with a nice shower. Have you ever showered with a guy before?"

"No, but since you have to do it naked, it's bound to be fun," I answered, trying out my new slut persona.

He reached in, turned the water on then began taking my clothes off. As my bra came off, I decided that if I'm going to be a slut, I need to strip him as well so I pulled off his tee and unbuckled the belt holding his shorts.

He tugged my shorts down to the floor and I stood there naked in front of him.

"Hey, Anna, no panties, pretty slutty, good girl," as I zipped his fly open and pulled his shorts to the floor.

As I squatted before him, I looked up and smiled, then reached over and pulled his briefs to his ankles, out flopping in my face, his large, stiff dick.

"Oh, looky here, what's this?" as I leaned forward and did what every girl knows every boy wants them to do. It was thrilling as his cock slipped past my lips on into my mouth, feeling all alive, and, as I began to suck, very interested in being inside my mouth.

His hands held the sides of my face, him looking down, me looking up, as I sucked.

"Mmm, Anna, that's good, I think you're a natural. The water's warm, let's get in," and soon I had the soapiest breasts and he had the cleanest cock in the world.

Then as we stood there, he asked me to soap his cock, then he hugged me tight as he began fucking me with it between my thighs, the top of his dick rubbing back and forth across my pussy lips.

"Mmm, this sure feels good, Anna, but I bet inside your pussy is even better. I'll find that out soon. I better stop or I'll cum if I keep doing this."

We rinsed off and he shut the water off but we stayed in the shower. He got down on his knees and started licking my clit and taking little sucks now and then. I have rubbed my clit lots but this was new and wonderful. He soon had my legs shaking, trying to stand there as his lips and tongue made my clit come so alive.

Then, he stood up, lathered his hands and bent over with his arms down behind my back and began soaping my butt. I was pressed up against him, my hand squeezed between us, me gripping his cock, all soapy, jacking him up and down, when I felt his hands pull my butt cheeks apart and a finger began rubbing across my asshole.

"Oooh, that feels nice, Mike. I never thought it would."

"See if you like this," as I feel his finger press up into me and begin moving in and out.

"Oh, wow, that's incredible. That's gonna ... UNH, UNH, UNG, ooh, ooh, oh, MIke, that feels fantastic. Oh, do it some more."

He continued to finger my butt as I slumped against him, the pleasure so unexpected, so wonderful.

He kept it up for a few minutes until, "Um, that's making me a little sore right now, Mike, okay," and he pulled his finger out and turned the water back on and we rinsed off again, got out and dried each other off. As I toweled his cock and balls, I saw he was only about half-erect. I almost took him in my mouth, but, no, I decided to give him a little show instead.

I sat down on the toilet seat, spread my legs apart and began masturbating for him, rubbing my clit, running three fingers in and out of my pussy, stopping to suck my juices off my fingers as I looked him in the eye. As I did this, I saw his cock begin to rise, all on its own, well, with my visual help, but, you know what I mean.

I got myself off, which I can usually do pretty quickly, and his dick still didn't look completely hard, so I did what every girl knows to do, I pulled him over to me and began mouth-to-cock resuscitation.

I could feel that it was working, did it ever fail, I wondered as I sucked on and on, rather enjoying the power I felt in being able to command his entire attention to what my mouth was doing to him. Then, his body jerked, and a warm flood spurted into my mouth as I pulled away and got covered with semen on my face, neck and breasts.

He took his towel and wiped his cum off me, then led me into his bedroom.

"It may be a while before my dick gets hard again, so why don't I eat your pussy? Ever had that done before?"

"No, but I've wanted it after I've heard my friends talk about it."

He sat me down on his bed, got down between my legs, lifted each one up over his shoulders, leaned forward and began licking my pussy.

Oh, wow, I've played with myself endlessly, masturbating with fingers, my hairbrush handle, a candle, a cucumber, all the things that girls use, but, oh, boy, this topped it all.

He pressed his mouth on me, poking his tongue in me, wiping it all around. Nothing, nothing was ever this good. His right hand was gripping my left butt cheek as his thumb began rubbing over my asshole. I jerked up about a foot, let out a scream and had the wildest orgasm I've ever had. I had never even dreamed of anything that intense.

"Omigod, Mark, you did me so big. Oh, licking me like that, then, my butt, rubbing me there, oh, wow."

"Now you know what to ask guys to do to you when you're horny. Wanna try some more stuff?"

"I want you to fuck me, are you hard, yet?"

"Suck me and find out, that's the way to tell, Anna."

So, I got down, took hold of his cock, it was somewhat soft, and put my lips over the pretty, plump end and began to suck. In a couple of minutes, I had my answer, he was stiff and ready.

I pulled up and said, "Looks like I get fucked now, right?"

"I'm sure not gonna waste my nice hard cock on anything else," he said as I lay back spreading my pussy out open for him.

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