A Fistful of Sand 2
Chapter 1: A Bit of Help

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Bit of Help - Dr. Walter's slave is now president of the notorious Omega Xi sorority. Can she get the sorority under her control without her master's powers?

Laura woke with a gasp. Her naked body shivered, her skin damp with sweat and in the chill air of the Omega Xi sorority house. In the throes of her tossing and turning she must have kicked off her blankets so she quickly grabbed them up again and wrapped her body in an attempt to ward off the cold. Snoring softly beside her, Natalie seemed undisturbed by Laura's nightmares. As the dream faded into reality, she took a deep, cleansing breath and sorted through all that had just happened:

Last night, as they were about to begin their second straight evening of celebration of Brittany's downfall, their party got crashed by that wacked-out boy, David. The night of celebration had turned tragic with David's unreal assault on E'dan, the big guy's subsequent heart attack, and that poor girl being thrown into traffic. E'dan was a trained killer with reflexes like a cat and the strength of a bear ... but David manhandled him like he was nothing more than mouse. Laura knew that only someone with powers like her master could have done that.

Since she'd come to know Gregg, she'd learned through experience that his wrath was something to be feared. But in all her experiences with him, she'd never seen the level of ire nor the degree of sadness in his eyes like when they left E'dan and Christine in the hospital. Her master, Heather, and Emily had gotten a brief reuniting with Brian there, but the poor boy seemed not much more than an empty shell.

She knew.

She knew that night that Gregg was going to kill. His beautiful, perfect soul would have blood on its hands. And there was nothing she could do to help him. Or so she thought.

If not for the past two straight days of celebration, the horrid memory of the evening's events wouldn't have let her fall asleep. But there were limits to a body's endurance. Even someone as fit and toned as she was couldn't fight the exhaustion brought about by more than 24 hours of Bacchanalian feasting of food and flesh.

Through the darkness of her sleep, she heard a voice. A woman's voice. A voice pleading for help. A voice whose call could not be ignored. A regal voice filled with command and desperation.

Laura opened her eyes in the dream. She was on campus. David was holding her master aloft, beating him senseless, reveling in his domination. She knew she could not fight him. She had never been a fighter ... just a seductress. A seductress at her best — a whore at her worst. But thoughts of self-pity did nothing to help her master and there was nothing more important at the moment. Walking to confront her master's tormentor she prepared to sacrifice all to save the only thing in this world she'd come to truly cherish.

Her bare feet made no sound as she approached. In the back of her mind she noticed that the grass and the concrete sidewalks both felt the same — like nothing. She looked down and saw that she was naked. So much the better.

"No ... It can't be," she heard her master whisper, feeling his half-dead eyes follow her across the quad, fear and sadness choking his voice. Laura couldn't look at him. She couldn't bear to see his face this final time. In a few moments it would be over and he'd be safe.

"No, you can't be here..." Gregg rasped softly ... desperately. It was almost enough to make Laura falter. In his pleading voice she could hear his concern for her — concern none had ever shown for her safety and well-being. A fountain of love burst within her, steeling her for what she was about to do. He had saved her soul ... she would save his life. Step by step, she approached David, her eyes not seeing anything or anyone else anymore. She faced her master's tormentor and knelt before him, directly between him and Gregg.

"What's this, Gregg?" David asked amusedly. "Free pussy delivery?"

"Please don't hurt my Master," Laura's strangely hollow voice said. Laura didn't give it much thought. Perhaps she only sounded brave in her mind. "I give myself freely to you, but don't hurt him."

"HA! I appreciate the offer you gorgeous little cunt ... but in a few moments, you'll be mine anyway." David stepped to Laura's side, intent on finishing Gregg.

Rage filled Laura. She closed her eyes and summoned her courage. When she opened them, she found herself again kneeling in David's path, somehow translocated there in the blink of an eye.

He stopped short. "Get out of my way Bitch! I said no!" David swung his hand as if to bash her in the head, but he was thrown off balance when his hand went right through her.

He stumbled to the ground, falling through her own phantasmal form. Laura cried in desperation, realizing that for whatever reason, there was nothing she could do to stop him. At best she bought him a few seconds. She looked over at her master desperately. There were shapes moving around, shapes she recognized. With a clarity that surprised her, she knew that there was one last task she must do.

She closed her eyes again and when they opened, she was standing in front of the fountain. Her master was bloody and beaten. But there was one thing she could give — Hope.

"We're here, Gregg," she said, but Gregg recoiled in horror. Laura didn't know why, but her appearance seemed to frighten him. After a second or two, Gregg's horror turned curious, he stared at her ... through her. Some realization appeared on his face. Laura looked up and saw two beautiful figures approaching the fountain. Behind her, she heard the crack of a whip and the neighing of a horse in the distance.

Gregg's friends had come to help. Laura was satisfied that she had been allowed to play some small role, that she was able to help her master. David's cries behind her gave truth to her knowledge that her master wasn't alone.

Her master had work to do. It was time for her to leave. She filled her smile with all the love she could muster, and with a single thought — disappeared.

While she didn't know for certain the outcome of the battle, her heart wouldn't accept any other finale than the one in which her master triumphed. She knew that if Gregg had been defeated, there'd be another she'd call master. But there was no such pull, no change in who she felt she belonged to. Her master had won, she was sure of it! The bedroom was cold, but now she was getting hot and bothered beneath the covers. Tonight her master vanquished his foe and his heart was free from worry ... and she had played a small role.

Worming herself back out from beneath the covers, Laura turned onto her stomach and thrust her hand beneath her hips. She ground against the bed and her fingers as she began reliving her favorite memory. It was her fantasy of default and one that never failed to bring about the most intense orgasms. She saw herself in Gregg's apartment. It was the night she submitted herself fully to him. The night she had sworn she was his. The night she was free from her old self.

As her fingers quickly brought her off to first one then another satisfying climax, Laura took a second to open her eyes. So lost was she in her own pleasure that she didn't notice that her bedmate and sorority sister, Natalie, had been woken by the bed's shaking. Natalie was watching silently, but intently, her good arm — the one not wrapped in a cast — was working feverishly beneath the covers.

Laura's eyes smoldered at the shapely blonde beside her. At one time Natalie was her pledge, seeking guidance and approval from Laura in order to gain full admission into Omega Xi's elite rolls. But then in the girl's own quest for power and prestige, Natalie betrayed Laura to Brittany, OX's then-president. It ended up being her biggest mistake ... and also her salvation. Unbeknownst to her, Laura had already given herself completely to Gregg, and Natalie's strike was as ill-conceived as it was ill-timed. As much a victim of Laura's vengeful personality as Gregg's magic, the ever-conniving Natalie was cast as Laura's slave, a gift to Laura from her master — payback for what Natalie had done. But to Gregg's surprise, Natalie fell into her new role as slave to Laura far more easily than could be explained simply by his powers. Either way, she was now enraptured as much by Laura as Laura was by Gregg.

Flipping onto her back, Laura propped herself up with some pillows against her headboard. Knowing her master's victory was imminent if not already complete filled her with lust. Images of Gregg's sweaty muscular body filled her head. In her imagination he was even larger than he was in life ... even the parts that were already over-proportioned. She'd hitched her wagon to a supernatural star and if she was destined for any bit of greatness, then she had her master to thank. "Pet, I'm feeling unBELIEVably horny right now. Put that cute little tongue to work." If Laura's instructions were vague, she emphasized her command by opening her knees. Her pussylips opened with a quiet sticky noise, and her musky perfume filled the air.

Natalie hurried to obey, the awkwardness caused by having only one usable arm was ignored. As her tongue flittered around Laura's clit, eliciting "oohs" and "ahhs" Natalie ground her own pelvis hard against the comforter beneath her. Laura loved that her master had given her this gift. Knowing that Natalie was hers and hers completely made the younger blonde's efforts that much more delicious. The sexual satisfaction she got from Natalie's efforts was ten-times better than anyone else's, save those of her master's. Natalie groaned and moaned in the pleasure of her servitude. Each gasp and grunt by Laura filled the busty slave with a tidal wave of sexual satisfaction.

As Laura's thoughts drifted to her master again, she closed her eyes and pressed Natalie's face even tighter against her mound, grinding herself closer to another climax. She pictured herself in a church, the pews filled with the rich, powerful, and elite. At the front of the church was her master, Gregg, in a tuxedo and looking her way with love and desire. The fragrance of her bouquet was sweet, and she brought it to her nose for a deeper smell. When she looked up again, Gregg was joined by Emily, the cute pony-tailed nymph who Gregg was very fond of. Gregg and Emily shared a searing kiss and when their lips finally parted, Emily looked toward Laura and crooked her finger, motioning the tall blonde closer.

Laura watched as the women in the pews stared at her with lust and envy. She knew she was one of the privileged few to know Gregg intimately. She pitied every woman she saw, knowing they would never have the same sexual gratification she got by her own supplication to her master.

When she was halfway down the aisle she looked back at Gregg and saw that Heather had joined him and Emily. But something was wrong. Heather was wearing a wedding dress. Laura stopped walking and looked down, and to her horror, she was naked. Only her fragrant bouquet hid a bit of her nakedness.

Heather smiled. It wasn't a smile filled with hate or jealousy. Nor was it filled with a hint of the superiority she could claim from being Gregg's true love. It was the same warm and loving smile she had given her on the night Laura was forgiven by Charli and all her friends. The night they all declared that they bore her no malice. The night she was accepted into their fold.

Laura continued the rest of the way down the aisle, no longer confused or fearful. She stepped up to the bride and lifted her veil. Heather leaned forward and gave the naked bridesmaid a chaste kiss and another soul-lifting smile. Passing off her own bouquet to Emily, Heather turned back to Laura and raised her hands to Laura's throat. There was a soft click and a black collar was locked into place. Emily returned Heather's bouquet, stepped around the bride, and attached a leash to Laura's collar. She led Laura around to stand in front of the bride and groom in front of the faceless pastor's dais. Gregg's didn't see any of this, his attention fully lost in Heather's luminous green eyes.

While Gregg and Heather joined hands and the pastor began his benediction, Emily pushed down on Laura's shoulder and the blonde knelt before the couple. Emily then reached for Gregg's tuxedo zipper and undid the fly, fished inside and extracted her master's enormous tool. Laura leaned forward and...

... Natalie sucked hard on Laura's clit, the final straw. The writhing blonde screamed out her ecstasy, not caring if the other girls in the house heard. It was one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever had. Pride filled Natalie as her own mistress writhed in pleasure before her. Laura bucked and spasmed, grinding herself against Natalie's face. Natalie had one arm hooked around one of Laura's legs, and she desperately tried to prolong contact, holding Laura at the height of pleasure.

Natalie's arm started shaking, her muscles exhausted to the point where they couldn't support her own weight. She flipped over onto her side next to Laura whose body was still jerking with little twitches. She marveled at her mistress's flat stomach and shapely legs. The contours of Laura's body were highlighted by the moon's light reflecting off the sheen of sweat that covered her. She was the most beautiful woman in the sorority and Natalie considered herself blessed to be owned by such as her. As Laura came down off her high, her breathing began to return to normal. Natalie contented herself by kissing and licking Laura's glistening torso. When her lips found one of Laura's nipples, Laura absently cradled her head in her arm.

Laura looked down at the blonde sucking her tit. Her long fingers played with Natalie's hair as her young charge nursed and worried the excited nubbin. No rings adorned her graceful digits. And given her climatic daydream, she knew now with absolute certainty that one particular finger would forever remain devoid of that special gold band that was the goal of every sister in Omega Xi.

The thought didn't make her sad. For she knew that her master's heart was entwined with Heather's, possibly also with Emily's. But if her dream was a reflection of the absolute truths she knew, then there'd still be a place for her at her master's service. And that was enough.

Ever since Gregg had entered her life that fateful afternoon outside his office, her world had been turned upside down. All the things she thought were important turned out to be hollow and fragile. But now she knew who she was and where she belonged. Laura was filled with a sense of peace. A sense of place. A sense of purpose.

She was president of the most elite sorority on campus, usurping power from the most feared woman on campus.

She held a power of position and authority over those very women who betrayed her trust.

She was mistress and owner to the very pledge who had done the most harm.

She was a slave.

"I am his slave," she said softly to herself. "I am his slave," she repeated again with more intensity.

Natalie looked up, her lips still tightly clasped around her mistress's nipple.

"I am his slave," Laura practically shouted, her knees squeezing together as her excitement began to build yet again. None too gently, Laura grabbed Natalie's hair and pulled her back down onto the bed. Unceremoniously she pressed her lips to Natalie's lips, her tongue diving deeply and forcefully into her partner's mouth. Just before Natalie was smothered, Laura sat up and straddled Natalie's face, her fist still tightly gripping the girl's blonde tresses. Laura settled her dripping quim onto the girl's mouth, her pelvis rocking back and forth against Natalie's chin.

"Eat me again! Eat my fucking pussy again, Pet!" Natalie's tongue snaked out, her own excitement flaring as Laura exerted control.

But by the time that Natalie's tongue wormed its way between her ready lips, Laura's mind had already returned to that very thought that excited her most.

"I am his slave..." she hissed, losing herself in simultaneous subjugation and mastery.

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