Got a Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bills pile up, if Linda does not find a job she and her husband will loose everything. She takes a job for a company before she knows what exactly it is she is hired to do. Once she finds out she is caught up between her morals and their needs. What is loving house wife to do?

Bill and I are having a hard time right now making the bills. I knew for the sake of both of our sanity that I would have to get a job so I could help pay the pressing bills. The problem all started over a year ago when Bill decided that we needed a new car.

If he had bought one we could afford, well we would not be in this mess. No, he had to buy a big new Mercury SUV. It cost over $42,000. I wanted a nice little Ford Focus that was around $16,000. If he had bought the Ford when the water-heater broke and flooded the house we would not have been in such a financial bind when we had to replace all the carpet.

Any way this penny-pinching was killing us both, for almost a year all these problems had even affected our sex life. How could I relax and have sex knowing that the man making love to me had put us in this kind of financial position. The bills were two months behind and some were almost three months behind.

Before the bill problem we never had argued in the last 8 years of our marriage over money, now it is all we talk about this past year. I started looking in the help wanted ads, there were a lot of jobs out there. The problem was, every job I found all paid minimum wage.

One ad caught my eyes it said "Are you willing to work hard? Do you want to make more than minimum wage? If so we will train you, call now" and then of course it had the phone number.

Well I called and spoke with a nice friendly woman who gave me directions to the office. I asked her what the job was about but she would not discuss it over the phone. I went down there and I think the whole city was there for the opening. I waited over an hour just to see the receptionist. She handed me a standard application, which I promptly filled out.

When I returned it to her, she took my picture with a Polaroid and stapled it to the application. She told me I would be contacted if I were selected. I went home still not knowing what the job was all about.

The sign for the office said "Celebrity Center" I went back home and decided to continue looking. Two days later I received a call to return to meet the Owner. I was told I was one of the five finalists for the position. I showed up right at 10 AM as instructed. When I went in another woman was walking out. I think I recognized her from the many women I saw the day I applied.

When I was introduced to the Owner he introduced himself as Peter Long.
I sat down and while holding my application going over it.

He said, "It says here you are married and have no children, is that correct?'

I said, "Yes, I've been married now going on 9 years."

Then he asked me something I thought was strange,

He said, "tell me why you need or want to work"

I guess what hit me was his saying "need" I wanted to tell him real nasty that I did not need to work, but I didn't, I did need to work.

Instead I said, "Well times are real tough right now, and if I don't get a job soon we just may lose everything that we have."

I did not want to go into detail, but he pressed me.
"Why is that Linda?" he asked.

I ended up telling him about the car, the bills and I must have gone on and on like a chatterbox.
When I finished he then said, "The job pay starts out at $27.85 an hour, we pay time and a half for every hour over an 8 hour work day. Holidays we pay triple time and a half."

The numbers he was saying almost took my breath away.
I asked, "doing what? I mean what do you do here? What would I be doing if you hired me?"

He smiled and said, "Now that's what I'm looking for, a woman with a brain. Here at Celebrity Center, we are hired by the Celebrities to host different functions for them. As well as all of the big Studios here in Hollywood. They contract us to make sure everything runs smoothly and they pay us well for doing just that."

I then said, "I am not sure that I am qualified for that, I mean I would like to but I never did anything like that in the past."

Peter said, "Don't worry about that, I will train you and you will be the perfect host if you are picked for this job, I'll call you, well I won't call you, but one of my girls will call in the morning to let you know if I want you or not for the position. If I do hire you, I will need to meet with you and your husband before any finial decision is made."

I thanked him and drove home. The next day the phone rang about Noon and the woman on the other end said, "Mr. Long would like to meet with you and your husband around 6 PM to offer you the open position, can you meet with him at that time?"

I assured her we would both be there. When we arrived Mr. Long did not keep us waiting. He began by telling me that of all 783 women that applied that he has chosen me. He then told us the final decision rested on this meeting.

He looked straight at Bill and asked, "How do you feel about Linda working here?"

Bill said, "She can work where ever she wants to, I don't care, just as long as it pays good."

Mr. Long then said, "Bill, because of the type of business we have here, Linda may come to work in the morning and not get home until 1,2 or 3 AM, will that be a problem?"

Bill said, "Well she did say you paid time and a half, so I think it would be OK once in a while."

Mr. Long then said, "Bill, it could be two or three times a week, we are very busy here, do you feel the time involved is worth it to you two to have Linda working here?"

We both told him it was and that I was anxious to start. Mr. Long asked Bill for his work number just in case of an emergency since I did not put it down on the application.

When the meeting was over Mr. Long said "Linda you have the job if you want it, be here tomorrow by 8 AM we will start your training then."

Bill and I got up and went sailing out of his office straight home. Bill kept talking about all the money that I would make and how it paid almost three times his pay. He was very happy we would be having the extra money coming in. I was happy to know we could catch up on the Bills and start saving money for a change.

I was there at 8 AM sharp, Mr. Long took me into his office. Yesterday I had not noticed how everyone was dressed. Today when I looked around at all the women I was almost in shock. Every woman there had on either a Micro Mini black leather skirt or a dark blue Oriental dress that had slits up both sides from the floor to the sides of their hips. All of them it seemed to me did not have on any hose. The women in the Micro Miniskirts all had the same top on, it was low cut and almost shear see through.

I haven't seen so many nipples since I was in the School Gym shower. No one in the sheer tops had on a bra, it was very evident to me that the women who wore the Oriental dresses were also braless. I sat down in front of Mr. Long's desk feeling way over dressed in my dark green business suit and with what I saw around the office, I actually felt a little uncomfortable.

"Would you like to know why I chose you for this position Linda?" He started out.

I looked at him and said, "Yes, why me over all those other women? I am sure they're were many that were more qualified than I am" He smiled, and sat back in his big chair.

He said, "Because you need this job more than I need you. You do not have anything to tie you down, by that I mean children and a husband that wants you home at 5 right after work every day. In fact as I see it, as long as you bring home the bacon, your husband could care less what you do, am I right or am I wrong?"

Confused I sat there and managed to say, "Yes, I guess you are right."

"Here's the deal" He continued, "The job is yours and it is good money, real good money, but I have strict rules, very strict rules"

He stopped talking, sat up and pushed the intercom button and said, "Jenny, get your ass in here, and bring in a copy of the rules with you"
Almost at once the door opened and in walked Mr. Longs Secretary. She was dressed in the Micro Mini leather skirt and sheer white blouse.

He then said, "Come over here honey, take out my cock and suck it while Linda here reads the rules."

I never in my life ever heard any man say such a thing. To say I was stunned is an understatement. I watched as Jenny handed me the paper then as Mr. Long sat there she went over to him, knelt, unzipped him and began sucking his dick as she held it. I was sitting to the side of his desk and I had a clear view of Jenny and him. Mr. Long was well endowed; he looked almost 2-3 inches bigger than my husband Bill.

I was sweating and trembling as I began to read the company rules to myself.

#1 You will only wear the company uniform provided by the company. That Uniform will consist of only these items provided. One Oriental Dress with two matching pants, one pair of pants is for wearing to and from work. The other set of pants are to be worn during the entertaining parties. The other company uniform will consist of one leather skirt, and one sheer white blouse. The shoes will be two-inch Red or Black high heels with stockings. The stockings may be self-holding or held up with garter belts only. If a Garter belt is worn, the color is to match the shoes.

#2 The only time panties will be worn is when you are on your period and never to exceed 7 days in any calendar month. If something is needed past the 7 days Tampons will be used.

#3 You will never refuse to do anything that you are told to do by your supervisor or the owner. Anything other than an immediate response will be cause for company fines or termination from this company.

#4 This Company provides a service to its customers, and it is your job to make sure no customer ever is unhappy with your work.

I could hear Jenny, she was getting loud slurping as she sucked on Mr. Long and I could hear him tell her. "That's it sweetheart, yea, stroke it baby."

I forced myself to read, I did not want to watch this. I heard Jenny moaning as she sucked him and I could see from where I sat that she was stroking him fast as she sucked him.

Mr. Long said, "Here it comes bitch, take it all, swallow it, yea, all of it, yea good girl, now get up and go sit over there while Linda and I go over her duties."

I sat there shocked and frozen watching as he stood up, stroking his now going limp dick, as he put it back into his pants and zipped them up and then he sat back down.

He said, "You know Linda you don't have to work here, you are free to get up and go home. Don't look so shocked; I am a sex machine, I love to have my cock sucked, and if you stay here working for me you will be sucking it just like Jenny did. Now are you going to jump up and run out of here like some scared little schoolgirl? Or are you going to stay here and make more money than anyone you know. Money enough to pay your bills and have lots more left over?"

I did not move, I could not move, I wanted to. I wanted to get up and run, I knew that I did not want to be here, how could I work for such a sick man? What would I tell Bill? My problem was I knew that it was only a matter of maybe just one week before we would be losing the phone, electricity, gas and water. Followed soon after by being kicked out of our house that we have had for the last 7 years.

Mr. Long said, "Good girl since you did not jump up and run out, that tells me you want this job, now read out loud to me the rules and I will explain them to you."

I read the first one and when I finished, he said, "Stand up Jenny, lift up your skirt"

She did and as she stood there he said, "See, nothing under the skirt, and if you wear any stockings I want them to be dark. I prefer you not to wear any at all, but I know you women like using them when you are in heels. As for your period, I would prefer you to use tampons. Now read me number 3."

I read it and he said, "Do you know what that means Linda?"

I said, "I think so, I think it means that if I say no to you or anyone here, I get fined or I lose my job, is that right?"

Mr. Long smiled and said, "You catch on fast bitch. You will be making more money here than you will know what to do with, The first time you tell any employee "NO" you get fined $250.00, if you say no "NO" again it is $600. If you say "NO" a third time it will cost you $1,000.00. Now before you get all weepy on me, after your training is over, you should make 3-4 times that a day. Hell girl you could even make that kind of money during your training, now read me number 4."

I read it and he asked, "Do you know what that is saying?"

I looked at him and said, "I am not sure, are you telling me that if the customer wants me to do something even sexual I cannot refuse?"

Mr. Long smiled and said, "Look at Linda, Jenny, she is sharp as a tack. Now read me number 5."

I read "#5 You will never ask for any type of a tip, if you receive any tip, it must be reported for tax purposes only."

Mr. Long said, "From time to time our clients tip pretty good. You will never ask or even hint for a tip, if you do get one we still have to fill out the tax forms, you get to keep it all but you will always tell Jenny here what amount you get. Now the last rule please."

I read out loud "#6 there is no spitting out of any sperm; you will swallow whatever sperm enters your mouth. You will never turn down a client because of his/her sex, color or appearance, in other words just remember "No" is not in your vocabulary."

Mr. Long said, "Any questions Linda?" I sat there and just looked at him, trying to figure out if I was dreaming or if I had agreed to become a prostitute for $27.85 an hour. I guess Mr. Long had an idea what I was thinking with my blank stare.

He said, "Look here Linda, if you want an hourly job that pays you minimum wage get your ass up and get the hell out of my office right now. If you want the job here that will get you and your husband out of debt and back on your feet again, get your ass up, go over there to Jenny and eat out her pussy; she got me off, now I want to watch you get her off. Jenny move over to the couch, sit down and open your legs nice and wide for our new employee. It looks like Linda wants to stay here to work and make lots of money with us."

My mind was racing, I knew I should get up and run out of there just as fast as I could run. But what do I tell Bill? I know he wants me to have this job; he just does not know what I have to do to have it. Would he even believe me if I told him?

Maybe I should go to the Police; but would they even believe me? This man wants me to go down on another woman; I have never ever done that before. In fact in the last 8 years, I only sucked Bill I think maybe three times and that was just to get him hard enough to make love to me.

There was no sound; it was like they were waiting for me to make up my mind. I stood up, turned, and looked at Jenny on the couch, one leg was up on the couch bent at the knee while the other leg hung off the couch with her foot on the floor. Her vagina was shaven, her lips where swollen and open, her clit was rather large, and the clit hood was back exposing it, I could see it was swollen. She was touching herself as I looked at her. I looked over at the door and then I looked back at her.

I heard Mr. Long say, "Decide bitch before I kick your ass out of here and hire that 19 year old cunt who told me she would do anything to get the job here."

I felt so light headed, I was confused, and I was scared. I was scared that if I walked out I would lose everything. Maybe if I just worked here long enough to get our bills paid for?

I turned and walked slowly to Jenny, I kept watching her fingers go round in circles over her big clit and then slide inside her open[ed] hole. She kept moving her fingers back out to circle her clit, moaning as she played with herself.

Mr. Long said, "Yea, that's it Bitch, go eat her cunt, you make my Jenny here climax real good"

I stood there in front of Jenny when I heard Mr. Long say, "Get on your fucking knees cunt, eat her out, and make her cum NOW."

It was as if I was out of my body watching myself kneel down. I leaned forward and I could smell her, as I brought my lips to her pussy. She was extremely wet and out of the corner of my eye I could see Mr. Long move over closer to us (I guess to see better.) Jenny kept rubbing her clit as I licked her opening; I guess it was apparent to her that I had no idea what to do.

She said, "Take my lips and gently suck on them both, (I did as she said) now move to my hole and start at the very bottom almost at my asshole and slowly work up. Yea, that's it, now take your tongue and box my clit, yea, gently just like that, yea, now very gently pull it in between your lips and box it around with your tongue as you do it."

I guess I was doing it right because she began to respond by moving her hips hard against my mouth and breathing very hard as well as getting very vocal. It did not take long for her to climax.

When she finished climaxing Mr. Long said, "Not bad Linda, now come over here and suck this off."

I turned around to look at him, he was standing next to his desk, his pants were up, his zipper was down and his dick was hard and he was stroking it. I moved over to him on my knees and began doing to him the things that I remembered seeing Jenny do. I stroked his dick and the more I worked it, the dirtier I began to feel. With that feeling came other feelings. I felt excitement, as well as disgust. Jenny came up next to me and whispered in my ear.
"Cup his balls, take longer strokes, faster, suck it like a lollypop, not too hard, make love to it honey, make love to his cock."

I did as she said and before I knew it, he was shooting his sperm into my mouth. I could barely hear him say, "Swallow it Bitch, Swallow my come!"

I gulped it down hoping not to get any kind of taste, but I did, it was a little salty, and slimy. I felt a hand reaching under my skirt as the fingers worked into my panties then found their way into my hole.

I heard Jenny say, "She's all wet, she really got off on this, if you want, I can make her come, Peter?"

Mr. Long said, "Not yet, get the training device and the shaver. Linda, go over to the couch, take off all your clothing and lay down, Jenny is going to shave your bush, and we are going to put in your training device."

I said very shaken, "Shave, you mean down there?"

Mr. Long smiled and said, "Oh don't worry about your husband dear, I can guarantee that he will love it. Just tell him you read in one of your magazines that men like women that shave their pubic hair. Tell him if he doesn't like it you'll grow it back. If he doesn't like it you can grow it back."

Jenny brought back with her a small suitcase; she set it down and said, "I just guessed at your size, you and I are about the same size."

She opened it up, took out a set of clippers and a razor. It took only moments to clip the long hairs, and she quickly followed with shaving cream and razor.
When she was finished shaving me Mr. Long reached down and felt my bare pussy.

He said, "Looks like you're real wet down here girl, are you turned on any?"

I did not want to admit it to him but I was, I just did not answer. I felt his long finger work inside of me and he said "Oh yea, you're hot all right, I bet that feels real good doesn't it honey?"

I just laid there with my eyes closed and God forgive me it did feel good. I felt the finger pull out and something being put inside of me. Whatever it was had something attached to it that fit firmly against my clit at the same time. I then heard the sound of a hand pump like a nurse uses to check blood pressure with. With each pump I could feel pressure inside of my vagina and the thing against my clit tightened against me.

When the pumping stopped, Mr. Long said, "Reach down, and try to pull it out Linda."

I did, and try as I might I could not dislodge whatever it was from inside of me.

Mr. Long then said, "What you are feeling is what I call the "trainer" you will be wearing it every day while you are in training, and this is why."

I felt two things happen at once, first I felt the thing inside of my vagina start to throb and vibrate as well as the thing against my clit. It was like nothing I had ever felt before in my life. I felt as if I could not catch my breath. I had no control over my body; in fact the thing inside of me had control of my body. Then as fast as it started it stopped.

Mr. Long said, "Here Jen, get our new employee dressed and show her to the training room, have her make a voice tape to see if she can be sexy enough to do the "Books to tape".

Turning to me he said, "Baby if you have the voice for it, you can make $350.00 a tape."

Jenny handed me the dress (what there was of it.) she said, "Get out of that suit, and put this on, we'll hang it up in your locker."
I did as she said, once I was changed Mr. Long said, "Perfect fit Linda, good job Jen. Now bring her back up here after lunch, I want to fuck her, then you can keep her motor running if you like, just make sure she is ready for a real good workout after lunch. Now get out of here."

We left his office and Jenny took me downstairs to a room that had a wall full of lockers, along with the other "uniforms" as Mr. Long called them. She gave me a locker where we hung up my suit. Jen went to another locker where she found a black leather skirt that fit me and a clean shear white blouse. She told me to keep them in my locker,
She said, "Whatever you wear the first part of the day before lunch, you change to the other after lunch."

I asked, "What time is lunch?"

She said, "1200- 1230."
I was given two pairs of high heels in my size, one red, and one black. I did not have stockings so I went bare legged under my dress. Jenny took me upstairs and we went into the company break room.

We sat down and she began to tell me how, (if I wanted too) I could increase my paycheck by $200-$400 a week. She also told me that if my voice was sexy enough, I could make that kind of money in just one day.

She said, "Linda, I don't know why you are here but I can only assume it is because you need a job real bad, and you do not have any choice, right?"

I looked at her and said, "Yes, you're right."

She said, "I figured that, Peter only hires women that are in desperate need for money, he knows a woman in that position will most likely do anything to get and keep this job. You are not the first woman here to do things that you normally would not do, and you sure as hell won't be the last. Now if you want to increase your paycheck you can do it in many ways.

First while you are here in this office when and if you have sex with another woman, you get a $75.00 bonus. (Every time) so you see dear you already made an extra $75.00. And it is not even nine in the morning.
Every time you sit at your desk and masturbate, you get a $20.00 bonus. If you use something to fuck yourself with, you get a $35.00 Bonus. Now don't get this confused, if you masturbate and use a toy in yourself, you do not get $55.00, it is only $35.00 Oh yes, I forgot, you must climax to get the bonuses or at least make it look like you are. I can fake it as easy as anyone, but as long as it looks the same I still get the extra money.

Now if you masturbate or screw yourself with a rubber cock in the Ladies room you can add another $20.00 to each, which means Masturbating in the stall is now $40.00 and using a toy is $55.00. Now when you get a man to screw you here at work in the break room, in your office or anywhere here in the building you get $50.00
Now, if you screw a guy in the men's room it is $85.00."

I sat there listening to her; I could not believe my ears. This place is nothing more than a sex shop or a porno place, sex, sex, sex.

I said, "Are you kidding? I mean first, how will anyone know if I am in the ladies room, or in a stall and I do something as you said. I mean how will anyone know but me?" Jenny pointed up to the ceiling to a small black dome, "See that? Those have cameras inside of them and they are everywhere, so you see dear, here at work you do not have any privacy whatsoever.

Mr. Long gets off on watching us and when we do things sexually, well that is why he pays us the extra money. So you see play your cards right and do those things I mentioned, the more take home pay you get.

You see Linda when you where hired for the open position, if you knew the work here was for sex you wouldn't have filled out an application would you? This whole building is here for one reason, it is pure sex.

Mr. Long is a very rich man he gets off on watching others get off, he is so horny he is fucking us girls 4-6 times a day."

I said only one word, "Geez."

Jenny then said, "Let's go to the training room. You will be working by yourself in the room, but you will still be supervised. You will have a desk and a computer. Your job is to sit there all day reading porn, writing porn and write notes to the porn pictures. In addition, if you so desire, you can look at porn pictures or porn movies as much as you want; doing so, is encouraged.

"Once we check your voice and if your voice is good enough, you can make a whole lot of money in that room." As we walked down the hallway we were passing several small offices, all had the doors shut. But all the doors had a large pane of glass to look through; I heard all kinds of moaning every time we walked past a room, I would see a woman sitting at a desk either reading porn from her computer or some paperback book. I saw several of them masturbating and two of them using things to fuck themselves with.

Jenny stopped at one and said, "This is Jill's office, she just finished training two days ago. See her leaning back? See the rubber cock in her hand? If I know Jill well enough, she has made a good $300.00 this morning so far and what is it? It is only 8:45. As long as you do these things, you will have a job here for the rest of your life."

I could not believe my ears, this was one sick fucking place, I was hired by some millionaire to perform sexual perversions just so he could watch and most likely get off himself. I stood there wondering to myself, "What the hell had I gotten myself into?"

I asked Jenny "what if I just sit at my desk and don't do anything like you mentioned?"

Jenny said, "Well, if you decide that you do not want to do anything like I said, Mr. Long will most likely fire you. He is paying you a lot of money to sit at your desk and make yourself horny so you will masturbate and have sex with others."

I asked, "But I did not see any men working here, how would I have sex with one if none are available?"

Jenny smiled and said, "Oh don't worry about men, we have men coming in here all day long, Delivery men, Pizza men, UPS, FedEx, Sparkles water man. Then we have 9 men who work upstairs that you'll meet later this week.

The trouble is all of us girls are trying to get them to screw us, so you can just imagine the competition going on around here just to get fucked during our work hours. I guess Mr. Long enjoys watching all of us fighting over the guys just to get them fuck us."

"Ok" I said, "but you mentioned toys, what do you mean toys?"

Again she smiled at me and said, "In your desk drawers you will find several different sizes of rubber dicks, as well as some very dirty books and pictures. Once Mr. Long figures out what pictures, stories and porn videos if any turn you on, your desk will be full of them."

Then I had a bad feeling come over me I said, "What if my husband decides to stop by and take me to lunch or comes to see me during the day? I wouldn't want him to see me dressed like this."

Jenny said, "Just tell him that it is company policy that husbands and boyfriends are not allowed in the work area. Tell him that if he does insist on stopping by, that is why you have the black matching pants to put on. He is never to see you naked under that dress here at work.

Of course you could always tell him that if he shows up you will get fired. I think if you need this job bad enough to put up with Mr. Long and his sick desires, you will make sure he stays away from here. After all when you bring home all the money that you will be getting, I am sure if he is like my husband, he will not want to jeopardize your job."

I asked "Money, what do I tell Bill what I am doing here to make that kind of money?"

Jenny said, "tell him what I tell my husband, tell him the company has one part that does telephone marketing, selling memberships to a RV club called Silver Springs. In addition, that the money you make is extra commissions. On the other hand, you could do as I have done; I don't take home all of my bonuses. I take home only an extra $1,000.00 a month.
All the other money I make goes into a bank where I opened up my own account."

I sat there almost wanting to cry, I had never lied to my husband, and now I knew that I had to. I sure as hell did not want to do that, but what could I do? I needed the money; I mean, we needed the money. Besides, this past year it seems the only sexual satisfaction I ever got from sex was when I masturbated after sex when my husband was snoring next to me.

Now here I find a job that I will get paid a lot of money to do the same thing, I love doing anyway (masturbating.) After all when I was younger I masturbated all the time. I even used many things to substitute a boy. The big difference was I was always in my room, in my bed, and no one else ever knew I did it.

Now here at work they wanted me to do it. I knew that Mr. Long would be watching me. I even felt a twinge of excitement when I thought about that.

Jenny said, "Come on Linda, let's get you to your desk."

As we walked down the hall to the last office on the left, we entered into a little office where I saw that it was just a small closed room. I looked up and saw five small black plastic domes.

Jenny said, "Here, sit down and let's get started, first, let's do that voice test."

She clicked on a little icon and a window popped up.

Jenny said, "Look at the computer, and read the words there out loud, the Microphone is right down here. (She pointed to the bottom of the Monitor.) It will record your voice. I want you to sound real sexy, after all, if you do, you'll be making money real fast." I sat down and I read the words on the screen. I am sure that my face must have changed 7 shades of red as I read them.

I took a breath and I cleared my voice and then read out loud, "Oh I love cock, I love any cock, I love to suck cock, I love making love to any cock with my mouth, I love the feel of a hard cock inside my hot cunt, any cock at all, Oh it feels so fucking good to get fucked by different size cocks, Ohhhh fuck yea, give it to me, fuck me baby. Fuck this slut, give me that cock, I'm your fucking bitch and I need your cock. My cunt is on fire for you, I need your dick in my ass, fuck my asshole, make this cunt come"

All of a sudden I realized that the thing inside of me was slowly coming to life, as I read those words. I also know that the better it made me feel, the sexier I sounded.

I heard Jenny say, "Ok Linda you know what to say, just sit there, close your eyes and say it, say those words over and over."

I closed my eyes, and feeling my bottom coming to life with that thing inside of me I said, "Oh I love cock, I love any cock, I love to suck cock, I love making love to any cock with my mouth, I love the feel of a hard cock inside my hot cunt, any cock at all, Oh it feels so fucking good to get fucked by different size cocks, Ohhhh fuck yea, give it to me, fuck me baby. Fuck this slut, give me that cock, I'm your fucking bitch and I need your cock. My cunt is on fire for you, I need your dick in my ass, fuck my asshole, make this cunt come" "Oh fuck, oh baby, yea, that's it, fuck me, give me your cock, I want it, I want it all, I need it I need your cock fucking me harder, I love it, I love it, give it to me, give it to me baby, fuck me."

The thing inside of me was giving me a feeling that all I could think about was to climax, I felt one coming on me. I could feel a climax starting to build and it was getting stronger and stronger. That, along with talking dirty like this made me hot as hell which just made what I was saying come out of my mouth with hot sexual feelings.

"Oh I love cock, I love cock, I love cock, I love cock, give me your cock, give me a nice fat hard cock, fuck me baby, fuck me good, give me that hard cock of yours, give it to me baby." (I started to rock in my chair to somehow increase the feelings down between my legs.)

"Oh fuck, I love to get fucked like this, Oh I love this, I love a hard cock to suck on, I love the feel of a big hard cock in my mouth, I love the feel of a hard cock fucking me, a big fat hard cock."

Jenny whispered in my right ear, "Now tell me how much you like to get fucked in your ass and how much you love eating pussy."

I kept on going, rocking in my chair and saying "Oh God I love getting fucked in my asshole, I love a hard cock fucking me there, Jesus, I love it in my ass as I eat a hot wet pussy. I want to eat a cunt that is filled with cum, Oh fuck, fuck me there, fuck me there, I'm getting close, Oh shit, I'm close, Oh fuck me baby, fuck me, Oh Jesus I am coming, I am coming."

I sat there rocking back and forth with my whole being shuddering as one of the strongest climax's of my entire life hit me and drove me crazy with pleasure. Part of the added pleasure was knowing Jenny was there watching me climax. I felt the thing slow down that was inside of me.

Jenny said, "I think that will do just fine, what do you think Pete?"

I then heard Mr. Longs voice say, "It was beautiful, and so clear, what a lovely woman you are Linda."
I closed my eyes and I had another shudder run through me. As I thought "He just watched me, he saw me lose it." then I realized that knowing that, really excited me as well as disgusted me all at the same time.

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