How Lucas Lost It
Part I

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Part I - Lucas is a sophomore at a midwest college, struggling to keep his scholarship. He also is a virgin, and he is recovering from being rejected by his long-time, hometown girlfriend. Lucas meets Sharon, a deaf classmate. She asks to share his Calc-III notes and this leads to a friendship that Lucas wants to keep platonic. Sharon has another agenda.

Lucas stepped into the classroom and took a seat in the front row. He could hear other students filing in and filling the rows behind him. Another student -- a slim, tall girl with brown hair extending to her shoulder blades -- sat beside him in the front row.

The prof entered. "I am Dr Chatterjee," he said in a thick accent. He began lecturing and writing equations on the whiteboard. Lucas opened a spiral-bound notebook and began copying the equations and annotating them.

The class ended and Lucas flipped shut his notebook. He stood and waited for the others to exit. The girl who sat near him approached him.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Sharon." Her voice carried the flatness and hollowness of someone with profoundly impaired hearing.

He regarded her. Sharon's face was oval with a broad forehead, high cheekbones, a straight nose and big, brown eyes. "I'm Lucas."

"Hi, Lucas. I see you take good notes. Could you do me a favor and share them?"


"I can't read this prof," she continued. "You see I'm..." She pointed to her ear. "I'm deaf."

"You're deaf?"

"That's right."

"Do you read lips?"

She nodded and pulled back her hair to reveal hearing aids in each ear. "With that and these I usually do all right. This guy mumbles and he speaks facing the board. It's very difficult for me to read him. I'll be happy to get a B in this course."

"I suppose the accent doesn't help, either," Lucas replied. "I'll be happy to get a C in it, though I need a B. I'm dreading this class. Calculus isn't my strength -- I barely made a B in Calc II last year; and this year is going to be tougher. I simply don't get differentials."

The classroom had emptied and students for the next class began filtering in.

"Differentials are easy," Sharon replied. "Do you have another class to go to?"

"My next one is at ten. I didn't have time for breakfast so I was going to the Union and get coffee and a bagel or something."

"That sounds like a good idea," she replied. "I'll walk with you."

He navigated the desks and chairs and headed down the corridor. "Are you a Chem major, too?" he asked. She continued walking, her gaze straight ahead. "Sharon? SHARON?"

She stopped abruptly. "Did you say something?"

"I was asking if you were a Chem major, too."

"Lucas -- I need to see your face when you talk to me. Yes I am."

"That makes walking and talking difficult ... if not dangerous."

She nodded. "Let's talk in the union. My next class is at eleven so I have some time."

Lucas held the door for her. He picked up a tray, handed it to her and then took one for himself. "Thank you," she said.

He looked into her face. "Do you know if they accept meal blocks here?"

"I think they do."

Lucas helped himself to a cup of coffee and a bagel. At the cashier he presented his meal card. He carried his tray to a table and Sharon sat across from him.

"They debited the same blocks as a full meal at the cafeteria," he noted.

"They do it because they can," she replied.

"You must be new to the department," Lucas said. "It's a small department and I don't remember you from last year. Did you change majors?"

"I transferred in," she replied.

"From where?" Sharon stared at his face. "From what school?" he asked.

"From UNC. I didn't like it there and this place is closer to home."

"Sharon -- how long have you been deaf?" Lucas tried to enunciate clearly.

"All my life. When I was an infant I was very sick ... I almost died. The infection damaged my hearing. With the aids and reading lips I do all right ... most of the time."

"Do you know sign language?" he asked.

"I do ... I'm not very fluent in it. I went to a school for the deaf and they taught it, but I learned only enough to pass the tests. There are lots of signs I don't know."

"How many signs are there?"


"I thought there's just one for each letter."

"That's finger spelling," she replied. "If we spelled out everything it would take forever to say something. There are signs and gestures that represent whole words or ideas."

"I get it," Lucas replied. "It's a bit like written Chinese."

"Yeah ... a bit like that."

"Sign something for me," he said.

"I'd rather not..." Lucas made a faked pout. "Oh, all right..." She recited as she gestured. "Four score and seven years ago our forefathers..." He watched and listened as she recited the entire Gettysburg address.

Lucas made a quiet, clapping gesture. "Outstanding," he said. "I can't recite that by heart. You can, and you can sign it, too."

"It's an exercise I learned in school. It's harder for me to read some else's signs," she replied. "I'd rather try to function within the hearing world. Some deaf folks think it's a separate but equally valid human experience. I support anyone who wants to live that way but I'd rather try to fit in -- more opportunities this way."

"So, you don't regard your deafness as something that defines you; but rather as a challenge to overcome."

"Very well stated, Lucas." She sipped her coffee. "Will you share your notes? I'll pay to have them copied."

"Of course I will," he replied. "There's no need to pay. I type them up anyway and I can email you a copy of the doc file."

"You type them?"

"That's how I study in the evening -- I type up the day's notes on my computer. It's a habit I formed in high school. It's the only way I can retain the material -- it was the only way I survived my freshman year here. Do you want notes for all classes? I see you're also in my Chem and Physics classes."

"No -- only Calc. The others I can read okay."

Lucas finished his coffee and bagel. "Okay then, Sharon. I'll send you my Calc notes." He opened his spiral notebook. "What's your email?"

"It's sglover71."

"That's at the domain?"


"Check your inbox around eight or nine tonight."

"Thank you so much, Lucas. Maybe I can repay you by helping you understand differentials. I think it's an easy concept. You're just not thinking about it right."

"I can't visualize them," he replied. "I'm okay with geometry and algebra because I can visualize what's going on. Also, I have no trouble with chemical expressions because I can visualize the way the molecules look and interact. But differentials go right over my head." He checked his watch. "I need to head across campus for my next class, Sharon."

"What is your next class?"

"I'm taking a junior-level humanities class -- English poetry since 1800."

"It sounds interesting," she replied. "I like poetry."

"I'll see you in class, Sharon." He picked up his notebook and headed out the door.

Lucas unlocked his dorm room and spotted his roommate sitting at a laptop flicking through porn images. "Hi, Gary," he said.

"Lucas ... Man, I gotta find myself some pussy."

"You've been here a week and now you've got..."

" ... blue balls," Gary replied. "You gotta understand -- once a guy gets used to getting some on a regular basis -- to be cut off like this is brutal."

"Cut off? After one whole week?" Lucas replied. "What about..." He gestured to a photograph of a pretty, young, blonde woman that sat on Gary's desk."

"Amanda? She's two hours away. No, I gotta find a port in this storm."

"What would Amanda think?"

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her ... or me. I see you aren't wasting any time."

"What do you mean?" Lucas asked.

"Who was that chick I saw you canoodling with at the Union this morning?"

"She's not a chick. She's a classmate."

"She's a chick classmate," Gary replied. "She looked like she was into you, man -- the way she was gazing fondly into your eyes ... I know a bit about chicks' body language and hers was saying, 'I want to feel your big, hard, throbbing cock inside my pussy.'"

Lucas laughed. "That's not what she was saying at all. She was saying, 'I'm deaf and the only way I can understand you is if I read your lips.'"

"She's deaf?"

"She's deaf, Gary. You know, they don't wear badges."

"No shit ... When she talks does she have that wonk-wonk-wonk sound that deaf folks make?"

Lucas sighed. "Her voice does have a flat, nasal quality."

"I would find that so irritating. Don't you think it's irritating?"

"No, I don't," Lucas replied. "It's different, but you get used to it. It doesn't interfere with her ability to communicate. I think you need to give her some credit, Gary. She learned to talk without hearing what it sounds like."

"Are you gonna ask her out?"

"No. I'm not asking anyone out."

"Well," Gary replied, "Maybe I'll ask her out. Have you noticed how slim the pickings are this year? All the women are either taken, ugly or fat."

"Or all three." Lucas remarked.

"I need to find someone willing to answer a booty call. I got terminal blue balls, Lucas. If I don't find some pussy to sink into ... soon ... they're gonna explode. I'll be wearing 'em in a sling."

"Why don't you just jack off in the shower?"

"Like you do, Lucas? Pathetic."

"Are you going down for dinner?" Lucas asked.

"I s'pose."

Lucas packed his notebook into his backpack. He heard Sharon's voice. "Hi, Lucas."

He turned to face her. "Hi."

"Would you like to go to the Union for coffee?" she asked.

"Okay." He followed her out of the classroom. Today instead of the jeans she had worn the prior day she had on short, cut-off denim shorts. Lucas regarded the backs of her slender legs.

Together they strolled to the Union. He held the door for her and then handed her a tray. They sat across from each other.

"I forgot a spoon to stir my coffee," she said. Lucas watched her walk to the counter, pick up a spoon and walk back. His gaze scanned her sleek legs; then he made eye contact with her and she smiled.

"Thank you for sending me your notes," she said as she sat across from him. "They are very detailed." She took a sheet of paper from the courier bag she carried. "I did find one error in your interpretation of the material." She placed it before him. "I corrected it."

Lucas regarded the sheet with her pencil marks. "Wow ... It makes a lot more sense to me, now. May I keep this?"


"I'll make the correction and send you a revised copy."

"Otherwise your notes look very accurate and complete. How do you do the equations?"

"I downloaded an app that renders mathematical formulas into graphics files. I just paste them into the doc."

"They're very good notes. I appreciate the time you spent on them."

"I do it for my own sake, Sharon. It's the only way I can retain the material."

She sipped her coffee. "Lucas -- do you have a girlfriend?"

"Now, that's a train of thought. No, I don't."

"Are you looking for one?"

He smiled and suppressed a laugh. "Why -- are you offering your services?"

"Don't laugh. I think you're a nice guy. I'd go out with you."

"I'm not looking for a girlfriend right now."

She regarded him. "Why not? ... If I may ask."

He drew in a deep breath. "I can't afford the distraction. I come from a poor, farming town. I'm the first member of my family to go to college. My high school didn't really prepare me for what I'm finding here. None of my teachers were qualified to teach college-prep classes ... with one exception and that was my senior English teacher. He used to be a professor of English at some university; but he came back to his hometown and he teaches high school. It was because of him that I earned a five on my advanced-placement English test."

"I see," she replied.

"I've always been interested in science, but what I learned of chemistry, biology and physics was mostly self-taught. My school offered a course in Calculus because it had to, but the teacher wasn't qualified to teach it and I think that's the source of my confusion on the topic. I'm here on a scholarship. If I don't keep my GPA over 3.5, I lose it and go home in disgrace. I earned a 3.6 last year; and I've reconciled myself to a B in Calc-III this year. A C would be a disaster, and I can't afford a B in any other classes. I need to keep focused on my work and I really don't have time for a relationship."

"Makes sense," she replied. "But don't you think that all work and no play makes Lucas a dull boy?"

"Do you know what the pressure is like to keep a scholarship?" he asked.

"Fortunately, no," she answered. "When I was so sick as an infant, the hospital mis-diagnosed what was wrong with me. Consequently, I didn't receive treatment that might have saved my hearing ... until it was too late. My parents sued for malpractice and won a settlement I can't discuss. My parents set it aside for my education. It paid to send me to one of the best schools for the deaf ... and to send me here."

"You're fortunate in that respect. I didn't mean that you're fortunate to be deaf, Sharon. You're fortunate that you've been provided for."

"That's one way to look at it. But, Lucas -- don't you think too little recreation can be as detrimental as too much? What harm would a date now and them cause?"

"I'm flattered by your interest in me," Lucas said.

"Is there something about me you don't like?" she asked.

"Not at all, Sharon. You seem to be a nice girl."

"Does this bother you?" She pointed to her ear.

He shook his head. "No. I admire how you deal with your disability."

"I didn't think it was that. One of the things I like about you is how you enunciate clearly when you speak to me. It makes you easy to read and I appreciate it."

"My folks taught me always to put myself in another's position."

"I can see that. It's one the things about you that appeals to me."

He closed his eyes and drew in another breath. "There's another reason and it has nothing to do with you."

"What is it?" she asked.

"A week before I started here, my girlfriend dumped me. I need some time to recover."

"She hurt you pretty badly," Sharon surmised.

He nodded. "Yeah -- pretty badly." He sighed again. "She was my childhood sweetheart ... Elizabeth ... Beth for short. Out of the blue she returned my ring."

"You were engaged?" she asked.

"No. I had given her a promise ring -- you know, with a tiny stone ... a pre- engagement ring."

"I know what you mean."

"I gave it to her right before I started my freshman year here. We kept in touch that year ... email and all ... and when I went home for the summer, it was like old times. Then, right before this term started she told me it was over. I took it pretty hard."

"I've been dumped," she replied. "I've been hurt by boys. I know how it feels."

"You look like the sort of girl who's hurt some boys along the way as well."

"I might have ... okay, yes, I probably did. It's like riding a bike, Lucas. If you fall off, you need to climb back on again."

"This hurt is a little too fresh. I'm afraid flexing it will make it start bleeding again." He looked into her eyes. "I just don't want to get hurt again."

"Pain is part of life," she replied. "If you hide from it, the right girl might pass you by."

"Are you referring to yourself again?" he asked.

"I don't know. I won't know until we try it."

"You're quite forward for a girl," he said.

"I'm a good judge of people. I like what I sense from you, Lucas."

"Does being deaf heighten your other senses, like being blind can do? Can you see auras or something?"

"Maybe it's like that."

"I'm flattered, Sharon," he said. "I'm just not ready." He looked at his watch. "And, I'll be late for my next class."

Lucas took his seat in his Friday Calc-III class. He glanced to his left and saw Sharon's seat was vacant. He noticed she failed to attend the other classes he shared with her.

He sat at his desktop computer and began copying from his spiral notebook. Gary stepped into the room. "Hey, Lucas," he said, "Zeta Beta Nu is having a safe house party tonight. Wanna come?"

"What is a safe house party?" Lucas asked.

"You need to know the password to get in ... or, be female."

"I suppose you know the password?"

"Yeah, I know the password. It's common knowledge."

"If it's common knowledge," Lucas replied, "then how come I don't know it?"

"Do you want to know it?"

"No, I don't want to know it. What's the point? It sounds like a gimmick to me."

"The point is ... they're going to have a couple of kegs on tap, and one of the DJs from the campus radio station. It's ten bucks admission and all the beer you can drink. They've plastered flyers for it all over the women's floors. I'm gonna go and try to get hooked up."

"Good luck, Gary," Lucas replied. "I have to get these notes copied."

Lucas sat back and reviewed the Calc-III notes on his screen. He saved the file, opened his email and entered Sharon's address. Here are today's Calc notes, he typed. I didn't see you in any of our classes today. Hope you're all right. He attached the document file and pressed the Send key.

He leaned back, stretched and rubbed his eyes. Then, he filed the last of his notes and powered down his PC.

Lucas stripped to his briefs and turned down his bedcovers. The door to his room swung open and Gary entered, walking a line that was not too straight. He threw his arms into the air. "SCORE!" he exclaimed; then he collapsed backward onto his bed.

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