Taping a Family Get-together

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, InLaws, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My wife's mother, a widow for over four years, now, has seemed depressed lately and her daughter wants me to cheer her up…in bed.

Janet and I have been married three years now. We get along great and the sex is even better than great. Janet is rather a free spirit in the bedroom, even more than I am, I love it. We've never talked much about our sex lives before we met each other but I suspect that my wife would get the blue ribbon.

Janet is very close with her mother, Jean, who lost her husband nearly five years ago, not long before we first met. She is a very attractive widow, forty-two, nice figure, an older version of Janet, really.

They talk with each other several times each day and seem to talk just about everything. She had confided in Janet that the last few months had been very depressing, very lonely, and that she was really down.

"She's really down, Doug, I've never heard her so low. I just don't know what to do."

"Well, how about her doctor. Dear Abby is always recommending people see their doctor when they're feeling down."

"She just misses a man being in her life. I think it's especially a certain part of a man that she misses the most. If you get my drift."


"Bingo, give that man a prize. Yeah, I think Mom is missing a good fuck now and then."

"Well, she can hire a gigolo, a male prostitute. Women do, I've heard."

"Oh, come on, how impersonal is that. That's a dick, not loving."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. Has she tried an online service to meet people?"

"She says she has and that it's a bit like a meat market. Most of the guys just wanted a quick fuck and a home-cooked meal. Not necessarily in that order, according to Mom."

"Well, maybe I can think of some guy at work."

"You know, Doug, there is a guy where you work that might just be the right one."

"Now, you don't mean Fred Winters, he's too old."

"No, you."

"Shit, Janet, are you kidding? Your Mom, my Mother-in-law?"

"Come on, I've heard that lots of guys have fantasies about drilling their mom-in-law. You've never thought about it?"

"Well, your mom is a beautiful woman, um, sure, I've thought about it."

"Here's your chance, tiger. Your wife would approve."

"Now, you're pulling my chain, Janet. Aren't you?"

"I'm going to the gym tomorrow night, you can go visit my Mom and keep her company. And, anything else that might just happen."

"You're saying you want me to go fuck your mom?"

"Um, yeah, I guess I am. I mean I love my mom, I love you, I know you would be good to her in bed, and I wouldn't have to worry about her getting on with some guy that would be trouble."

"Tomorrow night? While you're at the gym?"

"You have my permission, Doug. What guy wouldn't love the chance?"

"What if I get slapped or she gets mad?"

"Trust me, Doug."

So, I trusted Janet and rang my mother-in-law's doorbell. She answered in her robe.

"Oh, Doug, just got out of the shower, come in. Janet said you might come by."

I went in and sat on the sofa, she came and sat next to me as we talked about general things of mutual interest. As she sat there, she shifted her stance and her robe fell open revealing one of her breasts. She talked on, then looked down and said, "Oh, my, I've given you a good look, haven't I? Sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Jean, you are a very pretty woman and your breasts are quite nice. Truthfully, I've enjoyed looking at you."

"Well, we are family, I suppose," and she loosened her robe again, revealing her breasts and said, "They don't get many complements these days, I need all I can get, I suppose."

I got up, took her hand and walked her down the hall to her bedroom where I slipped her robe off and sat on the bed admiring her.

"Well, Doug, I don't know what to say."

"No need to say anything, Jean, just stand there while I admire you. You really are very pretty."

I reached up and placed my hand under her breast and she took a step toward me. I took her nipple in my mouth and began rubbing her other breast.

"Oh, Doug, this feels so wonderful. It's been so long since anyone has done this. I've missed it so," and she slowly stroked my cheek with her fingertips as I sucked.

My hand went out to her pubic hair which I petted and she changed her stance to spread her legs open so I could get my fingers up under her. Oh, she was wet, very wet.

I worked a finger up into her and began running it in and out.

"Oh, Doug, you're making me feel so good. This is really wonderful. Oh, yes, rub right there, oh, yes, oh, oh, I'm going to ... UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh," and she pitched forward over me, both of us falling on the bed, she falling on top of me. And, I was still clothed, something I planned to take care of very quickly.

She had her legs spread out over me humping and rubbing herself over me. I whispered that she needed to let me get up and I was soon out of my clothes and we were both laying next to each other on the bed, our hands enjoying one another.

"Oh my, Doug, Janet told me you were a big man. My, you really are," as she gently squeezed my cock.

"This is very nice, Doug, thank you for being such a good son-in-law."

"Well, I have plans for what you're holding, if that's okay with you, Jean."

"Mmm, this nice big thing here? Well, I'll bet we could find a lovely place to put it. Here," and she rolls on her back, spreads her legs and tugs me gently up between them.

"Yes, Doug, oh, yes, I want this so much," and I press into her as she wiggles getting me deep inside her.

As I begin to move in and out of her, she's also moving under me, she's been doing this for a long time and, yes, she's good at it.

"Oh, Jean, this is so good, you are so great in bed."

"Well, I have been told that before. More than once. It's so nice to be in bed with a man again. And with such a nice cock inside me."

She had a hand down rubbing over her clit as I stroked in and out of her. And, she was making some very nice moves under me as I did. Maybe Janet's talent in bed is genetic in origin, maybe she gets it all from her mom.

"Oh, this is what I miss so much, this feeling of a man inside me, making me so happy, so satisfied. Oh, Doug, this is so wonderful."

"I think it's wonderful, too. You are a very sexy woman."

We had wonderful sex for several hours. She had two more orgasms as did I. We were exhausted when we were finished and just lay there slowly, calmly petting each other, rubbing softly here or there, just enjoying our nakedness and lay together totally satisfied.

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