Learning to Share

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lately, when I stay over at my older sister's apartment, I've been peeking in on them as she and her live-in boyfriend have sex. They find out and I get sent to bed...theirs.

At fifteen, I can't really say that I was the typical teenage girl. Oh, I had developed, not real big, or anything, medium-sized breasts (B-cup, if you just have to know), some downy brown pubic hair. I had talked with my girlfriends about boys and sex and stuff, looked at all the Playboy's and Penthouses that they had. But, where I hadn't really developed much was my sex drive; I just didn't think about it all the time like some of my friends.

I knew about boy's cocks, how they were small and kind of scrawny, then got long and hard when they got sexually excited. But, unlike most of my friends, I've never seen or held (or sucked or fucked, for that matter) a boy's cock and, truthfully, didn't sit around bemoaning the fact. A few kisses were the extent of my sexual experience. But, I didn't mind.

I have an older sister, Denise, who is twenty-two, I always looked up to her but we were seven years from each other so we didn't become pals like we might have if we had been closer in age. We got along fine, loved each other, just not real tight.

Denise is really beautiful. I mean like in Playboy. I'm pretty, really pretty nice, but she is gorgeous. She has an apartment a few miles from our house and she lives with her boyfriend, Ron, who is a year older.

Oh, Ron, is handsome, really good-looking. He's not a big, muscle-bound guy, just very handsome. They make a beautiful couple.

Whenever my parents are out late on weekends or travel overnight, I always stay with my sister. She has an extra bedroom that I use and we always have a nice time, usually renting a movie and making popcorn, and stuff.

I would sometimes hear muffled noises from their bedroom and would lay there imagining what they were doing. I did masturbate, yes, I did have that much sex drive, and would get myself off. Then, one time, I was spending the night and got up to use the bathroom and as I passed their room, I noticed that the door hadn't closed tightly and there was a crack where I could see in.

There was a light on in their room, and, as I crouched down, I could see them under the covers, and it was obvious that he was up over her and they were making love. He was going up and down in a very unmistakeable manner. The moaning was also hard to ignore, they were fucking, that was for sure.

Well, I tightened my legs to postpone my need to go pee and watched for a while. Soon, the pressure from my bladder was replaced with a tingle in my panties. Oh, yes, I was getting turned-on.

Then, I could see that they were going faster and faster, Denise was moaning louder and louder, I had my hand down in my panties rubbing myself and then I saw my sister have an orgasm. It was really obvious, I mean she muffled her scream but there was no doubt about it. I hurried to the bathroom, peed and went back to bed where I masturbated furiously.

After that night, they didn't seem to leave the door ajar and I only occasionally heard them making love. Then, several months later, after I had brushed my teeth and was returning to my room, I noticed that, once again, the door was ajar. I listened and didn't hear much and went on to my room.

Soon, though, the telltale sounds of muffled grunts, groans and moans were heard and I snuck down the hall and crouched there peeking in.

Well, here it was. Denise was naked, sitting on the edge of the bed, Ron standing in front of her and, yes, she was sucking his cock. I had only seen them under the covers before, now, here was Ron's sizable cock going in and out of my sister's mouth.

She was taking him all the way in, his cock just disappeared inside her, then came back out. She sometimes gripped it and licked all around the end over and over. He moaned a lot to this.

Well, I was crouched down which made it easy to slide two fingers up inside. As I watched, Ron's cock would pull back all wet and shiny, then disappear again into Denise's mouth, over and over. I was fingering myself faster and faster when my foot slipped slightly and I saw Denise's eyes swivel toward the door. I was pretty sure she couldn't see anything in the hallway, it was pitch black but I carefully slipped back to my room and Denise finished Ron and I finished myself.

From then on, whenever I stayed over, their door always seems to be ajar a bit. I couldn't help but wonder if it was that way on purpose, to please the voyeur little sister. And it did please little sister.

Strangely, I only got aroused when I watched my sister and Ron in bed. Hardly any other time. Ever since I watched Denise sucking Ron, they were now mostly naked on top of the sheets, in plain view, as they made love with me watching out in the hall, my fingers buried as deep inside as they could go.

Then, one night, I quietly snuck up to their door and there was Ron on the bed, Denise up over him, facing the door, astride over him, fucking him up and down. I watched as his wet, glistening cock came out of her as she rose up, then disappeared deep inside her as she slowly and deliberately lowered herself back down. They were doing it quite slowly and it looked so sexy and hot.

I had two fingers as far up into me as I could get them as they slowly fucked and fucked. My sis was playing with her nipples, pinching them and I began doing the same as I crouched outside their door. I was feeling just as if I was up over Ron with his cock was going in and out of me.

Oh, I was rubbing like mad. This was so sexy, so arousing.The tingle that I often got when I masturbated grew until it was all over my legs and midsection and I began to tremble as I was overtaken by a massive orgasm. A bright white light flashed in my eyes and the next thing I knew was Denise and Ron were crouched over me as Ron picked me up and brought me in to their bed.

"She must have fainted or passed out," Denise said as she wiped my face with a cool, wet cloth.

I lay there just becoming aware of where I was and what was going on around me. I'm pretty sure now that I had passed out when I had the orgasm, I've since read about it on the internet and it seems to happen sometimes. I sure went down, I know that.

"You okay, Sis, everything all right?" asked Denise as Ron stood bent over me, both naked, Ron with his semi-hard cock touching the side of my arm.

I could feel that I was bare from the waist down and tried to lower my nightgown which I had risen up over my waist leaving my pussy in the open. I was still feeling rather wonderful from my orgasm and was very aware of the two of them, their nakedness, Ron's cock brushing against me, the musky scent of sex in the room.

It was so beautiful, so sensual, I couldn't help but reach over and take hold of Ron's cock.

"Have you ever been with a man," Denise asked me as she stroked my hair, trying to calm me down.

I said, no, as I felt his cock expand and harden on my hand.

As I answered her, she was stroking my body, caressing me with her hand all along my torso, then stopping at my breasts, gently rolling my nipples between her fingers.

Ron stood there with a questioning look in his eyes and I took his hand, spread my legs and led it to my pussy. I was surprising myself as I advanced the issue.

His hand rubbed me up and down, sending shivers of pleasure across my body, then, he got down and started to slowly, gently lick my pussy's wet lips. My sister kept caressing me with her hands and I could feel my whole middle get warmer and warmer.

"Oh, my god, that feels wonderful. Oh, it is so good, so good," I said as he went up to my clit and began to suck and lick. Then, a finger began pressing up inside me and once in began going in and out.

I was totally swept away by the ecstasy of the moment and hadn't realized that Ron had gotten up, then come back. I looked down and he was opening a condom, I'd seen them in sex-ed, and rolling it on, I realized Denise was on the pill, it had to be for me. Me. Ron was going to fuck me. Right here on their bed.

Denise leaned over and widened my legs out and raised my knees up as Ron waddled up in between my legs where Sis took his cock led it right up to my slit and began rubbing it up and down. She made sure she rubbed it up all around my clit and I was soon very, very wet.

He edged closer, she held him up against me and he began to push. Then I felt a sharp pain, very sudden but also gone suddenly, then as he pushed more, a feeling of something inside me expanding and filling me up, pressing out on the walls of my vagina.

Then he began to pull back and forth. Oh, yes, this was better, oh, yes, this was wonderful. No fingers, no dildos were ever like this.

"Oh, Ron, oh, it's so wonderful. You feel so good inside me."

"It doesn't hurt now?"

"No, oh, now, it's wonderful."

Denise was next to us, caressing back and forth around my pussy, rubbing across my clit, as Ron went in and out of me, pulling almost all the way out, then slowly pressing down and down, all the way inside me. It felt incredible. I felt all trembly and just couldn't believe this was really happening to me. I was being fucked by my sister's boyfriend as she rubbed me and made me feel even better. Her fingers would spread my juices all around my mound and Ron's cock and as she wiped across my clit and Ron pressed down deep into me, I froze as my body electrified all over and I was overcome with this wonderful rush of pure, erotic pleasure.

"OH, OH, OH, UUGH, UUGH, OOOH, OOH, OOH, ooh, ooh, omigod, oh, I feel so good, oh, wonderful, just ... oooh, ooh, so good. Oh, Ron. Oh, Sis. Oh, it's so wonderful."

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