Growing Old Disgracefully

by Diane O'Dwyer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, True Story, Zoophilia, Bestiality, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: When, how and perhaps even why Dogs excite me sexualy.

I'm asked how I got 'into' dogs, or they 'into' me, so here it all is, why they still excite me.

Despite it now being years since I had full sex with a dog I do still dream about it regularly. I've been divorced for several years now but in my marriage in the eighties and early nineties my husband and I were then active swingers. We experimented with all kinds of kinky sex. I was bisexual, liked threesomes and eventually our sex games led on to me letting a dog fuck me too.

I was only in my twenties, around 27 I'd guess. But I guess Kim left a lasting impression on me!

We were friends with a swinging couple who we'd had a foursome with about two or three times before, staying at their house. Until that night we'd had no idea they'd also let their dog into their sex life, likewise we were the first couple, but not the last who they shared their secret kink with. They lived about a hundred miles from us so we'd stayed over quite a few times for weekends when Carol's son was away, staying with his Dad, her first husband.

The dog thing all started after one swinging weekend. After an hour's session with each other we were just relaxing over a few drinks, smoking strong dope and still laying about almost naked. It was by now around mid-night, everyone was chemically relaxed, taking a break from having kinky group sex and passing around one strong smoke, if you get my drift, (setting this scene)

The wife, Carol had just thrown a towel bath robe around herself. I had just slipped on my T-shirt, probably because I'm fairly embarrassed about my breasts, which are really rather small. Carol had gone through into the kitchen to get some ice for the JD's and Coke we were all drinking and Kim, their Golden Labrador dog, somehow managed to get past her into the living room. She tried in vain to get him back in when she returned to the room with the ice but she gave up and sat down when Kim took notice of her commands whatsoever and just went around in turn "fussing" and greeting everyone in the room. I did notice that he had a good "sniff" at the boys naked, now limp bits before they pushed him off. Carol and I had already licked each other in a sixty nine and both of us had also been well bonked by each of the boys in turn meaning both our vaginas were still pretty 'damp' shall we say? Their dog suddenly went across and began to sniff at her and then moved up to start sniffing at her naked crotch too and she quickly turned away her legs into the side of the chair and pulled the robe back around herself, stopping him from doing this to her. My husband Paddy jokingly made some remark like, "Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it"

Mike was a bit drunk, he laughed back to Paddy, "Oh, she's bloody tried it alright, don't you worry about that, her bloody dog now sees more of her crack than I do." ... Carol had been fending the dog off but looked up surprised at her husbands lewd remark and stopped, staring across at Mike quizzically. She seemed to be almost asking him if he really wanted her to carry on and let the dog do this to her, given other people were present and watching? She seemed to be almost asking permission.

Mike whispered something to Paddy who grinned like an idiot. Mike just nodded across to his wife and she parted her legs instantly and let the dog get straight back between her legs, she even held herself open for him to get at her clitoris, just as she had done for my own probing tongue earlier. Carol adored oral sex ... It was blatantly obvious right from the start that Kim must have licked her before, the dog was clearly well trained. He was licking away at her frantically and she was obviously enjoying this immensely.

This sexy sight soon re-excited the 'jaded' boys again and after watching Carol enjoy the dog's sexy attentions for a few minutes I too caught the bug and started to idly stroke myself slowly with my fingers. When the boys saw this they got me to lie back on the rug and open my legs. As I did so the dog tried to get at me too but I pushed him away in shrill protest so they held him back but then they prompted Carol to get down from the chair and go onto her knees to lick at my vagina instead, but still made sure she had her bum stuck high in the air for the dog. They then let him loose behind her again. He began to lick her crack hard from the back, at the same time she was busy doing the same thing to me. Carol got really into this scene, licking me frantically, which was exciting to say the least. I am bisexual and love a woman licking me.

I then heard Kim start to whine and suddenly the dog's head appeared above hers several times as he kept jumping up on her back. I realised with a shock her dog was unsuccessfully trying to mount her, obviously trying to have full sex with her. The next minute her husband had come across, coaxed Kim up onto her back and then helped the humping dog to get it's Penis up into his wife's opening. She suddenly grunted and moaned and I realised from her reactions that the dog had now quite clearly got its ck into her and was now screwing her properly. Once Kim got it all the way home there was no stopping him he was panting and drooling away above her head still buried into my crotch as he humped away at her hard and fast. I couldn't believe it, I laid back in amazement. I was here, with Carol moaning into my bush in time to the dogs furious thrusts while my own face was inches away from the drooling mouth of her Golden Labrador who was clearly right up to his balls inside her. My God she was actually being screwed hard by her own dog. It didn't take me long to come at the thought of all that was going on above me. She soon moaned and had to stop trying to lick me as she came hard herself, she was a very noisy lover. She squealed as she climaxed, banging back hard onto the dog's shaft for several minutes until he collapsed spent over her back and lay still locked deep inside her, no doubt coming too as Carol eased back and forth onto him, but really slowly now, shuddering all the time she gently rocked back on his swollen ck, now wedged deep up inside her.

A few minutes later Kim got down from her back, his penis came out with a noisy plop and hung down below him, it was ridiculously swollen up and clearly still coming, spurting it out in thin rythmic squirts onto their sheepskin rug. Carol had certainly brought him off, he was still rampant but he looked confused as he stood there panting, his tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth just staring at this grossly swollen ck hanging down underneath him, it was funny.

Mike hurriedly put him back into the kitchen then helped his wife back up onto the couch, still looking decidedly groggy as she sheepishly pulled the bath robe around herself and gulped the whiskey and Coke that Mike handed to her ... She looked at me rather embarrassed when I asked if she was going to be ok.

"I guess so, I don't know what came over me", she started to reply but Mike interrupted,

"I do, I know what came over the pair of you! The bloody dog did, look." He guffawed at his own bad joke as he pointed to both our legs which were, as he'd said still sticky wet with the dogs come ... This made us both feel ten times worse. We both nearly died of real shame.

Rather subdued at his lewd remarks we both just took our drinks and went upstairs, Carol was definitely embarrassed as she used the shower first then went on into their master bedroom. Whatever we did downstairs we had always slept with our own partner, alone in our separate rooms. That was the agreement.

The boys stayed up and had a few more drinks, I suspect they watched the home made movie I heard about later that Mike had made of Kim screwing Carol because when Paddy came up I was half asleep but he was rampant again and talking about the dog screwing Carol right in the open air in their secluded garden. Paddy made love to me several times more that night, each times fantasizing about me trying it on with Kim too. Carol with Kim obviously made a huge impression on him.

That's when I felt jealous, if this turned him on so much, I wanted him to see me doing it to turn him on. not someone else. I had also been curious when I saw how much Carol had obviously enjoyed the sex with her dog. That's when I first made my first conscious decision, to have it off with a dog myself if it was that sexy. Even the thought excited me as Paddy screwed me hard...

The boys went off to play Golf next morning and Carol and I had chance for a talk. She was more than a little sheepish, still trying to play down the dog thing and imply that she really only did it for Mick and didn't really enjoy it herself...

"Come on Carol, I was there, Jesus you nearly raped the bloody dog once he got it in you, theres no way you can say you faked that." She seemed almost on the edge of tears so I changed my tone a quickly. "Sorry Carol, look, its nothing to do with me but hey, if you enjoy it what the hell, neither of us are dyed in the wool Lesbians either, we both know the show is mainly for the boys but what the hell, we both enjoy it too don't we?."

"I just feel such a bloody slag" she confided gratefully " I was mortified the first time it happened and riddled with guilt. Now? Jesus I just cant get enough of it, hell it's so bloody sexy, you've no idea how swollen up he gets as he comes in you."

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