by L.A. Wicker

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A son turns sexy mom into his lover!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!


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Dana carefully walked down the creaky, basement stairs and to her son, Jason's room and she walked in. Jason was sitting on his bed, smoking a big cigarette and he was watching a porno movie. "Jason!" she yelled and slammed the door shut behind her and sat down on his bed. Dana peeked to her left, she saw two people doing it like little rabbits, and she noticed something else. The older woman was calling the young man, son. "Umm, what is this and why are you watching it?" she asked with shock and wondered why he was watching this trash. Dana knew that Jason loved older women and had a very big crush on her, but never would she have thought it had gone this far and he would watch incest movies.

He jumped when Mom barged in, but didn't care. "It's called 'Taboo' Mom. It was a big hit back in the day and it's making a comeback." Jason said as he took a big puff off of the joint and he could see the smoke drifting in Mom's face.

Dana fanned her face and gave him a frown. "You know I hate when you smoke in the house and whatever kind of cigarette that is," she stopped to fan her face and frowned more, when he blew into her face and Dana couldn't escape it. "It stinks," she added and couldn't help breathing that smoke into her lungs.

Jason held in a laugh and he loved Mom to death. She was the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world, but poor Mom, was a slow as molasses tree, dripping in the winter and he loved her for it. "They are herbal cigarettes and really good; Mom and the guy at the store told me that it helps with things." Jason said and knew he'd burn in hell, but he had an idea. "Like, when your back hurts really bad ... this might help you and make it stop," he added and he saw Mom give him a new look. Mom was getting interested. He felt bad, because poor Mom's back was a mess and she hurt so badly at times.

"Are sure about it and this isn't pot or something bad for me?" Dana said, giving him a firm look and hoped he wasn't fibbing to her. She knew that she wasn't as wise to the world as Jason was and she hoped he would not lie or deceive her.

Jason felt bad, because his next words would surely send him to hell. "Mom, have I ever lied to you before?" he said and felt a cold chill run down his spine and Mom reached over, took the giant-sized joint and she hit it like a pro. 'Holy fuck!' he thought and covered his mouth. 'She's gunna be fuckin' fried!' he thought with another laugh, wondering what Mom would be like stoned on her ass and Jason hoped this didn't blow up in his face.

She sucked in the smoke and Dana wasn't sure if it tasted like pot, but she only had it a few times as a teen and couldn't really remember. "I hope you are telling the truth, Jason," she said and took another big, long puff and held it in her lungs. She turned to the movie and watched the two people still screwing. 'What I wouldn't give to be her!' she thought, looking at the young man's long, hard penis, as he hammered the pretty woman under him and Dana did not realize that she let out a long, slow sigh of need.

Jason saw her watching the movie and knew that Mom would be in la-la land very soon. "Hey Mom, you should scoot your pretty, little ass back here by me and we'll find something else to watch." Jason said and he waited for Mom to reply, but she was deep in the movie and he saw something. Mom's right nipple had grown three times its normal size and he saw hundreds and hundreds of goosebumps, on her long and slender neck.

She gave him a quick glance and shook her head. Dana quickly moved beside Jason and held his arm in hers. "No! I like this and um ... can you start it over, please," she whispered, putting out her lower lip, knowing that her son loved her to do that and she knew that it excited him very much. Dana did not realize that she was wasted, stoned, buzzed and any other word you call it, she was it.

He grabbed the remote and the movie had been restarted in a flash. Jason looked around and saw that Mom was still holding joint, but by this time, it went out and he needed it lit again. "Hey Mom, it went out. Pass it here and I'll fire it back up," he said and gave her a smile.

Mom's eyes were little slits and she was smiling from ear to ear. "Oh... ," she said looking to her hand, held it up and Dana passed it back to Jason. "Hurry, I like that stuff and umm, it does help a person relax and I feel sooo good now," she cooed and rested her head on his chest, enjoying his light cologne and its soft scent.

'I'm sure you do, Mom and it only gets better.' He thought and knew that once Mom felt the full strength of the pot, she would be on cloud nine and horny as shit. The last three girls Jason smoked with and fucked with this stuff, said that it set them on fire and made their pussies burn for a cock. He quickly lit it, took a few puffs to get it burning real good and Jason gave it back to his sexy Mom.

Oh, I'm sorry, about Jason's Mom. Dana was a tall lady, five-foot nine, with a slender, athletic body and very thick, light brown hair that went it to the middle of her back. She had soft, brown eyes and a firm, square face. She had a great ass, hips and firm, muscular thighs. Dana worked out four days a week and her hard work showed. Her size eight ass got more looks than any other woman in town did and Dana loved that. Her breasts were small, a B cup, but they stood out and waved to anyone who looked.

"Mmmm, I like that stuff," she smiled, took it from him and Dana inhaled. "Oh my, I feel all tingling and um... !" Dana giggled, reached the funny cigarette back to Jason and she moved closer to her son. "You won't tell anyone that I watched this, will you?" she asked as if she was a little girl, asking her Daddy for something bad and Jason just slipped his left arm around Mom's lower body.

"No Mom, I won't tell on you! I can't believe that you've never seen or heard of this movie, Mom. It's on all the 'bad' lists and your friends at church ... would shit in their undies!"

"Ahhh, who cares about them? I don't care and um ... I like being here, with you. We haven't snuggled in ages and your Mommy misses it!" she smiled, wondering why she was feeling so excited and looked up to Jason with dreamy eyes. "Will you snuggle with me ... Jason, please?" Dana asked with a soft purr and turned to lie on her side, towards his big TV and he quickly moved behind her body.

"Mmmm, yeah, that's sooo nice!" she turned to look at him and Jason was an inch from her face. "What are you up to? You trying to kiss me, like when you were a little bugger!" she giggled, turned her face to him and Jason gave her soft, loving kiss, but it was on her lips and not her cheek.

"Nothing!" he replied and snuck a soft kiss on her puffy lips. Jason slid against Mom and hoped that his stiff cock didn't scare her away. He loved this too and Jason wanted her to stay with him all day.

She giggled and as Jason moved against her back, Dana felt something pushing on her butt and it was hard. 'Oh my gosh, that's his penis!' she thought as fear raced through her body, but Dana could feel blood pulsing through him and it was so hot. She lay watching the opening scene of the movie; the same woman was making love to a man more her age and they were arguing over the lights being turned on. His long penis moved in and out of her body, she kept fighting to turn the lights off and finally she gave up.

Jason could feel Mom's breathing and it wasn't normal. It was rapid and very heavy today. He reached for a large pillow and pulled Mom's limp body up. "Now you can see it much better," he smiled and snuggled closer, until his cock was crushed into her sexy ass-crack and rubbing her tight jeans.

Mom may have been a churchgoer and Dad was the church pastor, but it did not mean that she dressed like one of them and she dressed hot. She wore skin-tight jeans, short dresses and skirts, all the time and Mom had a few very skimpy bikinis too.

He reached over her body, placing his hand on her bare stomach and Jason gently caressed in a small circle. He sniffed Mom's neck and her soft perfume drifted up his nose. 'Oh my God!' he moaned to himself, feeling his cock growing harder and he hugged Mom tighter.

She felt his hand on her tummy and a warm rush covered Dana's entire body. She was a very lonely woman and her husband could care less. She was only 38; was young and still had very, very strong womanly urges. Dana had urges that were not being taken care of by her husband and Dana was so lonely. Her son started filling her mind and she didn't know what to do about them.

Dana watched the movie and the next scene was of the Mom telling her son, that his father moved out and somewhere in there, he kissed her on the mouth. Dana sucked in a breath of air and just as she did, she felt Jason's penis jump and it made her heart pump faster. "Mmmm, what are you doing?" she asked with a wide grin and turned her upper body towards him.

"I'm hugged the most beautiful and sexy woman alive!" Jason replied and he could see Mom's right nipple.

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